22 common Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Problems (Troubleshoot )(Quick and Easy)?

Has your new Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven started giving you troubleshooting problems? No need to bang your head. This guide will tackle and solve all the possible hitches that give you sleepless nights.

Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven is a high-quality appliance in the market. The air fryer uses a convection mechanism that distributes steady hot air around your food until perfectly cooked. 

The appliance eliminates the use of old-school deep fryers that use pints of oil and give you unhealthy fatty meals. Cuisinart air fryer delivers oilless food that is sumptuous and healthy.  

So, whenever the gadget develops problems, it causes inconveniences of going back to the deep fryer or cooking traditionally. Luckily, we have quick fixes for these snags.

Take a look!

Common Cuisinart Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)  

Like other household electric cooking gadgets, Cuisinart air fryer oven, you expect snags here and there. This brand is indisputable when it comes to performance and durability. But as we have stated, troubleshooting problems are common in all intelligent cooking gadgets. That shouldn’t throw you into a baffle.

Step number one after bringing home your air fryer is to learn its operations thoroughly to pick out any mishap that happens. Once you identify the issues, it will be easy to solve the puzzle without bringing in costly professionals.  

There are numerous hitches that you are likely to encounter with this oven;

Cuisinart Air Fryer Not Switching On 

Cuisineart Air Fryer may not switch on like other electrical appliances.

So, you have tried switching on your Cuisinart air fryer, but it isn’t responding. What could be the hitch? 

  1. Check The Power Code

Firstly, you have to check the appliance’s power cord cable and determine if it is broken or has physical tears. The length could also be blocking the power circuit in the air fryer. And the above common issue is easy to solve. A broken cord is a potential risk that requires immediate replacement.

  1. Incorrectly Placed Basket

The air fry basket carries your ingredients in the air fryer. It is a meshy piece of utensil that drains oils and juices into the tray and, at the same time, allows hot air to circulate your food. If the basket is in the wrong position, the switch will not work.

  1. Broken Air Fryer Switch

However, much as you try, a damaged air fryer switch cannot turn on. It will require you to open the motherboard and look for the components. You will quickly locate the damage and assess whether they need replacement or a simple repair.

If you aren’t confident about opening your appliance’s interiors, it is not an offense to call a tech or contact your seller to fulfill the warranty. 

Air Fryer Switches Off While Cooking

Have a look at the causes of your air fryer switching off while you are roasting your chicken wings;

  • Power Cut

Power cut remains the cause number one for your air fryer switching off while cooking. Check whether other kitchen appliances are functioning. It could be a tripped cut out or a power failure in your location.

  • Blown Fuse

If there are power surges in your area, it could have overloaded the fuse and blown it up. This one is easy to replace. Open the plug head, pull out the damaged fuse, and replace it with a new one.

We recommend that you store extra fuses for replacing the damaged fuse for several appliances in your home. The replacement of a dead fuse is DIY and doesn’t require expertise.

  • Control Board

If your oven’s control board develops mechanical issues when cooking, your air fryer will switch off. The device control board carries all the programs and maybe complicated to resolve.

Fixing may take time. So, remove your food from the basket and look for an alternative cooking method as you call an expert to solve the puzzle.

  • Smoky Air Fryer

Your appliance is smoldering! That is scary as the first thing that clicks in your mind is your food is burning, or your machine is blowing up. You are correct!

A black smoky air fryer says that your food is too oily and is burning. Unplug and remove your food. Next time, do not put in fatty food like pork and mutton. You can trim the fats and air fry the lean meat. Refrain from adding extra oil to the air fryer.

Some air fryers recommend specific oil that you can spray on your food and the amount too. What if it is blue smoke? Things are burning inside the air fryer but not food.

This time around, the heating element is overheating and burning. Still, unplug to confirm the problem. Visit the nearest repair center for correct diagnosis and fixes.

