How To Change Pur Water Filter | 12 Simple steps

A water filter system will clean up protozoans, bacteria, fungi, and other impurities from your daily drinking water. The system also saves you thousands of dollars annually, which you would have used to source purified water.

With a Pur faucet filtration, you will enjoy great-tasting water free from contaminants like heavy metals and sediments.

Pur uses a safe chemical and physical filtration system to remove dirt. The physical filtration strains the water removes larger particles of contaminants. Chemical filtration includes passing the water through a chemically active material that removes impurities as they infiltrate.

When you first purchase the Pur water filter system, it comes with a complete filtration system. That includes the filtration material, which consists of the physical trap that sifts sediments and contaminants.

Then there is the activated carbon that pulls compounds like heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. The unit comprises the holder and a replaceable filter.

As time goes by, your filter becomes full of the residues collected. It ceases to work and requires a replacement. If you’ve got the dispenser or pitcher filter type, either of these will purify up to 30 gallons of water within two to three months.

The timelines will depend on the level of contaminants and frequency of use. Read through the guide to find out how these factors rule out how long your filter will last.

Pur water filters for taps or faucets infiltrate up to 100 gallons of water within two to three months. We also have the refrigerator version. This one requires you to fit the filter cartridge on its holder on the refrigerator. The cartridge can last you up to six months and comes with an output of up to 200 gallons.

The good news is that all these four categories of filters are easy to get from your nearest and authorized Pur water filters vendor or supplier. Fortunately, you do not require to hire an expert to do the replacement. We will take you through these simple DIY processes to help you replace your Pur water filter flawlessly.

In our guide, we will show you how to replace the different models of Pur water filters. These include the faucet filter, pitcher, refrigerator, and dispenser models. We will also tell you how to know when to replace the filter and the several light alerts to watch out for on the system.

How To Replace Your Pur Water Filter?

As we have seen above, your Pur water filter will cease to perform effectively after purifying hundreds of gallons of water. Ineffectiveness may take two to six months, depending on the level of impurities and the type of filter.

You will then require to change the water filter to continue enjoying safe and great tasting water. So, you are a novice in water filters; how do you replace the filter system?

Filter Replacement Process

When it comes to changing Pur water filters, there are four techniques. First, you ought to know that PUR has a collection of filtering water products. The replacement technique will depend on the water filter model that you have in your home or office.

1. PurWater Filter Dispenser

Pur dispenser filter is similar to the water-cooling unit that you place on your countertop and uses to access hot, warm, or cold water. The Pur model has an extra compartment for filtering water and making it safer for drinking. This dispenser filter also comes with a tap to deliver pure water into your tumbler.

2. PurWater Filter Pitcher

There is also the popular plastic pitcher filter type. It is similar to a kitchen jug but with a filter unit. You can place it on your countertop for accessibility. When you pour in water, it undergoes a filtration and purification process. As you draw the water in your tumbler to drink, it is clean and safe. The pitcher filters up to 40 gallons in two months.

3. PurWater Filter Faucet

We also have an infiltration system that you attach to your sink tap. If you got any of these, the replacement method for the filter is different. We will take you one step at a time to ensure that you have clean water for the next few months!

4. PurWater Filter Refrigerator

This type of filter comes as a cartridge that you insert on an inbuilt holder on your refrigerator. It is a common feature in modern refrigerators. It works for both the ice maker and water dispenser to ensure that both are safe for consumption. We will also guide you on how to replace the worn-out cartridge.

How To Change Pur Water Filter Pitcher?

With a pitcher filter replacement, you need to soak the filter in cold water to get it ready for replacement. This simple process removes all the dust and residues to ensure that the water flows freely through your filter upon replacement. 

The filter parts can get damaged by extreme heat. Ensure that the water you use for soaking the pitcher filter is warm and not more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, when you order the system from an authorized Pur water filter dealer, you will ensure that it is quality standard and fits your pitcher perfectly.


  1. Immerse your new filter in cold or lukewarm water not above 86 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes.   

As you wait for the new filter to soak, go on with removing the old filter. Spin it anticlockwise and pull off the lid from the pitcher. Clean the cover and keep it aside to dry.

  1. Next, lift the pour tray to access the cylindrical filter. In the Pur water filter, the tray comes as a blue plastic reservoir right at the top of the pitcher’s filter. Place the pour tray upside down to drain the water as you go on with the other procedures.
  1. Grip the cylindrical filter tightly from the plinth of your jug and spin it anticlockwise to uncork. Pull the old filter system and dispose of it appropriately.
  1. Inspect your pour tray to make sure that it is empty. If it hasn’t drained completely, allow it to dry. So it is easy to remove.
  1. Sluice off the new filter under plenty of running water for a couple of moments and shake out the excess water. The water should be cold to avoid damaging the filter’s system.
  1. Place the filter on the pour tray and fasten from left to right until it can’t push further into the tray. 
  1. Slide in the long cylindric projection of the new filter into a hole at the center of the tray. Push further inside until you fill the grip.   
  1. Hold the bottom of your filter firmly and cork it into its position. Rotate until the filter can’t pop out of the tray. A well-fixed filter will stay intact on the pour tray. If you notice that it didn’t hold well, try to insert it. Cork it again until it sits tightly in the pour tray.
  1. Put back your pour the pitcher, place the lid in position. Tighten the cap gently and place the jug perfectly at your desired position.
  1. A pitcher filter demands that you reset the system after every replacement. That will correctly display the various lights alerts effectively. To reset your water filter, press the reset button for approximately five seconds. A green light will appear, an indication that the filter is perfect.

