Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven Fan Noise|Reasons and Solutions

Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry serves you as a convection, toaster oven, and air fryer oven. The three-in-one cooker is a versatile and powerful kitchen gadget. With a power level of 1800W, you can explore various cooking methods such as air broiling, toasting, and dehydrating.

Ninja air fryer fan noise can happen for loose or broken blades, overheating machines, greasy air vents, and many other reasons. But this all-in-one kitchen appliance also has troubleshooting issues.

If you are experiencing a noisy fan, it is not an exception. Some users report that too. There are several causes, and that’s why we are here to expand on the issues and tell you the fixes.

Let’s find out the actual reasons and learn how to fix the issues.

How The Digital Air Fry Oven Fan Works

To understand your Ninja Foodi digital air fry oven functionalities, let’s look at the fan. You may be dismayed that your air fryer has a fan. If you didn’t know, this is an essential element in your gadget. Its functionality involves blowing hot air on your ingredients. The results are crispy and great tasting.

Like in other gadgets, an air fryer fan has several components;

  • Blades
  • Base
  • Motor
  • Electrical wiring
  • Center hub
  • Power switch
  • Mount

The above parts may resemble a simple mechanism but are more complex. Discovering hidden parts may prove challenging to diagnose when a problem occurs. A noisy fan may mean a broken blade, base, motor, or central hub. To diagnose the issue, you have to understand the functions as we have outlined them on this table;

BladeSpin to blow air
BaseHold the blades together Facilitates spinning
MotorPowers the fan to spin
Electrical wiringPowers the motor
Center hubConnects the blades with the motor
Power switchKeeps the fan off Turns the fan on
MountIncludes screws that fasten the fan in place.

All the above components are crucial to your air fryer. For example, without the screws and rivets, the fan will stay loose in the compartment. The loose screws will cause rattling noise, eventually falling off and causing the fan to stop. And the fan will only run with the power switch.

7 Major Causes Of Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Fan Noise

Now that we know the fan elements in your Ninja Foodi digital air fry, let’s find out the cause of the noise.

  1. High-temperature

High temperatures in your air fryer will cause overheating. That alters its mechanism, including the fan operations. The component will overwork to cool down the gadget’s interiors. Your air fryer will hum abnormally loud, an indicator of an overworking fan. Some of the causes of high temperature and overheating include;

  • Setting high dials:

Follow the correct dials on the air fryer recipe guide. Be aware of the C and F readings.

  • Faulty dial:

The knob or button that lets you key in the temperature may be broken. Ensure that the faulty button does not interfere with temperature accuracy. Otherwise, you might dial higher settings than the requirement. That causes overheating. And besides the fan noise, higher temperatures can damage your appliance. Replace a faulty dial to ensure accuracy.

  • Overfilling and overusing the machine:

When you overfill your air fryer, the fan tends to overwork, which causes the machine to overheat and calls for more fan action. Restrain from overusing your gadget.

As you may have learned in other articles on this website and the Ninja Food user manual, you do not need dripping oil into the machine. You are not deep frying but air frying. Some foods will not require oil, so do not add excess fat. Follow the guide from air fryer recipes or brush oil on your ingredients.

  • Blocked vents:

The vents allow airflow in and out of the machine. Do not block them with objects like food particles. Also, keep them clean from dirt and dust. Intense cleaning at the repair clinic can de-clog the vents.

  • Hot surface:

Overheating happens if you use the machine near other hot appliances or on a hot surface. After a while, the fan will begin roaring. That’s an indicator that it is overworking. The oven might stop working. Unplug it and leave it to cool down. Ensure that the surface is at room temperature.

  • Faulty equipment

 A broken air fryer will behave weirdly. One of the signs will be a noisy fan. That tells you it is fighting to cook your food. Check the electrical details to ensure that none is faulty. You can prevent overheating by replacing faulty wiring, thermostat, and heater. Refurbish your appliance with a new fan and replace other weary components.

  1. Dusty And Dirty Air Vents

When your appliance is dusty and dirty, the vents get blocked. That prevents cool air from getting in to cool the appliance. The results are overheating, and the fan is overworking to cool the air fryer.

