Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Toaster Oven Cooking Times? You Can Follow To Save Time

When I was growing up, I used to think that toaster ovens were for rich people. I could visit my richest auntie and admire how the device worked perfectly for quick snacks and meals. At that time, I told myself one day, I must own one. Guess what? I now own a Hamilton beach air fryer toaster oven.

It is a great Digital Air fryer Toaster Oven you can afford to buy for your home. This exciting product can broil, bake, air fry, and toast. You are there wondering: Are the cooking times for the unit the same for all recipes?

Glad that you choose to be here. I will outline different things you can cook with this kitchen gadget and their cooking times. Keep reading!

Cooking times for various food using Hamilton Beach air fryer toaster oven:

The cooking times in Hamilton beach air fryer toaster oven differ depending on the food you are cooking and the cooking program you choose. When introducing my article, I told you one of the reasons I love this countertop oven is that it not only toasts but also broil, air fry, and bake. With this in mind, you must keep an eye on what you are cooking and adjust time accordingly.

When using a conventional oven, time and temperature are two things you cannot use separately. What this means is that you mind about the cooking time of a specific recipe in this toaster oven, you must focus on the temperature you will require to set.

This will prevent you from undercooking or overcooking your food. With that understanding, let us now look at the cooking program, temperature, and time recommendations for frozen fries and snacks, vegetables, poultry and meat, fish and seafood, bakery, and desserts.

Frozen fries and snacks cooking times:

One of the major reasons you may want to buy a Hamilton beach air fryer toaster and oven is to help you make homemade frozen fries and snacks. The air fry mode is to be used for this case. Rather than deep-frying fries, I recommend creating a crispy side dish or snack using air.

The cooking times when using this classic toaster oven depend on whether you use frozen or fresh fries and snacks. For this case, we are using frozen fries. To cook fries, you can use roast or air fry settings. Here, I will look at the air fry mode. See the cooking times and their recommended temperature.

Frozen chicken nuggets340g/16 nuggetsAir fry450 degrees Fahrenheit15-17 minutes
Frozen regular French fries227 gAir fry450 degrees Fahrenheit18-22 minutes
Frozen mozzarella sticks227g/ about 10 sticksAir fry400 degrees Fahrenheit8-10 minutes
Frozen bread chicken tenders397g/8 tendersAir fry450 degrees Fahrenheit18-20 minutes
Frozen tater tots227 gAir fry450 degrees Fahrenheit8-10 minutes

Vegetables cooking times:

There are countless delicious recipes with vegetables you can cook in your Hamilton beach air fryer toaster oven. I will just outline a few of them. Gladly, you can air fry or bake them at varying temperatures. For heating evenly, it is recommended you turn these vegetables partway through the cooking time.

Cauliflower340/1 small head cut into floretsAir fry450 degrees Fahrenheit12-14 minutes
Brussels sprouts, halved277 gAir fry450 degrees Fahrenheit13-15 minutes
Asparagus spears170 gAir fry450 degrees Fahrenheit8-10 minutes
Green beans227 gAir fry450 degrees Fahrenheit10-12 minutes
Fresh potato fries283/1 potato cut into friesAir fry450 degrees Fahrenheit26-28 minutes

Poultry and Meat cooking times:

In addition to air-frying fries and snacks, you can use the device to cook meat or poultry. While most of the meat can cook perfectly in the roast or air fry program, you can also use the broil program in this toaster oven. If you are searching to buy a toaster oven for your home, you may know the types of foods it cooks before making purchases.

The cooking times for meat and poultry in this air fryer oven are determined by their thickness. Thus, you must be careful to ensure they do not undercook or overcook. Make sure your meat or poultry cooks for a long time to reach the right temperature.

Rib Eye steak ½ inch thick340 f/1 steakBroilHigh15-18 minutes
Broil hamburgers113 g each/4 burgersBroilHigh10-12 minutes
Sheet pan supperPork tenderloin and veggies1 lb pork tenderloin: 2 large carrots sliced ½-inch thick: 2 large potatoes cut into a cube: ½ small sweet onions cut in thin wedges; 1 tsp steak seasoning; 1 Tbsp olive oil; salt and pepper to taste; ½ cup apricot jam; 1 Tbs p balsami c vinegarAir fry or bake425 degrees Fahrenheit20 minutesStir; add glaze and cook extra 10 minutes until pork reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit
Hamburger ¾-inch thick, 80% lean, 20% fat113g each/ 4 burgersAir fry450 degrees Fahrenheit15-18 minutes
Fresh chicken tenders476gAir fry425 degrees Fahrenheit15-18 minutes
Fresh whole chicken wings6 wingsAir fry450 degrees Fahrenheit16-18 minutes
Rib Eye steak ½ inch thick340g / 1 steakAir fry425 degrees Fahrenheit10-12 minutes

Fish and Seafood cooking times:

I love fish so much. So I had to make sure I knew the cooking times to avoid overcooking. The truth is that fish is sweet, but it does not come out perfectly once it is overcooked. I think the same applies to other seafood. You can choose to air fry your fish or roast it.

Peeled and breaded fresh shrimp227g/ 8 shrimpAir fry400 degrees Fahrenheit10-12 minutes
Frozen fish sticks227g/about 10 sticksAir fry400 degrees Fahrenheit8-10 minutes
Frozen fish fillets170-227 g/4 filletsAir fry425 degrees Fahrenheit18-20 minutes

Bakery and Desserts cooking times:

To wrap up the several cooking times for your Hamilton beach air fryer toaster oven, you can also use it for baking alongside other desserts.

It is advisable to have an oven-safe dish when baking in this oven. What you are baking also determines what temperature and time to set. Avoid overdoing it because what you are baking will get burnt.

Baked refrigerated biscuits4 biscuitsBake375 degrees Fahrenheit18-20 minutes

Things to note

Air fry mode might need more cooking time than a standalone air fryer. Take your time to review manufacturer-suggested cook times for foods and adjust the time for desired crispness.