How To Change Brita Stream Filter? 8 Simple Steps

The new Brita stream filters use a more sophisticated process than standard filters to deliver pure water. The process involves water passing through a dual-layered carbon compartment that strains all impurities as you pour water into your Brita water pitcher. 

The layered activated carbon works like a sponge to rip off your drinking water odor and chlorine taste.

Also, the filter produces natural, pure, and delicious drinking water, getting rid of viruses, bacteria, copper, nitrates, fluoride, lead, Giardia, and other contaminants.

Like other Brita filters, your stream filter will require a replacement at some point. If you just upgraded to this fantastic filter, you also need to get hold of the simple steps to go about performing a flawless filter change without damaging the unit. 

This article is all about Brita stream filters, when to change, and how long the unit will last before your following change. We will tell you what will happen if you do not alter or replace a worn-out Brita stream filter.

How Do You Take The Filter Out Of A Brita Stream?

Taking a filter out of your Brita stream should not be a complicated process. All you have to do is watch out as you take out the filter not to damage your stream unit. Let’s examine the easy two-step procedure.

Step one

Hygiene first! Wash your hand with warm and soapy water before you handle your appliance. Rinse with pure water and proceed to the next step.

Step two

Press the old filter and twist counter-clockwise. Detach the stream filter, and you are good to move to the next step that involves replacing the old stream filter.

How to change the Brita Stream Filter?

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Changing a Brita Stream filter is easy. Follow the below step-by-step guide to sort your filtering unit easily;

Step one: Your hand’s hygiene

Every time you are handling your filter, it is essential to wash your hand. Hand hygiene keeps your unit off germs. Stream filters are soft layered and have minute holes that can house bacteria if mishandled.

Step Two: Old filter removal

Earlier, we demonstrated the two steps involved in removing an old Brita stream filter. Press and twist the filter counter-clockwise. Detach and remove the filter and get onto the next step.

Step three: Clean the pitcher

Cleaning the pitcher is easy. It requires a dishwasher, soap, and a sponge to clean the unit. Wash the pitcher inside and outside and rinse with pure, clean water. Wipe the pitcher and get ready to insert the new filter.

Step four: Rinse the new stream filter.

Brita stream filters undergo factory processes. That exposes the unit to dust and other residues. It is illogical to fix a new filter without cleaning as the residues will re-contaminate your water. 

The most recommended and easy way to clean the filter is to rinse under clean running water. It will take you 15 seconds to remove any particles from the filter’s surface. If there is some visible dirt on the surface, you can use your clean hands to remove them.

Step five: Inserting the new stream filter  

After rinsing the new filter, you can go ahead and insert it into the filter cage. Firmly push it inside until you hear the clicking sound from the locking system. 

Step six: Connect the new filter to the Spigot.

The Spigot delivers water into your cup. Firmly attach the filter to the Spigot and twist it clockwise. That will lock the filter to the Spigot.

After you are done, fit the Spigot into the tank and turn clockwise to install the new filter in its correct position.

Step seven: Activate the smart light indicator.

If it is your first time using the Brita Stream filter, you must activate the smart light. The light is the indicator that tells you the status of your filter.

Like the traffic lights, Brita smart light comes in three colors; green, red, amber. Green means that the filter is good.

Amber is an alert that the filter is almost going bad. Red is an indication of a filter that is not working. 

But this light requires a reset to function as needed. Go on and pull down the holder. At the back of the tab, locate the reset button and press it three times.

Get the holder back to its position and wait for the intelligent light to reset. In a few moments, your Brita stream filter indicator will auto-reset. It will set new timelines for 40 gallons and the subsequent replacement.

Step Eight: Attach the cover.

On top of the cover, locate three dots that guide you on the correct way to attach it in place. Fix the lid and rinse the stream filter with clean water. Brita experts recommend that you discard the first few cups of filtered water before you begin to drink the water. 

When Should I Change My Brita Stream Filter?

Brita Stream® Filter requires a change after filtering 40 gallons. That will be in about every two months, assuming that you use soft water. If you have a borehole or hard water, you may need to change the filter more often for effective filtration. 

What Does Brita Stream Remove From Water?

The stream works by removing lead, nitrates, chlorine, asbestos, benzene, sentiments, and other contaminants. If your tap water has got funny taste and odor, use Brita stream. The unit will get rid of these and deliver pure drinking water.

How Long Does A Brita Stream Filter Last?

Stream filter lasts for two months. By this time, the unit will have filtered 40 gallons of water depending on the level of contaminants.

Hard water contains impurities and heavy minerals like mercury and lead. If you have a hard water supply, you will find your filter wearing out faster than when you use soft or less contaminated water.

What Happens If You Don’t Change The Brita Filter?

After filtering 40 gallons of water, the Brita stream filter ceases to function effectively. Water will stream through, but it will not be pure. The pure and lovely tasting water you enjoyed before the 40 gallons of water was over will no longer have the same taste.

If you keenly look at the water after the 40 gallons are over, you will notice a dirty look or bad taste. The filter electronic indicator blinks red when no filtration and purification is taking place. It is time to change as the water is not safe for consumption.

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Changing a Brita stream water filter after two months is a sure way to consume clean and pure water. This period is equivalent to 40 gallons of water!

To continue enjoying great-tasting and safe water, do not extend the timelines that you are required to change the filter.

A smart light will give you an indication of when it is time to change the filter. We have laid out the procedure for you. It is simple and straight off.

As you replace your filter, observe the hygiene practices to ensure that you do not transfer germs into your Brita water unit. Quench your thirst with Brita Stream® Filter! 

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