How To Reset Samsung Microwave? 5 Simple Steps & FAQs

Having used the Samsung microwaves brand for over five years, I can attest that it is superior in both inefficiency and functionalities. When I compare the previous brands that I have used before, the oven surpasses all.

Its performance is more dynamic and includes an electronic digital display and keypad. Samsung microwave buttons have a touch-sensitive panel, which sometimes is prone to malfunction.

At some point, you will have to unfreeze the digital keypad with a reset. If your microwave freezes and becomes unusable, you don’t have to call a tech. Carry out this short process to reset and bring the oven back to operation;

Resetting your Samsung microwave involves shutting down from a power connection, also known as a hard reset. 

How To Reset Samsung Microwave?

Reset Samsung Microwave As Follows;

  1. Switch off the socket and unplug the appliance from the power source.
  2. Turn off the machine and leave your oven unplugged for about three to five minutes.
  3. Re-plug and turn on your Samsung microwave oven. 
  4. Find out if the appliance is operating well.
  5. Depending on your location, reset your clock as you desire by keying in AM and PM.

Do Samsung Microwave Ovens Have Clocks?

Modern Samsung microwave ovens have an in-built clock essential for conveniently accessing time and countdown time. The clock manages your time and helps you to achieve meals on time. 

When you set the clock during the first installation of your microwave oven and after every power failure, you will have a fully functional feature for timing your cooking hours and times. The time displays when the microwave oven is not active. 

How To Reset The Samsung Microwave Clock?

You certainly experience an incorrect time display after the power goes out or any time you unplug your microwave. That means you have to reset or change the clock to continue enjoying accurate time.

Though the process may seem tricky for many microwave brands, it is less complicated for all Samsung models. Don’t be puzzled about resetting the clock on your microwave oven.

Read these steps to learn more!

Resetting Clock On A Samsung Microwave:

There are several Samsung microwaves models, and these require different settings to correct clock function. You will need to reset the function after a power outage. Also, if you disconnected the appliance from a power source, you need to conduct a reset. I will give you the reset process for up five Samsung microwave models.

1. Samsung MG11T5018CC

Here is the short process for adjusting your oven’s clock accurately;

Step One: Pin OK.

Step Two: Pin the right or left or right arrow to set the hour. 

Step Three: Pin OK again.

Step Four: Pin the right or left arrow to set the minutes.

Step Five: Pin OK.

After the five-step process, your Samsung MG11T5018CC’s control panel will display the time accurately. Plus, the current time will automatically change to the cooking time.

2. Samsung ME21M706BA

This model requires you to use the Options button to reset the clock. Like the model above, it is not complicated and will take you a few seconds for you to set the clock.

Step One: Pin the Options button.

Step Two: Get to the number pad and pin the “9” button.

Step three: Pin the OK button.

Step Four: Get to the number pad and enter the current time.

Step Five: Pin OK to execute the commands.

3. Samsung ME19R7041F

The Samsung ME19R7041F model has a hidden clock feature that you can only reset using the Power Level button. Have a look at how you can enable the feature and smoothly set the microwave’s clock.

Step One: Pin and hold the Power Level button for about 3 seconds.

Step Two: Use the number pad to key in the time.

Step Three: Pin down the Power Level button once to set the AM and twice to set the PM.

Step Four: Pin OK/START to confirm your oven’s time.

4. Samsung MC17J8000CS

Some microwaves like Samsung MC17J8000CS have a My Settings button where you can press a few buttons to reset your clock on your microwave’s display.

Step One: Press the My Settings button.

Step Two: On the number pad, press the “9” button.

Step Three: Press the OK button.

Step Four: Use the number pad to Enter the current time.

Step Five: Press OK for confirmation.

5. Other Models

Besides the above models, Samsung has a variety of microwaves, including the ME18H704SFS, ME20H705MSS, and ME16H702SES. Setting the clock function on these models requires pressing the Clock button while cooking to reveal the current time. 

There is no need to look for the clock function as they have a Clock button for pressing and resetting. Have a look! 

Step One: Press the Clock button.

Step Two: Use the number pad to key in the current time.

Step Three: Select Am and PM by pressing the Clock button. The ME16H702SES updates the AM and PM automatically. So, I recommend that you skip this step.

Step Four: Press ENTER/START for time confirmation.

