How To Use PowerXL Air Fryer Grill/Grill Plate? (Air Fryer Grill usage Instructions)

Congratulations on acquiring a new PowerXL air fryer grill. With this oven, you will enjoy up to eight cooking functions, including Reheat, Rotisserie, Bagel, Pizza/bake, Air fry/ grill, and Broil.

Your model’s 450° nonstick grill basket is even more impressive, which gives you the perfect char-grill marks on your favorite barbecues. In addition, this indoor grill will virtually cook your food without any smoke. 

Your countertop remains clean every time you cook with this oven, plus you can grill your meats straight from your freezer.

Thanks to the 40% more superheated cyclonic air, circulate your food at super high speed than the traditional oven. The PowerXL air fryer cooks with 70% less fat but gives you tender and extra golden crispier food.

But do you have the proper guide on how to use the PowerXL air fryer grill to achieve all the best air frying results? If this is your first time encountering this spectacular oven, stick here and learn the operating instructions with other cooking processes.

How To Use PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Plate

Your PowerXL air fryer grill plate is removable. It is a die-cast grill plate that heats rapidly and steadily across the grilling surface to perfectly cook your food.

This plate ensures that your food juices lock entirely and, at the same time, maintain flavor and texture. The grill plate will also leave char-grill marks on your food while making sure it is tender and juicy inside.

PowerXL Air fryer grill plate comes with a nonstick surface and will not tear or deface your chicken. But you have to use this nonstick grill plate appropriately to get the perfect outcome at your cooking time.

After every use, this component requires cleaning. You can add your air fryer grill plate to other utensils if you have a dishwashing machine. It will come out clean and ready for use. 

Alternatively, warm soapy water is perfect for your dirty grill plate. Be sure not to scrub its surface vigorously; otherwise, the nonstick coating will come off. Pat-dry your plate and return it to your already clean PowerXL air fryer grill.

For now, I am assuming that your grill oven is clean. If not, read our separate guide, How to clean PowerXL air fryer grill. There is a professional way to do it. For now, let’s stick to how to use your PowerXL air fryer grill. Read to the end!

Now that you know how to clean your grill plate, let me take you through the usage instructions.

Using PowerXL air Fryer Grill Plate tips

The premier step will be to sit down with your grill manual, which is a must with any new electrical appliance. That’s for your safety and the safe usage of your equipment.

PowerXL air fryer grill comes with a user manual, where you will find the basic instructions for using your grill plate. But if you can’t find it, worry less. This article is a walk on how to use PowerXL grill plate. 

Step number two will be to learn about your air fryer grill interiors. Examine what your oven looks like, its parts, and where each component stays. Get to the exteriors and learn about the various programs, including the Grill function.

You will find the following parts:

  • Grill plate– For grilling meat and other foods.
  • A drip tray – For holding your food juices and oils.
  • Pizza Rack – For cooking pizza.
  • Crisper tray – Also basket for holding your food as you cook.
  • Baking pan – For holding pastries.

Each of the above PowerXL air fryer grill components functions independently or as a combo, but you must always use the drip tray/pan to tap food crumbs, juices, grease, oils, and other dirt. The tray keeps your air fryer oven clean while cooking.

Additionally, it becomes effortless for you to clean the oven after use as there are no spatters on the walls of your grill. It will be easy to clean up a drip tray by putting it in your dishwashing machine or using water and soap to clean it. Most drip trays are nonstick, thus easy to wash. 

So how to use PowerXL air fryer grill plate?


  1. Fix the drip pan below the heating elements at the bottom of your air fryer.
  2. Place your ingredients on the grill plate.
  3. Insert in a convenient shelf position depending on your food size. 

Tips while using the grill plate

  • Always use the drip tray to hold any food crumbs, juices, and oils from your food.
  • You do not want your oven to smoke, so prevent oil buildup in your food by ensuring that there is no spillage.
  • Keep observing your food so that you can empty it into a container when the grill plate is full of oil.

PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Instructions

Your PowerXL air fryer grill is the perfect appliance for rekindling the happiest dinner table memories and providing your family with healthier and more delicious meals.

To deliver that happiness for many years, you need to follow guidelines that ensure safety and well-cooked meals. 

Our top recommendation will be to get your user manual and read it entirely. Your appliance’s operation and safety precautions protect you and your loved ones. But if you cannot trace where you kept your PowerXL air fryer grill operator’s manual, you have this guide. 

