Ninja Foodi Troubleshooting Water Error? | Ninja Foodi Float Valve Not Working?

As you have learned in this guide, you may experience many errors on your Ninja Foodi, but that does not discredit the appliance. You have the best modern pot that can cook instantly and air fry your food. Water error on your Ninja Foodi will feature as WATR and should not puzzle you. 

Firstly, note that the error will show only when you select the steaming or pressure function on your pressure cooker lid. Secondly, it is not a mechanical fault. You can solve the error quite fast without engaging an expert.

Have a look at three reasons why you see the error;

  • The low water level in the pot: Easy, check the water level in your pot and add to reach the recommended level.
  • Improperly positioned pressure valve: Inspect the valve and place it in the proper position
  • Improper silicon ring installation: fit the silicon ring correctly to solve the issue.
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Ninja Foodi Float Valve Not Working

Lastly, we have an essential feature known as the float valve. It may also malfunction and leave you in a stump. And if you have already experienced it, you can attest that a float valve is small but will not let you use the pressure cooker lid effectively if it malfunctions. 

If you didn’t know its purpose, the red float valve is to lock the lid when the Pressure builds up in the cooker. Once it locks the lid, you cannot open your pressure cooker unless you unplug from the power and wait for cooling. 

And so, the float valve remains a safety feature in your Ninja Foodi. For any slight malfunction, you have to act promptly not to compromise the apparatus’s security.

Sometimes, this valve malfunctions and fails to pop up. The is Pressure inside your pot, but it is not functioning as per the design. You are going to resolve this issue by first checking the problem.


  1. Inspect the Pressure in your pot

You cannot open a pressurized Ninja Foodi pot as the lid cannot come out. And if there is Pressure, the float valve will face upwards. Check if the valve is facing downwards to acknowledge no pressure.

If you can lift the lid quickly, there is no pressure in your pot. Sometimes, the lid may be stuck, but there is no pressure inside. The seal then isn’t working right. A keen inspection of the Pressure in your appliance can give you a clue about why your float valve is not working.

  1. Inspect the lid and pot arrows alignment

If both arrows are not aligning correctly, then the float valve will not function because the apparatus is not locked. The locking mechanism must be in place for the red float valve to face upward and vice versa.   

Lock your lid correctly and observe your Ninja Foodi float valve face upwards.   

  1. Switch off Ninja Foodi

The idea behind switching off ninja Foodi is to cool down the appliance and let the Pressure escape naturally. If the float valve is not facing upwards or downward, your next move will be to unplug your pot and leave it for several hours to release the Pressure.

Leave the lid uninterrupted and do not open it until it is loose and lifts quickly. Forcefully opening your Ninja Foodi is a hazard and can cause severe injuries to you and anyone around you. Just unplug and leave it to cool down naturally until the float valve faces down. 

Inspect the arrows and align correctly to get the float valve working again when everything has settled.

  1. Be patient

 This step is more of a safety caution than a procedure! While dealing with your Ninja Foodi pressure cooker float valve, you must exercise patience. For instance, after disconnecting or switching off your cooker from the power source, you will have to hold on for several hours. That gives your food sufficient time to simmer and the oven to release Pressure naturally.

You will have created a safe situation for you to open the lid and inspect the float valve. Go ahead and check for your float valve’s physical wear or looseness. After inspection, tell it to expertise or move to the last step if you notice a problem.

  1. Consult your customer care department

If you see none of the above steps are working, you have to call your Ninja Foodi customer service department for proper diagnostics. Remember that the float valve is a safety feature that requires proper inspection if it is not working as per its design. When the Pressure builds up, it should face up and face downwards when the Pressure is low.

Safety issues when cooking with your pressure cooker are very sensitive. A slight mistake can leave you with burns. Observe and learn your Ninja Foodi to stay safe when cooking.

The wrap-up

Your NinjaShark appliance is a combination of many features. Alongside the air frying function, the fryer has the pressure cooking feature. Ninja Foodi Sear/Sauté not working guide concentrates on the pressure cooker lid. And the lid comes with four features; Pressure, Steam, Sear/Sauté.  

When none of the features are working, you cannot proceed to use your lid. Equally, when the display shows errors like LID, HOT, WATR, and SHUT, you cannot cook unless you resolve the problem. Fortunately, many of Ninja Foodi’s problems are easy to handle.

We have other guides on this website detailing the Ninja Foodi air fryer, among other brands. Take your time and go through the problems that many users experience. You will get the fixes and enjoy tear-free cooking.

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