Kitchen Couture Air Fryer Troubleshooting

Kitchen Couture is an Australian brand that guarantees standards and versatility. The air fryer brand comes in different models with varied functionalities and capacities. 

The design ranges from baskets to oven/grill-type air fryers. Its functionalities are similar and include cooking with convection waves at minimal oil levels. You will roast, dehydrate, bake, reheat, and air fry your food. Several other functionalities depend on your model. Learn Kitchen Couture air fryer troubleshooting for smooth operations. 

Kitchen Couture Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

Troubleshooting the Kitchen Couture air fryer is super easy. You only need to get hold of your model’s user manual, read it, and master the processes. If the document is friendly or, for some reason, you prefer more details, we have this guide. 

The air fryer not turning on should not make you shy from fulfilling your desires. After all, your gadget may not be broken. It could be a wrong basket positioning or a broken door that won’t close. A power blackout is a possible cause for this adamant error.

Check the details below to resolve a Kitchen Couture air fryer that doesn’t turn on.

  • Wrong Basket Placement

Placing the basket wrongly on the tray causes tilting. The mishap creates an impression that the oven isn’t ready to turn on. Remove the basket and place it properly on the tray. Use the support hooks to keep the basket in the tray firmly.  

  • Door Error

Your air fryer door or drawer may not have latched correctly. Misalignment due to lose hinges will cause the error. If yours is the grill/oven type, the seal may be missing or out of place. A blockage is also common where the food is excess on the rotisserie or in the basket. The amounts prevent the door from closing, so your air fryer doesn’t turn on. Inspect your air fryer door and discover why it isn’t latching well.  

  • Power Blackout

Could you be experiencing a power blackout hence the failure to operate? An electric gadget with no power cannot turn on or run. Confirm from other appliances the meter box or test the socket for continuity. For power blackouts, hold on to your horses and wait for reconnection. You can resolve your home’s circuitry system if it is the source of error. But be sure to engage a professional. Electricity is dangerous!

  • Manufacturing Error

Before inspecting your appliance for breakages, it is vital to check if it is a manufacturing error. Visible errors like a cord that wouldn’t fit properly in the circuit or on the air fryer are manufacturing defects. That’s possible if the air fryer is new. If you followed the right turning-on process, but nothing works, you must contact your dealer or the manufacturer. Explain the issue and let the team guide you on the next step.

  • Wiring Hitch

An air fryer functioning properly but suddenly doesn’t turn on could be experiencing a wiring hitch. That requires an examination of the external cord connecting the socket to the interior wires that power your air fryer functions. Be keen to observe cord breaks or bends. Exposed wiring from the cord’s insulation is a red alert for power discontinuity or leakage.

Replace the cable and test if your appliance operates. The internal wiring requires a professional to inspect, repair or replace where possible. Your electrician will come with an ammeter to measure the electric flow and rectify the potential hitch.

  • Broken Controls

Besides the wiring system, your air fryer has the main control unit. This control board houses all the functions. Old age or normal wear and tear can cause your air fryer to mute. Also, your appliance may have experienced an impact. That can cause your controls to shake or break.

An air fryer specialist will examine and rectify the problem. The best advice for an old and obsolete air fryer is to buy a new appliance. It is cheaper to maintain and operate a new machine. Besides, the features that come with upgraded models are exciting, intelligent, and extra versatile.

  • Plug And Fuse Error

The plug holds the fuse as it lies strategically to regulate the voltage that runs your appliance. If these two components fail, your air fryer won’t turn on. The plug may be broken and so not fit into the wall source. No power will pass through. On the other hand, the pin may be in perfect condition, but the fuse is dead. So you must inspect the duo if your air fryer isn’t running on. Replace a faulty plug and fuse to ensure continuity. 

  • Follow The Right Processes, Do’s, And Don’ts

Every appliance comes with a series of procedures, dos and don’ts. Your Kitchen Couture has an operating manual that highlights the processes. Before turning on the air fryer, you must ensure power and that all the ingredients are ready in the basket. The operating methods make your cooking smooth, including turning it on. Follow the below procedure to operate your gadget successively;

  • Step One: Mastering The Appliance

Learn your air fryer’s control panel. Each air fryer is unique and comes with a different user interface. Your Kitchen Couture has the following components;

  1. Control panel
  2. Basket
  3. Tray
  4. Safety switch
  5. Main body

Each of the above components is important, but the control panel is the heart of your gadget. It comes with the following features;

  1. Display
  2. Temp +
  3. Temp –
  4. Time +
  5. Time –
  6. Start/Pause
  7. Mode selection
  8. Menu buttons (Fish, Meat, Steak, Chicken, Potato Fries, etc.)

One cautions the manufacturer gives you is not to use excess oil while using your air fryer. The reason is the machine will smoke and overheat. Excess heat causes an abrupt stopping. Also, keep the appliance at a level surface to avoid falling over and impact. The impact can destroy the machine beyond repair.

There are many other warnings for operating your device. Learn them in your user manual document before moving to the next step. 

  • Step Two: Use Your Air Fryer

You must unpack and clean the components when you bring home your new Kitchen Couture air fryer. The process removes warehouse and shipment dirt, making the oven hygienically safe for use. Avoid abrasives and use mild soap to clean your air fryer. Remember that submerging it in water will cause a short circuit and failure to turn on.