White smoke smoldering from your air fryer is due to excess water in your food. You probably added water, or your vegetables are too moist and are steaming up hence the white smoke. To prevent this hitch, drain all your ingredients before air frying and avoid wet foods in your device.

  • Overcooked Or Undercooked Dishes

Is your food coming out raw or overcooked? This problem is related to poor airflow in your air fryer. There are several fixes to this issue;

  • Ensure that you do not overload your air fry basket
  • Check out for vents to ensure that they are all open.
  • Thaw your frozen food before putting them in the air fryer.
  • Preheating your appliance before cooking is essential. Do this for 5-10 minutes before lacing the ingredients in the cooking compartments.
  • Dry, Chewy, Or Soggy Food

The issue of dry, chewy foods or soggy food has something to do with cooking your food with no oil. Indeed, air fryers do not require oil to cook. But not all foods. Spraying your ingredients with little oil will give you the crunchiest okra and potato wedges. 

Try that out and see the magic!

In addition to the above remedy, put the right ingredients in the air fry basket to avoid overfilling. Overloading the air fry basket and trays blocks air from flowing consistently over your food.

  • Smelly Air Fryer

A smelly air fryer alerts you that food or some components are burning. When it is food burning, you will get that smell related to burning food. Leaving your food in the air fryer will not help. Pull out the plug and open the pot or baking tray to inspect your food. It could be the wrong temperature settings for that particular food.

There is also the toxic burning plastic smell. This one indicates that it is the heating element that is burning. Very high temperatures can burn the element and cause the toxic odor you smell.

Remove your plug from the power source and inspect the element. We advise that you suspend the cooking process until a technician arrives to diagnose the problem. They will probably recommend new parts.

Air Fryer Not Heating Up

If you suspect the heating issues, you should first unplug the air fryer and remove the basket. Next, inspect the temperature gauge and ensure it’s not broken or defective.

Faulty Light Of The Toaster Oven

Your Cuisinart air fryer or convection oven comes with an interior light to make it easy to monitor your food while cooking. It is easy to turn on or off the oven light as you need to press the light button. Turning off requires you to press the button again and wait for 20 seconds for the light to turn off automatically.

What if this doesn’t work? Firstly, cooking with your air fryer without the light hinders you from inspecting your food as it cooks.

If the lights do not turn on, do not assume that your oven is faulty and rush for a professional. First, check the basic pointers below;

  • Power Loss

When you lose power while cooking, your air fryer will still be hot, but the interior lights will not show. Check whether the main switch tripped off or is a local power disconnection case. 

Is your refrigerator, microwave, television, or other electric appliance off? If yes, then it is a case of power loss. If your backup generator is not automatic, you may have to switch it manually to power on your air fryer.

Otherwise, you are at the mercy of your area power supplier. You have no choice other than to wait for power to resume. Go ahead and unplug your oven while waiting for power to come back. We advise that you don’t keep your ingredients in the air fryer for long hours. You can consider other cooking alternatives and use your air fryer in the future when there is constant power.

  • Faulty Or Tripped Socket

When your socket trips or gets damaged, you get a power disconnect. No power will run into your air fryer so the light bulb will go off.

Use a tester to check if there is a fault. If it is a broken socket, forget about immediate repairs as cooking is in progress. You have got to save your dish. Proceed to use another socket within your house—plan for the faulty socket replacement to resume your convenient socket soon.  

  • Improperly Placed Basket

The light will not show when you place your air fryer basket improperly; the light will not show. That’s how the mechanism works. It is somehow a warning that something is amiss. Check the basket position and place it correctly. If it is overloaded, reduce the amount and shut the door properly. The bulb will light to show that a cooking program is in place.

  • Damaged Cables

If you have used your Cuisinart air fryer for a while, damages are typical. That includes cables. Wear and tear due to stretching, bending, twisting, squashing, and moving the cord around every other time can cause breakages. The damage hinders power transmission, so you do not see the light in your oven.

To avoid this mishap, proper maintenance of your device is crucial—it is risky to cook with worn-out eclectic cables. Replace the cord whenever you notice they are wearing away.

