Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working! Causes & Solutions

Air fryers can cook the healthiest foods depending on how you use them. The convenience is on another level as it comes with many cooking options. However, when the machine experiences a problem, such as a touch screen not working, you will have trouble operating it. Air fryer touchscreen malfunctions require a troubleshooting guide to help you identify and solve the issues effectively. 

Resolving an air fryer touch screen not working involves addressing physical damage, fixing software glitches, and ensuring that the unit has no electrical errors. Cleaning and calibrating the air fryer touchscreen can also resolve unresponsive controls. 

14 Causes And Fixes For The Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working:

Most likely, you are experiencing several issues with your air fryer’s touchscreen. It could be unresponsive, shaking, lagging, incorrect response, or extra sensitive pad. There are causes to look out for. We also have the fixes for the air fryer touchscreen not working. 

  1. Accumulated Dirt

Before intensively examining your unresponsive touch screen, you need to check if it is dirty. If you have been cooking with your gadget and not cleaning it appropriately, you are doing more harm. The spills and splatters from your food will form an extra layer on the screen, making it unresponsive.

Your lovely appliance may start with an extra sensitive pad, then a lagging and unresponsive pad. More damage will occur if the gravy, oil, and other liquids leak into your air fryer’s guts. It could be rust or a short circuit. So, you must fix this quite fast.

How To Fix

Clean your air fryer! But there is a disclaimer. Using running water will damage your appliance. All you need is to wipe the unit with a wet sponge. If need be, you can blow dry the air fryer to remove excess dust from the interiors. To enhance touch screen performance, keep your air fryer free from spills and oils.

2. Moisture  

There are different types of touch screens which also depend on the appliance. Your air fryer uses a capacitive touch screen with excellent electrical conductivity. Its touch sensitivity is also quite effective.

This screen is similar to the smartphone and tablet touch screen and is a layer of capacitive material over a glass panel. When you touch the pad with your finger, that alters the screen’s electrical field. The reason is the finder is a conductive material. Your touch screen controller detects the touch and translates it into the command input.

Though the types of screen touches vary with the model/brand, all are sensitive to water. High moisture levels, including wet hands, can cause your air fryer touch screen not to respond. It affects the functionality and may even damage the screen. 

 How To Fix

Your air fryer’s touch screen must be dry to respond to your touch. If you notice water or other spills, use a soft cloth to wipe off the liquid and wait for the screen to dry. You should never use your gadget in humid conditions or outdoors when it rains.

Also, do not operate your air fryer inside a cabinet. There is no proper air circulation, which can cause moisture build-up. Make use of your countertop.  

3. Oily Fingers

Dirty and oily fingers are unhygienic and can cause your touch devices not to respond. Oil, grease, and dirt can contaminate your food. And cause severe illness. Also, operating your touchscreen air fryer with soiled hands will reduce conductivity.

Your device’s touch screen is capacitive and thus sensitive to human touch. When there is a barrier, conductivity does not occur, hence no touch inputs. The screen may also give inaccurate outputs. 

How To Fix

Do not operate your air fryer with wet, oily, or greasy fingers. Use soap to rip off the dirt and ensure your hands are dry. Clean, dry hands enhance the conductivity and proper functioning of the touch screen.

4. Obstacles

Though you want to leave the screen pad protection intact, it can affect or stop its functionalities. The film is essential for avoiding scratches, wear, and tear, but you do not need it. Also, mitts, bandages, kitchen cloth, and gloves on your hand interfere with the conductivity of the touch screen. The device’s capacitive touchpad cannot sense the wrapped fingers.

How To Fix

Set your fingers free! Remove mitts, bandages, kitchen clothes, and gloves from your hands before operating your air fryer. Also, ensure your hands are not wet.

5. Open Drawer

For your air fryer to begin operating, you must close the drawer. The sensors relay to the control panel that the gadget is ready to begin. If the unit is open, the touch screen might not respond. So, the air fryer touch screen not working when the drawer is open is a safety mechanism in your machine. Besides failing to close your air fryer drawer appropriately, there are other causes of the door not closing;

  • Overfilled air fryer.
  • Physical damages such as broken hinges and other door components.
  • Blockage on the sliding plane.

How To Fix

  • Close the door of your air fryer until it latches.
  • Remove obstructions on the sliding plane.
  • Inspect the door for physical damages, including broken hinges and warped doors.
  • If it is an overfill, reduce the food from the basket. 

6. Physical Damage

A crack or a dent on the touch screen will not let you operate the device. That happens due to a fall, impact, or dropping heavy objects on the air fryer. Like your smartphone’s touch screen, which becomes extra sensitive to touch, lags, or shakes when it has a crack, the same will happen to your air fryer. 

How To Fix

Get an air fryer touchscreen replacement from a trusted dealer. Not sure? Call the manufacturer.

7. Software Glitches

Some websites will refer software glitches to bugs. That’s one and the same thing. All electrical devices experience software glitches whenever there are updates to the operating programs. These updates are essential as they are regular releases from the manufacturer to enhance the air fryer’s performance.

When the updates occur, they can leave your appliance glitchy, especially the touch screen. It will freeze or begin lagging when you key in inputs. But there is nothing to worry about if it doesn’t always occur. 

How To Fix

Whenever you suspect your air fryer is undergoing a software glitch, reset it. How will you know that it is a software glitch or a bug? The air fryer touchscreen will stop working. Also, your gadget may not turn on, heat or work. All the operations shut down. Some models experience display errors.

