10 Bella Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

Possessing a Bella air fryer is a sensational experience as it is a beginning for feeding your family healthy, enjoyable and balanced meals. Except for the mastery of the controls before using the miniature oven, there are no other skills you will require. 

Many foods require spraying or applying little oil before cooking or even no oil. For this reason, the cooking equipment has replaced deep fryers that require more fat and give you a greasy outcome.   

And though air fryers are beast machines, they still have dull days. They experience troubleshooting issues. That’s why we have many guides that handle different air fryer problems.  

Our latest is Bella air fryer problems (troubleshooting). It seeks to walk through the challenges and how to handle them. You will learn what to do when the appliance is not heating up, won’t turn on, the drawer won’t close, error codes, and many more. 

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Bella Air Fryer Not Heating Up

Your Bella air fryer not heating up is one of the complications or common issues that you may face with your appliance. As a first-time user, your conception will be that you bought a non-functional machine.

Indeed, it could be a mechanical or technical issue that you have to fix to continue with your recipes. It could also mean returning your mini oven to the manufacturer for exchange.

Operational faults are also possible. These include the way you use your Bella air fryer. You should not experience operational hitches with your appliance with a few corrections and doing things right. Let’s dig up the reasons why your air fryer is not heating up;


1.    Did you Plug In Or Switch On your air fryer?

Assuming that you plugged in or switched on your air fryer is possible. This is one of the operational faults that can confuse you and leave you with tons of questions like where you went wrong. You registered in your mind that your appliance is ready for use and even call the customer service department for help.

But the problem is simple: When you plugged in your device, you forgot to switch on the socket or didn’t plug in. You need the power to heat your Bella air fryer. Check out the socket to avoid such humiliating moments. 


2.    You haven’t selected the temperature.

Yet another operational fault! Did you turn on your temperature knob to select the proper heat for your Bella air fryer? Your device cannot warm up if you have picked the right temperature for your recipe. Check it out and turn the knob to your recipe requirements.


3.    Low-temperature selection

You dialed the temperature knob but selected a low temperature that cannot heat your appliance’s heater. Erroneously choosing too low is an operational fault that can leave you with the impression that your Bella air fryer is not heating up.


4.    Half-closed Drawer  

Operational fault number four! Operating your air fryer with half-closed drawers is risky and leaves your kitchen with a trillion food particles flying in every direction.

Luckily, an air fryer’s open drawer will not allow any operations of your air fryer to proceed. It is a protective mechanism to prevent burns and smoking in your kitchen. You will rarely find air fryers that don’t operate this way.

The solution is easy; place the basket appropriately if it is the cause for your drawer not closing or check other reasons why the unit is not clicking in place.

Cleaning your air fryer after use is one measure that removes food remains and grease accumulation. We recommend that you also inspect your drawer for any damages and fix it appropriately to get the drawer working. 

5.    Faulty electrical outlet

If you plugged in your appliance, switched on the socket, and noticed the oven is not heating up, that power outlet could be faulty. That’s a mechanical/technical mess that requires immediate attention. You will need to test the socket, fix it and plug back your appliance to continue cooking. Meanwhile, you can shift your air fryer to another socket within your kitchen.


6.    An old or broken heating unit

This unit is the core source of your appliance’s heat. The heater emits heat up to 400 degrees F, thus supplying the cooking compartment with sufficient hot air. In turn, the fan aids in blowing the heat over your food so that the ingredients cook consistently. 

Many air fryer users do not know that although the heating unit/element looks metallic and robust, it is brittle. Handling the heater unit roughly when cleaning, removing, or inserting other components can break your unit. And once broken, your Bella air fryer heating mechanism will only work with a new replacement, for it is impossible to repair the unit.

Check and order a heater that fits your model to avoid further disappointments. Air fryer heaters are available in hardware or Bella air fryer dealers near you. 

7.    Faulty Fuses

Your Bella air fryer comes with a plug fuse and an internal fuse. Both are energy regulating features in your appliance.