  • Blown Bulb

The light bulb in the appliance can break down and will only require a replacement to continue illuminating. Otherwise, you cannot monitor your food while cooking as the interiors are dark. If you find yourself replacing your oven’s bulb more often, there could be a problem with the motherboard. Call a professional to find out the hitch and solve it once and for all.

  • Inappropriately Closed Door

Is your air fryer door latching correctly? If not, the interior light will not illuminate as it functions as an alert that the door is not well closed.

  • Faulty Appliance

Overall, a faulty appliance will not light up. If you cannot identify the issue, call a professional to check your oven. Remove the food and consider other cooking methods while waiting for your technician. Attempting to repair intensive damages to your air fryer can cause more problems, and so you need a professional tough to resolve the hitches.

Cuisinart Air Fryer Reset Button

Your air fryer oven is the same as other electronic devices in your home. It even has a LED display where all programs are situated. It will require an occasional reset to function effectively. And if there is a problem with the programs on display, a reset is always the first step.

Resetting reboots all the programs and wakes up the memory, thus ensuring smooth functionality. Power Cycling your device air will clear out all malfunctioning data and restart your device with the appropriate data for better efficiency.

How To Fix The Issue; 

Unfortunately, your Cuisinart air fryer does not have a reset button. However, if need be for a reset, that is not a bother. It is an easy process; 

  1. Disconnect your device from the power outlet by unplugging it from the socket. 
  2. Wait for about ten minutes. Your device will cool down, ready for a reset. And that clears several hitches by rebooting the programs. 
  3. Go ahead and re-plug to power on the machine.


Toaster Oven Turns On But Does Not Get Heated

When your toaster oven turns on but does not get heated, something is amiss and will need quick attention. But as we mentioned earlier, the first step will be to find out the cause of this adamant problem. So, what brings this issue?

  1. Faulty Heating Element

When your air fryer overheats, it breaks the heating element. The quickest fix requiring a test is opening the door and placing your hand inside. If it’s not warm, then it is a case of a broken element.   

Open the connections and unscrew them to remove the element. Check for visible faults and replace the damaged ones with a new element. 

  1. Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat regulates your oven’s temperature. The function is in charge of monitoring the oven’s interior temperature. A slight fault will throw your oven into limbo. But worry less as there is a quick fix for a faulty thermostat.

First, change the knob direction to determine if the oven warms up. If there is no heating, it is a more severe issue. Use a multimeter to check for thermostat continuity. That will clear any doubts by confirming the fault. There is no other way out of a faulty thermostat other than replacing the unit. 

  1. Damaged Solenoid Switch

The solenoid switch in your oven toaster is next to the thermostat. And if you just ruled out a broken thermostat, check this feature as its defects can disrupt all the oven operations. 

To access the switch, remove its cover and take a continuity test using a multimeter. in most cases, the solenoid switch is not easy to unscrew. Look for a technician to advise you on the best way to deal with this feature. You may have to get a new toaster oven if the switch is not replaceable.   

  1. Electronic Control Board

Your oven’s electronic control board controls all the functions of air fryer ovens. The control board operates the bake and broil elements. An electronic board control will feature error codes on display in most cases.

Any errors may not relay the right message that switches the oven on to heat your device. So, if such errors occur, the right to use is to check whether power is channeling into the element. 

Our recommendation is to conduct a live voltage check by a technician. If he finds no power output, he has to repair the board or ask you to buy a replacement. Be careful not to handle your oven’s electronic control board if you do not have the proper skills. The live voltage can cause severe injuries.

5. Thermal Fuse Problems

Your oven comes with internal fuses that control the amount of power in your appliance. A feature is a safety gadget for protecting the machine. 

If there is a wiring hitch or power overload, the fuse will blow off and bar power from getting into your oven. Your oven will be on but will not heat up.

This problem has to be handled by a professional who will correct the wiring or replace the fuse to get the oven working.

Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Runs Hot

There is nothing as disappointing as cooking with an air fryer toaster that overheats while cooking. When this issue crops up, you cannot proceed with your recipes to the end. It is a potential risk for fire. The appliance may be failing mechanically, but that could be your fault.

An overfilled basket causes overheating. It is necessary to stack the right ingredients in the air fry basket. Too much food prompts the cooker to raise the temperature beyond the recommended level (400 degrees Fahrenheit).

Equally, adding excess oil to the food makes your Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven run hot. When temperatures increase beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit, black smoke comes out of the air fryer, and next could be fire if you do not handle the problem carefully.

First, switch off the socket and unplug the device to cut the power supply. Wait for the oven to cool and remove the food. Drain excess oil and reduce the ingredients. Re-plug and observe if the smoke is still there.

Other than excess oil and overfilling your device, a mechanical fault can make your oven run hot. That one requires tech to test and fix the problem.

Cuisinart Air Fryer Knob Not Working

Is your Cuisinart air fryer knob stuck? An unresponsive air fryer knob is something to do with a worn-out knob or faulty control motherboard.

If you can spot physical wear and tear on the knob, that could be why your air fryer knob does not respond when you turn it on or press it. That calls for servicing your appliance. Get a tech to replace the worn-out parts, including the knob.

But it could also be a case of a faulty motherboard, which is more complicated and requires an expert’s hand. Your tech will replace some parts and get your Cuisinart air fryer a new lease of life.

Oven Stops Working Suddenly

Easy! Check out for power loss. A sudden loss of power stops the oven abruptly. It could be;

  • A tripped junction box: Inspect the junction box and put it on the main switch.
  • Area power loss:If you do not have backup power, wait until your provider resolves the hitch. You can look for alternate methods to save your recipes from going bad or waiting if you are sure when power will be back.
  • Failed mechanism: All machines are subject to breakdown. And your oven is a machine that can break down when you least expect it to happen. When this happens, you have to check out the possible causes so that you can take the most appropriate action. An expert will give you the best recommendations; repair or replacement.
  • Blown fuse: This tiny gadget on your oven’s plug head protects your device by regulating how much power goes into your appliance. Instead of a power surge destroying your machine, it will kill the fuse, functioning as a shield. Consider ordering a new fuse to bring your oven back to life.

Faulty Switches Of The Oven

Your Cuisinart toaster oven comes with several switches as follows;

  • Door switch: The switch latches the door in place. Its fault blocks any program from proceeding. You can decide to repair the door switch fault depending on the extent of the damage. If it is extensive, you can replace the component instead of buying a new unit.
  • Solenoid switch: Locate this switch near the thermostat, allowing heat to move to the heating element. The solenoid switch is a sensitive feature in your oven, and it requires extra keenness if you decide to touch it.

When the solenoid switch malfunctions, the element will not get the necessary power to produce heat. A technician will pick out the issue and advise appropriately.

  • Selector switch: You will find the selector switch behind the control knob. The function allows you to select or switch between various programs on the oven. Your oven’s selector switch stopping means that you cannot execute or switch between the programs on the air fryer oven. 

Every switch above is crucial in your oven as it allows various operations and puts them off when necessary. A simple issue will stall the machine and stop the cooking process so follow the steps on your oven’s user manual to replace each of the above switches.

Issue Of Sparking Inside The Oven

The issue of your oven sparking inside calls for the attention of a licensed technician to check out the appliance. It could be an insulation breakdown or faulty wiring, so switch the machine and unplug from the socket before you reach out to a professional.

Using a sparking device is dangerous as it can kindle fire and burn your house. Also, never attempt to fix a sparking oven unless you have a technical hand-in-home electronic appliance.

Appliance Smoking Excessively

A smoky appliance is a scary scene that you should not ignore in your modern kitchen. It is a malfunctioning indicator. Immediately you notice smoke from your machine, switch off the gadget and unplug from the power source.

