Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Fan Not Working? : Causes And Fixes

The truth is, what air fryers can do, no regular cooker can! The gadgets roast, bake, broil, and fry your food without oil! Their most outstanding trait is how they cook hundreds of recipes and even mimic the unhealthiest to healthy dishes. Even diabetics can enjoy French fries and roasted ribs without worrying about taking in too many calories!

And one such magic appliance is the Ninja Foodi air fryer. This digital air fryer is common in many households in America. This great product by SharkNinja Operating LLC cooks countless recipes using less or no oil and in the quickest time. It is a time and energy saver. Besides, the gadget is powerful, user-friendly, and long-lasting.

Like other household electrical appliances, expect a few troubleshooting problems. Ninja air fryer fan not working, unresponsive controls, no pre-heating, and other hitches are some of the complaints we get from the user responses.

And that’s the reason for this guide. Learn more about Ninja Food air fryer and their troubleshooting hitches. So, what are the causes and the solutions to these issues?

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Fan Not Working: Causes And Fixes

When your Ninja Foodi air fryer fan is not working, it’s definite that your food items will not cook. And it will indeed cause a worry if you get uneven cooking.

The fan is responsible for blowing super-hot air on your food. And the hot air emanates from a heated coil.

Your food cooks faster than in a traditional oven or cooker. Note that the fan is a built-in feature subject to mechanical failures, so it can fail to rotate and stop your food’s cooking process.

1. Overheating

Overheating of your Ninja Foodi air fryer can happen when you use your pot all day. You need to give your appliance a break in between the cooking. Consider a commercial-grade air fryer that provides better output if you operate a restaurant.

The first safety precaution and remedy for an overheating device is to switch off your appliance by pulling the cord gently from the power source.

Hold on for about 10 for your fan to cool down. Still not helping? Check for obstructions.

2. Obstructions

Food particles and grease accumulation can cause your Ninja Foodi air fryer fan to stop working.

You cannot do anything about the stuff dripping from your air fryer oven tray or basket, but you can clean up your air fryer regularly and after use. Be sure to wipe the fan base to remove any food juices or grease that may accumulate and cause damage to your fan.

Using the air fry basket without a tray is a culprit for obstructions. Most Ninja Foodi air fryers come with a tray beneath your basket. If yours doesn’t have one, you can order online. Please check our guide on the best trays for air fryers.

3. Faulty fan

Faulty air fryer fan components stop the unit from rotating. It could be a defective circuitry that blocks the power supply or loose fan blades. Whatever the case, you need to inspect and resolve the problem correctly to continue cooking.

4. No power

Power breaks in your house, damaged socket, or loose plug stalls your appliance’s fan. A dead fuse in the plug head also means your cooker is not powering on, so the fan won’t rotate.

5. Inactive Switch

Is your fan switch inactive? Try to use a credit card or a butter knife to open the button. Activate the switch by rotating the blade to the ON position. That will immediately put the fan in an operational mode.

6. Obsolete air fryer

Air fryers function perfectly for up to seven years. After that, it is one problem over another. The fan will also stop working. As soon as you repair the components, other issues begin; the programs ask for reset, the buttons stick, et cetera.

Think quickly of an upgrade before spending your dollars on an obsolete and inefficient gadget. Look out for the best air fryer articles on our website. There are many modern air fryers up for grabs. Good luck with your new pick!

Ninja Foodi Controls Are Unresponsive

Ninja Foodi air fryer has many controls or buttons that relay information to the memory to execute the programs. You will be disappointed if you walk home to find unresponsive air fryer controls, yet you need to set dinner for your loved ones. You need to figure out quickly where to begin since the ingredients are already in the basket waiting to cook.

So, what causes the unresponsive controls in Ninja Foodi air fryer?

1. Loss of electric power

Whenever an appliance doesn’t power on or the controls go muter, most people assume that the unit is faulty. While that is a possibility, it is due to power loss in many instances. Your house could have power, but the circuit isn’t continuous to the appliance. Test the following;

  • Main circuit meter box
  • Socket
  • Plug – Thermal fuse

2. Faulty or Dead control board

A faulty control panel will not let your buttons work. Sometimes, only a few will respond. An issue of a malfunctioning control panel requires electrical attention by an expert.

In addition, a dead control board means a mute button. Most appliances with a dead control board can only work with a new replacement. So, ensure that you get the proper diagnostics for your Ninja Food appliance.

