How To Clean PUR Water Filter Step by Step?

The easiest way to ensure that your tap water is free from contaminants is by using a water filter. Water filters will keep diseases away and provide you with pure and fresh drinking and cooking water.

After filtering water for some time, your PUR water filter requires a change. That will be after a month or two, depending on the type of filter. But that’s not all. Your PUR water filter requires cleaning.

As a hygienic practice, you also want to make sure that the entire system is clean. Cleaning your filter system also includes sanitizing the whole unit to kill pathogens. While the activity may seem demanding, cleaning your PUR water filter has several benefits.

Benefits Of Cleaning A PUR Water Filter

  • Cleaning guarantees the quality outcome of the filtered water.
  • It is part of the maintenance process of the filter unit.
  • Proper cleaning ensures a longer life.
  • Clean filters are free of bacteria and other pathogens.
  • Fewer repair costs.

So, how do you clean your water filter faucet mount? That should be the least of your worries. Our water filter experts are going to take you through straightforward cleaning and sanitizing processes.

And just in case if you have the pitcher model, do not panic. That is also a super easy procedure. We will take you through each step at a time

You may also have loads of questions regarding PUR water filters. Learn here how often you should wash your PUR water filter. Do you require to soak the PUR water filter before changing it? Why should you soak the filter, and for how long?

Read every bit of our guide to get the answers to these questions. We will also list down and answer any other possible questions that you may have about all the four PUR water filter models.

How To Clean PUR Water Filter Faucet Mount

The faucet mount water filter comes as a unit that you attach to your tap so that the water you fetch or use is already pureed. Many people prefer Faucet mount water filters because of their accessibility. You can quench your thirst, cook, make your baby food, wash your hands, and do any unthinkable with your tap water.

When you acquire your faucet and mount it, do not forget its regular cleaning as part of its maintenance. Remember the high traffic to your kitchen tap and the frequency of touching the gadget. It accumulates unimaginable dirt and germs.

Your PUR water filter can quickly turn into a safe ground for bacteria, mildew, and fungi. In turn, the pathogens affect the quality of the Purified water. The entire process becomes futile.

With that in mind, cleaning and sanitizing your water filter faucet mount should be a regular exercise. We recommend that you clean and sanitize your PUR faucet mount filter when changing the cartridge. Besides the convenience, you will not grill your mind trying to remember the last time you cleaned your filter unit.

Here is the most straightforward formula for cleaning and sanitizing your PUR water faucet mount;


  • Mild dishwashing soap
  • A cup of vinegar
  • Three cups of water
  • Clean sponge
  • Clean damp kitchen cloth
  • Food-grade Sanitizer  

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Step One: Removing The Filter

The first step is to uninstall the old filter. As we recommended earlier, it is wise to clean up the filter unit during the regular changing of the filter. This is easy; twist the cover and pull out the filter.

Quick Tip! Sometimes, the filter is maybe too tight to twist. To loosen the filter fittings, jolt and pull it out.  

Step Two: Replace Or Clean Your Filter

Step two is for decision-making whether you will replace or clean your filter. Remember that drinking water from an old water filter is as bad as drinking unfiltered water.

Old filters don’t work! You can opt to clean it monthly to extend its life to three months. After the period, you have to replace the worn-out filter with a new PUR water faucet filter.

Step Three: Cleaning The Canister  

Mix a cup of vinegar with three cups of water to clean your faucet’s canister. You can also use food-grade mild soap to wash the canister. The reason for the food-grade soap/solution is some contents will get into the filter. You want to avoid unsafe substances as much as possible.

Immerse the canister in the solution for ten minutes to loosen the dirt. Use the sponge to clean it until all the dirt is out.

Quick Tip! A sponge or soft cloth is great to clean up your faucet filter. Never use a scourer to wash any part of your PUR water filter.

Step four: Remove Dirt Particles.

Scrubbing the canister may not reach all the dirt inside. You need to run the unit under the tap water to flush out sediments, grime, and hard particles that usually stick on the canister surface during filtration.

Quick Tip! Run the water through the canister for 5 to 10 minutes to flush out all the debris.

Step Five: Drying The Canister

Your canister is clean! Wipe it with a clean damp cloth and place it on the countertop to dry as you proceed to the next step.

