How Long To Run Water After Changing The PUR Filter?

A PUR water filter is made of activated carbon. When you first acquire or replace your new PUR water filter, you will notice that the initial water that comes from the spout is colored. Your faucet, refrigerator, dispenser, or pitcher will also deliver colored water.

If you use the refrigerator as an ice maker, the first batch of ice cubes will be gray or black. The gray or black coloration is a result of the carbon residues from the filter. 

Although the carbon residues are not hazardous, they may contain contaminants. Contaminants can make you sick. Besides, you will not be at peace quenching your thirst with colored water.

You can opt to discard the colored ice cubes or keep them for other DIY purposes. But they are not safe for consumption. The colored water is also safe for satisfying your vegetable or flower garden. 

Our PUR water filter experts recommend running water through the filter system to flush out the carbon residues and various contaminants. How long to run water after changing the PUR filter depends on the type of filter. There are four types of PUR water filters;

  • Faucet PUR water filter
  • Dispenser PUR water filter
  • Refrigerator PUR water filter
  • Pitcher water filter

Each one of the above PUR filters has a different mode of flushing. We will expose to you how long you require running water through the various filters. Also, you will learn how much amount of water you require to flush your new filter.

How much water does your filter purify? Is it bad not to change your water filter? You will find the answers here and other kinds of information that are essential for your water filter.

How Long Does It Take To Run Water In The Different Types Of PUR Water Filters?

1. Faucet PUR Water Filter

To effectively flush out a new faucet water filter, it will take you five to 35 minutes. You can shorten the duration and effectively flush the system by immersing your new PUR water filter in clean water for about 15 minutes. The simple procedure will saturate the filter before installation. A saturated water filter will flush faster than the dry one.

After installation, you need to flush your pre-soaked faucet PUR water filter. Open the tap and let the water flow until the water is clear. To get the filter ready for use, it will take you less than ten minutes.

2. Dispenser PUR Water Filter

A new dispenser water filter requires pre-soak it in clean water for 15 minutes before installation. Once installed, you can run water through the unit for five to ten minutes until the water is crystal clear.

3. Refrigerator PUR Water Filter

Your refrigerator PUR water filter works differently from the other types of filters. The unit comprises a plumbing system that takes water to the ice maker and the dispenser system.  

When you do the filter replacement, the first pack of ice cubes will come out with a gray or black color. There is no exact duration that we can say you will wait for the carbon residues to flush out of the filter. 

Just wait until the ice cubes are free from any coloration to ensure no residues and contaminants. The most certain way is to discard the first two batches of the ice cubes.

For the water dispenser, flushing may take up to three gallons of water for a pre-soaked filter. If you didn’t soak the filter (it is highly recommended that you soak the new filter), it would take double the amount of water for the carbon residues to flush completely.   

4. Pitcher Water Filter

A pitcher water filter is the smallest of all PUR water filters. It comes in different sizes with a filter on the lid and a holding tray. When you pour in water, it goes through the filter systems. The outcome is pure and clean water from the spout. 

To be sure that you flush out all the carbon residues and contaminants from the newly installed filter, pour a gallon of water into the pitcher and fetch it for discarding or other DIY uses. You can run more water for five minutes and until you can no longer see the coloration.

How Long Do You Run Water Through A New PUR Filter?

It will take you five to 35 minutes to run water through a new PUR filter. The duration will depend on the water filter type. Remember to read through the user’s manual so that you can flush your filter effectively.

How Much Water Should You Run After Changing A Filter?

Although the amounts of water you will run after changing the water filter, most manufacturers recommend about three to five gallons of water. This amount depends on the type of water filter that you have.

For instance, if you have the refrigerator water filter, run five gallons of water to flush out the carbon residues and contaminants. You can also throw away the first two batches of ice cubes. 

If you have a dispenser or pitcher type, run a gallon and two for the dispenser. The faucet type requires running three to five gallons of water to get rid of all contaminants.

Again, it is essential to go through the equipment user manual and follow the directions as spelled.

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Is It Bad Not To Change The Water Filter?

Yes, it is bad not to replace your water filter after the specified time of expiry. A water filter gets rid of contaminants, heavy metals, and residues from your drinking water. With this simple and inexpensive apparatus, you enjoy clean drinking water. 

All four types of water filters have the duration and capacity that they filter. After filtering a certain amount of water, your PUR filter will no longer be effective. You will require buying a replacement.

If you’ve got the pitcher type, that will work for a month or two. By then, the filter will have worked on up to 40 gallons. 

The Faucet and dispenser can last up to two months, depending on the frequency of usage. These filters work on 100 gallons.

Your refrigerator water filter will serve you the longest, up to six months, with an output of 200 gallons.

Failing to change any of the above PUR water filters spells health danger to your family. It means that though the water passes through the filter, the contaminants and residues are still present.

 Drinking water from an expired water filter is equivalent to fetching from the tap or the well directly. We all know the results of drinking contaminated water.

Failure to change your water filter, you will expose your loved ones to bacteria, heavy metals, and sediments. The result is severe ailments that are stubborn and expensive to treat.

Bottom Line

Flushing a water filter means running water through the filter system to get rid of contaminants and sediments. The time you will consume when performing this simple exercise depends on the type of PUR water filter you have in your home.

We walked through the four standard PUR filter systems; dispenser, pitcher, faucet, and refrigerator. When you read through, you will find the perfect information that matches your PUR water filter. Also, remember to consult your user manual to filter your drinking water effectively.

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