5 Most Common todd english air fryer troubleshooting Guide

The Todd English air fryer utilizes rapid air cooking technology, which radiates heat to cook food without oil. Hot air blows food evenly and circulates conventionally, browning the crust. In turn, you get quick, convenient, and healthy meals.

This air fryer is versatile and cooks various meals as you don’t have to stick to the presets. Explore hundreds of great recipes., but the first thing first. Get hold of this Todd English air fryer troubleshooting tips to avoid interruptions.

Todd English Air Fryer Reset Button     

Todd English air fryer is a renowned appliance. It comes in a variety of models, including oven and basket types. With the brand, you have hundreds of recipes to explore. Its digital touch controls allow you to press any button and cook your favorites. There are a dozen buttons that you will find on the control panel, including;

  • On/Off
  • Cooking time (- and +)
  • Cooking temperature (- and +)
  • Menu setting

The rest of the buttons are preset and include;

  • Shellfish
  • Bacon
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Bake
  • Fries

Your Todd English air fryer screen will show the time in minutes and temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Above the display is the fan heater.

The above control panel analysis doesn’t indicate any reset button. What if a need arises to reset the gadget? What controller would you use?

The answer is clear there is no reset button, so you have to learn a new way of doing it. Though it seems unorthodox, it will work for you whenever you require resetting your appliance.

Some of the user issues that may prompt you to reset your appliance includes;

  • Frozen display
  • Failure to turn on
  • Stuck controls
  • Error on the display, Etc.

Resetting your Todd English is a breeze if you grasp the process. It is the easiest and involves pulling off the cable from the socket. Hold on for a couple of minutes, up to 15, and reconnect your air fryer. Easy! So, next time, don’t smash your head trying to look for the reset button.

Todd English Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

An appliance that won’t turn on is a disappointment. First, you are not sure if it is the brand that is untrustworthy or is a simple defect that you can rectify at home. Our experts recommend that you dig out the problem before concluding. You could find it is not a complicated hitch that resolves by a touch of a button. Here is the pathway to resume enjoying great air-fried meals after a stalled Todd English air fryer;

  1. Power

Your Todd English air fryer runs by electric power. A case of unreported or abrupt power loss will stall all electric gadgets. Sometimes it will be an episode of turning on and off, meaning an irregular flow. Your air fryer will likely behave the same way: keep shutting off.

While power disruption is a common scenario in many counties, especially in windy, stormy, and rainy conditions, broken lines and outages require immediate reporting. But before that, confirm first from your junction/meter box to be sure that your home has no power.

You can join the list of many American homes with solar generators. It is not only a cheaper choice but saves the environment by going green. After installations, you will never experience power cuts in your home. 

2. Wiring

Your equipment’s failure to power on may be due to a wiring error. The wiring supplies electric power to various functionalities in your air fryer. An example is the power button. When your Todd English air fryer is on, the controller will show and vice versa. When the gadget doesn’t turn on, the power knob is also off. So, you should seek to determine loose connections from the cable that connects your air fryer to the wall source and also to the interiors where the wiring lies. An experienced power man can help resolve a wiring issue.

3. Damaged Plug/Wall Source

The wiring is essential to your electric device, and so is its source of power A socket that’s malfunctioning won’t allow any voltage to pass through. If you are sure there is power in your house, test your wall source continuity.

Equally, the plug is detrimental in supplying your device with power. You have to try its continuity, too, including the fusible link and the general well-being of the plug. A plug head with a missing pin and screws is inefficient. It would be necessary to fix the plug and fit it perfectly on the socket holes.

Replace a dead fusible link and broken socket to allow your equipment to power up. Check the wire terminals to ensure they join perfectly on the plug head.

4. Door And Basket Alignment

Sometimes, we miss out on the right processes while operating our gadgets and get locked out of their operations. A simple error such as inappropriately locking the door or misaligning the basket will cause your air fryer to mute.

Your Todd English air fryer’s design s such that it won’t power on if you miss out on door closure. Pull out the door, place the basket perfectly on the tray and support it with the hooks. Your air fryer would respond quite fast if this were, indeed, the cause of the mishap. 

