Ninja Foodi Reset Button (Quick And Easy ways)? | Grill Troubleshooting

Ninja Foodi is a combo pressure cooker and air fryer. The appliance comes with duo lids; thus, its famous theme, TenderCrisp. You can use the lids interchangeably to air fry your food to crispiness while locking the juices in your food. Or pressure cooks your delicacies to the tenderest texture.

So, steam, dehydrate, bake, slow cook, and broil your food in a shorter time than a regular pot or oven. The Ninja Foodi air fryer will cook French fries and potato wedges without the need for a cupful of oil. Also, the pressure cooker lid will boil your beans and cook many other exciting and finger liking recipes.

With this magnificent combo appliance, you will no longer grumble over space. This pot saves you from buying a separate air fryer and pressure cooker. 

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Ninja Air Fryer Buttons

Back to learning the Ninja Foodi reset button, the appliance has several buttons to run various programs. They play an essential role, but I will not handle every knob or toggle in this article. We have several other articles that handle Ninja Foodi buttons and troubleshooting problems.

This article will detail the reset button. I will spread to problems related to the button and how to solve the issues. Stay here and learn about the Ninja reset button and other concerns that other users of this combo experience.

Does Ninja Foodi have a reset button?

When you take home your new Ninja Foodi, your first step will be to learn its functions. You will be puzzled by the duo lids, and you may want to know where various buttons are on display, including the reset button. 

Your Ninja Foodi doesn’t have a Reset button. So, how are you going to handle reset procedures? Firstly, this is not the only brand that does not have a reset button. Many air fryers, pressure cookers, ovens, and microwaves come without the button. But there is always a provision for resetting your appliance.

On your Ninja Foodi, the power button also functions as a reset controller. When you press the button, it resets, restarts, or troubleshoots the Ninja Foodi and many other appliances in your setup. 

Some users have termed the missing reset button on the Ninja Foodi as one of the most significant flaws ever made on such a sophisticated appliance. The reset process would be pretty fast with a reset button on Ninja Foodi. Clearing troubleshooting errors would also be easier.

Other than pressing the power button until the appliance is off, there is a straightforward way to reset your Ninja Foodi. Remove the plug from the socket and hold for about 5 minutes. Return the plug to put on the appliance. Easy but a little bit engaging!

Though I guess that you expected a reset button on such a sophisticated device, you have to use this unorthodox process to reset your gadget. That’s with the hope that the manufacturer can look up the issue and include a reset button in its newer versions.  

A need to reset your Ninja Foodi appliance

No appliance will come without troubleshooting hitches. Some will be easier to deal with, while others will require help from a certified technician. You will need to reset your Ninja Foodi any time because of problems like stuck buttons, memory loss, and other errors occur.

Whether by pressing a button or unplugging your device, a simple reset will clear most of the hitches that you experience with electronic devices. The simple procedure will save you a hell of a time trying to ship the appliance or bringing home a tech.

Resetting rejuvenates the memory and makes it easier for you to use the various programs on the machine flawlessly. As mentioned above, the same process will save you the perils of digging deeper in your pockets to pay an expert who only touches a few buttons, unplugs, and re-plugs your machine, 

The tech will set your Ninja Foodi working in a few minutes and table a fat invoice for you to pay. Learn your electronic devices, how to reset, troubleshoot, and perform minor adjustments and save your money and time.

A quick recommendation is to go through your appliance user manual to learn about its operations, resets, programs, recipes, et cetera. But I also have a golden tip for you!

Golden tip!

The golden tip cuts across all our guides. Always get a certified technician if a problem is not clear enough for you to handle.

Ninja Foodi Grill Thermometer Not Working

The Ninja Foodi Grill is a specific brand of ovens that provides grilling expertise for your meats and other roasts. The grill’s user reviews indicate that you can use the appliance for many years without a significant hitch. But to achieve this longevity, you have got to use the cooker appropriately.

Operate the programs as per the manual instructions and use of products. But that’s not to say some parts will not give you trouble. You can amicably resolve them at home or bring in a tech to inspect your cooker.

