10 Geek Chef Air Fryer Troubleshooting Guide

Users have reviewed Geek Chef air fryers as one of the best convection ovens. Surprisingly, the mini oven warms fries, roasts, and fan-bakes and broils your food to your taste.

The air fryer’s sleeky appearance and durability offer the perfect cooking companion. It is even portable for your RV and holiday needs. 

The mini oven replaces the microwave, oven, grill, and other appliances. And with several Geek Chef air fryer troubleshooting tips, you should operate it painlessly. 

Geek Chef Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

One of the setbacks I often experience with my air fryer is failure to turn it on, but I am lucky to know that the issue doesn’t always signify a breakdown. Though possible, it could be a power blackout, technical bugs, updates, and many more causes. We will examine the genesis of this problematic issue. And the fixes too.

Power Blackout

A power blackout is an apparent cause you will likely brush off. An attack causes all the powered appliances to mute. Without ascertaining a power blackout, you may even go ahead and open your air fryer for inspection, only to find too late that it is an electric disconnect. 

Before inspecting your air fryer, or any other gadget for breakages, check out the power connectivity in your house. That will save you from costly moves like calling your take or driving to a repair center. 

Observe the power patterns in your home and report to the relevant supplier. Power surges often break down electric appliances and can throw you in costly fixes around your home. When you ascertain a power blackout, switch off the main junction box and pull your air fryer and other gadgets from the power sockets. Wait until they resolve the shortage to reconnect. 

Unplugged Oven

It is possible! Plugging your oven will always be the initial step in powering your appliance. And if you forgot, check and plug it in. Ensure that the plug pins fit perfectly in the socket and that there are no obstructions. The socket should be flawless without any physical breakages or looseness. Missing screws and a hanging socket may mean loose terminals and a broken circuit.


You will experience muting of your appliance if you do not insert the accessories correctly. You must shut your air fryer door and ensure it cocks perfectly. If you are forcing the basket or door to fit into the air fryer, something is outright wrong with both components.

  • Basket

The wrong basket or one that belongs to another brand will likely cause trouble when inserting it into the tray. It could be larger or smaller than the tray and so won’t sit in an upright position. Use the right basket for your Geek Chef air fryer.

Be sure that the support hooks are holding the basket, so it doesn’t tilt and cause obstructions while closing the door. 

  • Door

An air fryer door not closing rightly won’t let your equipment turn on. That’s for safety reasons, which include smoking in your kitchen or burning yourself with hot food. 

Overfilling by not putting the right amounts in the basket will make the door not close. Equally, broken components will obstruct the doorway. A loose hinge or broken door will let you close the appliance effectively. Find out why your door isn’t locking and resolve the problem.

Faulty Circuitry System

A power blackout is an external factor that you cannot control. But a faulty circuit system is within your home. You can maintain your electric circuit system by ensuring a licensed professional does the work. Use suitable materials, including standard gauge cables, switches, sockets, and meter boxes. A defective circuit system is risky to your appliances and can cause fire outbursts. 

For a faulty circuit, the following should get you concerned;

  • Frequently tripping breakers.
  • Hot circuit breakers.
  • Twinkling bulbs.
  • Burning smell. 
  • Melted housing.  
  • Discoloration around terminals.
  • Hot outlets (sockets).
  • Irregular machine performance.
  • Frequent light bulb replacement.
  • Old wiring.

Like power blackouts, you shouldn’t ignore a circuit issue. Move swiftly to disconnect your appliances by first switching off the main meter box. To be safe, do not handle electric circuits with bare hands. And if you have no experience in the profession, leave wiring jobs to electricians. You can get a fatal electric shock or burn down your residence to ashes.


The external cable that connects your appliance to the electric source could be the leading cause of why your Geek Chef won’t turn on. In addition, the wiring could be defective. Let’s begin with the cable. After using your air fryer for several months or years, you may notice the cable’s wear and tear.

The insulation may start to fall off and expose the wiring. The plug’s pins may also become loose, and the wire may have bends/twists. That’s everyday wear and tear. But the rodents may have mauled your cable while in your storage cabinet.