5. Power Button

After arranging your ingredients in the basket and ensuring the door closes well, next will be selecting a preset or keying in the temp/time for your recipe. You will then pin the power button.

Control panel. If this knob is broken or has other issues, such as lack of continuity, then expect your oven to mute. Your closest option is to determine the cause of the power button stop.

Open the control panel case and inspect the terminals to the power button. Ensure that the wiring is intact, and the switch is functional. Otherwise, you cannot go past this stride without fixing a faulty power button.

6. Plugging Error

A plugging error happens when you do not fully insert the pins in the socket. It is easy to brush off this cause, but it can be costly to assume that your air fryer is damaged. Call your tech only to arrive and tell you it is a plugging error. So, ensure the socket is intact and check if the plug fits perfectly in the holes. If an object clogs the holes, try to remove or change the socket. 

7. Fuse 

We have handled the power connection and wiring error as one of the reasons for the failure to turn on. Still, on continuity, we have the fuse link, which significantly regulates the voltage. You will spot the link in the plug head.

Browning on the surface of this tiny but paramount feature indicates that Mr. Fuse got overwhelmed and lost the battle. No worries, as power flow, won’t take place until you replace the bad fuse. Get a replacement.

Similarly, your Todd English air fryer could malfunction because of the thermal fuse in the heart of the appliance. This internal feature takes care of overheating. A mute thermal fuse may prevent turning on. When handling the plug fuse, you can inspect the thermal fuse for damages and replace it where possible.

8. Technical Snag

A technical snag can happen anytime during your air fryer’s software updates. Unfortunately, the updates have no alerts, so you should know they can occur when you least expect them. The fact is technical snags, though annoying, aren’t harmful to your appliance.

Technical snags only disrupt the operations when the device updates and lock you out until you reset the air fryer. The glitch causing your air fryer to mute will clear by unplugging from the power source. Let the appliance sit for 15 minutes and then re-plug. Good luck.

9. Stuck or Old Control Panel

The control panel connects to the motherboard in the underbelly of your Todd English air fryer. All the functionalities have their terminals on the motherboard. And so, any malfunction of the two will cause your air fryer to mute and fail to run. It could be old age or regular wear and tear.

A tech will fork out the root of the issue and give you a solution. Mostly, it will be a motherboard replacement but also prepare to purchase a new appliance if it is a case of obsolescence.

10. Manufacturing Defect

Mishaps happen in the factory process and may escape quality inspection unaware. The air fryer will arrive physically intact but with undetected operational errors. One standard hitch is failure to turn on, heat up, and shut off unintentionally. Call the manufacturer for a detailed recommendation when you point out such defects.  

Todd English Air Fryer Not Heating Up 

It is a significant concern for your air fryer not to heat up. Your plans for a sumptuous meal may flop if you do not rectify the issue. While internal factors could be behind the problem, that’s not always the case.

External factors can cause your air fryer not to heat up. The causes range from an ill-fitting tray to a blown thermostat. Fixing your ailing Todd English air fryer will require that you begin with the less demanding fixes to the more sophisticated ones. The factors will not let you cook, whether external or internal, so let’s find out!

  • Faulty Power Connection

Electricity disconnection stops appliances from heating up. The source of disconnection could be your supplier’s error. Broken power lines, insufficient voltage, and the unpaid electric bill could be the problem. Determine the cause and contact their consumer support desk for quick action.

  • Disintegrated Cord

The electric cord may have disintegrated, thus out of order. The primary culprit is rodents which maul the insulator, exposing the wires. The live wires come into contact, causing a broken circuit. A twist or bend can also cut the cables and cause disruption. Inspect the cord and replace it if it is defective.

  • Temperature/Time Knob Error

With time, your air fryer’s outer dialing cover may wear off. Pluck it out and check. If the knobs are not fitting perfectly or are too tight or loose, they cannot dial the digits correctly. Even if you correctly keyed in the right Celsius/Fahrenheit degrees, the display would not show.