That will prevent any disaster from happening. Smoke escaping from your Cuisinart air fryer is scary and a significant sign of malfunctioning.  

 The smoke can be white, black, or blue, meaning the color depends on different hitches. So, before you attempt to solve the issue of your appliance smoking excessively, you need to know the types of smoke that come from your oven. 

  1. Black Smoke

A cloud of black smoke indicates burnt fatty food. The smoke builds up when high heat burns the oil in the air fryer. If your nose is extra sensitive, you will detect the burning smell of the smoke. Cuisinart air fryer advises you not to cook high-fat foods like pork band mutton.

A little smoke from your air fryer should not worry you, but if it is smoldering, it is a cause to worry. To eliminate the smoke, you can add a little water to the air fry basket. The smoke will reduce drastically. 

  1. White Smoke

White smoke emanating from your oven is a case of excess steam collecting in the air fryer. Your food produces a lot of steam if it is moist. The same happens if it has a high-fat content.

Cuisinart air fryer design includes cooking with no or little oil and with no water. So, if you add water into your air fry basket, expect white smoke from the appliance. It is always prudent to follow cooking guidelines and water content instructions.

The moment you spot a lot of white smoke escaping from the appliance, switch it off and unplug it so that you can drain the water and excess oil. But if the hitch continues, you may need to visit the repair shop or call a tech to check for faults.

  1. Blue Smoke

It is uncommon to spot blue smoke emanating from your Cuisinart air fryer. When this happens, things are not alright. The possible cause could be an electrical connection problem. Your appliance is heating up abnormally, meaning that any plastic components of your air fryer are melting or burning down. 

If you notice the blue smoke, rush to the socket and unplug your device. Electrical issues are not easy to solve. And even when you resolve, they keep on revisiting. A whole unit replacement is essential to continue enjoying your air frying delicacies.

Why Does My Cuisinart Air Fryer Smoke?

Whenever your Cuisinart air fryer smokes, there are three possible hitches. Each one of these features white, black or blue smoke. The black smoke indicates burning oily food. It may also present a burnt smell. Firstly, you need to switch off the socket and unplug your Cuisinart air fryer from the power source. 

Open the air fry basket and try to drain the oil from the tray. You can add a little water to prevent smoking. The Cuisinart manufacturer advises that you follow the food guidelines to avoid smoking.

Another smoke you may spot on your Cuisinart air fryer is blue. The smoke is an indicator that some plastic components are burning due to electrical issues. Pull off the switch from the plug and wait for technical help to solve the problem. In most instances, you have to buy a new air fryer. 

White smoke from your air fryer means excess water in the food. All air fryers have a unique design that doesn’t require water and oil to cook your food. When the hoot air burns excess moisture in the food, it steams and looks for an exit, the steamy white smoke you see. As usual with smoky ovens, disconnect the appliance from the power source. Open your device and drain excess water. 

What Should You Not Put In An Air Fryer?

Air fryers do not cook all types of foods. Beware of the below list so as not to damage your appliance;

  • All battered delicacies 

 Wet batter in your air fryer will create a mess and won’t give you that crunchy taste and crispiness. 

  • Greens leafy vegetables

Spinach, kales, and other green leafy vegetables cook unevenly and are easy to burn. They also do not hold more weight and stick to the basket’s surface. But you can throw in the frozen veggies that have more moisture, thus easy to air dry. Follow your air fryer’s guidelines before putting veggies in your air fryer.

  • Whole roast meat

If your air fryer is big enough, it can hold a whole chicken roast, but in most cases, the roasts are big hence overcrowding the basket. That leaves the basket without enough airflow to cook your food. You can roast your whole meat delicacies in a regular oven or choose to slice them into pieces. 

  • Popcorn

Popcorn requires higher temperatures than that of an air fryer to pop. It will need 400 – 460 degrees to pop, whereas the air fryer is only between 350 – 400. That is a low temperature to pop your kernels effectively. Just stick to your popcorn machine.