3. Worn out buttons

Pressing your air fryer buttons every day can wear off the connections. Sometimes, the fonts are faint due to wear and tear and make you press the wrong programs. That causes a mix-up.

The underneath membrane switch could also be worn out, thus bringing stiff controls. The issue requires an experienced air fryer technician to handle the controls. He can replace the old membrane switch with a new one for the buttons to work perfectly. If the button fonts are faint, your electrician will refurbish them for clarity and legibility. 

4. Standby mode

You have left your Ninja Foodi air fryer for a month without roasting or frying. If the buttons are not responsive, it is not a big deal! The controls are asleep or are in a standby mode to conserve energy. You only need to remove the status by pressing the power button.

If this is the reason for the unresponsive buttons, your controls should work perfectly after the press.

Ninja Foodi Not Heat Up When Powered

Usually, when your Ninja Foodi is powered, and the temperature is not heightening, that could be a case of a faulty element, malfunctioning control board, and a dead thermostat. So, let’s deeply study the problems.

Faulty element

A faulty element could mean a dead unit. The electrical components are not heating up, so the air fryer remains cold. Your electrician will test the malfunctioning part with a multimeter and advise for replacement if it is slow or dead. 

Malfunctioning control board

When your control board malfunctions, it throws all the other functions off guard. That also includes heating up and cooking your food. Check whether the primary control works perfectly if your Ninja Foodi is not heating up when powered.

Thermostat issue

Is your thermostat working? The function is to regulate electric current to a safe level so that your device doesn’t overheat.

You cannot inspect a thermostat with your eyes or hands. You need a multimeter to examine the electric current flow or voltage. The device reads the voltage or circuitry of the thermostat.

When it is at zero, the thermostat is not passing any current. When the flow is low or slow, it means abnormal heating. The remedy for a faulty or dead thermostat is removal and replacement.

Solenoid problems

The solenoid delivers a safe electric current from the thermostat to the heater. If it malfunctions, there is a broken current flow, and no amount of heating will happen in your air fryer. Check the solenoid with a multi-meter.

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Basket Pops Out

The air fryer basket holds your food inside the cooking compartment while cooking. Sometimes, it comes with a tray to trap juices and food craps. Other times it may not have the tray among other components. An issue of popping out means the door is not latching correctly. But let’s check the problems that may make your Ninja Foodi air fryer basket pop out;

  1. Overcrowded air fry basket

Overloading your Ninja Foodi air fryer basket can make the unit not close effectively and pop out. If you leave the tip of your food to touch the top of your basket, that will not work out properly.

Follow the maximum and minimum level indications on the basket to guide you on the quantities. Minimize your ingredients to the required level and push the drawer into the cooking compartment.

  1. Damaged drawer

A damaged drawer cannot allow the air fry basket to lie in its position. It could be dents on the rail, or the drawer got broken. Pull it out and empty the basket. Check for any breakages and ask your repair center to replace the drawer for you. You may have to cook your ingredients in your oven or stove as you look for a solution to your damaged drawer.

  1. Obstructions

Food on the drawer rail or the base of your cooking compartment can obstruct the drawer and pop the basket out. It could be a piece of a potato wedge, a cake crust, or a portion of your beef roast. Check and clear the way for the drawer to lock in place. After every air frying business, a cleaning session is essential as it ensures your appliance is clean and free from food particles.

  1. Improperly placed door

A misaligned door causes your air fryer basket or drawer to pop out. If the door doesn’t latch properly, expect the basket not to sit in its place. The brackets may be loose and need fixing. Grab a screwdriver and do the necessary. If they are the rivet type, you may need to rush to your repair center for some quick fix.

  1. Sticky drawer

A sticky drawer is an indicator for accumulated dirt and grime. How often do you clean your drawer? Do it after every cooking? Use a thin sponge with water and soap to clean your air fryer, and remember to wipe dry. That way, nothing sticks when you are closing the drawer.

Have you ever heard of seasoning your air fryer? It helps to get rid of sticky situations! Conduct this short exercise after clean up;

  • Place your basket in the drawer and slide it inside the air fryer.
  • Adjust your air fryer heat to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Set your timer to five minutes.
  • After three minutes into the heating, remove the drawer. 
  • Rub a thin layer of coconut oil on the drawer and basket, then push it back into your air fryer.
  • Let the drawer stay in for the remaining two minutes.

You will have solved the sticky drawer issue that is causing your basket not to stay in place.

