Ninja Air Fryer Caught On Fire? Causes & Solutions

Ninja air fryer is a seemingly innocuous kitchen appliance, but what if it became a potential hazard? What if it caught fire? Surprisingly, it is not the first time an air fryer caught fire. Some users have reported air fires, thus raising concerns about the gadget’s safety. The fact is, with proper usage, air fryers are safe. 

The purpose of this discussion is to explore this uncertainty. We will unravel the reason your Ninja air fryer caught on fire. The causes include residual oil/dirt, electrical defects, overheating, cooking high-fat foods, incorrect usage, and an old appliance. After unraveling the factors, we will shed more light on the safety measures to decrease the risks of air fryer fire outbursts.

What Causes Ninja Air Fryer To Catch Fire?

If you have experienced this scene, it is a scary one. An air fryer catching fire is a hazard as the fire can smoke your home in minutes. Besides property loss are burns and possible loss of lives. And if your Ninja air fryer fire caught fire, knowing the causes will keep you alert and prevent further incidents.

1. Overheating

Electrical gadgets, more so cookers and ovens, can overheat. Overheating is a general issue that you may need to converge to various causes. The details allow you to resolve the problem effectively. What might cause your air fryer to overheat?

  • Prolonged Usage: Cooking without allowing your air fryer to take a break and cool down can lead to excessive heating. Observe the gadget’s cooking cycles that ensure you take a break even if you have a lot on your countertop. The cycles allow your air fryer some time to cool down before you continue with the next batch. If you are cooking for restaurant purposes, you can reduce air frying orders and consider other methods that give similar results. 
  • Blocked Exhausts: Your Ninja air fryer has vents to regulate temperature when cooking consistently. Cool air gets in through the openings to cool your device. If debris, dust, and lint block these holes, cool air will not get in to dissipate heat. The appliance overheats and may catch fire. Unblock your Ninja vents using a soft brush to allow cool air into the guts.   
  • Operating At High Temperatures: The highest temperature for a Ninja air fryer is 400 degrees F. But that doesn’t mean you cook your food at that temperature unless the guidelines say so.   
  • Overcrowding The Ninja Air Fryer: When you overcrowd our cooking basket, it restricts airflow. This restriction causes your air fryer to overwork by producing more heat. The results are excess heat, smoking, and possible fire. Reduce the ingredients in the basket to allow considerable airflow in the cooking chamber.
  • High-Fat Foods In The Cooking Chamber: Air fryers do not need fat to cook. The fat causes black/white smoking, an indicator of fire. Also, excessive fat in food has similar effects. When oil drips into the tray and the heating element, the unit overheats and may catch fire. Unplug your cooker and drain the fats from your food. Also, trim fat from your pork cuts before roasting them in your Ninja air fryer.
  • Malfunctioning Heating Components: The heating element or heater produces heat, while the thermostat ensures the heat is safest. If any of these aren’t accurate, it results in underheating or overheating.  These two components require examination and replacement if they are faulty.  
  • Electrical Defects: The electrical system in your Ninja air fryer ensures that your oven has an uninterrupted power supply. It involves the cords, plugs, and wiring. If any electrical component is faulty, it can lead to uneven supply, overheating, and short circuits.  Test the electrical and heating parts of the air fryer and resolve the issue.
  • Lack Of Maintenance: Keeping your air fryer dirty can lead to grease and dirt buildup. The muck hinders the proper air fryer, which causes overheating. Also, when the grease gets hot, it smokes and causes smoke. Cleaning the oven after use ensures that no residues might cause fire when you reconnect it to the power source.

2. Wrong Positioning

Where do you place your Ninja air fryer when cooking? It should not be near an open fire or on a hot surface. Position the cooker on a heat-resistant countertop and away from open flames and flammable materials. Do not light candles or operate your griddle near the fryer.  

3. Improper Usage

Using your Ninja air fryer for unintended purposes can make it catch fire. For instance, cooking unrecommended foods. Breaded, waterly, fatty,  or coated foods can get into the heating element and ignite a fire. Also, using non-approved accessories and materials in your air fryer is hazardous. Do not leave your machine unattended, as you might not be nearby to resolve signs such as overheating or smoking. 