What Kind Of Filter Does A Samsung Microwave Use?

Most home appliances clean and circulate air by venting it outdoors. Samsung microwaves use either charcoal or grease filters.

The charcoal filters require a regular change once in six months for efficiency, while the grease filter requires regular cleaning. You can replace the grease filter if it is damaged and is not functioning properly.

All Samsung brands have a filter at the bottom of the oven. Let me shed more light about these two filters for you to understand better;

Samsung Microwave Charcoal Filter 

The charcoal filter is for use only in over-the-range microwaves. It helps to recirculate air and requires you always to unplug the power point and switch off the button before the replacement process.

The most fortunate thing about the Samsung microwave is that it displays a filter message to indicate preprogrammed reminder to clean or replace your air filter. Different models have a specific charcoal filter for the correct replacement.

Fitting A New Charcoal Filter:

  1. Open your oven’s door to locate the mountain screws. 
  2. When you remove the Screws and then slide the vent left, you will be able to pull it out easily. The process exposes the charcoal filter. 
  3. Lift it and remove the charcoal filter. 
  4. Slide the new slide filter in place and tighten the screw using a screwdriver. 
  5. Close the door and turn on the plug to power your microwave.

Samsung Microwave Grease Filter

Grease filters are great because they are reusable. They require regular cleaning, after which they get a new lease of life and continue functioning effectively. They are very common in many over-the-range microwaves brands like charcoal filters. Grease filter models vary between 1- and 2-filter types, but both types save you lots of dollars because they are reusable. 

Have a look at this short removal and cleaning process;

  • Type 1-Filter
  1. Press the PUSHfilter button on your microwave to release the filter.
  2. Carefully pull the plastic away from the filter to get hold of it.
  3. Pull the grease filter out from the compartment.
  4. Soak your grease filter in hot soapy water. The soap should be mild enough not to damage the filter parts.
  5. Brush the filter carefully to clean all the grease.
  6. Rinse the filter and leave it to dry.
  7. Place your dry grease filter back into its plastic cover.
  8. Position and slide the filter into its compartment until the unit clicks to indicate that it’s in place. The word PUSH will face the right side up to ensure the filter is in place.
  • Type 2-filter

Type two filter is easy to remove and clean. It is also at the bottom of your Samsung microwave.

  1. Slide the unit upward to remove the filter.  
  2. Soak the filter in hot soapy water. Brush lightly to remove debris.
  3. Rinse your filter.
  4. Shake to dry.   
  5. Reinstall by sliding your filter into the frame slot on the right or left.
  6. Push the unit upwards and then to the left or right to lock it in place.  

Once your grease filter is grimy and ready for cleaning, you will get a reminder. Samsung microwaves have a useful reminder of when to clean your filter and will always display the word FILTER once it is ready for cleaning. So, no worries about figuring or setting up the date. The cleaning reminder should come monthly, after two months, or as required.

Where Is The Filter On A Samsung Microwave?

Are you puzzled about the position of your Samsung microwave filter? It is at the bottom of the oven! If it is a left filter, it locks to the left and vice versa.  

How To Reset The Samsung Microwave Filter?

Resetting Samsung microwave filter is super easy;

  • Open your Samsung oven door.
  • On the access panel, press 0 and hold for three seconds. 

What Does It Mean When A Samsung Microwave Says Filter?

Whenever your Samsung microwave filter is dirty and requires cleaning or replacement, the display will indicate FILTER or FILT.

The above wording is not an indication of a fault in any way. It is a preprogrammed reminder that your air filter requires cleaning if it is a grease filter.

For a charcoal filter, that means replacing a brand-new filter. A grease filter requires you to remove and clean it in warm soapy water, drying and refitting. You can also throw it in or in a dishwasher if you have tight schedules for clean-ups.

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Wrap Up

For many decades, Samsung has had the best microwave brands. The oven comes with digital and superior functionalities that allow you to bake, cook, broil, air fry, defrost, and prepare all sorts of meals for your loved ones. But as the brand advances in technology and brings in new models, its operating and maintenance tricks must also grow.

We have given you some of the reset tips. Master and apply some DIY tricks like resetting, cleaning, and changing parts like filters. You will no longer require calling experts to attend your Samsung oven easy processes such as resets and cleaning.

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