The defects are inevitable and bound to happen. All you need is to replace the line. And if its components (like the pins) are replaceable, you can try it out. But we do insist on buying an entire cable for your air fryer unless it is a fuse replacement. 

Next would be the internal wiring of your air fryer. Servicing your equipment will resolve most issues, especially broken wires and short circuits. But you will require a licensed hand to help out.

Handling your air fryer’s internal wiring may cause more harm than relief. You may not have the relevant device known as an ammeter to test for electric continuity. Plus, knowing where to apply the fix requires a professional.  

Mother Plate

All appliances have controls from where all the functionalities operate. When you access the internal areas of your air fryer, you will get hold of the wiring, thermostats, fan, mother plate, heater, and other components.

Without turning on, all these functions will not work. And that may be due to the control board, which is the heartbeat of your air fryer. It could be the wiring to the control board is faulty, or the function is dead. Before moving, a professional will first test the continuity to examine the tiny bits of your Geek Chef air fryer’s mother plate.

Luckily, you can replace a defective mother plate/board. The Geek Chef company sells its air fryer motherboards for replacements. That will save you from replacing the entire air fryer, which costs up to ten times the price of the mother plate. 

Dead Appliance

Failure to turn it on may be a permanent gesture to alert you that your favorite Geek Chef air fryer is no more. The controls, wiring, cables, buttons, fan, and other components may have multiple failures so that no effort can bring the air fryer back to life.

 If yours is an old air fryer, you must dig deeper into your purse and bring home a new oven. Otherwise, you may have to revert to the old unhealthy cooking methods.

A new Geek Chef air fryer that doesn’t respond no matter the effort you apply may mean factory default. It could also mean you aren’t conversant with its functionalities. For this reason, you have your dealer’s contacts to report such situations.

You will get more instructions to power up your appliance. If the condition worsens, don’t fret. Your equipment is still under the warranty period so you can reship it for the company determines the following action.

Geek Chef Air Fryer Stopped Working

A Geek Chef air fryer stopped working with your ingredients in the air fry basket! You will have to get a quick fix or look for an alternative cooking method as you resolve the hitch.

First, you need to have the assurance that your Geek Chef air fryer is a high-quality air fryer. It is durable and will rarely stop mid-operation unless there is a significant hitch. Relax and follow the below features to resolve the problem effectively. 

  1. Abrupt Power Loss

Probably you just lost power in your home. Check the meter box, bulbs, and other appliances if they have got power supply. Do not assume, as it could be partial. In such a case, some areas in your house will have power while others will have a blackout.

That’s a severe power hitch that requires an electrician to resolve. But you could try to switch on a tripped junction box and see if power resumes. If the issue seems complex, leave it at that. Put off the main switch while waiting for a tech to inspect your residence’s power circuitry.

2. Loose Cable

A loose cable is possible where you didn’t fix it well or has defects. Inspect the entire line from the appliance to the socket while ensuring you have disconnected it from the power source. If there are visible breakages, look for another cable and try to run your air fryer. A loose cable doesn’t require a tech to resolve. Grab another line and treat the problem as a DIY.

3. Loose Door

A door that keeps losing its grip will disappoint by stopping your air fryer abruptly. A lost grip causes a shut-off when food in the basket swells and overfills the compartment. Alternately, it may make the door stick and fail to open smoothly.

Whatever the case, ensure you put in ingredients while watching the levels. Inspect the door before cooking to ensure that it has no loose or broken components that may prompt an abrupt stoppage. 

4. Ongoing Tech Update

These happen all the time in electric appliances. The operating programs must undergo updates to keep them relevant and improve the appliance’s performance. Updates occur when you least expect them but shouldn’t be too frequent. The air fryer gets into limbo, and so you have to perform a reset. Pull it off from the power source and wait to cool down and reconnect if it is hot. 

It is noteworthy that frequent updates that interfere with your daily appliance running may indicate a significant hitch. So, don’t always assume that it is the regular technical updates causing your equipment to mute. Talk to your tech or the Geek Chef air fryer company for detailed guidance on handling your appliance.

