15 Common Pampered Chef Air Fryer Troubleshooting| fix Quick and easy ways

In recent days, air fryers have overturned unhealthy cooking and time-consuming practices in many kitchens. With the gadget, you no longer need a deep fryer, smoky grills, or stand-alone equipment. Roasting, baking, reheating, broiling, and dehydrating, among other processes, are available in one pot.

But like any other appliance, this oven can disappoint with technical and mechanical hitches. Each brand has a specific treatment, and that’s why we have this unique Pampered Chef air fryer troubleshooting guide. Keep reading!

Pampered Chef Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

This issue is common in many appliances. When your new Pampered Chef air fryer wakes up with the issue, your first preconception will be the delivery was floppy.

You have a faulty piece of equipment right from the factory. It may not necessarily be the case! You could be handling your air fryer erroneously. Check out

  • Power

Your Pampered Chef air fryer works electrically. With power connectivity, it can air fry, roast, dehydrate and bake your treats, giving you crispy outcomes. When the gadget doesn’t turn on, your prime move will be to recheck whether you have sufficient connectivity.

Inspect your home circuit system by focusing more on the main meter or the junction box. Move to the socket and test it with an ammeter. That way, you have assurance that you are not experiencing a power failure. Once you ascertain that, move to the machine’s plug. Up next!

  • Plug

After analyzing your electric power status, it’s time to inspect your device’s plug. The plug is the part of the cord that connects your Pampered Chef air fryer to the socket. It comprises a head and a cord.

The head is three-pinned while the cord bears the three electric wires, ground, hot and neutral. If any of the wires break, things will not function right. Since you cannot replace it individually, any broken wire should have a new replacement. Don’t take chances with a broken plug head or wires. Replace the cables immediately to avoid accidents.

  • Basket

The basket plays the role of holding your food while it cooks in the air fryer. Missing out on the proper placement, expect errors like failure to turn on and many more. It is possible to misalign the basket, which, in turn, causes a tilt. The door won’t close well, which takes us to the next cause for your Pampered Chef air fryer not turning on.

But before that, it is crucial to remember that an overfilled crisper basket can cause turning on problem. If the ingredients are overflowing, closing the door will be a challenge. So, check your basket alignment and when stacking your ingredients, be sure not to exceed the maximum level.

  • Door

After filling in the basket and aligning it properly in the tray, next is closing the lid or door. Other contents refer to the door to the drawer.

An improperly closed door will not let your Pampered Chef air fryer latch. Overfilled basket or objects on the drawer base prevents latching. A broken hinge or door parts can also cause a failure to turn on. The reason is detectors on the door fail to signal the micro switch. 

Inspect your air fryer door for damages, reduce the excess load in your basket, and close the door appropriately. You will have resolved the failure to turn on the issue.

  • Wires

The wires inside your electrical appliance conduct power to various components like heater, thermal fuse, fan, and buttons. They make a complete circuit that breaks if there is a cut or twist on any wire. If the power button wire cuts continuity, your Pampered Chef air fryer won’t start or turn on.

You could also test the button terminus for continuity, among other components, work air fryer turning on. Do not wait until your air fryer wires are cut or twisted. Keep servicing the circuit system after six months to ensure your appliance is in perfect condition.

  • Controls

As we detailed above in the wires’ subheading, the internal connectivity is crucial to powering your miniature oven. If the controls have no power or are defective, expect a disconnect and failure to power up.

Pampered Chef air fryer controls are visible on the panel but operate in the internal chamber on top of your device. Open the casing that houses the features and inspect each control, one at a time, including the buttons, to find out if they are working.

if the situation requires a complete overhaul of the controls, a few parts, or you need to get a new air fryer that turns on super-fast at the touch of a button. For a new appliance, you may require calling the manufacturer for advice on how to handle it without interfering with the guarantee.

  • Life span

How old is your Pampered Chef air fryer? Upon answering this query, you will determine if the appliance is obsolete or not. For failed controls, you can engage a technician to do repairs, but an obsolete device calls for disposal.

Take the right disposal measure and bring a shine to your kitchen; a new Pampered Chef air fryer with exciting modern features. Kudos!