Ensure that you clean the vents with a brush. Do not use water. Scrub gently to remove the dust that is clogging the holes. You can use a blow dryer to gust off the dirt at its lowest setting. After the cleaning, your fan noise level should lower to a bearable level.

  1. Unbalanced And Loose Blades

Heavy blades due to dirt and dust can cause imbalance. The blades hang loosely and touch each other and the base too. You might hear a screeching noise to indicate two metals grinding on each other.

That’s dangerous for your air fryer. The loose components can break and damage other parts. A good cleanup of your air fryer interiors, including the blade, should alleviate this problem.

  1. Broken Base/Center Hub

The base and center hub holds the blades and other fan components together. The interior has bearings that smoothen the rotation mechanism. So there is no friction.

If any of the two components are loose or break, the blades can touch them during spinning and cause noise. Repair and replace broken fan components to prevent irritating noise.

  1. Distorted Blades

Broken or distorted blades will touch the edges of the casing and other surrounding parts, like the wiring. There will be a disturbing noise, and the warped blades may cut the wires. If the parts are metallic, it might make they can conduct electricity and cause sparking.

A regular examination can help to point out distorted blades. The exercise will allow you to change the parts or replace the fan.

  1. Friction

Mainly, friction occurs due to a lack of greasing in moving parts. You rarely need to lubricate your fan, but if necessary, do it. The exercise will reduce the noise that symbolizes friction.

You could lubricate your fan annually to ensure that the interior parts do not grind on each other.

Ask your technician to do it when you call him to service your air fryer. He knows the location of the fan’s oil hole and can quickly check the interiors for you.

  1. Fallen Hardware

Hardware includes screws and rivets that tie down the fan in position. If they are loose, they will cause a rattling noise. Ensure that the fan is intact by tightening the rivets. Also, replace missing screws to ensure they do not drop in the cooking chamber.

6 Steps of How To Fix Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Fan Noise Problem:

Ninja Foodi digital air fryer oven’s fan noise can cause a disturbance. That is if the noise level is higher than average. Typically, the noise should be at most 60dB. It won’t be pleasant to your ears. If you cannot concentrate on other duties due to noise distraction, it is time to look for a fix.

Resolve a noisy fan through these steps;

  1. Ensure The Proper Temperatures

When dialing the temperature, ensure that you select the right dials. For example, avoid confusing the F and C measurements. That can lead you to dial exorbitantly high temperatures.

If you notice the error, cancel the high temperatures by reducing them to the right dials. Also, learn how to change from C to F degrees on your air fryer. Remember, high temperatures equal overheating, which causes the fan to be louder.

  1. Inspect And Fix Loose/Broken Components

The fan base and the hub require regular inspection. Also, if you detect a noisier fan, examine the parts. A loose blade could be hanging loosely and causing a screeching sound.

  1. Fix The Screws And Nuts

Use a screwdriver to fix back missing screws. Ensure that they hold the fan in place.

  1. Clean Vents And Blades

Cleaning the vents ensures that air can get in and cool your appliance. That way, the fan does not overwork to cook your appliance. When it is overworking, the fan hums or roars abnormally.

  1. Tell Your Tech To Oil The Fan For You

Every moving part in a machine needs lubrication. If you do not lubricate the parts, they begin grinding on each other and break. Also, if you haven’t used your air fryer for a long time, you will notice that the fan is noisier. The mobile parts may have rusted and are grinding each other.

  1. Replace Your Air Fryer

Old is gold, but an obsolete air fryer that roars in your kitchen isn’t worth your time. You do not need to endure the noise. If you have used the gadget for a while, dispose of it.

Get a new air fryer with a low noise level. The criteria you will use to eliminate the cooker include other breakages that make you spend on repairs. Check on our website for the best air fryers with modern functionalities. You will be lucky to get a digital one that operates quietly.

Can You Call An Expert?

There is always a point in calling an expert. Other parts also fail when you realize that the problem is more than you can diagnose. For example, the heater isn’t heating when the fan stops working.

Call an electrician or air fryer expert to resolve complex issues in your air fryer. If your air fryer is old, look for a replacement. We have dozens of articles on this website that guide buying the best air fryer. Free yourself from an old and noisy air fryer.

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