5. Overheating

Your appliance is overheating, and that’s a good reason for an abrupt stoppage. And so this question of overheating will linger in your mind. Do you need to know what causes your Geek Chef air fryer to overheat?

  • Excess current

A higher flow of electric current than your air fryer requires will cause your appliance to overheat. The higher electric flow may cause the fuse to melt up or cause excess heat. That’s the reason your device is overheating. 

  • Connection faults 

Poor connectivity causes appliances to overheat. An electrician can point out the errors and reconnect your device effectively. 

  • Worn out insulation

The insulation is your appliance’s wire covering. The comer ensures the cables do not come into contact with each other and cause short circuits and overheating. Replace uninsulated wires to prevent electrical faults.

  • Thermostat defects

The thermostat prevents overheating, so if it is defective, your appliance won’t control the production of cooking heat. Your device will attain high temperatures and cause overheating, which stops the machine. A faulty thermostat is not difficult to replace.

First, you will have to ascertain a broken thermostat before going ahead with the resolving. Use a multimeter but if you don’t have the gadget, use a food thermometer. Please place it in the cooking compartment and read the dials.

If the readings are different from preheating temperature of those you set manually, then the thermostat is broken. Thermostat replacement involves several steps. If you aren’t sure, get to a local repair center for expert handling your Geek Chef air fryer. 

  • Blocked vents

Your appliance’s vents should be free from any blockage. That enables hot air to escape from the air fryer and cooler air to get in. it is the breathing unit of your air fryer. Keep the space around your air fryer free to prevent overheating.

You can also remove dirt that blocks your air fryer’s vents with a soft dry brush. Change the filter to facilitate easy breathing. If you aren’t using your air fryer for a long time, keep it in its packaging until you are back. That keeps off the dirt from your appliance.

  • Misaligned temperature sensor

The temperature sensor must be sound for proper heat regulation in your appliance. 

The heater will produce heat evenly, so your appliance will not overheat or underheat. To resolve the issue, replace a faulty temperature sensor or get a tech to do it for you.

  • Defective heating element

As your air fryer ages, so does the heating element. Before it entirely breaks down, you will experience overheating and sudden cooling. Check for its continuity and resolve it by replacing the element. A broken element will have visible wear and tear. You can detach and replace it or seek a qualified professional to perform the replacement.

melted fuse

A sudden melting of the plug fuse will cause your appliance to stop working. The fuse lies on the plug head if you are new to electrical appliances. It balances the voltage that operates your machine. Luckily, you can replace the fuse easily. Unscrew the bolts on the plug to access the feature. A melted fuse is brown and will smell like burning insulation.

6. Internal Wiring 

A messy circuit system will shut your Geek Chef air fryer mid-operation. It could be a factory defect, meaning that your air fryer came with a hitch, old age, or messed up wires. For factory defects, your air fryer will get a new life from the manufacturer.

A messed-up wiring happens when you are servicing your appliance and end you attaching the terminals wrongly or loosely. That way, your device functions only for a moment and shuts off. This error requires that you go back into your Geek Chef air fryer belly and resolve the wiring issue. Not sure how to do it? Call your tech.

What if the appliance is a decade old? It is failing due to old age. Its lifespan is long overdue. Get a new device. The trendy models in the market will surprise you.

7. Twitched Motherboard

The motherboard is the heartbeat of your Geek Chef air fryer. All the significant functionalities operate from the board, including turning on, off, preheat, temperature, time, presets, et cetera.

If your gadget suddenly turns off, the motherboard may also have experienced a defect. Maybe it is the electric terminals or the power button switched off. Anything is possible, so you require a detailed inspection to pick up the issue. Be ready to replace a faulty motherboard or the entire unit if the problem is diverse.


Our Geek Chef air fryer troubleshooting guide takes care of your anxieties when air frying, broiling, fan baking, et cetera. You can resolve your air fryer that abruptly stopped working or one that won’t turn on.

You must contact your dealer, manufacturer, or repair center when the issues are stubborn. That way, you don’t mess up with your appliance. Good luck!

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