Blackstone Air Fryer Not Working! Cause & Solutions

 An overwhelming excitement comes with a new appliance at home, more so an air fryer. The magical oven will cook almost everything, from fries to pastries to meats. But there comes a moment when everything goes haywire. Your Blackstone air fryer not working is dismaying. The usual delicacies will go missing from your dinner table.

Sometimes it is a simple lack of power in your home. A door/basket error, broken cord, or blown fuses stop your air fryer from working. You also need to examine if the circuitry and control panel are in working condition while also determining the age of the oven. The latter will rule out obsolescence. There could be more than a dozen and a half causes for this error!

1. External Power Supply Error

Your Blackstone air fryer not working may signify a power supply error. There could be a problem with the circuitry in your home or a power outage from your supplier’s end.

  • Power outage: Are other home appliances functioning, like your blender, food processor, milk frother, washing machine, and dryer? If not, there is no electricity connectivity. That’s a local issue that involves the power company or your home having a circuitry issue. You can determine whether it is power loss due to supplier error by calling the company. If it is only your home, your neighbors have power!
  • Broken power line: Is your home area experiencing a storm or rainy weather? Power cords do break when tree branches fall on them. When the cord breaks, you will not have power until the company gets the signal to come and reconnect you. That’s why you must keep trees off power lines. Trim any trees near the posts or ask home improvement experts to trim them.  

In a nutshell, try to establish the source of the power supply issue in your home and engage your electrician to avoid guesswork. 

2. Unplugged Device

This issue doesn’t sound like it could cause your Blackstone air fryer not to work. You may assume that you plugged in your device only to find the power cord hanging against the wall unplugged! Still, plugging and not switching on the socket doesn’t perform any magic. 

Skipping this process in your cooking process does not get you beyond stacking your ingredients in the air fryer basket. To begin working, you must plug in and switch your wall socket for your Blackstone air fryer. 

3. Faulty Power Cord

The power cord that connects your Blackstone air fryer and the wall source must be intact. Cuts, dents, warps, and loose connections cannot allow your device to power. Besides the power disconnection, operating your air fryer with a faulty electric cord is dangerous. You can easily get injured or get a fatal electric shock. Replace the damaged power cord to use your oven without any risks.

4. Defective Wall Switch

When the power switch is defective, not even plugging, unplugging, and replugging will work. If you find out that other appliances are operating, but your air fryer is not, inspecting the wall switch where you plug your machine may be proper. The terminals may be loose and require tightening. A roasted switch is also possible. Check with a tester and replace it if it isn’t working. Meanwhile, you can shift your air fryer to a functional wall switch. 

5. Tripped Cut Out

The cut-out is also the circuit breaker. If your gadget isn’t running, it may not be broken but just a tripped power breaker. You should never ignore that, as the breaker turns off power when there is a surge or irregular voltage. Such surges are dangerous and can damage your air fryer. 

The main switch has a safety mechanism to cut the power supply into outlets if there is a problem with your home’s circuitry. 

A circuit breaker stays in an on position, but if you notice it is off, it just tripped. Turn it on to reset and check if your appliances are working. If it trips again, there is a wiring issue or an overload in your house. Try to unplug some items, and if that doesn’t work, call your electrician to establish the cause of this problem.

6. Circuit Overload

Overloaded circuits may cause the main switch to trip. Other times, the switch or outlet doesn’t turn off. Overloading happens when you plug in many high-power devices on a single outlet or in other sockets. The appliances stop working or perform slowly due to low voltage.  

To get your Blackstone air fryer to life, try to turn off other appliances in the house, a different outlet. That will supply your machine with adequate power.

7. Air Fryer Basket Fault

One of the fundamentals of successful air frying is using the basket appropriately. The cooking basket does not need the power to cook. But wrong placement can cause the oven to stop working. If the cooking basket tilts or is overfull, the safety sensor will not activate. 

All you need is to open your air fryer door and correct the basket and tray position. If it is misaligned, align it and push it in to start the cooking process. 

8. Shattered Electrical Wiring

The wiring inside your air fryer may get old or experience a short circuit. Your air fryer will stop working as no power flow into major components exists. The cause for short circuits or power leakage can be due to surges. Also, your tech may erroneously reconnect wires when repairing your gadget. You may hear a small blast or pop inside your air fryer when there is a short circuitry. That’s bad news, as the machine will stop working until the tech corrects the wiring situation.

9. Shattered Control Board

The control panel houses all settings on your air fryer. You can customize cooking programs, presets, timers, and temperature controls. Also, the panel houses the start/pause button. An attack by bugs or inaccuracy will not let the above functions work. 

Display error codes are one of the symptoms to watch out for before your air fryer shuts off. These tell you when there is an oncoming danger, like overheating and other technical hitches. Also, the display might begin flickering and omitting crucial information.

A faulty control panel will also have sticky or unresponsive buttons. When you press them, nothing will show on display. A dozen buttons stop working, and your air fryer might shut off next. 

You must master and watch out for red alerts on your air fryer. Observe the display for errors and refer to the manual for correct interpretation. You can try to resolve any issue by resetting, unplugging, and re-plugging the oven after a few minutes.

If the above doesn’t work, call your dealer for further advice. Trying to restore your air fryer’s control panel can affect its programming. Always seek professional advice to avoid irreversible damage. 

