Ninja Foodi Sear/Sauté Not Working? (Quick Fix!)

A Sear/Sauté feature in your Ninja Foodi works like your cooktop. The program simmers, sautés, and sears/boils your meat to your preferred tenderness. And if you are a first-time user of Ninja Foodi, this function, among others, comes on the pressure lid.  

On this lid, you will also pressure cook or steam your food. In short, the sear/sauté has a slow cook function. While you have the air fry lid, pressing the program will not respond to your Ninja Foodi

Instead, the air fry lid will Dehydrate, Broil, Bake/Roast, and Air Crisp your goodies, depending on your selection. 

Ninja Foodi Sear/Sauté not working could mean a straightforward issue that you can resolve yourself or a complicated one that requires expertise. But how will you know whether the problem is simple or complex? Make time to learn your Ninja Foodi problems from this article.

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What Does Sear/Sauté Mean On Ninja Foodi?

With a new Ninja Foodi at home, you must be excited. But the many buttons on the panel overwhelm new users. At least a simple explanation of what the knobs mean would help. One of the buttons that you may not find in other air fryers is Sear/Sauté.

The function makes your air fryer more versatile, without restrictions on what to cook. But what does it mean? The cooking mode means you can brown, sear, or sauté your ingredients in the appliance. The Sear/Sauté feature allows your Ninja Foodi to cook on high heat like your regular cooking pot. The direct heating on the cooking surface gives your food a brown and caramel color.

Now that you know what Sear/Sauté means on Ninja Foodi, here are 8 takeaways about this crucial combo feature;

  • The Sear functionality cooks food at a high temperature and is favorable for cooking meat to give it a crisp caramel on the outside.
  • Sauté in your Ninja Foodi is a similar function to the stovetop sautéing, where you need continuous stirring to enhance the browning of ingredients.
  • Sear/Sauté generates high heat to create caramel in the food and form a flavorful crust.
  • Sear/Sauté enhances the texture and taste of your foods.
  • Allow preheating duration for your Ninja Foodi to acquire the desired temperature before adding any ingredients. If you omit this step, your food will not develop a nice caramel or brown crust. 
  •  You can adjust your recipe temperature to match the Sear/Sauté feature.  
  • Add a little oil to your ingredients in the Ninja Foodi basket to enhance sauteing.  
  • To optimize the Sear/Sauté function on your Ninja Foodi, use it to simmer sauces.

Sear/Sauté Function

When you keenly observe your Ninja Foodi display, you will spot LO, MED, and HI wordings. These are Low, Medium, and High. LO refers to simmering your meat while MED means sautéing. You will pick HI if you want to boil or sear your meat. 

But that’s only a dream for now. Your Ninja Foodi Sear/Sauté not working can’t let you enjoy a delicious, tender meaty meal. Fortunately, you are not alone, as most people don’t know what to do when this feature of your Ninja Foodi kitchen appliance is not responding. 

You probably misplaced their appliance’s user manual and have no reference for resolving the issue. Whatever the case, you need a solution to be able to cook. And that’s the purpose of our latest guide, Ninja Foodi Sear/Sauté Not Working.

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What Could Be The Cause For Your Sear/Sauté Feature Not Working? 

The reason why your Ninja Foodi Sear/Sauté is not responding could be several;

  • Wrong lid choice

Ninja Foodi is a duo pot with two lids, a pressure cooker, and an air fry lid. The pressure cooker lid has three cooking functions;

Sear/Sauté: The feature slow cooks your food to your desired tenderness, thus functioning as a regular stovetop. As I mentioned above, it has three buttons, Hi for boiling, MED for sautéing, and Low for simmering. 

Steam: The steam function for your vegetables and other foods that do not require slow cooking. 

Pressure cook: This pressure cooking function allows you to cook foods that take a long time to finish like legumes and cereals. You can boil your beans, chickpea, and even tough meat that would take longer in the Sear/Sauté feature.

The air fry lid has a clear label that will broil, dehydrate, bake/roast, and air crisp your food. If you pick the wrong lid and press the Sear/Sauté, you will wait forever for the function to respond!

  • Did you secure the lid correctly?

Your Ninja Foodi Sear/Sauté not working may be due to placing your lid erroneously. That way, the lid will not lock well with the base. Be alert; your appliance is likely to show a lid error.

Equally, you have to be keen to check whether the arrowheads on the pot and the lid align. Rotate your lid left-right to secure it perfectly and make it airtight.

  • Wrong program selection

There are three functions on the pressure cooker lid: Sear/Sauté, Steam, and Pressure. Which one did you pick? Recheck to ensure that you didn’t press Steam functions or Pressure.

  • Overfilled Pot

Ninja Food has a sensor that doesn’t allow any function to respond if you have overfilled. Check the levels on the pot to ensure that your contents do not surpass the indicator.

If you overfilled the cooker, relieve the pot by opening the lid and reducing the contents. Cover, select Sear/Sauté, LO, MED, or HI features for simmering, Sautéing, and boiling, respectively.

  • Faulty Sear/Sauté sensor

One of the leading bases for your Ninja Foodi Sear/Sauté not working is a faulty function. If you have ensured the lid is the right one and secured it correctly, the function could be faulty.

A nonresponding sensor requires handling by an expert. Meanwhile, try a reset by plugging out the pot from the power source and then re-plugging. The process can wake up the Sear/Sauté sensor.

  • Malfunctioning Lid 

If it is not a reset case, a malfunctioning Ninja Foodi pressure cooker or air fryer lid is a more complicated issue than you perceive. It could mean that the lid is damaged beyond repair and requires a replacement. But before you work out how you will dig deeper into your pocket, here is some relief for you;

Try to troubleshoot your entire appliance by resetting it! 

Of course, your ninja Foodi doesn’t come with a button to press and reset instantly, but you do have a provision to unplug and wait for several minutes. Re-plug your machine and start the program (Sear/Sauté). Any time your appliance malfunctions, you can try this trick to wake up the memory and the programs.

  • Broken appliance

Your appliance may have died. Even if the lid is in the right shape, the Sear/Sauté program will not work with a broken base. Nothing works ideally like sending your appliance to a certified repair center.

It is inconvenient to ship back your appliance, but it solves many problems. You can also call the Ninja Foodi customer care desk to find out if they have a repair center near you. 

Golden tip!

Do not attempt to repair or hand over your Ninja Foodi to unlicensed tech. You or they may interfere with the manufacturer’s warranty and add you to the troubles of having to buy a new appliance.

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