Why Do Ants Survive in a Microwave?

We are living in the age of modern science and technology, and almost everyone has a microwave at home nowadays. Not only does it help you heat delicious meals, but it also makes the process faster. Inclusively, microwaves are also advanced in features that help you add more to your meals.

However, insects always bother people by living in these Microwaves, and surprisingly, they survive it. If this question is also bothering you, keep reading for some answers.

Why do Ants Survive Microwave Heat?

Insects like ants prefer places like microwaves because of the food scent and food residue. Since food is always cooking within the microwaves, insects like ants and roaches are always on the run to reside in it.

But surprisingly, even after constant use of the microwave, these ants stay alive. While this might confuse some people, the explanation for this is quite a linear one.

Why Microwaving Doesn’t Kill The Ants?

Specifically, the question involves a lot of roaches and insects, but since ants are the most common, they survive the most. Moving back to the question, several theories exist purely on this matter. Some of those theories are generally mentioned below.

  1. Ants are quite small in size and avoid getting affected by the wavelengths created within the microwave. Furthermore, those waves are quite large but also fixed that ants can easily avoid them.
  2. Ants don’t have much water in them, which also helps them survive.
  3. Chitin, the material on ants is naturally made to resist microwaves.

The microwave beams are linear waves and remain constant in positioning. So, inside a microwave, there are places where it is distributed evenly. Some places contain high density, while some contain low energy density. This is why ants can often recognize it and avoid those waves.

Not to mention, that is why we have turntables within ovens to ensure everything is heated properly. Since ants are relatively smaller in size, they position themselves evenly and remain unchanged from it.

What Helps Ants Survive the Microwaves in an Oven?

Some theories suggest that ants are not too small to avoid those waves. Although, their size helps them to dodge the hotspots around the oven. When it comes to microwaves, they are best if the target is half-multiple of the wave in terms of size.

However, the major use in the household oven is to heat meals gently instead of overheating them. The water molecules include deep frequency, and the ovens hit that frequency perfectly.

Furthermore, they force those water molecules to flip back and forth to heat everything containing moisture in it. This process also includes ants but note that these waves are without dangerous electrical currents.

However, the difference between an ant and something like a kernel is that ants are not still. These creatures are mobile, don’t stay in one place, and have the know-how to avoid the waves. The waves keep bouncing around the oven and spread in patterns.

Once the pattern is recognized, the ants usually move to a safe spot and stand there till it is complete. So, in general words, their intellect helps them the most in their survival within microwaves.

Can Ants Survive Microwaves?

As we mentioned, the main reason ants survive from the waves is their intellect. However, is it possible that these ants can also survive the immense heat from those waves? In simple words, No, they can since heat can easily kill them. A logical way to look at this is to know that Microwaves produce waves, not heat. 

Food gets heated because it absorbs waves to generate heat within the meal. On the other hand, ants have a limited body structure that doesn’t even meet the waves. The radio waves are large and mostly ignore the subtle amount of energy radiating from the ants.

Do Ants Die When Microwaved?

In general, a majority of insects are known as Poikilothermal creatures. These creatures tend to tolerate high levels of temperature with inconsistent body heat as a result. They are more to the levels of the temperature of the body instead of the atmosphere.

Unlike these creatures, homo-thermal creatures are more prone to temperature change. These can include humans and many common creatures with increased sensitivity.

Another reason, which is quite popular from the logical point of view, is their size. Being relatively lower than the waves, they often tend to dodge the waves that may hurt them. While the process keeps on going, these ants remain unharmed.

Notably, ants also have other ways to increase their advantage in microwave survival. In terms of body surface area to volume ratio, they have the largest ones. This surely is a plus factor in their overall survival.

Why Can Insects Survive Microwaves?

The process of microwaves might seem dangerous, but it isn’t dangerous at all if one isn’t exposed to it. Using a similar approach, the insects find ways to avoid getting exposed to the waves within the oven. They are so minute that they can avoid the rays and survive even if the cooking takes hours.

Not to mention that this was the main reason phenomena against ants started. Whether it included taking advantage of those microwaves or just standing, it was surely worth noting.

Getting Rid of Ants from the Microwave

For most people, running the microwave on for a few minutes to kill them is the first choice. However, we wouldn’t recommend wasting this much electricity that can also cause damage to your appliance. Running a microwave empty is never a good choice for sure.

Here are some of the things you should try to get rid of insects from your microwave.

  1. Use a mixture of clean water and dish soap to clean the microwave.
  2. Make sure to unplug everything before that.
  3. Try using baking soda and sugar mixture since it helps in preventing insects from regenerating.
  4. Keep your appliance in a clean area or clean all the time, never to let ants come in it. Aside from that, you can also check it casually or monthly to prevent insects from re-infesting more.

Can Ants Survive in a Microwave?

Any insect can survive in a microwave since the area is open and full of oxygen. However, during the process of microwaving, it comes down to whether these insects can dodge the waves or not. Avoiding the hot spot and preventing being burned is what these insects excel at the most. 

When it comes to the insect-like ant, their surface area is relative to their overall volume. This allows them to traverse faster but also to expel heat quite fast. So even within places of extreme temperature, the length is quite high.

Therefore, the ants have more than enough space to avoid it and survive within the microwave oven.

Can Ants Live in a Microwave?

Since insects are always looking for warm and moist environments, they often explore the house more. However, the major way insects and ants enter the microwave is through food left in the open.

If you try to heat a portion of food that has been left in the open using a microwave, then the chances are high. Since this will not only give ants a faster way to move to another place but also a place that is safe for them to live in.

Therefore, they often find the area warm and safe to produce further infestation within these ovens.

Can Ants be Microwaved?

Before microwaving includes meals to be microwaved, when it comes to ants, there is too little water in them to make them eligible for this process.

Even if the heat is extreme, their volume and natural features aren’t meant for it. That is the sole reason why ants survive this process without getting harmed. 

So yes, ants can be microwaved, but whether they can survive depends on their decision. Not to mention that ants do die in the microwave from Dielectric heating. However, that will only happen if they weren’t dodging the waves in the first place.

Can Anything Survive a Microwave?

Surviving within a microwave in use comes down to the dodging of wavelengths. However, once in contact, the high radiation and generated heat eliminate any sort of infections or bacteria.

When you are heating a meal or anything, the bacteria or viruses in it are destroyed in the process. However, if they were able to traverse out of the wave’s regions, then there is a chance of survival for them as well.


This marks the end of our guide, where we have tried to deliver the best possible explanation on how ants can survive microwaves. Ants are unique creatures, but their ability to survive microwaving process makes them even more unique.

Not only does it reflects their body features, but also their intellects. The reason why ants survive in these areas comes down to many things such as dodging, resistance, and more. There are various theories and proofs, and we have included every single of those.

In addition, we have tried helping you find the best ways to get rid of these insects from your kitchen microwave once and for all. Just follow the mentioned tips, and you are all set to get rid of these ants-related problems in your house.

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