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Pampered Chef Air Fryer Blinking Lights

Blinking lights are generally annoying, but in all electrical appliances, they notify you of an issue that requires quick action. Sometimes, a beeping accompanies the blinking. First, establish which lights are blinking to resolve the issue.

Other times, the fan or heater blinking could signify that it is beginning its operations. If there is no error, the blinking will stop as the cooking progresses. If it does not stop, check the following; 

  • Clogged air filters
  • Error code
  • Lid error
  • Bug

Clogged Air Filters

You won’t cook peacefully if your machine’s air filters are dirty. The appliance will keep blinking lights. Do the following;

  • Shut off your air fryer by unplugging.
  • Wait for a few minutes to cool down before embarking on cleaning the air filters. The process also resets your Pampered Chef air fryer to factory defaults and takes care of bugs.
  • Take the filter out of your air fryer and dip it in soapy water for deep cleaning. Scrubbing may damage the filter, so wash gently. 
  • Dry your air fryer’s filter and reposition it back.
  • You can try a replacement if the blinking or beeping continues. 

Lid Error

Your appliance may notify you of an unlocked lid/door/drawer. You cannot cook with a lid error, so the lights will keep flashing until you resolve it. Open and close the lid, and inspect if you filled beyond the maximum or if there is a misaligned basket. Look for broken lid parts and loose hinges to avoid lid error. 

Error Code

An error code on display will blink red. It will keep alternating with the specific error for you to view on display. Whatever the error, you must first clear it to resolve the blinking. Further below, we will talk about the error codes. Keep reading.


An electrical appliance bug or tech glitch may not be harmful to your device but can cause a stall to all operations. The lights may blink when your Pampered Chef air fryer experiences a glitch. Or you will likely experience a frozen appliance that does not turn on. It is a breeze to clear a tech bug. 

Turn off your wall power switch and pull your appliance from the connection. A few minutes and a re-plug will reset it to its factory defaults. Are you still flashing? Contact your technician for a detailed checkup.


A blinking light on the fan icon indicates that the feature is beginning to rotate. This issue should never worry you as after a few minutes. It will stop the flash. Equally, a heater icon blinking light indicates that the element is now heating up. Before you know it, it will disappear as the cooking progresses.

Pampered Chef Air Fryer Light Not Working

If it is an oven air fryer type, the lights should work when the appliance is on. That allows monitoring your rotisserie or basket when cooking. And dark interior means you must open your door regularly to inspect what is happening in the chamber. That’s time-wasting and so requires you to dig into the issue. You don’t have to rely on guesses. Look out for these two features;

1. Bulb

Your Pampered Chef air fryer lights up via a bulb, just like your microwave and refrigerator. The bulb is usually on the roof of the cooking chamber and illuminates the entire oven such that you can see all the corners. It is a low voltage bulb, but the light is enough for the cubicle.

The fact is, light bulbs have a lifespan. They also blow off prematurely and may require a replacement. When your air fryer light is not working, check the bulb and test it for continuity. A broken filament is an indicator enough that your bulb has blown. You cannot repair a blown bulb. Luckily, you can readily get a new bulb from kitchen electronics hardware. So replace your light.

Steps for changing your air fryer light bulb:

  • Use a magnetic screwdriver for popping open the top panel case.
  • Locate the light bulb component. 
  • Unscrew the visible bolts that lock the components together.
  • Unflag the cover and pull out the bulb from the bottom.
  • Replace the old bulb, cover the components, and place back the top casing.

2. Circuit System

Your Pampered Chef air fryer, not lighting, doesn’t have to be a blown bulb. It could be an error in the circuit system. The wires that supply your bulb with power could be broken. And that happens in both old and new appliances. 

Even a factory error is possible, as well as weary wires. Whatever the cause, your focus is to get light back into the chamber, so open the top flap to access the wiring. 

Check the bulb for broken filament. If it is intact, measure the continuity by placing your ammeter on the bulb terminus. Inspect the wires and other parts of your air fryer that may be giving you trouble. 

While there, you can optimize the opportunity to clean up your air fryer internals. Blowing the interiors with a hair blow dryer can help clear dust and other loose particles. We recommend the lowest setting, which is warm, to blow off the dust from the guts of your oven. A hot setting can damage some components. 