The fuses allow your Bella air fryer to operate at a safe voltage that cannot lead to overheating and appliance damage. When the two crash, your air fryer won’t produce heat, so get someone to replace it for you.


8.    Out-of-order temperature knob

On the control panel of your air fryer, you will find the temperature knob. The dial allows you to select the matching temperatures for your recipe.

If you set a specific temperature setting but notice that the appliance is not heating up, the button could be out of order. Possibly, the control unit is failing, so you need an air fryer technician to check for you.  

9.    Obsolete Bella air fryer

Appliances do reach their end of life. After seven years of using my air fryer, its performance began dwindling. One time would be the timer not working, other times not heating up, et cetera.

Your Bella air fryer has served you faithfully for almost a decade. It is time to shop for a new and modern air fryer.

Your new appliance is thrilling as it has up-to-date and sophisticated features. Check out our latest repair guide on the best air fryers and pick one that suits your needs.

Bella Air Fryer Fan Not Working

Bella air fryer fan not working means your food will not consistently cook in the basket. The fan rotates at high speed to blow super-hot air all over your food.

This hot air emits from the heating element, which is usually on the base and roof of the cooking compartment.

When the fan is intact, your food cooks faster, which can change if the unit develops mechanical issues. So, what’s the cause for your Bella air fryer fan not working?


·         Broken components

Air fryer fan components include motor, blades, connector, and cable. If any of these breakup, the fan stalls.

·         Motor

The motor propels the fan while the blades blow hot air on your food. If you discover that the motor is the issue, get a replacement from a dealer to get the fan working. A faulty motor will not receive power and smells funny. If there is any odor of burnt electronics or plastic, that tells you the component is blown up and needs a replacement.


·         Cable

A Broken cable means there is no power running in your air fryer fan, which is why it is not rotating. An electrician will check and fix your broken wires to allow electric current continuity. 

·         Connector

A Brocken fan connector or the locking mechanism will stiffen the fan. No rotation will take place unless you open it and rectify the issue. Turn off your air fryer to cool down if the fan stops working abruptly. Access the base and unplug the connector. Check for any broken parts and repair/replace them. 

·         Loose blade

Your air fryer fan’s blade can become loose, weak, or even break. Whichever happens, it harbors fan rotation and will cause further problems. Fasten and replace damaged fan blades to continue cooking your food efficiently.

·         Overworked fan

If you have used your Bella air fryer to roast tons of meat all day or bake hundreds of cupcakes, there is a chance that your appliance is exhausted and is likely to stop abruptly. That includes the fan.

It is crucial to note that home appliances cannot function like commercial-grade air fryers. They have a smaller output. Your air fryer began overheating, and eventually, the fan stopped.

Cook small batches of food if you want your air fryer components, including the fan, to last longer. Invest in commercial-grade ovens that save you time and pressure for heavy outputs.

·         Obstructions 

The fan is a rotating organ of your air fryer. Any accumulated grease and food will stall the movable part. The dirt piles up on the base of your fan, stick, and make it difficult to rotate.

Your Bella air fryer hygiene requires cleaning after every use, and that should be intensive to rip off grime and food particles. We also recommend using an air fryer tray under your basket to trap all food craps. 

If your Bella air fryer didn’t come with a tray, look at our guide on the best trays for air fryers and pick one for protecting your appliance.

·         Electricity outage

A sudden or existing electric power outage can stop your Bella air fryer fan from functioning. Your appliance depends on electric power of about 120V. If the source is below this level or is not present, your fan will not rotate an inch, plus you will end up with only warm food as that will also affect the heating unit.

Check whether your sockets and plugs are functioning well—those two will stop power from flowing into the fan motor. 

·         Inactive Switch

For your fan to start, there is a switch that turns the unit ON. If you just purchased your air fryer and notice the fan is not working, check the fan switch inactive and use a flat screwdriver or a butter knife to put it in an operational mode. Or you could have turned the fan off erroneously when cleaning up, so switch it on to continue with your process.

·         Overheating

Your fan can overheat due to overloading and thus stops working. Unplug your air fryer and wait for it to cool down. Reduce the food to the correct level to prevent your air fryer from overheating. Overusing your gadget will overheat it and stop the fan and other functions from working.

