Difference between Trivet and Hot Pad? Read These 5 Tips

Trivets and Hot Pads are necessary tools to have when cooking. They play major roles in the kitchen; without them is doing injustice to yourself. You may be wondering what it is that you can do with your Trivet or Hot Pad and what the difference is between them! This guide will give a clear picture of what they are and what differentiates them.

A Hot Pad is a thick piece of cloth with different materials placed below hot pots and dishes to prevent surfaces from being damaged by heat. A Trivet works more like a Hot Pad; it has a specific height because its legs can protect countertops and surfaces from scratches.

Trivet Vs. Hot Pad Comparison:

 TrivetHot Pad
FeaturesIt fits big or oversize ovens, i.e., its size is universal. It has a square or round shape. It has legs that elevate the base. It has rubber feet. Heavy duty. It has a coating that is special and protective.        It is very Soft.It has different attractive colors.BPA-free 100 percent.Its design is thick.It is absorbent.    
UsesUse as a rack for steaming.Use as a cooling rack.Use a standing rack for pressure cookers, hot pots, and dishes.Use to open lids for jars.  Prevent and protect surfaces from the direct heat of hot dishes and pots.Use to hold/grab hot dishes and pots.Use as decorations in kitchen and dining room.    
Size and WeightSize ranges between 7 X 7 inches to 9 X 12 Inches with a thickness of 0.5 inches.It weighs up to 1.20 pounds.  Weight ranges from 300g to 350g.Size ranges are nearly the same as Trivet
AdvantagesEasy to clean, use and store. It regulates heat perfectly. Durable; lasts longer. Stable because of its legs/feet. Very safe with dishwasher. It is multifunctional, stove, campfires, grill, and oven. It is not sticky. It withstands high temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius.    Do not slip.Flexible, can use it to grab pots/dishes.Not toxic.Easy to wash and dry.You can use both in the microwave and freezer.Easy to maintain.Safe for food.      
MaterialsSiliconeGlassCeramicWoodCorkIronStone  CottonSiliconeCorkRattan  

What to consider when getting a Trivet or Hot pad

Do you want to know the factors to consider before you purchase your Trivet or Hot pad? Here are some:

Model and Design: Trivets and Hot Pads have several models and designs, which makes them suitable and serve their purpose. Consider a multipurpose design; jar opener, non-slip surface, prevent countertops from heat damage, not absorb foul odors, and easily affected by water to prevent them from developing mildew and Molds.

Quality: Trivets and Hot Pads that are heavy-duty and thick will last longer. Keep them flexible to offer maximum protection to your table and countertops. Excellent and high-quality Trivets and Hot Pads will increase their durability.

Size and Shape: Suitable sizes that can best fit your pans and dishes. They can be either 7 x 7 inches or 9 x 12 inches with a thickness of 0.5 inches, depending on the size of your words and pans. They come in different shapes, i.e., round and square.

Safety: Ensure that the Trivets and Hot pads are safe in all ways; non-toxic, accommodate high temperatures up to 500 degrees, and made of heat-resistant materials to protect yourself from burns as they protect surfaces from heat damage.

Care and Maintenance: Depending on the material of the Trivets and Hot pads, you can hand wash them, use a dishwasher or wipe them clean with a damp/wet piece of cloth. Always keep them dry to use them for a longer time. Some have holes in the corner for hanging them on the wall for easy storage.

Color and Decoration: Trivets and Hot Pads are charming decorations in dining and the kitchen when they are not in use. Having your best and most pleasing colors will serve you a big deal. You can display them and come out very nicely with different patterns, as you desire.

Performance: Know the specific function of the item that you have. It knows the part will explain when, how and what to use it for at a particular time and duration.

Price: Different Trivets and Hot pads have different prices. Consider the actual purpose of what you want as you look into what you can afford to purchase.