Pampered Chef Air Fryer Fan Not Working

Air fryers have fans that blow hot air over food to cook consistently and fast. Your gadget can cook with a stalled fan, but the food will not be up to your desire. It may come out inconsistently done or take ages to cook.

The crispiness you desire may not come out well, and if you are still unlucky, you might get soggy results. Without a fan in your air fryer, the convection effect that gives you crispy results is inconsistent hence the marshy outcome.

If you notice that your air fryer fan is not working, the best route will be to inspect the cause and resolve it individually. The time you will take will be relatively short and worth the effort rather than proceeding with a spoilt fan. Have a glance at the below causes to resolve your fan issue effectively;


Some components may be standing on your fan’s rotating radius. That could be wires or some loose components in the control chamber. When there is a blockage, a rattling noise is possible. Disconnect the machine and open the casing to check the fan.

Whatever the objects, you have to remove and clear the radius. You can organize the wires by aligning and bundling them neatly together with tape. That way, they cannot come into contact with the fan.  

Unstable base

The base supports the rotating components of your air fryer. If the bearings are out of the way or the base is loose, expect problems with the fan. You have to get hold of the bearings and align them. Tighten other loose components but watch out for any significant repairs. You could order a new fan to resolve the issue for good.

Broken Parts

It could be a broken blade or even a motor. If unsure, get your tech to inspect the entire fan and service your air fryer. A new air fryer with broken parts requires urgently contacting the customer support team for advice on the next course of action. With the warranty still fresh, you will get components replacement or a new air fryer if they notice serious manufacturer issues. Call them!

Sticky Base

Besides an unstable base, a sticky appliance will not rotate as you expect. After using your air fryer for many days and without deep cleaning, grime and dust accumulate at the bottom. That’s gross! You have to scoop it out with a wooden skewer.

Do it but don’t forget to deep clean your air fryer after use to avoid the accumulation of grime. It is not only embarrassing to have sticky substances on your cooking appliances. Be sure to deep clean your air fryer occasionally.

Door Error

Yes, a door error is indirectly connected to a fan that has stopped working. The whole air fryer mechanism has an interconnection that won’t allow it to operate if you haven’t locked the door entirely. Causes of door error include;

  • Half-locking drawer/door/lid: Close the door ideally to prevent errors.
  • Overloaded crisper basket: Put in the right amount and avoid surpassing the limit.
  • Misaligned components: Align the basket in the tray to prevent some parts from blocking full door closure.
  • Loose hinges: Repair loose door hinges to ensure the drawer does not hang out of balance.
  • Broken latch: repair the latching system to ensure that the door stays in place and doesn’t slide out during mid-cooking.  

Pampered Chef Air Fryer Error Codes

While using your Pampered Chef air fryer, you may occasionally experience error codes. These are the manufacturer’s modifications to notify you of a problem with your machine. You cannot go beyond an error code unless you resolve and clear it from the display.

There are several codes you will get on your air fryer; they all mean different or a combination of errors to resolve.


We consider a dash on your air fryer display an error because you cannot operate the gadget when it blinks. The blink will mostly appear immediately after powering up your Pampered Chef appliance. It isn’t a cause for alarm as it is a mere firmware update in your gadget.

All air fryers and electrical devices undergo the update to make your operations easy, so give it time, and it will disappear. Probably after a minute or so. The update also clears any technical glitches, and it is a manufacturer’s technology to update the operating system for your air fryer.

If you do not experience this Dash error with your brand, there is still no cause to panic.

The dash error is selective, and your device may update silently without showing on display. Others require an occasional reset by unplugging the machine and re-plugging after some moments.

E1 or ERR1

E1 is short for Error code 1 and signifies several problems;

  • Incompatible component

Air fryers include baking tins, crisper baskets, trays, and rotisserie. The above accessories consist of silicon, non-stick stainless steel, and ceramic. Sometimes, these materials may be incompatible with your Pampered Chef air fryer.

That is if you ordered them singly from a different or counterfeit brand. If you lose or break any of your air fryer accessories, replace them with a reliable source.

Beware of the many counterfeit products on the loose, and the only way to safeguard yourself is to call the number on your purchase receipt or at the bottom of your Pampered Chef air fryer manual. Call Pampered Chef customer care for quality accessories.