Read every instruction with zeal to cook safely and prevent injuries in your home;

1. Do not leave any unknowledgeable person to use your air fryer grill, including your children, the mentally sick, or untrained persons.

Before you allow visitors or your domestic helpers to use your grill oven, train them first so that they will know the dos and don’ts of this appliance. Be ready to supervise your children or any other unknowledgeable person to prevent injuries and damage to your air fryer.

2. Keep your oven on a flat and stable surface. Your kitchen countertop is the ideal place to position your PowerXL air fryer grill. Ensure that the surface is heat resistant.

To protect your countertop from extreme heat, you can use silicon, hot pad, or wood mats under your PowerXL air fryer grill.

3. Electronic appliances are not water friendly. Keep your countertop surface dry by ensuring that it is not near the sink or a faucet. In addition, position your PowerXL grill on free space but not on top of other appliances like your refrigerator and microwave oven. Keep the top of your grill free of other items. 

4. Place your PowerXL air fryer away from the stovetop and other electric or gas burners. Operating your grill near an open fire poses a danger as the grill too generates extreme heat.

On the same note, ensure no hanging pieces of clothes like draperies and chats near your oven. They can catch fire and injuries and also cause heavy losses. 

5. Use your grill in a well-ventilated space. Operating your unit in enclosed spaces and cabinets can emit steam which damages cabinets and causes molds. Besides, the cabinet material could be combustible and ignite a fire.  

6. When not in use, ensure you unplug the oven from the electrical outlet. Wind the cord carefully so that it does not hang around. And also, when in use, secure the cable out of your way.

7. While cooking, use the knobs/handles to reduce the risk of burning. Stay away from your grill’s hot surface. Use your kitchen mitts to prevent burns when touching hot grill plates, trays, etc.

When emptying oil and food juices from the tray, watch out as hot spills can cause severe burns. Do not move your PowerXL air fryer while cooking. Hot liquids can spill on your skin.

8. Whenever you encounter a troubleshooting issue with your PowerXL air fryer and do not know how to resolve it, call the customer care desk for assistance. Their contacts are always at the back of the operation manual.

9. Clean your oven while not in use and after unplugging. Wait for the unit to cool down to prevent burns. Do not submerge your air fryer and its plugs in water. The electronic parts will get damaged. Only wash the accessories like the grill plate, racks, baskets, and mats.

Read your appliance’s operation manual to determine the dish-washable accessories and those that require handwashing.  

10. Your PowerXL air fryer grill does not require scouring with metal bands. The pads can damage the touch screen and other buttons. There are soft non-metallic scrubbers that will gently clean your unit without damage. 

11. Use your PowerXL air fryer grill professionally. The only way to do this is to the user only for its purpose. When you follow the instruction manual, your unit will last for many years on your countertop.

In addition, your warranty will be in place and come in handy if there are any manufacturer faults. You can use the guarantee to claim a new grill for such defects.

12. Take note of your PowerXL air fryer grill model to cook the right amount of food. Overloading will give you undone food. It can damage your oven’s food compartment if your force the basket in and cause a lot of spills.

13. Read the recipe procedures for your PowerXL air fryer. That will ensure that you do not cook too oily or juice foods. Air fryers will produce smoldering smoke if you use oil and water. 

14. Metal, glass, and some plastic utensils are not air fryer-friendly. Use the recommended utensils and accessories to minimize the risk of fire or electric shock. Keep an eye on the suitable material per your unit’s user manual.

Also, you cannot use cardboard and foil materials unless the recipe guidelines state so. Aluminum foils can cause overheating. 

Sum up

An air fryer grill is an excellent oven to own. Besides the compact design and great aesthetics, it comes as a great saver in your kitchen. The air fryer oven uses less power, oil, and time to cook. But this can be only possible if you know how to use PowerXL air fryer grill.

Using the plate grill, trays, pans, and pizza racks appropriately give you the best outcome. In addition to the usage, the guide is the PowerXL Air Fryer grill Instructions. We researched 14 guidelines, and we believe many more as these are only general to many air fryer models.

The instructions are crucial and ensure your cooking appliance’s safe usage and longer life in your kitchen. Your model could have more guidelines. Be sure to go through them before using your PowerXL air fryer grill.

I hope that your new grill will turn out fine and brighten your dinner table! Let’s enjoy your safe cooking experience.