·         End of life

End of life is a common cause of many air fryer problems. Many air fryer users ignore that their gadgets’ life is over. After six to seven years, you will be lucky if your Bella air fryer doesn’t exhibit any problems.

The fan will stop working, among other features, so fixing the blades, connector, or any other component will be a wild goose chase. Just consider the time you have used your machine before deciding whether to replace the fan or the entire unit.

Bella Air Fryer Timer Not Working

The timer is a crucial function in your air fryer. It counts for you the length of time you will wait for your recipe to cook and also alerts you when your food is ready.

In short, the timer makes your work easier, so when it is not working, that is a cause for worry as you may have to babysit your oven until the food cooks. Plus, you will end up with many errors.

Bella air fryer timer not working means forking out the causes and fixes. Check out for;

·         Software Interruption

It is possible that when you last used your air fryer, a software system interruption took place. That’s also known as a bug, which is common in all electronic gadgets.

To fix the bug, unplug the air fryer from the power source, leave it to cool for about 5 to 10 minutes, then plug it back. You will have to reset your gadget’s software to clear most Bella air fryer problems (troubleshooting). 

·         Broken button/control panel

When the timer knob breaks down, the timer will be affected and not work as you desire. A cross-examination of the function will reveal the problem.

In addition, a broken-down control panel affects all the buttons, including the timer. You may need to replace the timer button or the entire control panel if it is the leading cause of the problem.

·         Damaged appliance

Overall, when your appliance has severe damage, it means multiple components are not functional. What happens when your unit accidentally falls and breaks? It is complex to repair a machine with damage all over. Consider buying a new pot, and be careful about how you handle it for longer life.

·         Bad start Button

Depending on your model, the Bella air fryer timer can only work when your appliance is in start mode. For example, the Pro series has a power button that you have to press for the device to start.

You must press the power/start button to use any other control. Ensure that you follow the correct procedure for your model before concluding that it is a bad timer or start button. 

·         Basket Installation

 If the tray that holds the basket is not in the proper position, the air fryer will not start; hence the timer will not work. You can only set or press the timer button once the basket is in place. Therefore, ensure that you install the basket rightly.

·         Air fryer standby mode

Air fryer standby mode freezes all the controls, including the timer. The machine goes into an idle mode when you delay selecting the other functions like temperature and time. But that doesn’t mean that your air fryer is faulty.

The reason for the idle mode is to save on power. All-electric gadgets have that mechanism. Press the power/start button to get the air fryer out of the mode. 

Bella Air Fryer Not Turning On

Never be surprised that sometimes your Bella air fryer won’t turn on even if you recently used it. Below are the reasons as to why and how to fix them;

·         Poor electric Connection:

When the air fryer has a loose connection to the power source, it will not work as there is no power. Therefore, ensure that the plug is tightly fixed and fits appropriately. You could check out for damaged sockets and cables.

Carry out the tests using a multimeter and inspect the wires for breakages. You should resolve the issue urgently to prevent electric shock and burns when there are physical damages. 

·         Faulty Plug:

Your air fryer comes with a plug connecting to the power source. The feature has three pins that fit in a three-holed- socket. A single broken or loose pin will not allow power to your appliance, and so it won’t turn on.

Another significant issue that comes with the plug is a blown fuse. The fuse regulates how much power gets to your device. The fuse levels it to a safer voltage if it exceeds the requirement.

The little organ’s mechanism cannot allow an electric current to pass through when faulty. And that’s why your air fryer is stuck and won’t turn on unless you replace the fuse.  

·         Wrong Basket position

A mispositioned basket is one of the leading causes of Bella air fryer problems (troubleshooting). It sends the door sensor to relay signals to the smart controls.

It locks your unit not to start to prevent burns and food from frying from the basket. Ensure that the basket is in the proper position to allow the door to close well.

·         Defective controls:

The controls set your Bella air fryer into operation mode. When the panel fails, your pot will not turn on.