Equally, the knob will not allow you to key in the minutes, so heating will not take place.Inspect the button terminals for defects and rectify them to continue enjoying savory dishes from your Todd English air fryer.

  • Internal Circuit disruptions

Though it is part of the power connection, the internal circuits control the power in your device. The system may receive power from the socket through the external cord, but there is an interruption.

Circuit interruptions occur when the wires are not complete and there is a flow diversion. It could also mean the terminals are not connecting rightly. An example is a negative terminal connecting to a negative one. That is not a complete circuit.

The mishap happens if you employ an armature to handle your equipment. Rectify short courses to complete the electric flow and heat your device. 

  • Failing Heating Coil

Your heating coil could be failing or has already failed. The mishap happens due to the end of life. It could be the element is broken, so it cannot produce heat to cook your food.

When cleaning the heating coil, be careful not to bang or overdo the scrubbing. Clean gently and allow the grime to strip off without scrubbing—the reason is the coil components, including the element, are fragile. Replace the dead coil to rejuvenate your Todd English air fryer.

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Todd English Air Fryer Fan Not Working         

Manufacturers load air fryers with fans to gust hot air over the cooking ingredients. The process offers consistent heat to cook the food to a crispy outcome effectively.

Although your air fryer will continue cooking your food, when the fan is not fully functional, expect some disappointments. The results will be marshy and half-done food. Several factors bring about this error.


Electric appliance experience overheating. Phones, cookers, ovens, microwaves, and other appliances overheat when the voltage goes overboard. Extreme heating can occur be due to poor connections or insulation breakdowns.

For air fryers, overheating happens when you add excess oil to your food. The gadget attains high temperatures (about 400 F) that lead to overheating. Whichever the cause, overheating is dangerous as it can cause electrical fires.Overheating stops the air fryer fan from functioning, so you must determine the cause and rectify it.


Dirt and other objects may be interfering with your air fryer fan. Strive to keep your air fryer interiors clean by regular maintenance procedures. When repairing, ensure that you arrange the wires neatly to keep them away from the blade.

Deactivate Switch

Is the fan switch activated? Check the button near the fan base. If your Todd English air fryer is new, the control is off to prevent the fan from spinning while on the store’s display. Activate by rotating the knob to an on position.

Weary Fan Components

The fan comprises several parts that keep the pieces intact, including the motor, bearings, blades, base, and hardware. When any of the features wear off, it affects the fan operations. Examine the fan or take your Todd English air fryer to a repair center near you.

Disconnecting Circuitry

The electric circuit runs through the cord to operate several parts, including the fan. Suppose there is a broken circuitry, and your air fryer fan won’t spin. You will require the hands of an electrician to rectify the wiring and get the fan back to spinning.

Manufacturer’s Defects

Failure of the air fryer fan to rotate may mean a manufacturer defect. It could be imbalanced blades or a tighter than regular base, or an absence of bearings.

Any error is possible in the manufacturing process, so the manufacturer takes full responsibility for rectifying it. Don’t flinch from calling them. Explain the situation and quote the model number. Todd’s English consumer desk is open to calls and is willing to help you 24/7.

Interlocking Switch

An air fryer fan’s interlocking switch is different from a deactivated switch. An interlock interferes with the rotation causing your air fryer fan to stop. You need an expert to resolve this issue. Consider a ship back for a new air fryer, but this should be after calling the consumer desk.

End Of Life

Depending on the age of your air fryer, the fan may be unfunctional because it hit the end of life or obsolescence. Your air fryer is old, and so you need a new machine. Repairing and maintenance will be expensive, so you have no choice but to upgrade.

Todd English air fryers come in more sophisticated designs and technology. Look out for the latest, including the Alexa models. Enjoy more air frying recipes!


The Todd English air fryer in your kitchen is a new beginning to serving your loved one’s healthy meals. You can follow the matching recipes for exciting and sumptuous treats.

The oilless cooker crowns the cooking process. To start you off, equip yourself with our simple Todd English troubleshooting guide to avoid disappointments. Good luck!

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