Ninja Air Fryer Taking Too Long To Cook

When you bring home your Ninja Foodi air fryer, the first expectation is to cook food faster than the stove or regular oven. But that is not happening. Food is taking ages to get ready. Why is this happening?

  1. Did you insert your basket fully?

Inserting your basket improperly in the drawer can cause inconsistent food heating, thus extending the cooking time. Heat loss is the leading cause of the delays, so check whether you did it correctly. You can take time learning your apparatus to know how it operates. That way, you eliminate minor issues of a half-closed drawer or improperly inserted basket.    

  1. Incorrect cook time and non-adjusted timer

What cook time and temperature did you select? As a new user, you may have chosen the wrong prompts. And even if you make an error, you can still readjust to the correct cooking time and hasten the process. Cooking below 350 degrees Fahrenheit will take ages to cook your food.

Non-adjusted cooking times can slow your cooking. Sometimes, your recipe requires you to adjust cooking times. Naturally, if you add more ingredients, you change your cooking time by adding extra minutes. That ensures your food doesn’t take too long to cook.

  1. Not pre-heating your air fryer

Some Ninja Foodi air fryer brands require about 5 minutes of pre-heating to get them ready to cook. If you do not pre-heat, your food will not cook well. Learn how your air fryer works to avoid such mishaps.    

  1. Too much water

Air fryers and excess water do not go hand in hand. Dripping your recipes will excess water will smoke white and not give you peace. You will take longer to cook as you do not have the right temperature. Drain your ingredients in a strainer to avoid excessive water during cooking time. Follow your air fryer’s specifications to cook effectively.

  1. Slow heating-up process

A slow heating-up process means a faulty or dying heating element. A heating element provides your cooker with heat from the power source. The slow heating process means the wires, electricity, and circuits are not in order. So, the problem is electrical and requires a specialist to solve.

Take a safety precaution by disconnecting the appliance from the power source and calling an electrician. Some people consider taking advantage of the appliance’s warranty. You can follow suit and call the NinjaShark Operating LLC for a repair or exchange.

  1. Broken cord and insufficient power

Broken power cords do not supply enough heat into the oven. The result is a longer cooking time for your air fryer. Check your power cord for old age and bend regularly.

Frequent pulls and improper handling damage the wires and lead to inefficiency. What takes five minutes may take more than 20 minutes to cook.

Preheating takes longer, and this often results in delays. The only solution is to repair the situation and replace it where necessary. A licensed professional will do a valid job.

If the insufficient power is due to an overloaded system, try to unplug some devices to get proper wattage. If the problem is regular, it may be your power supplier. Talk to them to resolve the issue.

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Will Not Power On

Though your Ninja Foodi air fryer is new, it may develop a problem of not powering on. While it could be a significant problem, sometimes it is a case of power loss or a broken socket or plug. You need to establish the issue before calling your repair center. Here are the pointers to check out if your Ninja Foodi air fryer will not power on;

Damaged Micro Switch

The microswitch is a sensitive device that controls your air fryer functions such as powering on, drawer lock, and other features. When the feature malfunctions, power flow stops. The switch works by pressing a button and power flows in and out of your air fryer.

To eliminate a damaged micro switch, you need a technician to inspect your pot. The experts will then replace the parts and get your air fryer up and working.

Damaged cord

Rodents may have chewed the cord of your appliance while in the store. Or even a twist or pull. All these damages the cable which feeds your gadget with electric power. Inspect your device for physical damage before setting the ingredients in the basket.

Insufficient power

If the power lines in your house are delivering low voltage power, your appliance will not power on. You will notice low voltage by observing the bulbs in your home. Dim lights indicate low voltage. Disconnect your Ninja air fryer and wait for the voltage volume to level.

Improperly Installed Or Overloaded Basket

Have you installed your basket correctly? Is the compartment overloaded? The microswitch will sense an unclosed door and fail to allow continuity. If any of the above questions discussed are yes, you should check and correct the error.

First, reduce the ingredients that are touching the top surface of your basket. Check the full line for ingredients in your basket to ensure that the quantities are correct. Shovel the drawer in until it clicks to indicate locking.

Stuck buttons and controls

You may be pressing buttons that are already stuck. Sticking buttons happen when you leave your Ninja air fryer for a long time without cooking. The buttons become unresponsive, making turning on and off a challenge.

To remove the standby mode, hit the power button to activate the controls. It seems unorthodox but hitting the button jumpstarts your appliance. Your Ninja air fryer is in standby mode to conserve energy. 

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