Ninja Foodi Error Codes? 7 ways to fix Troubleshooting

The issue of error codes on your appliance is a sensitive title that you should take seriously. Trying any troubleshooting may deem your machine useless. If you haven’t experienced any, Ninja Foodi error codes are stubborn numbers that appear on display and do not disappear after reset or troubleshooting.

With the errors on your Ninja Foodi, none of the programs will function. The codes are standard and should not give you a fret as the Ninja Foodi manufacturer is aware of them. They even know how to fix or reset the models that exhibit the codes.

Here are some of the most common Ninja Foodi error codes you are likely to encounter on your display;

  • ERR1 
  • ERR2 
  • ERR3 
  • ERR4 
  • ERR5 
  • ERR6 
  • ERR8

Note that the appliance is malfunctioning internally whenever any of the above error codes show on your pot. The problem may not go away with mere tips and tricks. Not even a reset may work! 

Fortunately, Ninja® is aware of the error codes and has the right expertise to handle your appliances. If you run into any of the above errors, forget about the troubleshooting tricks and call the manufacturer for more advice.

They will probably send you to their care outlets for rectification or request for ship-back. If the error is easy to handle, they can instruct you over the phone on the best way to clear the hitch. 

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Other common Ninja Foodi errors that you ought to take note of;

  1. The SHUT error  

 If your appliance displays SHUT, it tells you that the crisping lid is not closed. You have to place the lid in position for the cooking program to start. Any interruptions mean your cooking will pause. 

  1. POT Error

Have you set your pot in the appliance? If it doesn’t flush and is not level, the appliance will sense and display POT. This error also displays when the debris is stuck on the sensor or the contact plate.

It prevents the sensor from telling the program that your pot is correctly positioned and ready to cook food. Clean out the mess and place your pot in place to clear the error. One of the popular maintenance tips for Ninja Foodi is to clean up the appliance after each use.

  1. VENT error 

VENT on your Ninja Foodi displays a wrong seal position of the pressure release valve. The Pressure building up inside your unit makes the sensor extra-sensitive; thus, it will trip and cancel the program. Next will be your unit shutting off. You don’t want this to occur.  

A VENT error will solve or clear if you do the following;

  • Inspect the lid

Is your lid in the correct position? Did you place the silicon ring precisely before placing the lid on the pot? Are there any physical wear and tear? Firstly, check the silicon ring for physical damage. Once you ascertain that it has no damage, seal the ring accurately.

Next, position the cooking pot lid correctly and ensure the hooks and lock click properly. Wrong lid placement leads to various errors, including the VENT error that your unit is displaying.

  • Position the vent correctly

The vent on your Ninja Foodi is also the pressure release valve. It helps to release excess Pressure from your pot, and if it is not released, it will cancel the program as a safety measure. You have to position the valve or vent correctly to prevent the error. As the Ninja Foodi cooks your food, maintain your unit’s pressure release valve at the vent position.

  • Reset your Ninja Foodi

It could be that your Ninja Foodi requires a reboot to wake up the memory. Your unit doesn’t have a reboot or reset button. So how are you handling your Ninja Foodi reset/reboot? Detach your pot from the power source and wait for a few minutes. Reconnect and check whether you fixed the error.

  • Ninja Foodi Breakdown

 A stubborn VENT error or any other error on the unit’s display that is not disappearing after trying all the above fixes depicts that all is not well. If you have tried every trick and your Ninja Foodi isn’t responding, seek the manufacturer’s assistance. Call the Ninja Foodi customer service. They do respond very fast to inquiries related to all their appliances.

  1. LID Error 

 Did you install your lid correctly? If not, you will continue to see a flashing LID icon. You will not achieve any program with a LID error on your display. Ensure that the arrows flash and the lid is in a closing position.

  1. WATER Error

 A WATER error comes up when the water level is lower than your Ninja Foodi cooking requirement. And the message will appear when your program is Steam and Pressure functions—adding more water to continue cooking. After adding water, ensure the pressure release valve matches the SEAL position and that you installed the silicone ring correctly.

  1. HOT Error 

 When your Ninja Foodi overheats, it will display a HOT error on the screen. You have no choice but to let it cool down. Switch off the power outlet and leave the unit to cool. Open the lid and remove any food that may have stuck to the bottom surface of your pot. Be sure to add enough water into the pot; otherwise, it will display a WATR error.

Before you begin using your Ninja Foodi, ensure you walk through the manual to get the right concept on usage. Prior preparation for your ingredients and the appliance ensures correct usage.

Most Ninja Foodi errors will occur because you are not following user instructions. Those that are stubborn require reporting to the after-sale care department for proper diagnostics, repairs, and disposal.

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