  • Absent component

Following the user manual comes top of the list when using your air fryer. Read between the lines to understand how to use the various components. If you miss out on a component, you will get E1. To continue cooking uninterruptedly, you have to do things right.

  • Circuit system malfunction

A failed circuit system will show an error on display, and that’s the E1. Some models will show it as ERR1. If you have resolved the component issues above, then it is time you checked the circuit system. Flap open the top cover of your device to access the circuit system.

The electrical wiring is made of thin insulated wires wound around and with terminals leading to various controls. Those connect the buttons, motherboard, heater, thermal fuse, bulb, et cetera.

There could be an incomplete circuit where part of the wire is torn and exposing the wires. Or the wires could be bare and contact each other. Solve the issue immediately to safeguard your air fryer from blowing off.

  • Unsafe high temperature

The unsafe high temperature means it is too high for your appliance. Instead of blowing the thermal fuse, the error comes up to notify you that the machine needs a rest and cool down.

Unsafe heat in the air fryer happens due to using unrecommended levels of oil/fat. The gadget’s mechanism is to use the lowest oil level, so if it exceeds the recommendation, your air fryer overheats. The temperature can hit 400 F.

It is possible for your heater or thermal fuse to blow and leave you counting dollars in repair losses. Frequent overheating can cause damage requiring you to replace your air fryer.

Rescue your air fryer from overheating by unplugging and keeping it on a more excellent surface for some time. It will settle to a safe operating heat, but be careful not to use excess oil. If the overheating issue continues, unplug it again and inspect a circuit malfunction.


E2 is short for Error code 2. It signifies a thermal sensor hitch. Thermal sensors in your air fryer detect and measure your appliance’s temperature. It is a similar setup to that in automotive and other appliances. The sensors are electronic and work by emitting infrared (IR) radiations. 

When your air fryer’s exhaust port clogs, your thermal sensor will fail. Excessive heat, loose connection, age, and poor handling can cause failure. Ideally, the fuse stops working, so you must replace the detail with a brand new one. 

Watch the temperature rating to avoid a similar occurrence. Clearing blockages near your appliance can prevent clogging of the exhaust port. Keep other objects away from your air fryer. At least 15 cm from the exhaust port. Handling your air fryer appropriately to prevent overheating is a number one preventive solution for ERR2. 


E3 is also a short form for Error code 3, indicating unsafe heating in your device. Some air fryers will show smoldering black smoke due to excess oil heating up to high temperatures.

Although E1 and E2 point to overheating, your air fryer can record E3 when it is overheating. The overheating results from an overflowing basket that gives your air fryer no space to vent. No air accumulates and continues to raise the temperature in your cooking chamber.

The device then overheats and records E3. When using your air fryer, remember to use oil minimally. It is not similar to your old deep fryer that uses cups of cooking oil. 

Also, use the brand’s recommended oil while avoiding those that raise air fryer temperatures. Regular and extra virgin oils raise your air fryer heat to uncontrollable levels. Try canola, grapeseed, coconut, peanut, or safflower oil. Keep in mind that corn and sesame oils are suitable for your appliance but can change your food’s flavor and taste. 

In addition, remember that if you block your Pampered Chef air fryer vents, you will experience an overheating of the device. Unblock the airways, clean clogged filters, and keep your countertop clear of blocking objects. 

E4/E6/E7 Or ERR4/ERR6/ERR7

These are rare errors to find on your air fryer. But we cannot rule out that they will never occur. If any other error other than E1, E2, or E3 occurs on your air fryer, be cautious about calling your Pampered air fryer dealer. The tech guys there know best how to solve the puzzle.

Do not go on clearing errors you are unsure of, as you can damage your equipment and incur hefty losses.

Even for E1, E2, and E3, if there is no response after conducting the above troubleshooting tips for error clearance, do not fret. Call your dealer or the manufacturer to resolve the issue for you. 

Pampered Chef Air Fryer E1 Error

Although we have detailed the errors, you are likely to experience above, we will still repeat the E1 as it is the most rampant. Many Pampered Chef air fryer users have reported this error severally.