One such model is the Ninja Foodi Pro 5-in-1. This pro-cooker comes with an integrated thermometer that you conveniently plug into the side of your pot. You can pluck it off when you are done and you want to wash the device.

The probe’s purpose is to kick off guesswork so that you roast and grill your meats, veggies, tubers, and many more peacefully to perfection. The unit is super easy to use, and as I mentioned above, all you need to do is plug it and pull the cord from the side. Insert the probe into the middle of your food

Don’t worry, as it is adequately secured on the side and cannot stick out. The little pointed device instantly takes the temperature and tells you whether your food is ready. That way, you won’t undercook or overcook your rib roasts. 

Sometimes the thermometer grill may not work, which will send you into chills. How will you then test your meat’s interior temperatures? There is no room for guesswork while cooking meat, which can lead to eating poorly done food.

That is even more dangerous than overcooked chunks: Typhoid, food poisoning, and diarrhea, among other risks. Under-cooking gives you hard and unchewable meat. 

To enjoy your meal, you have to fix the device to cook effectively and professionally. And so, why is your Ninja Grill thermometer not working? Check the following three items;

1. Placement of the thermometer

Do you know how to use your Ninja Foodi Grill thermometer effectively? Before you rule that it is a faulty or dead probe, learn how to place your thermometer correctly. If the probe is outside the grill, it will not give you the correct readings (it may not even read any temperature).

Insert the probe appropriately in the plug and the pointer deeply into the flesh to get the right temperature.

2. Uncalibrated probe

Your Ninja Foodi grill thermometer is not working right because it needs calibration. Calibration involves setting the cook temperature to the boiling point or freezing point.

There is a calibration nut under the display dial. Turn the nut with a pair of pliers. You should be able to test your grill accurately. If you can’t calibrate your thermometer accurately, order a replacement. 

If you find your grill thermometer has no calibration nut, use the standard method where you deep your probe in ice-cold water and wait for the readings to stabilize at 32 degrees F or 0°C). You can then adjust the device to 2 degrees F or 1°C.

Alternatively, rest your probe in boiling water. Hold on for the temperature to stabilize to adjust the probe to 88–100°C or 190 and 212°F. 

3. Dead thermometer

A faulty or dead probe means your device cannot test the doneness of meat in your grill. The only way out is to order a new Ninja Foodi Grill thermometer. Remember to order a probe that fits your frill model.

Ninja Foodi Grill Troubleshooting

You brought home pork chaps for roasting in your Ninja Foodi grill, but no button seems to be responding. The display shows errors, and the appliance isn’t turning on. If you do not know how to troubleshoot your cooker, that will be a last-minute disappointment. You have to be swift, or your guests will be dismayed. 

One thing that is certain is that each Ninja Foodi Grill comes with its manual, so you shouldn’t get stuck. Other than solving your grill errors, you will get well-illustrated function buttons, safeguards, cooking functions, how to use the thermometer, batch grilling, and many other instructions.

Have you misplaced the user manual? Or you don’t have time to squint through unfriendly fonts and spacing? Check the below troubleshooting tips to help understand your grill and solve its errors.   

1. “Add Food.”

After Preheating your cooker, these wordings appear on your grill’s control panel display. The words mean that your oven has successfully preheated and is ready for cooking. Go ahead and add your ingredients.

2. “Shut Lid”

These words will also appear on the control panel display to alert you after adding your ingredients that the hood is open and requires to be closed. Once you close the hood, the function that you selected will start.

3. “Add Pot.”

Whenever these words appear on your control panel display, you need to install the pot into the unit.

4. Blinking lights after pressing the START/STOP button

Blinking lights are an indicator telling you that the appliance has not completed the preheating cycle.

5. “Plug-In” 

Many Ninja Grill users mistake these two words to mean plugging your unit into the socket. Plug-In on your Ninja

Food Grill means that you have not plugged the temperature probe into the socket. The socket is on the right side of your device next to the control panel. 

6. “E” 

An “E“ appearing on your oven’s control panel display is signaling an error. Any error code that shows on your appliance requires solving by a licensed tech. Using an appliance that already displays an error code could cause irreversible damages or interfere with the warranty.

Therefore, it is relevant to call the customer service with the error code for them to advise you correctly on how to solve the problem. 