  • Hamburgers

Hamburgers in an air fryer will not cook perfectly because the appliance is not designed for grilled red meat. The outside of your hamburger will not be brown and crunchy, so consider a regular oven if you are craving the delicacy.

  • Uncooked Grains

Raw grains like pasta and rice crisp perfectly in an air fryer if precooked. Remember that you cannot allow water in your air fryer as it will steam excessively and produce white smoke. So, pre-boil your grains before air frying.

  • Cheese

Cheese is mouth-watering, but it melts and messes up your oven. The mess isn’t easy to scrub. Leave the delicacy out of your air fryer unless it is frozen mozzarella sticks. 

How Do You Reset An Air Fryer?

Many air fryers come with reset buttons. Resetting is easy as it requires you to press the button to execute the function. If you can’t locate the reset button, worry less.

An air fryer that does not have the reset buttons like the Cuisinart brand requires you to unplug the appliance from the power source. Hold on for five to 10 minutes and re-plug the device. Easy!

Power Disruption Of Oven

Power disruption of the oven shuts off your appliance. This problem happens due to;

  • Local area power loss

Are you experiencing power loss in your locality? If so, then there will be a power disruption of your oven. The only practical solution is to switch on your backup generator or be patient for power to resume.

Remember to switch off your oven whenever there is power loss because of electric surges. These can destroy your appliance by burning crucial parts of the air fryer.

  • Broken cable 

A worn-out cable or plug disrupts your oven functionalities. It is also a significant risk to cook with torn electric wires. An electric shock can cause severe injuries or death.

  • Burnt thermal fuse

Every electric appliance comes with a thermal fuse on the plug. It is a small device that regulates the power in your oven. A thermal fuse feeds your air fryer with safe energy that cannot damage the appliance.

  • Damaged socket

Electric sockets get worn out, thus hindering power from getting into the oven. There are two methods you can determine whether a socket is damaged. You can use a tester or plug your appliance into a different socket. Install a new socket to continue using your oven.

Turns On But Doesn’t Heat

Whenever your air fryer turns on but doesn’t heat, that’s a case of a burning element, dead fuse, or a damaged thermostat. A multimeter is essential in testing each of these electric devices that run your oven.

The above three details require replacement if they cannot be repaired or are beyond repair. Note that you cannot fix a damaged fuse, so be prepared to replace the device.

If you have a challenge determining the cause of your oven turning on but not heating up, look for a technician to diagnose and treat the problem correctly.

Doesn’t Give Crispy Finish

Is your food soggy or extra dry? You are not getting the expected crispy outcome. That’s already a great disappointment, especially after spending hundreds of dollars on this wonder oven. Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate soggy or extra dry food issues. 

To solve this issue, you need to spray your food with a thin layer of oil. The air fryer still requires little fat but not as much as a deep fryer. The oil will give your food a nice and crispy outcome.

In addition to spraying little oil, you need not overfill your basket so as not to block airflow. Try this remedy, and watch for your new air fryer to deliver perfect crispy and crunchy results.

  • Smoking Problems

Smoking problems in your Cuisinart air fryer toaster have several causes;

  • Too much oil in the food

When you air fry too fatty foods, black smoke will escape from your pot. That’s an indication of burning food. The smell will also alert you of burning food.

In their manual, most air fryers indicate the amount of oil you should add to your food. Spraying is enough and cannot add excess fat to your food. 

The manufacturers also advise you not to cook fatty foods like mutton, beef, and pork in the air fryer. Avoid putting these foods in your air fryer if you do not want smoking problems. You can trim to remove the fats and leave the lean meat for air frying. 

  • Excess moisture or water in the food

Excess moisture in your food doesn’t allow your air fryer to cook effectively. Just a few minutes into your cooking, you will notice white smoke. That’s an indicator that things are steaming up in the pot. And the air fryer isn’t friendly to steaming foods.