It is because it is a combination of issues that requires you to analyze so that you can resolve them. That way, you clear the error without tampering with your appliance. We outlined about four causes of E1 error;

  • Incompatible components
  • Missing components
  • Unsafe temperature
  • Circuit system malfunction

We arranged them in that order deliberately; for you to grasp the simplest to resolve to the most technical. When handling this annoying error, begin with checking the components, i.e., accessories. Are they the right ones for your air fryer? Are they a Pampered Chef brand? And lastly, did you use the required components correctly?

Smaller or larger components than your air fryer requirement, wrongmaterial and missing some accessories bring ERR1 on your display. For example, a Pampered Chef may not accept a rotisserie spit from another brand. So, when replacing your damaged or lost accessories, take note of the brand.

Do not be swayed by counterfeits that sell at low prices. The proverbial cheap is expensive and should always govern your purchasing power.

 Pampered Chef Air Fryer Knob Not Working

Another hitch you will likely encounter with your Pampered Chef air fryer is the knob not working. This feature allows you to select by dialing your preferred cooking function. You can choose bake, air fry, roast, etc., depending on your model.

If this knob stalls, you will get locked out of operations. Check out these possible causes;

  • Loose Knob

A loose knob will need reinforcement. Open the top case and tighten the feature on the inside. Ensure that all the terminals are secure and that there is no power leakage. 

  • Broken Knob

The knob may be loose or broken. A broken one will not work again, so you need a replacement from Pampered Chef air fryer company. Be sure not to get a counterfeit component for your device.

  • Short Circuit

A short circuit may not allow the knob to function appropriately. It would be best to inspect the appliance’s circuit, especially the buttons’ terminals. If you are unsure of the genesis of this issue, please call an electrician to assist you in solving a short circuit issue.  

  • Dirt

How often do you deep clean your air fryer? Accumulated grime and dirt could make your appliance sticky and thus not rotate. Disconnect the air fryer from power and use a skewer to remove the grime as you wipe it with a semi-dry kitchen cloth. 

Pampered Chef Air Fryer Keeps Shutting Off

Nothing worries as your air fryer are shutting in the middle of cooking. It is even a nightmare and annoying if the appliance keeps shutting off. You have got to get to the cause and resolve it, or your food will come out undesirably.

Remember, some ingredients will become marshy if they take too long in the cooking chamber, so check out the following;


The unstable electric power that keeps cutting can cause your machine to shut off if you do not have a backup. For this reason, it is wiser to watch your area power schedules before treating your family with bakes and roasts.

A medium power generator backup will save you from such disappointments. Though costly to install, it will keep you out of the dark when the Powerman decides to do his rationing. You will stay connected when the rampant fires, cyclones, storms, and rains break power lines. Think about investing in a generator.


Circuit errors are possible in all electrical appliances. They happen due to mishaps in connections, among other reasons. If your appliance keeps shutting off, the circuit inspection will be on your list as it could be loose wires causing the issue. Not sure about resolving a circuit error? Call your tech!

Thermal Sensor

An issue with a thermal sensor in your air fryer relates to overheating and unsafe operating temperature. The feature will keep on detecting your appliance’s temperature and respond by switching it off.

When the temperatures are safe, the appliance will cook smoothly but shut off again when the temperature hits higher than usual. Check for;

  1. Clogged vent port 
  2. Excessive heat due to wrong rating/Voltage
  3. Loose connection
  4. Old age
  5. Poor handling, such as overfilling, causes overheating.  


We have covered overheating severally in this guide. That signifies t is a significant cause of several air fryer malfunctions. If it happens several times, be sure your air fryer will keep shutting off.

Unless you resolve the causes of overheating, you will unplug, wait for cooling, and re-plug, but your air fryer will still overheat and keep shutting. Quickly check;

  1. Excess oil in your air fryer
  2. Circuit issues
  3. Clogged air vents
  4. Overflowing basket
  5. Cooking for extra-long hours


  • Reduce cooking oil.
  • Resolve electric circuit issues such as voltage and wrong component rating.
  • Unclog the air vents, and remove any blocking objects on your kitchen counter.
  • Reduce food in the basket to allow your machine to vent.
  • Watch on your air frying hours. Use your air fryer appropriately, which includes not cooking the whole day.