How To Change Pur Water Dispenser?

The first step in changing the Pur water dispenser filter is similar to the first one in changing the pitcher oner. The method involves soaking the filter in cold water to saturate the filter.

As we noted earlier, the process removes any excess residues and ensures that the water flows freely and evenly. For your dispenser filter, be sure to order that from an authorized Pur filter dealer. Third-party filters may not fit perfectly on your dispenser. You also don’t want to end up with a counterfeit filter.


1. Submerge the new filter fully in cold water for about 15 minutes.  The water you use to soak your Pur water filter should be cold (not above 30 °C (86 °F) to avoid damaging your filter.  

2. Remove the old filter by rotating it counterclockwise. Get the lid off your dispenser and keep it aside.

3. Locate the pour tray and lift it. Pur pour tray is the blue plastic reservoir on top of the filter. Next, hold the cylindrical filter from the base of the dispenser and rotate it anticlockwise. That will unhook the filter from the system. Pull it out and discard the old filter.

4. When the pour tray is empty, it’s time to change your filter. Waiting until the tray is dry allows you to remove It easily.

5. Rinse off the new filter under running water for 10 seconds and shake out the excess. Take note not to rinse your new filter with hot water, or else you may damage the system.

6. Fasten the filter clockwise into the dry pour tray. Slide in the longer cylindrical part of the new filter into the hole in the center of the pour tray. Push it inside until it can’t go further.

7. Grab the bottom part of the filter and whirl it clockwise until it fits in its position. The filter shouldn’t pop out of the tray. To prevent this, tap the rear of the filter. You can reinsert it and turn it again (clockwise) until you properly secure its grip.

8. Set back your pour tray safely into the dispenser and go on to replace the lid.

9. With dispenser filters, you require to reset the system. The exercise will only take you a couple of moments. Press down the reset button down for five seconds if your pitcher. You will notice a green light blink. It indicates that the filter is up and running efficiently on the lid.

If you do not notice the blink, most probably, your Pur dispenser filter is an older model. The older models do not have electronic displays.

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How to change Pur water filter faucet?

A filter faucet style comes in handy when you want to access clean tap water for cooking, cleaning, or any other purpose. With the Pur water filter faucet, you can even drink the water directly from your tap. It will be as safe as the one that comes from your dispenser, pitcher, or refrigerator filter.


1. Loosen the screw to detach the filtration system from your tap. The unit is delicate; be careful that it doesn’t slip and fall off.

2. Hold the system firmly and twist the plastic lock nut anticlockwise to loosen it.

3. Once the system is loose, it will snap on the tap. If not, pull it off straight down from the tap. That should be effortless and take you a few moments as you have already unscrewed the system.

4. Place your water Pur system on the countertop. That will allow the water to drain out of the system.

5. On the opposite end of the system’s spout (the one that dispenses purified water), locate the top cover. Rotate it to open the system. Gently remove the worn-out filter and hold the filtration system with the cylinder’s rounded end pointing up.

6. Loosen the cylinder’s top by swirling it right to the left. Place the cover aside and pull the worn-out filter from the system. Dispose of the old filter and get ready to fix your new Pur water filter.

7. Lay your new filter inside the Pur system with a loose fit and tighten the cover by screwing. The narrower end of the filter should be at the bottom, while the Pur logo will face up on the right side. Go ahead and lay the top cover back on the filter and lock it tightly in its place.

8. This is the final step. It involves running cold water through your Pur’s filtration system to wash away any residues from the filter. The process will take you a few minutes for the filter to work efficiently.

Swivel the system’s handle to run the water through your filter. You will notice cloudy water at first, but that improves when you run the water through the filter.

Kudos, your PUR faucet filter is ready to work another 100 gallons for you! Let’s now look at the second method.

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 How To Change Pur Water Filter Refrigerator?

Like the other three filters, your refrigerator filter will deliver drinking water with beneficial fluoride. It will reduce Benzene, o-Dichlorobenzene, sediments, chlorine taste, and odor.

The filter has a light indicator to keep you alerted when it can’t function effectively. Its life and performance will vary based on the usage and the level of contaminants.

Before we delve into the replacement step, it is essential to note that the PUR refrigerator ice and water replacement filters come in cartridges that fit most modern refrigerators. The modern fridges have a plumbing system.

Refrigerator systems feed the inbuilt water dispensers and the ice maker compartments. These include Whirlpool and KitchenAid, among others.

The refrigerators have two types of filters; the twist-on filter and the push button. Changing the filters for the push button is different from the twist on the style.


