12 Common Philips Air Fryer Troubleshooting (Reasons and Fixing Guide)

Philips brand inspires every cook, starter, or veteran. The startling features that cook healthy foods without dripping oil remain today’s most sophisticated tech. And with newer models coming up, you are spoilt for choice.

Your Philips air fryer may experience leaking oil, stuck buttons, smoking, a stiff touch screen, etc. It’s not time to throw the towel unless your appliance is obsolete or irreparable. This Philips air fryer troubleshooting guide will bail you out. 

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Philips Air Fryer Not Turning On

Whenever an appliance is not turning on, that sends chills in your brain as you are unsure of the cause. It could be a faulty appliance that will cost you several dollars. Equally, it may be an issue you can resolve with a touch of a button. Ideally, you must first relax and find the cause to get the solution.

We have 11 analyses of some potential causes of your Philips air fryer not turning on. And the fixes too! 

  • Unconnected Appliance

It sounds dumb, but you may have failed to connect your plug head to the wall source. That is possible, so check the source before assuming it is other faults. Save time and dollars by resolving this common error.

  • Power Disconnection

A power disconnection will be the first indicator that your air fryer will not turn on. It is an electrical appliance powered by electric power, so its performance shuts when the power is off.

Though there could be an issue with your circuitry, most power disconnection cases come from the supplier. There could be ongoing rationing or a power line cut. Whatever the issue, a power disconnection in your home requires urgent reporting.

  • Defective Socket

In your house, there could be a faulty circuit system, which includes a damaged socket/wall outlet. Sockets do grow old or get smashed. Test them occasionally for defects and replace hanging and broken ones.

  • Damaged Cable

The cable from your appliance to the wall socket may have an error. That includes a broken earth wire, live or neutral wire. Rodents and old age are some causes of broken wires, but it could also be mishandling that leads to twisting. Inspect your appliance cable often to pick out such damages as broken wires.

Cables with open wires are dangerous to use and so should get a replacement urgently.

  • Defective Plug

The plug head is the cable’s end that fixes the wall socket. It has three pins, and you rarely get one without a fuse. If pins break or the terminals get disconnected, the plug will not work. In addition, it is the fuse to regulate the volts to a safe level. The fuse design is such that if the fuse breaks, no power will go to your appliance. So, inspect the plug head pins, terminals, and fuse.

  • Faulty Buttons

Buttons are the controls that help you to run your machine. And that includes the powering knob. If the buttons malfunction, your Philips air fryer may not turn on. Some reasons your air fryer buttons may not work are faulty controls, loose base, and circuit breakdown.

  • Door Errors

Several door errors may bring about failure for your appliance to turn on. One of those is an ill-closing door. If your door is not latching properly, expect issues with turning on your appliance. The air fryer design keeps the appliance mute when the door is not closed.

The reason is obvious, safety. Cooking with an open door would mean food particles frying out of the tray and igniting a fire in your kitchen.

  • Programming Error 

A programming error brings bugs and technical glitches. Your air fryer will not function unless you clear those. It is simple to clear the errors through a reset. If your Philips air fryer has no reset button, unplug it and let it cool down to your room’s temperature. Reconnect, follow the turning on the procedure, and observe if it turns on.

  • Faulty Motherboard

The motherboard bears most of your air fryer functions. It controls turning on and off too. If the board has an error, your air fryer may not power on. But it is a sophisticated feature that requires an expert to detect the problems.

You may have to call the Philips air fryer manufacturer or a licensed tech to inspect your device’s motherboard functionalities thoroughly.

  • Factory Error

A factory error is a possibility. The quantity assurance department may have missed out on some errors, and that’s why your air fryer is malfunctioning. Shipping back a new appliance to your dealer or manufacturer is a prudent idea. They will determine if it is a factory or mishandling error.

How To Reset Philips Air Fryer

At some point in your Philips air fryer usage, you may need to delete all the information in the memory. That includes the WiFi setting among other data. In addition, if your device just developed an operational error, such as a frozen screen or failure to turn on, a reset will be your next course of action.

It is simple to carry out this air fryer procedure, so you should make it regular to restore your device’s performance.

Method 1

  • Press the time and temperature buttons simultaneously and hold for about 10 seconds.
  • Wait for about two minutes before you can resume the air fryer operations.