External Cord

The external cord that connects your Pampered Chef air fryer to the power source can cause your air fryer to keep shutting off. Check for physical defects that can lead to lose connections, such as;

  • Bends
  • Twists
  • Cuts

You must replace the cord for cuts, while twists and bends require straightening. Never straighten an electric cord while on the power source. You will be risking an electric accident. 


Resolving your heating element issues like loose connections on the terminus will keep the air fryer on throughout the cooking period. By observing the wires that deliver power to the element, you can only know if it is a loose connection.

Besides connection issues, the element could be failing. Like other components, you can make arrangements for a replacement instead of buying a new air fryer. That is, if you single out a failing heating element. Consider if your air fryer is still in sound condition and all other components are functioning well. 


A door that keeps losing grip will cause your Pampered Chef air fryer to keep shutting off. Your appliance keeps sensing that it is not ready to air fry, bake, dehydrate, etc. You have to check the door for;

  • Loose hinges: Screw back loose or falling bolts to ensure the proper door closure.
  • Faulty latch: Replace a broken latch or fasten it if it is just loose and isn’t latching correctly.
  • Blocked way: Clean the floor of the drawer to remove all food residues and other objects that are blocking the door from closing up.
  • Overfilled basket: Get rid of excess ingredients from your air fryer basket. It is easy to keep the levels right as there is an indicator on your crisper basket.


Besides what you can see, there is a batch of controls inside your air fryer. They sit in the case above the drawer. You have to access it by popping out the case. With an ammeter, you can check most parts’ continuity. If you have the majority of the controls failing, then that’s why your air fryer keeps shutting off.

Your next move will be to report the matter to the dealer (for new appliances) or decide on a replacement for an older appliance. The latter could be a case of obsolescence. That is why this tip comes last! So that you may make a calculated move.

Pampered Chef Air Fryer Door Keeps Opening

The door secures your goodies in the cooking compartment. The door doesn’t attach to other components for the oven type of Pampered Chef air fryer. For the basket type, the drawer and the tray are a combo. If the door on your air fryer keeps popping open, then the latch or the hinges could be the issue but let’s delve deeper.

Loose Latch

The air fryer door latch is automatic. Once you close the door, it locks it in place until the food is ready. If the system is loose, it will give you tough times trying to keep the door in place. Tighten the system, but if it is not working, deliver your air fryer back to the manufacturer to resolve the issue. 

Broken Component

Your air fryer drawer isn’t complex as it consists of the hinge, the latch, and the door. The component holds on to the appliance through a hinge or a pair. It then closes with a latching system. If any of the components breaks, the door will keep opening. Repair/replace broken door components to ensure the proper grip. 


Check if objects are blocking the door from closing. It could be the rubber lining on your oven door frame hanging loosely. Objects on the sliding plane or air fryer door will not allow the drawer/door to slide. Routine cleaning of your Pampered Chef air fryer ensures that there are no objects that keep your door popping open.   


Your roasts, bakes, and other ingredients could be overflowing, so your air fryer door can’t hold in place. Pampered Chef air fryer has markings indicating your basket’s minimum and maximum levels. Your rotisserie could also be overloaded, and the ingredients are forcing the door to stay open.

If your appliance’s door is not closing, check the quantities and reduce them to the acceptable level. Overloading your air fryer can cause the hinges to become loose. 


It is possible to misalign the door of your air fryer, especially the handle. Your gadget will not close unless you pull out the drawer and align it perfectly on the sliding plane. In addition, remove any objects that may be causing the misalignment. 

Factory Fault

A door issue is easy to resolve, but nothing prevents you from calling your appliance’s customer support to help resolve a stubborn hitch. A manufacturing error could place the wrong door on your Pampered Chef air fryer oven.

If that’s the issue, you won’t spend a coin on repairs. Besides, the manufacturer can replace the faulty appliance with the same or newer model.

Pampered Chef Air Fryer Loud Noise

Air fryers make noise when cooking but not to the extent of causing disturbance or discomfort. Even if you haven’t used an air fryer before, you should know to be able to point out an abnormal noise. Any noise above 60 decibels is a defect.

