What Is A Trivet For Air Fryer? 7 Ways Use Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

Do you want to prevent your food from direct heat and to touch the basket’s base? A Trivet is a solution to your concerns. Once you put a trivet between the food you want to cook and the bottom of the Air fryer, you will minimize the excessive heat of the food you are cooking.

A Trivet is like an extra or additional shelf in your Air Fryer and a rack for cooling. With a Trivet, you will take a shorter time because air and heat circulation is easy, making food cook more efficiently and consistently.

A Trivet should be made of materials resistant to heat and water. The shape is also something to consider when getting a Trivet for your Air Fryer; it must be flat to fit the bottom of the Air Fryer properly.

Considering Factors To Get A Trivet:

Let us have a look at a few materials and types to consider when getting a Trivet:

  • Silicone: Silicone material is flexible, easy to clean, and does not peel off when you compare it with other metals.
  • Wooden: These Trivets are less expensive, decorative, and durable. They also withstand heat to a temperature of about 400-600°F and have a pleasant and natural scent.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic coating Trivets are resistant to water and heat. They last longer without breaking, are cheap, quickly found, and affordable in terms of cost. Cleaning them is accessible by simply wiping them using a wet cloth. Their finishes are attractive, appealing, and hence very beautiful.
  • Glass: They do not keep dirt because it is easily visible. Cleaning them is easy, can withstand high temperatures, and are decorative.
  • Stainless Steel: They tolerate very high temperatures/heat and are used for long hours. Removing dirt from them is straightforward; hygienically, they are convenient and allow exposure to consistent heat.
  • Bamboo: They are natural with a pleasant smell. They are stain free and so easy to clean.

What Do You Use Trivet For In Air Fryer

A Trivet will help and prevent food from being soggy when cooking. It raises food above, not touching the bottom of the Air Fryer and so from the liquid/water.

I use a Trivet in Air Fryer for many ways and cooking different types of food. Feel free to have a look at them and enjoy your air fryer recipes:

  1. Making Desserts: With a pan and a Trivet, making cakes and cookies is very easy. Ensure that the pan fits the Trivet. The Trivet comes first in the Air Fryer, then the pan on top of the Trivet.
  2. Steaming Vegetables: Wash your vegetables clean and cut them into sizes that fit the Trivet. Place your vegetables in the Trivet and let them simmer in the air Fryer. Vegetables are carrots, French beans, potatoes, and many more.
  3. Boiling Eggs: Put your clean eggs in the Trivet and insert them into the Air Fryer. The eggs boiling will not hit each other and break when they are in the basket directly. After boiling them using a Trivet, peeling will be easy.
  4. Cooking Meat: Pour water with the ingredients you desire into the air fryer basket for the air fryer. Place meat that you want to cook on the Trivet. It absorbs the liquid flavors while cooking.
  5. Preventing The Fryer From Burning: A Trivet raises food from the base of the Fryer, thus preventing both the Fryer and food from burning.
  6. Thick Sauces or Heavy Liquids: When cooking food with heavy liquids, it is difficult for the Fryer to produce enough steam for the food to cook. With a Trivet, it enables circulation of heat, thus enough moisture. 

Can I Air Fry With The Trivet

Air Frying with the Trivet is good. A trivet can allow the cooking of multiple foods in an Air Fryer by stacking different foods. Trivet offers an extra layer for the same. Trivet also proper air and heat circulation making cooking effective and even. While it is possible to use a trivet in an Air Fryer, there are safety precautions to consider.

Have a look!

1. Always ensure that the Air Fryer is unplugged from the power source when you are not using it. Switch off the power at the socket after use and unplug the Air Fryer.

2. Make good use of the Air Fryer manual. The manual will always guide you on areas you do not understand about the Air Fryer, i.e., when and how to use it.

3. Beware that the Air Fryer gets hot after use. Be careful not to harm yourself and burn tabletops or countertops. Use heat-resistant trivets and gloves such as silicone when touching hot parts.

4. Ensure that you cook in an area with healthy ventilation to allow proper fresh air circulation. Remember to place the Air Fryer far from the wall and openings like windows and doors.

5. Keep off the Air Fryer from the stove. If the furnace turns on while the Air Fryer is near, it will melt and light a fire that will be so harmful.

6. Cook enough food depending on the size of the basket. Too much food will not cook properly because it will limit air circulation in the Air Fryer.

7. Please use a timer to enable you to check your food as it cooks so that it does not burn and lose taste.

8. Always clean your Air Fryer, Trivet, and air fryer basket after use.

9. Avoid using any sprays and chemicals on Air Fryers because they can cause harm. Consider the ones that are quality and best.

10. Always allow your air Fryer to cool after use before subsequent use.

Can I Use My Air Fryer Without The Trivet?

Using an Air Fryer without a Trivet is probable, but I cannot advise one to do so. Placing food direct to the base of the Air Fryer can burn the Fryer, and food can be messy. Food cannot cook evenly and properly because there is no proper air and heat circulation.

In a scenario whereby there is no Trivet, consider using either of the following:

  • Grill: A Pan with grills will help grill food like meat and chicken.
  • Steamer: Steaming of all sorts of vegetables by use of basket streamers.
  • Baking Pan or Cake Rack: For baking purposes, i.e., cakes, cookies.
  • Egg Wire or Holder: For boiling of eggs.
  • Cooking or dehydrating rack: This rack will allow the cooking of multiple foods by stacking them together.
  • Instant Pot: Will allow cooking of a variety of foods together.

Final Thought:

Trivets in Air Fryers are essential for cooking. From this guide, I know you are more equipped on what a Trivet is and when and how to use it. Amazingly, you know what to use in case you do not have one. Now, let’s share your experience with us after using Trivets.