Method 2

  • This method is as easy as the first one. Remove your Philips air fryer and let it stay disconnected for about ten to fifteen minutes. 
  • Reconnect back and resume operations.

Philips Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working

Philips air fryer comes in a variety of designs. There are the basket, oven, knob, and touch screen models. The touch screen models are mostly smart so that you can connect and operate them on your smartphone. What advancement in technology!

But this air fryer technology has its drawback. You may awake to your Philips air fryer touch screen not working. 

What are the potential cause and fixes?

  1. Dirt

Dirt may look non-issue to your air fryer’s functionality, but it stalls some of its operations, including the buttons and touch screen. Your air fryer’s touch screen will not respond to touch if it has an extra layer of grease and soups.

Hygiene procedures in your kitchen demand a high level of cleanliness. And that’s what you could be omitting. Your air fryer deserves a cleanup after each use.

Clean it! Begin with the food chamber, trays, racks, and other accessories. Then move on to the exterior, which includes the touch screen. Once your air fryer is dazzling clean, try to operate the screen touch before you move to the next hint.

  1. Technical Mishap 

A technical mishap is one of the major causes of the touch screen not working. The error is similar to the one that affects your smartphone. Its screen freezes and fails to respond to touch or any operations. The display won’t show either.

Some technical programming updates occur in the background, which is likely to cause errors. The programing updates should not be a cause for worrying or contacting the manufacturer unless you try our tips and fail.

Your secret to treating a technical mishap is resetting your Philips air fryer. Even if your air fryer has no reset knob, there should be a way to do that. Pull the air fryer out of the electricity source and leave it for several minutes, probably 10-15.

If indeed, it was a technical mishap, it should be clear. But should you find your appliance still mute, move to the next tip.

Door Error

A possible door error is third on the list. Our list is such that you will begin with checking your appliance without opening the interiors or calling your tech. Failure to close your air fryer door will cause your touch screen not to respond.

The design is to prevent you from operating your gadget while open. So when opening, all the operations will shut off. Close the door and observe your Philips air fryer. If it isn’t closing perfectly, inspect the following;

  • Blockage on the door frame.
  • Broken hinge.
  • The basket is inclined and not lying as it should be inside the tray. 

Once you resolve the above door snags, you should operate your touchpad without issues. Not yet responsive? Move to more technical solutions.

  1. Lack Of Electric Power

Losing power connectivity shuts you off your device. Your touch screen cannot work, and all the other functionalities. Without a power backup, you are limited to waiting for power to come back.

But you can try to call your supplier and report the issue with your location details. Unless there is a major overhaul or line cuts, it shouldn’t take them long to reconnect you.

  1. Wiring Issue

Your Philips air fryer wiring is technical. It may be faulty, so your touch screen will not work unless you rectify it. Call an air fryer specialist or electrician to handle your device to ensure no mistakes.

An error in wiring could blow your device and get you into deep losses. Treat an electrical issue in a new air fryer as a factory error. Call and return the appliance to the dealer/factory for in-depth attention. 

  1. Worn Out Touch Screen

Touch screens do get worn out. The features can crack due to impact or get scratches due to long usage. A worn-out screen is dull and rough to touch. Luckily, there is a replacement for damaged air fryer screens.

All you need is an expert to perform the task or send it to the manufacturer to replace it for you at an extra fee. That is if the warranty doesn’t apply in your situation.

  1. Control Panel Mishap

Besides a damaged screen, a more detailed problem may occur in your air fryer. A control panel mishap will mess up most of your air fryer functions, including the screen. It will require the services of an expert to identify most control panel hitches, especially those that connect to your touchpad.

  1. Factory Error

It happens! Your device may have left the factory with missing details. The manufacturer knows best how to handle such a mishap. Call them and arrange to transport back the faulty equipment to the factory.

  1. Dead Appliance

A dead appliance had a non-functional touch screen, buttons, heater, et cetera. Analyzing how long you have used your equipment will allow you to make the right judgment. There are newer Philips air fryer models that you can consider as a replacement for your old unit.

An example is the Philips Premium Air fryer XXL. This Philips mini oven is a 7-quart capacity and comes with the most sophisticated air fryer design known as Fat Removal technology. You will cook with smart sensing technology and up to five preset cooking features. 