Whichever the symptom, you have to know how to resolve it. The process includes following the air fryer’s manual on resolving bugs. If the procedures are not there, unplug your device and leave it to rest for a while.

Note that some manuals guide you on pressing and holding button combinations to initiate the reset. After it has cooled down, restart it and check if the touchscreen issue clears. If not, you must contact the product support for further guidance. 

8. Electrical Glitches

Electrical glitches are not the same as software glitches. The issue involves the electrical wiring of the device. The touch screen has a network of tiny electric wires that feed the component with power. Without power, the screen won’t work.

Also, the wires may break and cause a power leakage. Whatever the issue, you must resolve it to get the touch screen back to work. Electrical glitches have several causes and fixes;

Causes And Fixes

  • Power break: A power break on the power line causes your appliances to stop working. The break could be due to harsh weather or worn-out power lines. But it could also be a power company issue. You cannot resolve a power break in your home or neighborhood. Call the relevant team to visit and fix the issue.
  • Defective main switch: A defect on the main switch holding your power meter can disconnect your appliance. When there is no power flow into the socket and the device, components such as the air fryer touchscreen will stop working. Check if the main socket tripped. Switch it on and observe for a while if it trips again. If so, there could be an error in your home’s electrical system. Call an electrician to establish the cause and resolve it for you.
  • Defective socket: A defective socket or wall source will not enhance power flow into the device. It may have tripped due to overload, or it is dead. The air fryer stopped working, including its touch screen. It is not a mystery to determine a defective socket. The topmost action is to change your air fryer into a different socket. If it works, then the previous wall power source has an issue. Walk into an electrical shop and replace the broken socket. You can ask an electrician to fix the new one for you. 
  • Broken cord: A broken external cord cause your air fryer to work partially or not. If the touch screen doesn’t get enough power due to such breaks, it won’t work. You must replace a broken cord. And that includes a defective plug head and its fuse.
  • Loose internal connections: Loose internal wiring is another significant cause for a partially or fully failing appliance. Power might be less due to losing terminals, thus causing the screen not to function in the background. Get a professional to analyze your air fryer’s electrical wiring and make necessary adjustments.

9. Control Panel Glitches

The control panel glitch is another cause of air fryer touchscreen issues. The unit coordinates all the programs and functions of the appliance. That includes the memory, which causes the touch screen to function and enhance the cooking process. 

How To Fix

Do not attempt to fix your air fryer’s control panel glitches. The control panel is complex to understand and determine the glitch. To fix it, you need a professional with gadgets like a multimeter and soldering rod. Some techs have a computerized diagnostic machine for electrical appliances. So, leave the work to them.

10. Damaged Membrane Switch

All touch screens have a membrane behind the pad with sensors to allow communication. So when you touch the screen, information is relayed through the membrane to the control panel. The membrane has several components, including a switch, conductive membrane, and circuitry. This switch is a control interface for touch-sensitive controls.

How To Fix

If the intuitive membrane components are faulty, you cannot adjust the controls fully. The membrane isn’t easy to access unless you open apart your appliance. The process is complex, so you need a technician’s help. Most probably, your air fryer might require a new touchscreen overhaul.

11. Counterfeit Unit

Most air fryers are hardy, especially if you buy a genuine product. You will rarely experience touch screen issues unless there are an impact, moisture, and wiring issues. All the problems we have discussed above are solvable. But a counterfeit air fryer is not easy to fix. It is even a hazard to cook with it. You risk toxic substances such as Teflon and PFAS.

How To Fix

If you are unsure whether your air fryer is genuine, analyze its performance. Has the air fryer been breaking often? Where did you buy it? Sourcing an appliance directly from the manufacturer or a licensed dealer assures quality. In case of a breakdown, you can claim the product warranty, usually a free replacement or restructuring. 

Not sure whether you ordered from a trustworthy website? Search for the exact number online and explain the situation. In the future, buy your appliances from a manufacturer or an authentic dealer.

12. Wrong Installation

You may have recently replaced your air fryer touchscreen. If it has failed, it may be due to a wrong installation process or a mismatch. The error happens all the time when we fix appliances without prior knowledge. And though DIY processes can save us time and money, they can be costly to correct. 

How To Fix

Following the user’s directions may not be sufficient to fix a sensitive component like a touch screen. You require technical know-how. Call a tech to fix the air fryer touchscreen issue.

13. Factory Errors

Factory errors are inevitable! Your air fryer touch screen not working may be out to such defects. These are sometimes irreversible at home or by a tech.  

How To Fix

Do not fix factory defects. Attempting any process can affect the warranty. You aren’t sure of the cause. Also, some procedures can endanger your life and cause injuries or fatalities. That’s why you should call the manufacturer’s customer service team and explain that your air fryer touch screen is not working.

The team has a list of options, which include prompts to follow or reshipping the unit back to them for rectification.

14. Old Touchscreen

Old gadgets show fatigue by failing to work. The issues could be complex. One of them is the air fryer touch screen not working. It could also be insufficient heating or stopping to work mid-process. That’s why you must determine the age of your air fryer before you begin fixing all the causes we discussed above.

Other than the factory defects, the rest might be due to age. The components begin failing one after the other, and before you realize it, you will have spent more money than buying a new air fryer. 

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