7. Grill emitting smoke

You haven’t selected the correct temperature setting. It could also be a faulty element or fatty food in the grill. First, unplug your pot and check the problem. If it’s a fatty food, remove the oils and put the grill on to cook the food until it’s ready, a dirty or faulty element requires cleaning or repairing. Check your model’s best recommendation on the Quick Start Guide.

8. Unilluminated control panel display

The control panel will no longer illuminate when your Ninja Foodi grill is off. Luckily, the power button will bring the lights back once you press it on.

9. Overcooked or undercooked

You used wrong temperature settings, overcrowded your grill, or read inaccurate probe recordings. First, preheat your grill and set the temperatures right. Put the right amounts and insert your probe lengthwise to get correct temperature recordings. Also, remember to pick the readings from the thickest part of your food.

10. When air crisping, your food didn’t achieve the correct doneness

The cause for this problem is piling your ingredients inconsistently. Do not overlap your food so that you can get consistent crispiness.

11. How to pause Ninja Foodi grill mid cooking process

Do you want to check your food while cooking? It is easier to raise the hood while cooking. The appliance will pause to cook and allow you to check the process.  

I can go on and on endlessly with Ninja Foodi grill troubleshooting tips, but with the different models, these keep on changing. But rest assured that you have got the best appliance in your kitchen.

Reading your model’s user manual enriches you with many tips to handle your appliance. Keep reading our guides for simplified instructions on using Ninja Foodi and other kitchen appliances. 

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My Ninja Foodi Not Starting

Although I didn’t handle this part on the Ninja Foodi troubleshooting section, your appliance failing to start is a cause to bang your brain. It may mean calling your appliance’s care center for advice or even an exchange.

The problem could also be as simple as something to do with power loss! So why is your Ninja Foodi not starting? Check out any of these causes and the possible fix. 

  • Power loss 

Power loss cuts the connection to all the devices in your home, including your Ninja Foodi. That’s a probable reason why it is not starting. Have a look at your main meter box to ensure no tripping. Your other appliances in the house, like the refrigerator, will go off if there is a power loss case.

  • Unplugged appliance

Have you correctly plugged in your device? Unplug and replug your appliance correctly to ensure that the circuit to your mini-oven is complete.

  • Damaged cables

How Long has your Ninja Foodi been in your kitchen? The cables could be weary or chewed by rodents. Inspect and replace your wires regularly. Never attempt to use broken cables as they pause a danger to you and your loved ones. 

  • Damaged fuse

Ninja Foodi comes with a three-pronged plug that also holds the fuse. The fuse regulates the current flow so that your appliance uses the safest. It’s a safeguard for your appliance, but the little unit can blow up, causing a power cut out to your cooker. Unscrew the head and check if the fuse is in good condition.

  • Tripped socket

Your Ninja Foodi not working could be because your socket tripped. The switch is off, so put it on and continue with your cooking.

  • Faulty appliance

A malfunctioning Ninja Foodi will not power on or work. It could be a complicated process to bring it back to operation. So, keep in touch with your electrician or a licensed tech to handle the appliance.

  • Dead Ninja Foodi oven

Depending on the length of usage, you could be dealing with a useless old pot that will not work regardless of the part replacement you make. Obsolescence is a regular occurrence in electronic devices.

The memory fails, buttons don’t function, and the appliance doesn’t take in the programs you set. Your best move will be to get a new Ninja Foodi appliance to continue enjoying your cooking and delicious foods.

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Final Thoughts

Your Ninja Foodi appliance doesn’t have a reset button, but there is a provision for you to put your device on the mode. Pulling the plug off and holding it for several minutes gives your machine a proper reset. The simple procedure will reboot all the programs and resolve for you some troubleshooting issues.

For your grill temperature that is not working, check the calibrations and faults and try to insert it correctly. Check whether the socket is working and replace a non-functional probe. To ensure you have accurate temperature measurements. 

The troubleshooting tips for your grill ensure you don’t get stuck. And when our Ninja Foodi is not working, you know where to check. Remember to keep in touch with Ninja Foodi’s after-sale service desk regarding complicated processes that require expertise. 

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