Air Fryer Light Not Working

Your air fryer lighting means the power is on. The bulb will light in the cooking chamber if you have an oven-type air fryer. On the basket types, the power button and display will light. If none of these is happening as you expect, any of these features could be faulty;

 Plugging Error

It could be you are not plugging your air fryer appropriately. Recheck and ensure all the plug pins fit perfectly in the holes. If there is a switch, put it on. You could also inspect if any pins are defective or the terminals are loose. The socket may have defects. Test it for continuity and then replug. Fixing a plug error will allow power to flow into your appliance.

Fuse Defects

The fuse links the cable and power source inside the plug. Its main purpose is to protect our appliance from unsafe volts. In protecting your Philips air fryer, the fuse can get overstretched and blow. Power will not flow through, but there will be a broken circuit. It is a 1-2-3 step to replace your fuse link.

Acquire a new fuse from hardware stores near you and change the broken one. You could spare several pieces of fuse links in your drawer just in case the one you bought blows or fails to work. When there is a complete power connection, the lights in your air fryer lights will begin working.

Dead Bulb

The light you get in the cooking chamber is from your bulb on the roof. It illuminates the compartment so that you can have an easy time monitoring your food. You don’t have to pull open the clear door to watch your food. The bulb can blow because of old age or a technical fault.

Don’t cook in darkness! Replace your air fryer bulb whenever it dims. If the bulb blows again, it could be more complex than you perceive. Check below.

Tripped Circuit

A tripped circuit means no power connection to some parts of your appliance. The bulb will not light, and the heating element may also not produce heat. You need to inspect the genesis of your appliance, not the lighting. If it is a tripped circuit or broken wires, you can resolve it and continue your cooking processes uninterruptedly. 

Interior Damages

Interior damage means that the controls are not functional. While it could be the control board, your appliance may be dead. You require a detailed inspection to help pick the center of this problem. It could be a sophisticated hitch that requires the manufacturer to resolve or a minor one that will need a visit to the repairer.

Philips Air Fryer Fan Not Working

All air fryers have a fan mechanism to blow hot air over the food. The feature is ensures that your cakes, meats, veggies, etc., cook consistently in the air fryer basket. Heat blows from all directions so that the food cooks at the same time without undone portions.

A disabled fan gives undesirable results, with some parts half cooked while others are well done. You want to avoid all that mess to prevent food poisoning that comes with raw food. Have a look at the potential causes of this fan error;

Is Your Equipment Powered?

You can check the power button to ascertain if your air fryer is on. An error at the junction box or socket will cut your appliance off the power. Look at the cutout if it tripped and pull the switch at an off position. If that’s the case, turn it on for your equipment to begin working. The fan icon should blink, and the fan rotates.  

Is There A Door/Drawer Error?

 For some Philips air fryer models, door error is not likely to show on display, so you have to manually check the door for inappropriate closure. Others will report the fault on display. Whichever the situation, you have to resolve the issue to continue cooking.

Door error causes many functions to shut off because the air fryer cannot function when it is open. The prime thing to check will be if the door is latching well. If not, there could be an obstruction or a latching issue that you need to repair.

Check for missing screws that hold the door on the hinge or broken components. Unless there are further complications, resolving the door/drawer error 

Deactivated Safety Knob

The knob under the fan comes deactivated to prevent operating while the air fryer is on the store shelves or during demos. When you arrive home with your Philips air fryer and notice that the fan isn’t working, grab a knife and turn on the knob to activate it.

Broken Fan Motor

The motor drives electric appliances, including your air fryer fan. If it develops issues, then the fan will mute. With a prior experience in motor operations, you can access the tiny device and determine the problem.

First, it will be electric flow/continuity followed by the parts. If the motor is broken, you can get a replacement or a full fan replacement. 

Damaged Fan Base

A broken fan base will shake or cause the entire feature to stop working. The bearings will get out of place while the blades may fall off. Anytime you notice a loose fan base, align the bearings and tighten it to prevent falling off.

Damaged Interior Controls

Damaged interior controls result in many functions stopping. The fan and other vital functions f your air fryer will not work. To fork up and resolve the issue of the controls, you will have to get a specialist. He will test the various functionalities affecting your air fryer fan, including the electric flow.

Philips Air Fryer Timer Not Working

Without a timer on your air fryer, you will have difficulty monitoring the cooking times. Once you turn it on, it is an automatic feature that shuts off when the time expires and also gives you an alert.

Your food should be ready at the end and give you your desired results. A broken timer can mess your cooking up. Do not attempt to cook with a malfunctioning timer until you resolve the issue. 