Diagnosis requires opening your Bella air fryer guts and checking each control simultaneously. A continuity test will be necessary to reveal where the disconnection is happening.

Why Is My Bella Air Fryer Not Working

Like any other appliance, the Bella air fryer can stop working for various reasons. Unless it is obsolescence, the rest of the problems are solvable. Let us explore deeper;

·         Power Interruptions

Nowadays, power interruptions are standard unless you have a power backup generator. The US power companies are overwhelmed and even advising citizens to go green. With a solar panel, you will not likely face the problem of most of your gadgets stalling.

Unluckily, you haven’t installed the backup, so you have to deal with frequent power losses. The most dangerous drawback of power loss is that it may cause regular power surges in your home and destroy your home appliances.

The interruptions also cause system interruptions that throw your gadgets in limbo. There is not much to do with power loss or fluctuations other than calling the power provider and reporting.

Meanwhile, disconnect all your appliances or switch off the central junction box. Keep checking whether power is back to continue with your operations.

·         Amount of food in your basket

Did you check the levels of your ingredients? Your air fryer has the highest and lowest indicators that you can load your basket. When it is overboard, you will be lucky if the door closes. Your Bella air fryer will also not turn on.

You must give your air fryer basket enough room to allow the drawer to move in and let air circulate over your food.

Besides not turning on, too much food in your air fryer basket damages its door components, including the latching mechanism. 

·         Did you place the basket correctly?

You put the correct levels of food in your air fryer basket, but did you place it correctly in the pan? If the machine doesn’t turn on, check the basket position as it could also be affecting the door/drawer.

Half latched drawer will not let your Bella air fryer turn on or work. The basket and the drawer have to be in their perfect position for the appliance to turn on.

·         Stuck controls

How long have you kept your Bella air fryer without using it? If it has been a while or years, you will experience sticky controls on your machine.

Moisture and obsolescence can cause the controls to get stuck. If plugging in and pressing the controls doesn’t work, you must drop your air fryer at a service center for a check-up. 

·         Standby mode

A standby or idle mode happens to all gadgets. If it is your first time operating your air fryer, you may think the appliance is not working.

It is sound and will return to its operation if you press the start button. The mode checks in if you delayed pressing the start knob within three minutes after selecting time/temperature.

·         You didn’t follow the correct sequence.

When you are at home and ready to use your air fryer, you need to follow the correct sequence so that you can cook your food.

After plugging in the machine, do not just assume that all is ready for cooking. You have to select the program, time, and temperature.

Suppose you engage the timer before picking the right program; your air fryer won’t work. It is simple; master your Bella air fryer before using it to avoid disappointments.

Call us for further guidance on the equipment or reach the customer care desk if you are unsure about the proper sequence to follow.

Bella Air Fryer Drawer Won’t Close

If you majorly complain about your Bella air fryer drawer not closing, examine the door to find the leading cause. It could be a misaligned basket, drawer rail, or some rivets and other parts have fallen apart. Here’s what to examine;

·         Misaligned basket

The air fry basket is a crucial component of your air fryer as it holds your ingredients for frying. When you place it in the tray, it should fit well and not tilt.

Your basket sitting incorrectly in its tray will cause the drawer not to close. Be sure to position the unit until it clicks in place. 

·         Broken components

A loose rivet, broken door latch, or other components can prevent closing. Ensure that you unscrew the remaining fasteners and add more to tighten up the drawer in place.

If you notice that the door latch has physical damage, carry along your appliance to the nearest repair center to have it fixed. 

·         Overloaded basket

Filling your basket past the maximum markings prevents the drawer from closing.

Similarly, having less than the maximum isn’t acceptable. Balance your load of food to ensure that your drawer door closes and your food cooks effectively. 

·         Misaligned handle

What’s the condition of your drawer handle? If it is not in its correct position, try lifting it up and then slide the drawer in. it could be a misaligned handle that’s the drawer not closing appropriately. 

·         Food remains

Your air fryer’s hot air can puff light food items from the basket to the base of the cooking compartment. That includes food juices and oils that drip and accumulate as grime.

