How To Reset Panasonic Microwave? 2 Simple Ways & FAQs

My Panasonic microwave can give me troubleshooting problems like any other appliance in my kitchen. Sometimes, the oven won’t start working, stick to a Demo mode, or even show incorrect cooking time.

The problem could also be the defrost, pizza, popcorn, or other settings stalling. But this does not hinder me from cooking my desired meal.

Such hitches require a change in setting or a reset. Whenever I reset the microwave, it resolves the issue effectively and gives the unit a new lease of controls.

If you are experiencing some of these minor problems with your oven, stick here and learn several tricks to handle such. I’m here to guide you on how to reset the Panasonic microwave, among other DIY processes.

Resetting Your Panasonic Microwave

There are two ways you can reset your Panasonic microwave. I like using the first one because it cancels any incorrect program I may have entered.

1. Hard Resetting Panasonic Microwave

If your microwave got stuck, here’s is how to perform a hard reset with a three-step procedure;

Step One:

Get hold of your oven’s plug and remove it from the power socket. That means you have no power going into your appliance, and it is entirely off. Microwaves do not have batteries, so it goes off if you plug out the cable.

Step Two:

Hold on for a duration of up to five minutes before plugging in the cable. Switch on the socket to connect your oven with power.

Step Three

After powering on your Panasonic microwave, it’s time to test your microphone. You can try the defrost function. 

2. Soft Resetting Panasonic Microwave

Suppose you just entered the wrong time that is not sufficient to cook your rice? Ro even a wrong mode? There is no need to panic or pull out the plug for a hard reset. A soft reset is enough to get your Panasonic microwave on track. Here is what I do;

Step One:

Switch off your microwave oven. The simple procedure will cancel the time or mode and allow you to begin afresh. Your Panasonic microwave comes with an Off/Clear button depending on the model. Press the toggle to switch off the oven and key in fresh digits or select an appropriate model.

Step Two:

If your microwave has a locked function, you may need to press the Off/Clear button for up to three seconds. Release the toggle and press the setting or a mode of your choice.

Your Panasonic microwave should function well after performing the hard and soft reset. A stubborn problem will require you to take back your oven to your dealer for a thorough examination. 

How To Reset Panasonic Microwave Clock?

The clock function lets you stay punctual during meal preparations and delivery. It is, therefore, paramount to keep the feature updated all the time.

Resetting your Panasonic microwave clock is not rocket science. After the hard reset, you will just require to press time and key in your location’s current time. You have the option for am/pm, minutes, and the hour.

A quick reference to your wall clock or smartphone to grasp your time of the day can eliminate guesswork when resetting your Panasonic microwave clock.

Or if you just brought in your appliance and didn’t know how to reset the clock, follow these steps to get it right;

Step One:

Use your finger to pin “Clock” once. Alternative keypads have a Timer/Clock. 

Step Two:

You will see a colon symbol (:). When it indicates or flashes, key in time of day. 

Step Three:

As soon as you key in time, the colon will continue to flash. Go ahead and touch “Clock.” Other models have “Timer/Clock.” The colon will stop flashing once the day is set.  

How To Reset Child Lock On Panasonic Microwave?

Panasonic microwave child lock feature keeps off unauthorized persons like kids and mentally sick patients off your appliance. It is normal to find your new microwave’s Child Lock function off even when you turn it on.

A CHILD or LOCKwill appear on your oven’s display, but that doesn’t mean the feature is functioning. It requires a reset. Here is what you will do;

  • Pin or Touch “Stop” toggle three to turn “CHILD LOCK” on.
  • You can turn it off by repeating the process.  

How To Reset Panasonic Microwave Demo?

When your Panasonic microwave oven is in a Demo mode, you cannot operate its control panel. You cannot heat, bake, or cook any food.

The Demo mode is purposely for retail display, and it should not be a cause for alarm. You can fix it by commanding the oven via its control panel. If this has happened, don’t worry.

Turning off the demo mode is an easy process. You only need to issue a command through the control panel.

Locate the Clock function below the Warm key and press it three times. The display will show time, and then your oven will execute its function according to your desire.

You will have to reset your microwave hard, as we demonstrated earlier, for a stubborn Demo message. But if you forgot, unplug your unit and wait for five minutesplugin the oven into the power source and key in your program.

A Demo message that refuses to clear away may indicate a malfunctioning Panasonic microwave. Call their toll-free contact for professional assistance.

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With a Panasonic microwave unit in your kitchen, all your reheating, baking, broiling, and even air frying needs are resolved. But you need to master some easy troubleshooting tips. Learn the tips to avoid disappointments with your oven.

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