What to check for if your Philips air fryer timer is not working;

1. Broken Knob

The timer knob could be broken at the base. Touch it to determine if it is shaky. You may have to open your air fryer to access the button from the interior. That way, you can tighten it. It could be the exterior grips are not holding and rotating the knob. Consider a replacement.

A broken knob means disconnecting terminals. Inspect the terminals and ask a tech to replace the knob if it is irreparable. You can easily get a compatible Philips timer knob from any outlet near you. 

2. Controls

If the interior controls are non-functional, your time function won’t work. It is the center pole and bears the memory of your air fryer. All buttons operate from the controls. You must establish the source of the hitch on the motherboard to reach a concrete conclusion and pave a way out.

3. Lint

Accumulation of lint under the timer knob when cleaning your Philips air fryer can stall it. When you lift the knob, the amount of dirt underneath will surprise you. The lint wounds around the timer knob, making it difficult to turn. Use a wooden stick/skewer to remove the lint and wipe the grease with a cloth.

4. Frozen Touch Screen

All the functions on your digital air fryer operate from the touchscreen display. The icons are well displayed for you to touch whenever you want to execute a function. If the timer icon remains mute after several taps, try the other buttons and observe the display.

If there is no response, then your touch screen is faulty. Try a hard reset by pulling your Philips air fryer from its wall socket. Replug after a few minutes and check if the buttons, including the timer, are functioning. If your air fryer’s touch screen remains adamant after the reset, check;

  • Control panel hitches: Look for a tech to resolve.
  • Wiring issue: Solve short circuits.
  • Worn out screen pad: Replace the screen pad.
  • Door error: Rectify loose hinges and screws
  • Basket error: Remove the basket and realign it while ensuring the support hooks are in place.
  • Dirt on the screen pad: Clean the grease to allow the touchpad to respond.

5. Display error

Your air fryer timer could be working, but the digits are not displaying. That’s a display hitch. Resolve by resetting your appliance and calling a tech to check the controls. He will check out for short circuits and control panel errors.

6. No Power

Are the other functions on your air fryer operating? If not, then power may have gone off without you knowing. Check the other sockets and light bulbs to ascertain the issue.

7. Software Interruption

Failure to countdown may be due to your air fryer’s software interruption. The hitch is not a complication that will require a tech to resolve. Unplug the Philips appliance and five it for 3 minutes before replugging so the timer can reset. If there is no change, call consumer support.

Philips Air Fryer Timer Knob

We have touched base on the Philips air fryer timer knob not working. The feature is essential for setting up your cooking times. Sometimes, the feature may give you trouble. Rotating but not setting the dials means the button has lost its grip. You may need to replace such a button.

 Luckily, Philips appliances have these knobs available. Call their number for an order. The button will come with its user manual, which is easy to fix. 

The timer bob connects to the controls on the inside and has electric terminals that allow continuity. When your knob is not working, and you are sure that it is not the external parts that are broken, you could open the covering to access the inside.

Do not assume the terminals are in order. Visually inspect them for any broken circuits and rectify them. Once you inspect the parts, test again for continuity. That will give you your next route to take, whether repairs or replacement.

Philips Air Fryer Drawer Stuck

Your basket air fryer drawer got stuck with food. You do not have to force it out as you can damage some of its components and incur huge losses on repairs or replacing. But first, you must determine why your Philips air fryer drawer is stuck. 

Basket Misalignment

Your problem with the drawer began when you didn’t insert your basket correctly. The crisper basket tilted and pressed the release button. That left your Philips air fryer basket glued between the hook and the pan.

Cheer up! That’s not the dead end. You can resolve it! Grab the side of the basket and pull it to the opposite of the handle. Lift the drawer up and out of the tray to release the basket from the hook.

You can prevent this hitch from occurring. Be sure to place the basket flat on the tray until it lies perfectly on the support hook. Avoid tilting the basket in the pan.

Stuck Release Button

The release button not pushing your drawer will make it stick in the chamber. Ti could be broken, and you must figure out how to resolve this. Try to get the drawer a few inches out of the chamber and get hold of the bottom. Once it is out, hold the handle and pull the drawer out.

Wrong Accessories

If you recently replaced your worn-out Philips air fryer accessories, they could be ill-fitting. The accessories include the pan, racks, and tray. Having a larger or smaller size than the requirements can cause sticky situations.