The door surface and edges could also have a layer of spills which causes a problem when closing.

To fix the problem, remove the basket and clean it up and the base of your air fryer. Keep the drawer clean from grease and spills.  

Bella Air Fryer Door Won’t Close

When your Bella air fryer door won’t close, here’s a chart to quickly refer to and solve the problem

CauseHow to solve  
Misaligned basketRemove the basket and position it until it cocks in place.  
Food remainsClean your filthy air fryer to clear the surfaceClean your pot after every cooking
Misaligned handle  Lift the handle and slide the drawer into the air fryer  
Overloaded basket  Reduce the ingredients to the maximum level markings  
Broken component  Repair and replace  

Bella Air Fryer Smoking

A smoking air fryer is a hazard, especially if you do not know the cause. It may be white smoke, blue or black.

When you see it happen, it could be a complicated mechanical issue or an operational mishap where you put in too much water or oil.

Any of the above requires urgent attention to be able to cook. The first thing would be to pick the color of the smoke using your eyes.

That will help establish the cause and fix it so you do not risk injuries or razing down your home. This simple table tells you more about the smoke that’s coming from your oven;

Color of smokeIndicatorFix  
WhiteGreasy food Too much fluid  Pause the air fryer Open the drawer and remove the food Reduce fluid Trim fat from your food Add water to the below pan to prevent smoking Cook air fryer-friendly food. Select the right cooking program  
BlueBurning ComponentsSwitch off the power sourceOpen the drawer and remove the foodCheck for melting and burning components  
BlackBurning foodSwitch off the power sourceRemove the foodIf your food burnt completely, scoop it and clean the air fryer and other affected components.Start afresh.  

Bella Air Fryer Error Codes

Every air fryer is unique. If you have been using another brand, you will find your Bella air fryer cool and different.

An error code on your display indicates Bella air fryer problems(troubleshooting) and is a call for urgent attention. Your air fryer will not work unless you clear such errors. Have a look;

·         Blinking Dash (—)

When you notice a blinking dash on your display, do not freak. A firmware update is in progress, so not a cause to worry, and it happens on all electronic gadgets.

And it will take you a few minutes to clear and resume cooking. Do not interfere with your Bella air fryer firmware update. It rejuvenates your machine.

·         E1 Error

E1 error Indicates three issues with your device.

  1. A circuit error: Requires technical attention to establish and resolve.
  2. Incompatible component: insert the correct tray, basket, and baking tin. The material must be compatible for the error to clear. 
  3. Overheating: This error may occur if your air fryer is in a cool place, thus taking time to reach a safe operating temperature. Unplug your device and hold on for up to 15 minutes while it is at room temperature.

When you re-plug, it should work; otherwise, check for any circuit malfunctions. You must not use your device to use your air fryer for a long time.

Remember to dial the right temperature that matches your program. If E1 doesn’t clear, you must contact the manufacturer for help.

·         E2 Error

This error on your Bella air fryer display indicates a thermal sensor failure due to a burnt fuse. The common cause of the burnt fuse is a clogged exhaust port.

Clogging happens when you place your air fryer too near the wall. Allow a 15 cm distance to enable breathing. Avoid obstructing your air fryer’s exhaust port.  

·         E3 Error

The common cause for this error is overheating. The hitch occurs when you overfill your air fryer, block the air vent or use too much oil in your recipe. Clear the error by filling the right amount of ingredients.

In addition, you can spray a small amount of oil on your components. Remove any obstructions on the air vent and keep the appliance 15 cm away from the wall.     

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Final Thoughts

Bella air fryer Problems (troubleshooting) do not necessarily mean that you should dump your appliance and order a new one. The problems are shared among all brands and require a few tips to clear.

That’s what we did in this guide. We expounded the fixes for various troubleshooting hitches. When using your machine and following the Bella air fryer manual, the operational problems require a keen eye.

Mechanical and technical traps require fixing by a technician. We always recommend in our guides that you contact a certified service center or call the outlet/manufacturer for precise and safe handling of your air fryer.

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