That is equivalent to your running refrigerator. Your next-door neighbor shouldn’t complain that your air fryer is too noisy. If it is the situation, you need to resolve the loud noise. So, first, establish the cause;

  1. Debris at the base
  2. Loose parts
  3. Faulty mechanism
  4. Model
  5. Misaligned rotisserie rack Touching the grill walls

Pampered Chef Air Fryer Not Heating Up

You cannot proceed with cooking with an air fryer recording a fault in heating up. This problem is usually a heater, fuses, or power issue, among several others. But it is prudent to go through all the causes for effective resolution.

Read along!

Open tray/drawer/door

All your air fryer controls have an interconnected mechanism. You will find it weird, but your air fryer will not heat up if the tray/drawer/ door is open. The reasons are apparent, your safety! It can be scary if your air fryer is heating up and air frying with the door half closed.

As the fan begins its operation, lighter contents will fly all over, burn you or ignite a fire. The manufacturer knows that your air fryer door may not latch at some point. So the mechanism is a deliberate measure to prevent cooking with an open appliance.

Assuming no other complication, latching the door will automatically send your gadget into a heating and cooking mode. You could check out any faults on the door or reduce the contents to close the door effectively. Obstruction is possible at the sliding plane.

Clean your Pampered Chef air fryer to remove residues and objects that block the door from closing.  

Power Disruptions 

Power cut in your locality, home, or socket will interfere with your air fryer’s functions, including heating up. If it is a stormy day, it could be that the lines have been messed up or your junction box tripped.

It is a good idea to check the junction box and switch on a tripped switch before inspecting your machine for defects.

Test the socket using an ammeter before proceeding to the plug head. Nowadays, power cuts are rampant due to fires and storms, but if you install a generator, you will stay connected and overcome blackouts.

Fuses Breakdown

Two fuses on the plug head and in the controls (thermal fuse) could be defective, thus preventing your gadget from heating up. The plug fuse ensures the correct voltage into your device, while the thermal fuse regulates the heat that cooks your food. So, your device won’t overheat with the unit in place. 

Similarly, when the fuse is faulty, no heating will take place. Resolve both fuses to get your Pampered Chef air fryer heating up. Remove the plug fuse and inspect for brownness which indicates it is broken. 

Replace and plug your device to determine if you resolved the issue. To access the thermal fuse, open the covering on your air fryer controls and check its continuity. A blown thermal fuse is brownish while its filament is broken. You can have a tech replace the thermal fuse to solve the issue.

Temperature/time Switch Error

Pampered Chef air fryers have temperature/time switches. You have to set the temperature and time when not utilizing the presets. If you erroneously dial a lower temperature, your gadget will not heat up. Check if you have the correct temperature digits on display.

Temperature and time function on the same knob and will display alternately. Look at the time you dialed. It could also be wrong. A short time, say, 5 minutes instead of 25 minutes, will not heat your device. Learn your air fryer operations to cook smoothly without errors. 

How about checking if the knob is working perfectly? That is if you are sure, you dialed the correct digits for temp/time. You have to enter your air fryer’s internals (the button terminal). There could be a problem with loose wires, or the button is worn out. Resolve the issue of heating your appliance.

Defective Heater

A broken heater not getting power due to a circuit breakdown will not heat up. You will have to test its continuity to ascertain the defect. The brittle nature of the element makes it susceptible to breakage upon a slight mishandling.

When cleaning, blow the heater and the wiring with a low-set hair blow-dryer. That will keep off the dust or other food residues. Scrubbing often breaks the heater and will cause you a costly replacement. 

Defective Controls

The device controls could be defective. If there is a major hitch with the motherboard, expect the heating, time, temperature, and other functions to fail. The issue can be a complicated one that requires technical assistance. Call your manufacturer or a certified Pampered Chef air fryer specialist to deal with your appliance. 

Old Age

Old devices have complex problems that are costly to resolve. It may be failing buttons, broken controls, heater not functioning, and many more. You have to appreciate the years you have air fried with your device and plan for an ultra-modern air fryer with better and more multi-functionalities. 


This Pampered Chef air fryer troubleshooting guide arms you with tips on handling your miniature oven. You can now unpuzzle a bug, not turning on, not heating fuses breakdown and many more issues.

The guide is free and readily available. Read out different guides on other air fryer brands, microwaves, washing machines, and any other appliance in your home.   

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