The basket may tilt and get glued between the support hook and the pan. Be sure to order your Philips air fryer accessories from accredited sources in your country. You can also order directly from Philips appliances outlets, and they will be happy to ship them to you.

Overfilled Basket

Wrong measures when filling your basket can cause your drawer to be glued in the chamber. Mostly, this error happens when you overfill or do not take note of the food that increases in size when air fried. An example is bread and cakes, which increase to double size when cooking.

Such foods will push the accessories, including the support hook, and tilt the basket.

When filling in the ingredients, check the level markings and reduce to three-quarters when baking or cooking foods that increase when cooking.

Philips Air Fryer Drawer Won’t Close

There are many air fryer drawer issues, including the one we just detailed above. Stuck, tilted and a drawer that won’t close are some of the issues you may encounter with Philips air fryer.

When the drawer is not closing, your Philips air fryer won’t turn on, and all its operations will shut off. The reason is more of a safety than an error. Cooking with an open drawer will expose you to fires and burns.

Besides, your kitchen will be dirty with trillions of light food residues flying from the chamber. Cleaning up is not fun! But it won’t happen as the air fryer shuts off when the drawer is open. Check here what to do.

  • Inspect For Obstructions

The drawer won’t push in if there are abstractions in the flow of the chamber. You need to get out of the drawer and wipe clean. Remove food residues and other objects causing the blockage. For an oven-type air fryer, check the frame for any loose components, like rubber, preventing the drawer from closing. 

  • It Could Be A Loose Or Broken Hinge

The hinge that holds your door to the air fryer could be loose, broken, and ill-fitting. Check out for missing screws and misaligned hinges. 

  • Basket Overcapacity

An overcapacity can cause your Philips air fryer drawer not to close perfectly. Observe the marks indicating the maximum levels you shouldn’t exceed in your food. Bread and other pastries increase up to double in size. Take note of such ingredients and reduce them below the marks.

  • Tilted Basket

If the basket sits tilted, the door may fail to close or get stuck. In this situation, the door cannot close. The basket interrupts the closure, so you have to inspect if it lays flat on the tray. Ensure that the support hooks are in place and the basket doesn’t lie on the edge of its tray.

  • Broken Latch

A latching error may occur due to broken components. That won’t allow your drawer to close well. Check whether your accredited Philips appliances dealer has door components. I’m not sure if they have a latch replacement, but it is possible to get a door replacement. 

Philips Air Fryer Leaking Oil

Leaking oil in any cooker is dangerous as it can spike fire and bring down your home. The problem arises when you smear your food with excess oil. It drips under the crisper basket into the tray and eventually heats your appliance.

 Besides the excess oil, there are several other causes of Philips air fryer leaking oil;

  1. Excess Food In The Basket

Exceeding your air fryer basket capacity may cause your appliance to leak oil and liquids. If your pot’s capacity is insufficient to satisfy your family’s needs, go for a bigger one. Philips air fryers range from a single serving capacity to large ones that can fit enough food. Ensure the food spreads in a single layer to prevent oil from bubbling. Space between your food and the top surface of your air fryer will ensure your moisture and oil stays contained in the tray.

  1. Cracked Air Fryer Tray

Your air fryer tray is a reservoir for liquids and oils that may drip from the crisper basket. If it breaks or develops holes, the greases will leak down into the flow of your appliance. When servicing your appliance, check the condition of the accessories and replace the broken ones. 

  1. Design Flaw

A small opening at the base of your air fryer tray will leak oil out of the appliance. It could be a factory flaw that is causing the issue. Identify the holes and call Philips consumer support to resolve the issue for you. They will request a picture or video of the openings and a possible ship back.

  1. Accidental Spillage

A tilted oil trap can cause accidental spillage, and that’s why you are witnessing oil leakage. The leakage also happens if you shake your air fryer or the surface is inclined. Keep your air fryer on a level surface and avoid moving or bumping onto it when cooking.

  1. Filled-Up Oil Trap

The air fryer tray acts as a trap to catch oil and juices beneath the basket. An overfill in the oil trap will cause leakage and smoking on your air fryer. For oven-type Philips air fryers, the trap is a bit shallow, so you have to check for spillages when cooking oily and juicy foods.