10. The Air Fryer Timer Is Not Working

The timer controls the cooking duration of your food. If the timer has issues, try the following tricks;

  • Set the timer correctly by following your Blackstone air fryer user manual. If you cannot set the timer correctly, call the product customer help desk.
  • Inspect the Control Panel for issues like sticky buttons and visible damage that may affect the timer’s operations. 
  • Use the Preset Programs: The preset cooking programs have set menu times. You can use the settings to determine if the timer is faulty. 
  • Reset your Blackstone Air Fryer to resolve minor glitches like timer errors. Reset depends on the model, but the easiest is to unplug and wait 10 minutes before re-plugging. The process also clears software updates in the gadget.    

11. Thermal Fuse Error

The thermal fuse should take care of surges. If the unit has an error, your unit will shut off to protect it from overheating. Your appliance will cool down and may work again. Sometimes, the protective unit is dead and will keep the air fryer dormant until you replace the protective unit.  

The incorrect temperature reading is one significant pointer that the thermal fuse is fainting. The display will indicate wrong F or C degrees readings than the actual. Another sign is irregular heating and eventual failure to heat. When your gadget shows such irregularities, examine the thermal fuse with a multimeter or call a professional to do it for you.  

12. Faulty Heating Element

The heating element produces heat to cook your delicacies. If the unit burns out or its coils are weary, the appliance will remain cold and not cook. Most knobs on the control panel will show that the appliance is cooking, but the temperatures will be abnormally low. 

Check the following causes of the Blackstone air fryer heating element not working;

  • Shattered heating element: Your unit may have fallen, causing the fragile heating element to shatter. If the coils are broken or have dents, the unit may be no longer. 
  • Electrical Connection problems: Electrical connections begin from the plug on the outlet to the internal wiring to the heating element. If any component in the system is faulty, the heater will not function. Plug the unit appropriately and see if the heater works. If not, ask someone to check for loose connections preventing the heating element from getting power.
  • Power Supply fluctuations: This problem will affect the heating element performance and cause your Blackstone air fryer not to function as it should. Unplug your device and wait for the power to stabilize.
  • Old Heating Element: The heating element is also aged if your air fryer is old. That lowers the heating capacity and may require a change or an entirely new machine.
  • Thermostat Issues: The thermostat ensures proper temperature regulation. Accuracy issues or malfunctions turn off the heater and cause your air fryer not to work. You can replace the thermostat or ask the company/dealer.
  • Control Panel Issues: Control panel defects disrupt all the functioning of the air fryer, including the heating element. Get an expert to handle control panel issues to be confident about the process.

13. Defective Fan

A defective air fryer fan will make heating too slow. The food may take double the time to cook instead of the normal cooking time for your recipe. Sometimes, the results may be marshy. The reason is the heating wasn’t consistent. An air fryer fan is crucial as it blows hot air over all your food edges. The unit is inside the air fryer, so you may have to open and examine the gadget. Here are some pointers for a faulty fan;

  • Inadequate heating
  • Broken or hanging blade
  • Wobbly base
  • immobile blades

If any of the above four signs show on your fan, contact your technician to resolve your air fryer fan issues and get it back to cooking.

Sometimes, the fuse is not faulty. It could be as simple as clogged vents! These will not allow cool air to get into your air fryer. The temperatures rise in the guts and result in overheating. Your Blackstone air fryer will shut off to protect itself from further damage.

The cause for blocked bents is ling and other kinds of debris, such as food particles. Also, excess dust can block the breathers. Keeping the air fryer in an enclosure such as a cabinet will prevent adequate breathing. Ensure space around the air fryer is not less than 15 cm. The allowance allows venting space.  

14. Demo Mode

If the unit is still new and not working, your Blackstone air fryer may still be in demo mode. If you didn’t know, demo mode is also demonstration mode. It is a common feature in many appliances, more so air fryers. The reason for your air fryer being in demo mode is purely for showcasing.

Manufacturers leave the functionality to allow customers to learn the air fryer operation without the actual cooking. The sales guy can press all the controls to simulate baking, pizza, toasting, and automated programs.

After paying for your appliance, the dealer should deactivate the demo mode to prepare your air fryer for cooking. If they forgot to disable the program, you might have to follow some prompts in the user manual to disable your Blackstone air fryer demo. You may not find such instructions in the document or the product review websites.

Don’t bang your head. The Blackstone customer service center can help you to deactivate your Blackstone air fryer demo mode.

15. Manufacturing Defects

In rare cases, you may receive an air fryer that has defects. The faults affect its performance, and the machine may become slow or fail to function. If your air fryer isn’t even a week old or you just received the consignment, it should cook with lightning speed.

Too slow, or an oven that stops working or shuts off, might be because of a factory defect that went undetected. If it isn’t your fault, the manufacturer should own up to the issue. They will rectify or replace the machine. But before contacting the company.

When such a mishap happens, try a reset to rule out technical hitches. If the trick doesn’t achieve anything, do not panic. You have the best air fryer with perfect customer support service. Call them for assistance.  

16. Aged Machine

Part replacements or refurbishment in aged machines will only work for a while. If your Blackstone air fryer is over half a decade old, consider replacing it. If not, the problems will range from overheating, to frozen controls, to stopping mid-cooking.

The list might be longer, but you do not have to put up with these annoying aged device issues. Count the years your Blackstone machine has sat on your countertop and smile to the stores. A new air fryer will bring joy and tastier meals to your table.  

Your Blackstone air fryer not working can be due to countless issues. You need to dig out the history beginning from when the problem began. This flashback helps your tech to narrow down the exact cause of your air fryer not working. It could be after an impact or power surge.

An aged machine, a control panel not working, and manufacturing defects can cause this disturbing issue. Diagnosing an air fryer that stopped working can be overwhelming, but professionals do it at asnap of a finger. Contact them!

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