Samsung Air fryer oven cooking times? You Can Follow To Save Time

I am one of the many Samsung die-hard fans. I love their products, i.e., smartphones, laptops, etc. When I discovered that Samsung has an oven with an air fryer option, I couldn’t resist the urge to try it out.

The air fryer is a portable countertop convection oven designed to stimulate deep frying without immersing the food in oil.

What I love most about the air fryer is that it enables you to cook various foods, i.e., French fries, fish, meat, etc.

In addition, it also has various air frying times and temperature recommendations, together with which innovative program to use.

Cooking times for a variety of foods using the Samsung air fryer oven:

Cooking time refers to the time your food takes to cook. The cook time varies depending on the kind and thickness of food you intend to cook and the cooking method using your oven air fryer.

Here, we have discussed about cooking times of Samsung Air fryer oven for some food:

Chicken Wings Cooking times:

I remember my first time making chicken wings. Oh my God! They were delicious, almost identical to the fried chicken wings you eat in those well-known fancy hotels. Everyone in the family loved it; they couldn’t get enough of it.

I had to prepare another set of chicken wings. I went into the freezer and took out the chicken wings I had left to prepare for my friend as a token of appreciation for her encouragement for me to buy an air fryer.

I was a bit confused and wondered why it took much of my time when preparing the chicken wings this time. It then dawned on me that the cooking times depend on whether you are using frozen or fresh wings.

Fresh chicken wings take less time to cook since they are at a lower temperature than frozen ones, which takes about 5-6 minutes additional time when cooking crispy air fryer wings.

In addition, I also realized that stacking your chicken wings increases the chance of them being crispier rather than preserving them in a single layer.

FoodApplianceCooking TimeTemperatureInstructions
Chicken Wings (Fresh)Air fryer20-25 minutes400FTurn partway
Chicken Wings (Frozen)Air fryer20-30 minutes400FTurn partway

Keep in mind that the chicken wings are not the same size. Some are thicker than the other wings. As a result, always turn the chicken wings to prevent uneven cooking.

French fries Cooking times: 

One of the best things about the Samsung Airfyer oven is that it enables you to cook your French fries very crispy rather than just deep frying them, making them very delicious. Nothing is more palatable than homemade fries.

In addition, you can decide to spice up your French fries with salt and vinegar for extra flavor before air frying.

The cooking times for French fries depend on whether they are cut thick or thin, fresh or frozen air fryer fries.

FoodApplianceCooking TimeTemperatureInstructions
Thick-cut fries(fresh)Airfryer20-25 minutes385FShake or toss it
Thin-cut fries(frozen)Airfryer14-18 minutes385FShake or toss it
Thin-cut fries(fresh)Airfryer18-20 minutes385FShake or toss it
Thick-cut fries(frozen)Airfryer5-8 minutes400FShake or toss it

Remember that shaking or tossing the French fries while cooking ensures even cooking.

French fries also have specific nutritional value. The essential constituent of French Fries is potatoes which are a good source of vitamin C.Vitamin C has many health benefits, i.e., boosting your immunity and reducing the rate of chronic illnesses. Etc. As a result, French fries are healthy to eat.

Roasted Vegetables Cooking times:

Roasted vegetables are the perfect meal to prepare for dinner for your family. You can decide to equip them with chicken or make them more Mediterranean diet friendly by substituting vegetable oil with either olive oil or avocado oil.

Roasting vegetables presents the most refined taste in vegetables, making them more succulent.

There are a lot of vegetables you can cook in your Air fryer. However, I have just listed a few in the table below.

FoodApplianceCooking TimeTemperatureInstructions
BroccoliBake6-9 minutes400FToss it all the way through
AsparagusAirfryer7 minutes450FTurn partway
MushroomAirfryer10-12 minutes380FShake and stir it
CauliflowerAirfryer2-5 minutes350FTurn partway
ZucchiniAirfryer8-10 minutes400FShake or toss it

What I love most about roasted vegetables is their nutritious value. Vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals that aid in fighting disease-causing organisms.

Always keep in mind that you must keep turning the roasted vegetables partway or tossing them during the cooking process to prevent uneven food heating.

Fish and Meat Cooking times:

Did you know you can cook fish or meat using an air fryer? The air fryer cooks your fish crispy making it very delicious. In addition, it also roasts your meat which makes it more tender.

The cooking times for fish and meat depend on how thick they are. Ensure that you check your food so it doesn’t overcook and undercook.

FoodApplianceCooking TimeTemperatureInstructions
Shrimp(frozen)Airfryer6-8 minutes370FTurn partway
Shrimp (Fresh)Airfryer8-10 minutes370FTurn partway
Fish filletAirfryer10-12 minutes400FTurn partway
Beef SteakAirfryer12 minutes400FShake or toss it
Chicken nuggets (Frozen)Airfryer10-12 minutes400FShake or toss it

Fish and meat are rich in proteins which aid in not only maintaining your strength but also boosting your metabolism rate. Therefore high protein lowers your chances of getting ill.

Baked Goods Cooking times:

The Samsung Airfryer oven enables you to bake various types of food recipes. Baking food in the air fryer is less time-consuming since you won’t have to preheat the oven.

When baking in the air fryer, ensure that you use an oven-safe baking dish to enable your food to cook evenly, then leave it open unless otherwise.

FoodApplianceCooking TimeTemperatureInstructions
CakeAirfryer25-30 minutes320FMake use of the oven-safe baking dish
MuffinAirfryer11-13 minutes350FMake use of the oven-safe baking dish

It would help if you also used a dish that fits the basket of your air fryer to allow good air circulation.

Good air circulation enables your food to cook faster, saving time and energy.

Other Snacks and Appetizers Cooking times:

The most exciting part about the Samsung air fryer oven is that you can also use it for cooking your favorite snacks and appetizers, which aid in curbing your appetite and preventing you from overeating.

There are so many yummy snacks and appetizers you can cook in your air fryer. However, I have just listed a few in the table below.

FoodApplianceCooking TimeTemperatureInstructions
Ham and Cheese CroquettesAirfryer8-10 minutes400FSet the air fryer appropriately
Lemonade SconesAirfryer8-10 minutes350FSet the air fryer appropriately
PizzaAirfryer3-4 minutes400FSet the air fryer appropriately
ZucchiniAirfryer8-10minutes400FShake or toss it

Snacks and appetizers provide energy and nutrients that fuel your body’s internal functions. In addition, they also help you to maintain your hunger levels more so on days when you don’t have enough time to grab a bite.

Cooking times are directions from the company on how to cook various food recipes. Keep in mind that the cooking times differ depending on the thickness of the food.

Always use the safe oven appliance since it can resist high heat in the oven, especially when cooking food that requires a pan. The Samsung air fryer oven is not only easy to use but also enables you to cook a variety of foods. It is a must-have in every kitchen.