4. Disregarding Safety Instructions

Are there safety precautions that your Ninja air fryer wants you to adhere to? Please do not disregard them. The instructions ensure safe operating procedures to prevent fires and injuries. They also help you to get the best results from your air fryer. Here are some of the safety instructions from the Ninja air fryer manuals;

  • Keep the air fryer away from children.
  • Never connect the air fryer to a socket below the countertop. 
  • Do not immerse the unit and its electrical components in water or other liquid.
  • Never use the air fryer outdoors or in moving vehicles.
  • Do not block the air fryer vents when operating.
  • Never use the Ninja air fryer for deep-frying.
  • Do not use the air fryer on hot surfaces.
  • Never use the appliance near a hot oven, gas, or electric burner.
  • Keep the air fryer away from flammable materials. 

5. Old Or Faulty Air Fryer

Old electrical gadgets are potential fire hazards. Their mechanical/technical functions are failing or have already failed. Be on the lookout for a burning plastic or chemical smell, as it is an alert that all is not well. It could be a short circuit problem or some internal components malfunctioning. Stop the cooking process and attend to your machine.

And if your oven is old (over five years), keep monitoring its performance as you plan for a new air fryer. An obsolete air fryer can increase the possibility of fire.  

How To Keep Ninja Air Fryer Free Of Fire?

Like any other air fryer Ninja is susceptible to fire, but you can keep it free of fire by observing its operations guidelines. Here are some of the ways to keep Ninja air fryer free of fire;

  • Read and familiarize yourself with Ninja air fryer user guidelines. The critical information in the document includes safety operations and maintenance.
  • Cook air fryer-appropriate foods. You must avoid foods that cause flare-ups, like bread and fatty foods. Also, use the right cooking oil and amounts by following the recipe specifications.
  •  Avoid blocking the air fryer vents to allow sufficient airflow. When the cool air in your kitchen gets into the machine, it cools down t and prevents overheating. 
  • Ensure the air in your kitchen is cool. When frying on a hot day, switch on your air conditioner to ensure your gadget doesn’t overheat. Also, place the Ninja air fryer on a cool surface away from an open flame and hot oven. 
  • Use safe accessories and materials in your Ninja air fryer. Using accessories such as plastics or from other brands that are not compatible with your air fryer is wooing fire. Also, do not use aluminum foil in your air fryer as it blocks airflow, overheats, and may flare up the fire.
  • Keep your air fryer clean and well-maintained to prevent grease buildup. When you regularly clean the unit, the heating element stays clean and free from residues that can cause smoking and fire. In addition to cleaning, regular examination and replacement of weary components keep your air fryer up to date, thus reducing hazards like fire and costly breakages. 
  • Monitor your air fryer’s cooking progress to keep it free of fire. Unattended cooking is dangerous as you may never know when the temperatures are rising or when there is a defect. While you are away, an electrical fault might happen. Or, the steam might build up, begin smoking, and result in hazards. 
  • Adhere to general Safety practices in your kitchen. These include keeping cords away from the passage and storing flammable items away from your cooking area. Other approaches involve restricting children and mentally ill persons from operating your electrical appliances.   
  • Resolving electrical faults in your home. While electrical gadgets such as air fryers cause fires, these are not common as devices undergo safety testing before release in the market. Most fires at home are electricity-related and include surges and faults in the system. If you notice any electrical error in your home, do not wait for it to clear. Call the emergency response unit to resolve it and avoid hazards such as fires and other damages. 

Can Ninja Air Fryer Overheat?

Regarding overheating in electric ovens, the Ninja air fryer is not an exception. The unit’s temperatures can rise to unsafe levels. Have a look at some of the reasons;

  • Electrical faults in the oven wiring system.
  • Overfilling the cooking chamber causes the air fryer to overwork.
  • Prolonged usage.
  • Cooking the wrong foods. Avoid fatty, breaded, and too-moist food in your air fryer.
  • Placing the Ninja air fryer oven on a hot countertop or near a hot oven.
  • Blocking the vents or leaving debris and dirt to choke them up.

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