  • Twist-On Filters

Twist-on water filters come in front of your refrigerator, just behind the bottom grill. They may also appear inside the fridge in the upper right or the bottom corner of the refrigerator chamber.

How To Change A Twist-On Water Filter?

  1. Locate the twist-on feature and turn the filter anticlockwise (quarter turn). Go ahead and tug the filter out of its holder.
  1. Pull out the cover from the old filter.
  1. Place the cover on your new filter, shove it straight into the holder and turn it clockwise (1/4 twist) to lock it into its appropriate position.
  • Push-In Filters

On the front of your refrigerator, locate the filter behind the bottom grill. It also could be inside the top chamber towards the back. Some manufacturers position the feature in one of the drawers. 

How To Change A Push-In Filter?

  1. Push in the button to loosen the filter. Pull the worn-out filter out of its holder. Some refrigerators have the button missing. Push the filter in to ease the spring grip that holds it in position.
  1. Pull out the cap from the worn-out filter.  
  1. Place the cover onto the new filter and shove the new filter into the filter holder. Be sure to push it until it locks into place.

The final step involves both the twist-on and the push-in filter flush. Your new refrigerator water filters consist of carbon filters. These are black carbon granules that require you to run water through the new filter to flush residues.

As you run the water, you will notice some black or grey specks in the flowing water. These are not harmful, but it is a good idea to flush them out.

You will have to discard the first batch of ice for the ice maker if you notice that they have a grey and black coloration. Enjoy the cleanest and purest of all water with this tiny but effective water filter in your refrigerator!

 How often do you have to change PUR water filters?

At this joint, you have all the steps that you need to change your Pur water filters. That includes a pitcher filter, dispenser, and your spigot filter. Now, the question is, how often should you change your Pur water filter?

The precise answer to this question depends on several factors;

1. Model Of The Pur Water Filter

The specific type of your Pur water filter determines how often you will change the filtering unit. We have four models of Pur water filters.

  • Pur Spigot/Faucet/Tap Water Filter

A PUR spigot water filter works on approximately 100 gallons of water in two to three months.  

On the filter housing, there is an indicator to alert you whenever your filter needs a replacement.  

  • Pur Pitcher Filter

If you have the PUR pitcher filter, you will be filtering approximately 40 gallons of water. That will take you one to two months to work perfectly. It comes to you in the form of a jug to place it conveniently on a countertop.

  • Pur Water Dispenser Filter

A dispenser filter includes a compartment with a filter where you pour in water for purification. The unit is more significant than a pitcher and comes with a tap to pour water into your cup. They are also pricier than pitchers but function similarly.

  • PUR Refrigerator Filters

A Pur refrigerator filter comes with an easy-fit feature that allows you to fix the unit at the bottom of your refrigerator. Its design will enable you to purify more gallons of water than the pitcher and dispenser models. 

The filter works effectively on 100 to 200 gallons within six months. As you notice, the models last longer than the faucet, dispenser, and pitcher filters.   

2. Frequency Of Use

Suppose you have a smaller household of, say, two persons, the frequency of use is less than a household of five. Your pitcher water filter will last longer than the average two months as it filters less water in a day.

For instance, if you had several guests residing in your home for a week or two, the frequency use increases, meaning that your pitcher filter may take you only a few weeks to that you use.

3.       Level Of Contaminants

High levels of contaminants in your tap water clog your filter quicker than the average timelines. That means frequent replacements in less than time indications on your Pur water filter. On the other hand, if your tap water is cleaner, your water filter will last longer than the spelled timelines.

How do I know when my PUR water filter needs changing?

The best thing with PUR water filters is that they have an indicator light that takes away guesswork whether they still have a life or they get worn out. Depending on the type of filter, the color indicator comes at different positions. 

A pitcher and a dispenser filter will have a light display on the top cover/lid. The faucet filter light display comes on the side. The refrigerator type of filters has the indicators at different positions depending on the model.

The lights are usually green, yellow, and red or no light at all. Each indicator light has its meaning. A green indicator light tells you that the filter is functioning appropriately and does not require replacement.

A yellow light is an alert that your filter is halfway filtering and will require replacement any time soon. If it begins flashing, that’s the perfect time to acquire and install a new replacement Pur filter.

A red alert shows no filtration or purification taking place in your filter system. Drinking or using the water from a red-light PUR filter equates to drinking unsafe water straight from the tap.

When you replace the worn-out filter, the yellow indicator light will not return to green unless you press and hold the reset button. After five moments, you will see the green indicator light, meaning that the unit is working perfectly.

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Bottom Line

Pur water filters purify water by removing 95% and 99% of mercury and lead, respectively. They come in different capacities that also remove chlorine and water odors. The lifespan of this magic filter is about two to three months. 

At this time, the filter of your choice will have filtered 40 to 100 gallons of water. With the filters being recyclable, you can remove and replace the parts easily.

The replacement units are readily available in Pur water filter outlets near you or online. Your task now is to Read through our simplified guide and Do It Yourself!

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