Why Are Brita Stream Filters Sold Out?

Brita Stream is one of the most hunted filters in the market. Currently, you will find out that the product feature is unavailable in most stores, including e-commerce sites. Soon after its launch, the product got sold out. Why so fast?

Why is Brita Stream Filter sold out? The answer is straight off; this new product comes with extra convenience and saves time. It works 10x the standard filter. Brita Stream is a reliable filter and is also inexpensive. But before we delve into the nitty gritties of its stock out, what is Brita Stream?

Brita Stream Filters

Brita Stream filters are the newest technology in the water filtration industry. The innovation comes to you in terms of a pitcher that works by filtering water as you pour. This innovation means you do not have to wait for fill or for the reservoir to be unfilled.

With the new Brita Stream filter, you can fill an empty Brita Pitcher from your faucet and get clean drinking water in your tumbler. Another excellent feature is the great-tasting water which Brita filters10 times faster than the regular pitcher system.

If you didn’t know, the new Brita Stream Filter innovation allows a super-fast filtration process. The procedure includes layers of activated carbon that reduce chlorine taste and eliminate the odor to give you better-tasting drinking water.

The new Stream Pitcher is easy to use and a quicker way to improve people’s lives.

This pitcher is BPA-free and is available in two designs. You can choose between the four available colors – Chalk White, Lake Blue, Chili Red, and Carbon Gray.

Any of the two available Brita Stream filters features a compact design that boasts a 10-cup capacity. In addition, the Brita Stream filter is compatible with its Stream pitcher counterpart.

Our article expounds on the Brita stream filters, whether they are worth your pennies, and what they filter out.

So, Are Brita Stream Filters Good?

With Brita Stream filters, you have a classy filter in not only your home but also sophisticated filtration technology around.

The system works on your drinking water as you pour without a need to fill or empty the reservoir. That means you can run in water from your supply and immediately get clean water on your cup.

In addition, the filter as you pour is of utmost convenience. Brita Stream filter’s goal is to deliver odor-free and great-tasting water for your household.

Compared with the standard filters, this one removes chlorine taste and heavy metals like lead and mercury, harmful to your body.

Besides delivering great-tasting and safe water, Brita Stream reduces the filtration time. The system eliminates the need for a reservoir through its counterintuitive process.

If you have used other regular water filters, you are aware that it has to get into contact with the filter for the water to come out free of contaminants.

Brita Stream filter is different. The design works on the water in a minute. It only takes Brita Stream one minute and fifteen seconds, making it the fastest pitcher of its kind to work at this excellent flow rate.

But, this filter is uncomplicated.  There is no need to assemble parts as it comes ready to use. The requirements are as simple as pouring water and getting immediate results on your tumbler.

Suppose you are dealing with a metallic taste, common with tap water, no more worries. Brita Stream gets rid of all that. Besides, the filter is inexpensive.

The manufacturer recommends replacement after every two months or forty gallons filtered, but the cost annually is less than $50. The unit comes with a replacement indicator to alert you when it requires a change.

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What Does The Brita Stream Filter Out?

When you acquire the Brita Stream filter system, your goal will be to get the purest and safest drinking water for your family. You cannot go wrong with this filter. Here is a list of contaminants that this fantastic system removes;

  • Odors
  • Metallic taste
  • Chlorine taste
  • Lead
  • Class VI particulates
  • Water tint
  • Asbestos
  • Benzene

Does The Brita Stream Filter Out Lead?

The answer is yes. After many years of research, Brita has finally come up with a Brita Stream filter with filters 99% lead from your consumption water. These levels are close to 100%, thus safe for your consumption.

Brita Stream does not spare other contaminants like asbestos, benzene, and particulates. The filter gets rid of all these and leaves your water odorless and with a great flavor.


Investing in Brita Stream Filter is convenient and a fast and easy way to get clean drinking water for whichever situation you are in. it is a compact and flashy unit that you can travel around with.

Unlike the regular Brita filter, you will not require a reservoir. You just need to place the unit on a running tap and get your water cleansed within a minute.

When you acquire the new filter, you do not require to presoak. It is a great value pack, easy to use, and environmentally friendly unit.

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