Why Is My PUR Water Filter Blinking Red After Filter Change?

Your PUR water filter still blinks red after you changed the filter because of dirt particles trapped on the filter. When your PUR water filter completes filtering 100 gallons of water, it will blink red.

If you just replaced the system’s filter unit, the blink is a false alarm. Should this worry you? No, it shouldn’t because you just replaced the filter. With a few maneuvers, you will be able to handle the problem.

Read more because we will expound on why that’s happening and how to do fix that. As you read further in this article, you will find more about how your PUR filter works and answer some of the questions you may have when using a PUR water filter.

To understand better why your PUR water filter is blinking red after a filter change, we need to take you through how it works and the various lights that show on your unit. 

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How Does The PUR Water Filter Light Work?

Firstly, a PUR water filter is supposed to filter out harmful substances from your drinking water to make it safe. Such chemicals include lead, chlorides, mercury, iron, pesticides, iron, arsenic, and even odors.

When your PUR water filter is functioning well, the only way it shows is through a light indicator. The filter will also notify you when it can no longer suck substances out of the water. That gets us to another question, what are the different light indicators on a PUR water filter?

There are three colors that likely to blink on your PUR water filter; green, yellow, and red. Let’s look at each one of these.


This indicator tells you that your filter is working perfectly.


The color is a warning light to notify you that your PUR water filter requires to be changed. Soon, it will no longer be able to filter your water. The system will only work on a few gallons and start blinking red.


The red color symbolizes danger or malfunctioning. That’s what we are learning in this article. Read more on this article to understand why your PUR water filters blinking red after filter change.

Why Is My PUR Faucet Filter Still Blinking Red?

You are now familiar with what the different color on your PUR faucet filter means. Onwards, we will major on the red indicator. You already know that when appliances and other machinery indicate red, that’s a warning sign.

That’s what your PUR faucet filter red blinks are telling you. It is an indication of the filter’s failure to suck in harmful substances from your drinking water. The system is supposed to work on 100 gallons to wear out!

But you’ve just replaced the filter and expect it to show a green color. Unfortunately, it hasn’t even worked on a single gallon, and it’s blinking red. What is the reason?

There are three reasons why your PUR faucet filter is still blinking red;

Your filter has traces of particles trapped on which are making it give a faulty alarm. A quick fix here is to remove the particles, clean the filter using your hands and rinse it thoroughly, and you are done! For hygiene purposes, you need to clean the unit’s exterior with a mild dishwashing detergent using a sponge regularly

Faulty electric circuit: Once the electric circuit is damaged, the only solution is a replacement. Get a new one from a PUR store outlet near you to sort out the malfunction. That will require you just a few pennies and a technician to sort out the issue.

Another reason is that the filter is not resetting. Though it’s also an easy fix, let’s check on details because faucet filters come in two types of mounts; Vertical and horizontal faucet mounts. 

There is no need to worry about the technical terms. With a few effortless steps and willing hands, you can reset your faucet to clear off the error!

Vertical filter mounts 

  • Take out the faucet filter and fix it back into the system.
  • Using your index finger reset the button manually inside the canister

Horizontal filter mounts system.

  • Take away the filter.
  • Use a dry towel to wipe the cap and system.
  • Fix the filter back into the system.

Some models will require you to push the reset button for three seconds until all the lights flash. Check that the reset button does not stick in. If it does so, pull it up to its regular position.

Where Is The Reset Button On A PUR Water Filter?

Now that we have mentioned the reset button that you need to press to get the PUR lights working normally manually, you probably don’t know where to find that. You will find the button inside the chamber on the side wards where the water exits. It’s ½ inch long and requires an easy push to pop out and reset lights.

How Long Do You Run Water Through A New PUR Filter?

A new PUR filter will take you three months to change. It will have filtered about 100 gallons of water. When your system is almost reaching the maximum contaminant level, it will indicate for you with a yellow light that it’s time to replace your old filter. When the yellow light shows, you have one or two gallons to go. Act up!

Why Is My PUR Water Filter Light Not Working?

As we discussed earlier, this is a troubleshooting error. Your PUR water filter light is not working because the indicator is on idle mode. It’s Easy! Just press the button and hold for a couple of seconds. When you release the button, the light should flash.

PUR water filters are sturdy easy to use. They just require a few troubleshooting tips like those that we analyzed for you. In some instances, you may find that none of the tips are working. The most prudent thing you can do is consult a PUR technician.

They will get you sorted out within no time. If it is something to do with unit failure, they will advise you accordingly. Perhaps it’s time to change the whole system. 

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  1. Thank you for writing this article, I am wondering if it is time for my water filter PUR to be replaced because it has no message. Having used it for over half a year, I think I will replace its filter.

  2. Thank you. With my RA and old age osteoarthritis, I had a hard time screwing the top off, getting the filter repeated, then having to redo it all when cleaning the calcium pit of the filter,but since you had such clear instructions, I redid it, finally finding the button and holding it down for a few seconds. It finally works again – thank you from this old lady. 👵😃


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