How To Store Brita Filter When Not In Use?

Like any other apparatus in your household, the Brita filter requires proper handling to work effectively. The filter often calls for a replacement, with some models demanding a substitute every two months after filtering as little as 40 gallons.

Replacement depends on the type of Brita filter that you have in your home. It is paramount that you buy a new replacement to continue enjoying safe drinking and cooking water.

But this is not always a smooth operation. You may find it inconvenient to order a new filter every time the indicator blinks yellow (warning) or red (a bad filter).

Better still, driving to the store is more time-consuming and expensive. Stocking up several Brita filter units that will last you several months ensures a clean drinking water supply for your household.

What about times when you just replaced the filter, but you need to go for an extended vacation? Will you leave the filter on the unit or remove and store it? If so, what is the right way to keep your Brita filter when not in use? Does the unused Brita filter unit expire? 

It is logical to hold a ton of questions, as hygiene and safety are indispensable. No worries, we have the answers to all you quest here. Keep reading!

So, How do You Store Your Brita Filter When Not In Use?

Whether you have stocked a couple of Brita filters or you will not be around and remove your filter from the central system, you need to obey the product’s storage guidelines.

You may find the rules hard to grasp but remember this is a single golden rule for your Brita filter; store them in a cool and dry place

Abiding by this rule will keep your Brita filter intact and ready for use any time you need fresh water. Even if you are 100 percent sure that your storage is cool and dry, keep the filter in its original airtight.

Ensure that it is a waterproof casing to prevent any moisture from seeping inside. That way, you will be sure that your filter is safe and fit for its subsequent operations.

For a used filter, you can only store it if it is showing a green indicator. If your filter is in the red status, you should discard it away. That’s a bad filter, meaning it sucked in more bacteria and contaminants to its total capacity.

Keeping such a filter is in vain as it cannot serve you in the future. If you intend to use an expired filter, that is equivalent to wooing waterborne diseases.

How Long Can You Store The Water Filter?

When you make an order or pop into a store to buy a new Brita filter, you should not worry about its shelf life. One point to note is that there is no expiry for filters. The unit will stay intact as long as it is well-sealed in its waterproof bag.

The same case to your used Brita filter that you unscrew from the central unit; it can stay intact if you keep it appropriately. To use in the future, seal it and keep it in a cool and dry place. You can keep the filter for as long as you like. The only thing that destroys the unit is moisture.

About stocking the unit for future use, you can buy several filters to last you for a couple of months as long as the storage room is dry and cool.

New and well-stored filters have no expiry date as long as you do not puncture the casing. In addition, follow Brita filter storage guidelines on storing your Brita filter whenever you are not using it.

If you are not sure about your storage facility, we advise that you buy and replace your filter when need be. With Brita filters, you will always get a replacement as the company often restocks. 

Do Brita Filters Need To Be Kept Wet?

Ideally, Brita filters should be kept dry until the replacement time. Exposing them to moisture spoils the shell life. When the right time comes for using your new filter, presoak it in clean water for about 15 minutes.

The simple exercise saturates the filtration chambers in the unit. Brita consists of ion-exchange resin and activated carbon material. 

Keep your Brita filter wet by soaking it before the initial use or after a prolonged storage period. This process is essential as it optimizes the filtration process. Submerging the filter in the water will ensure that your water filter works efficiently after that.

The science behind keeping your Brita filter wet is to increase its filtering mechanism surface area. A wet filtration chamber is quicker and more efficient. Besides wetting the unit to increase its absorbency, you get to clean your filter for any residues and dirt on the filter. 

Your unit came in a super airtight casing. But during the shipping process, the filtration chamber composites can shake and create dust. The dust remains on the filter. It is not harmful, but we advise that you soak and clean out the unit before use.

How Long Can Water Sit-In Brita?

When you filter water, it is safe and fresh for drinking. There is no reservoir for your Brita faucet filter as water passes through the unit directly from your tap. You then fetch clean water with your tumbler for drinking or cooking. 

That’s different from your pitcher or dispenser Brita filter. Depending on the consumption, water has to sit for a couple of days before refilling the reservoir. 

But for how long can the water sit in your Brita water filter?

Health experts advise us to consume it within the shortest time possible when it comes to filtered water or any other type of water. Whereas you can spot growth molds in other fluids like juices, you cannot see contaminated water in your Brita with naked eyes. 

The bottled water you see in supermarkets undergoes processes that prevent the growth of microbes, molds, and algae. Your Brita filtration unit cannot process water up to the commercial standard. 

We, therefore, recommend not letting water sit for long. Consume water within a few weeks to prevent the growth of algae in your filter unit.

Can Brita Pitchers Be Left Out?

You can leave your Brita pitcher out; the only problem is the possible growth of bacteria, molds, and other microorganisms. These pathogens can cause diseases like cholera, scabies, typhoid, polio, and many others if ingested.

Keeping your Brita water filter pitcher inside your refrigerator keeps it safe from pathogens. While direct sunlight activates the chlorination process in water, refrigeration slows down the process.

Chlorination is quite fast in the sun, which favors microorganism multiplication.  If you do not have a refrigerator, there is no need to worry. Keep your pitcher in a cool and dark place.

Shielding your filter from direct sunlight guarantees you safe and great-tasting water. Also, remember to seal the spout properly. Using untreated well water and leaving your pitcher for long without cleaning it often can also cause algae, mold, and mildew growth.

Do Water Filters Go Bad If Not Used?

If you keep your new water filter in the right way, it will not go bad. Water filters have no set shelf life. Exposing your water filter to moisture destroys its life.

Water filters function with moisture. That means if it is exposed to any wetness, it will continue to work. Even if the unit is not actively filtering any contaminants, it will not go bad and render it a waste.

Keep your water filter intact in its casing to prevent moisture. In addition, avoid extreme heat until it is ready for use when it is appropriate.

Do Unused Brita Filters Expire?

Filters are consumables that you will require after every few weeks. Many people do not want the inconveniences of rushing to the stores or making orders every other month.

Likewise, when shopping, you may figure out picking several filters to stock up. Your worry is whether Brita filters expire if unused for long.

The answer is no. Unused Brita filters do not expire. They stay intact as long as you maintain them in the specific Brita filter casing.

Also, you have to store them in a cool place free from moisture. Brita filters should last you a long time with a perfect storage condition as they do not come with a setup shell life.

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Final Words

Clean drinking water is paramount to excellent health. Worldwide, most households do not have access to pure, clean drinking water. The only workable solution is a water filter.

Brita water filter delivers purified water, but it all depends on using this fantastic appliance. Storing your new filter in a safe and dry place is uppermost.

The filter comes in a special casing that cannot sip in moisture. As long as you do not puncture the bag, your filter will stay until you require replacing the bad one on your pitcher, faucet, or dispenser.

You can order as many filters as you water for your stock. Just be sure to store the units appropriately, away from moisture and heat.

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