Step Six: Cleaning The Aerator

Clean the aerator by running high-pressure water to get rid of algae and any other dirt.

Quick Tip! Do not use hot water to run through any part of your PUR water filter faucet.

Step Seven: Reassembling And Sanitizing The Unit

It is time to reinstall the unit back. But you need to clean up the outer part of the faucet unit. It is an easy step where you wipe it clean with a damp clean. Dip the cloth in a sanitizer solution. Wring it and wipe the outer part of the unit. Reinstall the dry canister and also the new or clean filter back to the faucet.

Quick Tip! Run the water from the unit for about five minutes. The simple exercise will flush out sentiments, soap, and sanitizer elements held in the canister and filter.   

How To Clean PUR Water Filter Pitcher

The PUR Water filter pitcher model comes in the form of a water jug. It functions the same way as the faucet, but this one is mobile. You pour in your tap water, and it dispenses pure drinking water on your tumbler.

Mostly, filter pitchers are suitable for smaller families as they hold less water volume. If you have the model, cleaning it is also a simple procedure. It shouldn’t take you more than twenty minutes!


  • A sponge
  • Clean kitchen cloth
  • Food grade sanitizer
  • Mild dishwashing soap
  • Three cups of water
  • A cup of vinegar.


Step One: Removing The Old Filter

Remove the filter to change it. Remember that the pitcher filter that has served you for two months or has worked on up to 50 gallons of water requires a change. That guarantees efficiency.

To remove the filter from the pitcher:

  1. Place it first on a firm surface.
  2. Next, take off the lid from the pitcher, and then keep it aside.
  3. Lift the pitcher’s pour tray take it out.

Next, you need to unhook the filter, grab the cylinder filter from its bottom and rotate it anti-clockwise. 

Step Two: Cleaning The Pour Tray

Immerse the cover and pour the tray in soapy water to soak for a few moments. Wash both items with a sponge. 

Rinse, sanitize, and set both items on a paper towel on a clean surface to dry as you go on with cleaning the other parts. Bear in mind that the pour tray has to drain all the water before you reinstall it back. That ensures it is free from contaminants.

Step Three: Cleaning The Main Pitcher

The step involves cleaning the main pitcher. Scrub both the interior and the exterior with a sponge. Rinse under running water, sanitize, and set up on a paper towel to dry. You can aid the drying process by wiping with a clean, dry kitchen cloth.

Step Four: Reassembling The Unit

Time to reassemble your pitcher. Go ahead and pick up your new filter and soak it in clean water for fifteen minutes. Set up the PUR tray in the main jug and place the new filter in its proper position. Hold the top and make a clockwise twist to fix it firmly.

Step Five: Getting The Pitcher Ready To Filter

Pour in water and let it run for a few moments until it becomes clear. Congratulations! Your 

 PUR filter pitcher is super clean, plus you got a new filter to take you another one or two months.

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Do I Need To Soak My PUR Water Filter?

When you buy a new PUR water filter replacement, you need to soak it before use. Soaking saturates the filter with water. But why should you saturate the filter with water, yet its work is to filter the water? After all, it will still get saturated.

These are familiar questions with people who use PUR water filters. To answer the question precisely, you need to understand how the filter works.

The filter works like a sponge. It absorbs water, filters contaminants, and delivers it through a tap. The outcome is clean and pure water. PUR water filters contain activated carbon filters. To ensure the unit works, you soak it before use so that it is evenly wet.

If you soak you PUR water filter well, it gives access to all the filter rather than allowing water to flow in the easiest way out. To use the filter’s total volume, you have to get the filter to the full absorbing capacity.

Another reason you soak the filter before use is to get rid of excess carbon.

How Long Do You Soak A PURWater Filter?

You soak a water PUR filter for 15 minutes. The timing is enough to get the filter to absorb water to its fullest capacity and volume.

Bottom Line

Cleaning your PUR water filter is a maintenance procedure. The process gives your unit new life and extends its life cycle. Whether a faucet or a pitcher, a clean PUR water filter looks presentable. It is also a hygiene procedure that guarantees the purity of filtered water.

With a clean PUR water filter, you can safely drink, cook or wash utensils with pure water without worrying about contaminants. We invite you to read and follow our clear guidelines to achieve the cleanest PUR water filter!

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