  1. Grease Residue Buildup

A dirty air fryer has grease and food buildup, which burn up and begin leaking as oil when you power your appliance. Cleaning your Philips air fryer is a hygienic and maintenance process that prevents many issues such as heating up and leakages. Deep clean your air fryer after several uses to remove dirt buildup.

  1. Excess Liquid/Moisture

Excess water in your food, especially the frozen ones, will cause leakage. If your food is high-fat, you will get a leakage on the edges of your drawer. You will get a smoky white scene from your air fryer whenever you cook extra oily or watery food.

Though the smoke is not dangerous, it is not a cool sight to witness and is likely to scare you in your kitchen. Switch off your appliance and pull out the drawer with optimal care not to scald your hand or face. Reduce the liquid contents and resume the cooking process. 

Philips Air Fryer Not Heating Up

Like other appliances with heating features, air fryers experience failure to heat up. When many users experience a cold episode with their gadgets, they assume it is a breakdown. But this is a misconception, as the heating issue may be due to the way you handle your piece of equipment. Let’s delve into the factors that are making your Philips air fryer not heat up;

1. Power

A power disconnection in your house, kitchen, or wall socket will stop your Philips air fryer from heating up. You can begin testing the socket before you move the check the junction box. If there isn’t power in the junction box, the error could come from your main supply due to broken lines or unpaid bills. Ring them to reconnect you.

2. Cord

The electric cord that feeds your air fryer with power may be out of order. It could have twisted and broken and so requires a replacement. The plug head could be the course of the power disconnection to your heater, hence the heating issues.

If you have an extra cord, use it or plan to acquire a new one to avoid accidents and interruptions.

3. Circuit

Internal circuits do get damaged. A short circuit means a leakage or unintended electrical circuit diversion. When a short circuit occurs, the flow is low. But also, an open circuit can occur where the flow is excessive. Both electric flows are not suitable for your air fryer. Your equipment will either remain unheated or excessively heated. Get someone who understands electric flow to resolve this issue.

4. Heating Coil

The heating coil is the hot air source that cooks your food. The component consists of an element that can get damaged over time. Generally, all heating coils are brittle and can thus bread on impact or mishandling. Sadly, you cannot repair a heating coil. Get a replacement.

5. Temperature/Time Knob

Check whether your temp/time knob is functioning well. Or you erred when keying in the dials. Less time or temperature than the requirements will leave your heater cool. Regular servicing of your air fryer will solve loose or non-functional features, including the Temp/time knob.

Philips Air Fryer Smoking

No one likes cooking in a smoky kitchen as it could be a sign of fire. Besides the irritation that comes with the smoke, it could be a sign of a hazard in your kitchen. And so any smoke coming from your air fryer should raise eyebrows.

You may experience three types of smoke from your air fryer; White, blue, and black. Whichever the color, do not ignore it. Unplug your Philips air fryer and resolve the issue depending on the type of smoke and cause.

  • White Smoke

White smoke is excess steam from your food. The steam does not affect the performance of your air fryer, but it can scold you. Usually, it is frozen foods and vegetables that cause the white smoke as food begins to boil. The heat breaks the food cells, releasing water that boils and rises as steam.

Avoid cooking frozen foods if you don’t want to experience a smoky scene in your kitchen.

  • Blue Smoke

A cloud of blue smoke from your air fryer will accompany a smelly appliance. The smell is equivalent to burning cords or plastic and thus dangerous. Shut off your Philips air fryer and reach out to your technician. When he’s inspected the problem, he will advise whether you should call the manufacturer or he can resolve the issue. 

  • Black Smoke

Black smoke from any cooking appliance is usually a sign of burning food. Your Philips air fryer is smoking black because the food is burning. It could also be too much oil in the food sipping beneath the tray. It could also be accumulated grease and food residues that, when heated, are causing the smoldering black smoke.

Take note of the grease that spills over when cooking, and clean up the appliance afterward. Remove all the residues and keep your appliance clean. Extreme heat can burn your food,

so you must monitor the temperature levels on display. If your appliance is hot and food is not ready, reduce the temperature to a lower or appropriate level.  

Final Thoughts

Philips appliances have reigned in our kitchens for many years. Modern-day cooking is a breeze with the invention of its air fryer ovens. Food is now tastier and healthier for your family and friends.

Use this Philips air fryer troubleshooting guide to resolve any problem using your gadget. If you are stuck, contact our team for in-depth details. Cheers!

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