Remove the plug from the socket and open the air fryer door. Pull out the basket and the tray to drain the excess water. Next time, be careful to put in dryer foods with no moisture. That will give you the best outcome.

  • Electric malfunctioning

Electric malfunctioning in your oven will produce blue smoke. That indicates that plastic parts in the oven are melting or burning. Unplug the oven, remove the food, and try to inspect your oven for burning or melting parts. The most effective solution for this one is to get a technician to handle the air fryer.

Odorous Foods Issue

A smelly or odorous food issue is a problem that happens when the oven overheats. The air fryer emits a plastic smell or toxic odor that suggests overheating.

The quickest fix to this unpleasant odor is unplugging your device and opening it to look out for the heating element. In most cases, it is a problem of internal components burning over time. That calls for immediate replacement of the heating element.

Do not continue cooking your food in a smelly air fryer, as the odor indicates toxic substances that can be dangerous to your health.

Which Components Should You Check For Problems?

Have you noticed any malfunction in your oven? Is your air fryer on but not heating? There are several other problems, like your gadget stopping mid-process, not switching or off.

When all the above problems happen, you can inspect various components to pick out the problem. That way, you will treat the problem and get your device up and operating. You can also decide to call your Cuisinart air fryer tech to fix the issue for you.

Cuisinart Air Fryer Dial Not Working

The dial on your Cuisinart air fryer is not functioning because of a possible hitch on the control panel. That means all the functions are stuck. Try the simplest thing on your appliance; resetting and see if it works. A persistent problem with the dial requires a complete replacement of the control board.

Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Stopped Working

If your Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven has stopped working, do not overthink. There are only a few features that point out the problem. Fortunately, they have two fixes; repair or replace.

Have a look! 

1) Main Switch

The main switch of an air fryer relays information to the controls that the gadget is ready to proceed with the cooking. A slight hitch stops the toaster oven from working, whether during the air frying session. 

Nothing can go on unless you fix your oven’s main switch. The feature requires removing the side panel and pulling out the power cord. Locate the contact points and check out for discoloration on worn-out parts. 

If the broken parts are beyond repair, you have no choice but to replace them with new ones. If the components are not frayed or discolored, you can clean the contact points with isopropyl alcohol and sandpaper.

2) Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse protects your oven from a power surge. Electric power is not constant. Sometimes it is low and other times medium. When it is high, the voltage can be disastrous to your device. Unfortunately, this device can get an overload and blow.

No power will get through to your oven. And that is why when most electric appliances stop working, the top feature to inspect is the thermal fuse. If it is intact, move to the heating element.

3) Heating element

This feature is the backbone of your air fryer. It is the one that produces heat that cooks your food. When it is damaged, your air fryer will not heat up, meaning that the appliance has stopped functioning.

A multimeter ideally diagnoses a damaged heating element. If there is no voltage, then the fuse is dead. Replace the function as soon as possible to continue with your recipes?

Doing it yourself will require you to watch out for the electrical wires so that you do not cause other damage. We always recommend technical expertise in all our guides when dealing with electrical devices.

4) Solenoid

Your oven’s solenoid is essential for providing power to the heating element. A problem with this tiny device will stop your oven abruptly. When you resolve the issue (by replacing it), your oven will resume its functionalities immediately. The repair centers can professionally conduct a solenoid switch replacement as they know the rating, size, and other details.

Final Thoughts

Cuisinart air fryers are hardy and provide perfect crispy results; however, the oven may develop problems and disrupt your cooking process. The results are soggy, undercooked, or overcooked food that symbolizes several hitches.

Fortunately, most of them are resolvable. Unless your oven is beyond repair, the problems shouldn’t worry you. We have detailed the possible issues and provided the quickest fix possible. 

As we suggested earlier, intensive damage that involves electronic parts like the solenoid, thermostat, and control board requires an electrician. Handling the device without technical know-how can cause more damage.

If you require a technical expert to deal with your Cuisinart air fryer, hit our contact button or reach out to the air fryer’s customer care desk for outright assistance.

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