Get rid of the initial burning smell by running the appliance at 200°C without food for about 30 minutes. 

  • Step Three

Fill your basket with ingredients and place it horizontally into the tray. It should not tilt. Be sure not to overfill the unit to prevent obstruction.

  • Step Four

Plug your Kitchen Couture into the wall socket. We assume that all your sockets have an earthing wire for safe usage. 

A ring sound followed by lights on the panel will show. They will go off, but the Start/Pause will remain. That indicates that your air fryer is in standby mode.

  • Step Five

Tap the Start/Pause button once. The button’s lights come on, and the appliance is in the default cooking setting. The default cooking mode is “Potato Fries.”

  • Step Six

Tap the Mode Selection to pick your preferred cooking setting. 

  • Step Seven

Tap and hold the air fryer’s Start/Pause for three moments to begin cooking. Your appliance’s Cooking Indication will show that the oven is cooking in the mode you selected. You can press the Start/Pause if you need to pause cooking and the same button to resume the cycle.  


  • You can personalize the cooking time from 1 to 60 minutes by touching Time + or Time -. Adjust the time with a one-minute interval.
  • Personalize the cooking temperature from 50 to 200°C by touching Temp + or Temp – and with an adjustment of 10°C. 
  • When the time is up, your air fryer will shut off automatically.

Cheers! Those steps to turning on your Kitchen Couture air fryer and running the machine successfully.

Other Kitchen Couture Air Fryer’s Troubleshooting Tips

Feel free to refer to our guide if you experience any of the below troubleshooting hitches;

  1. Fan Not Working

The fan not working impacts your air fryer’s ability to cook food consistently. You will have some portions well done while others will be raw. So, when you notice the fan isn’t working, you must act swiftly. Unplug the machine and try to examine the problem.

The possibility of your air fryer not working includes;

  • Obstructions cause the blades not to spin freely.
  • The broken base causes the blades to fall off or wobble.
  • A damaged motor that stops the fan from running.
  • Faulty controls where the fan switch is stuck or broken.
  • Circuit/terminal disconnect where the fan isn’t getting power to run.

Once you inspect the causes, resolve depending on the error. Clear obstruction, replace the terminals, switch, and faulty controls. You can opt to buy a new fan if the components are beyond repair.

  • Display Error

Without the display, you won’t read the temperature, time, and error codes. You need to figure out the problem as soon as possible. Find out if it is a bug attached by resetting your appliance. Without the reset button, you will need to pull off the air fryer from the socket and re-plug it after a few minutes. That clears the error.

Your Kitchen Couture air fryer’s display could also be experiencing faulty controls. Call the care center or your dealer to advise you on the next step. Trying to repair your air fryer controls can further damage the appliance. You need a professional hand to solve the error. 

  • Overheating

Overheating can scare you as you are unsure if your air fryer is faulty. The fact is, the hitch happens because you aren’t doing things right. Adding excess oil to your ingredients causes overheating.

Accumulated grime in the tray or at the bottom of your air fryer’s cooking chamber will cause a similar problem when you power on your air fryer. Keep your air fryer clean and use less oil in your food. A mild spray will cook your food to a golden-brown outcome.

  • Smoking

Your air fryer smokes due to excess oil and water in your food. Extra fat will cause black smoke, an indicator of burning food. 

Grime, too will cause black smoke. Excess water than your air fryer can utilize causes white smoke. An implication of vapor coming out of your food. The white smoke isn’t dangerous but can create a scare in your kitchen. Retain minimal water levels in your ingredients.

Blue and smelly smoke from your Kitchen Couture air fryer signifies melting components. Turn off the gadget and call the manufacturer. That’s too dangerous for you to handle.

  • Touchscreen Not Responding

Smart devices have touch screens instead of knobs for operating various features. Kitchen Couture air fryers have screens and so are vulnerable to responsiveness. There are no rotating dials to serve as a backup just in case the screen mutes. Learn here how to rectify a touchscreen that is not responding;

  • Wipe dust, grime, and oil from the screen.
  • Clean and wipe your hands to ensure that the fingers are not wet, dirty, or oily.
  • Reset the air fryer to clear and update technical hitches.
  • Repair broken or scratched touchpad.
  • Be sure that it is not a power disconnection on the main switch.
  • Examine the controls in the heart of your air fryer (A tech will better handle our air fryer controls)
  • Replace obsolete/old air fryers whose operating programs stopped upgrading.
  • Wi-Fi Not Connecting
  • Download and install the operating app successfully.
  • Update the old application.
  • Check your home router for connectivity.
  • Use the correct credentials (username and passcodes)
  • Call the manufacturer if none of the above measures is working.

Final Thoughts

Your Kitchen Couture gadget, digital or non-digital, delivers sumptuous foods to your family. The machine is economical and affordable. With its top features, you cannot trade it with any other gadget in your kitchen. We listed most Kitchen Couture air fryer troubleshooting processes to smoothen your cooking cycles.

Keep reading the tips and solve common hitches at home. Call the manufacturer or contact us if the problem is beyond your means. We will resolve the puzzle for you. Good luck!