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What Is a Hot Pad or Trivet (with using purpose):

Trivet is a material that we use to protect the table or other surfaces from heat damage. There are different kinds of trivets to use in the kitchen, like silicone, wood, metal, cork, fabric or ceramic, etc. On the other hand, hot pads are hand-covering materials of textile that people use to hold hot pots or dishes to carry from one place to another.

Hot pad defines specific use, whereas Trivet is used for different purposes.

If you want to save your kitchen/dining tables and counters from heat and damage as an investment, Trivets or Hot Pads will work for you. Have a look at more uses of a Trivet or Hot Pad:

  1. Protect Surfaces; tables, and counters

Trivets and Hot pads hold hot dishes and pans after cooking. They prevent direct heat from the hot dishes to the counters and tables, thus keeping them safe from damage, as they remain to look new always. The surfaces are also safe from scratches during the serving of food.

2. Holders

After cooking, one will need to hold the pots and ovens before placing them on the tables. Therefore, you will need a holder to protect your hands from burning. Here, the Hot Pads and Trivets come in handy. You fold the Hot Pads in a thick layer to ensure that heat does not get to the hand. For the Trivet, confirm a tight grip as you lift the pot.

3. Decoration

Trivets and Hot pads are decent decorations because of their various designs, shapes, and colors. On top of using them as holders and mats, you can display them in the kitchen and dining for decoration. You can choose to have a color that best fits and matches your curtains and countertops.

4. Opener

A Trivet works best when opening jars. At times, the lid sticks in the process of cooking. Placing the Trivet on the lid and twisting it makes it easier to come out. Therefore, with the Trivet around, the opening of jars should not worry you.

5. Mats/Coasters

Hot Pads can serve as mats for bowls, dishes, glasses, drying, spoon rest, and coasters in the kitchen. They perform multiple functions because they are flexible.

6. Cooling Racks

Trivets or Hot Pads are essential in cooling hot pans, dishes, and pressure cookers. After serving food, you allow them to cool on the Trivets and Hot Pads without harm.

7. Gift

Trivets and Hot Pads are gifts to friends, neighbors, and family members on various occasions like birthdays, homecoming, anniversaries, weddings, and parties.

Best Hot Pad

Best Trivet for Kitchen

Best Material for a Hot Pad or Trivet

As highlighted above, there are many materials to use while making Hot Pads or Trivets, such as glass, ceramic, cork, stone, steel, iron, wood, etc. They all serve the purpose, but silicone supersedes all. Let us see how best silicone is:

  • Poor conductor of heat: When using glass, ceramic, iron, and steel Trivets or Hot pads for a long time with hot dishes or pots, they equally get hot because they conduct heat gradually as they get hotter. This heat gets to the surface and scorches the counters and tables.

Trivets or Hot pads with silicone will heat up too but cannot conduct the heat since it is not effective conductor of heat hence not damaging the surfaces. They will remain clean and shiny always.

  • Silicone is non-stick: Trivets and Hot Pads with silicon material are not sticky. However long they will stay with sauce spills, it is significantly easier to wash and remove the spills from them than cork ones that keep stains and are challenging to clean.
  • Flexible: Silicone Trivets and Hot Pads accommodate high temperatures up to 600°F, and are not slippery, which makes them suitable for hot dishes and pots, straighteners, and hold pots with hot handles.
  • Grippy:  With silicone Trivets and Hot Pads, you can easily open lids of jars that hold tightly and wastes one’s time while in the kitchen. Because its nature is grippy, place it on top of the cover, and grab and twist it. The lid will come out without much effort.
  • Durable:  Silicon Trivets and Hot Pads cannot break easily and thus last longer. Because they are highly resistant to heat and easy to wash and store, it is not easy for them to wear and tear, thus saving you big times from buying more and more.

Final Thought

Glad that you have expertise from this guide; comparison between a Trivet and a hot Pad, what to consider when buying/purchasing, their uses, and the best material to go for that will be pocket friendly because of its durability and flexibility.

Anyway, I am sure now you can select your hot pad or trivet by reading information above about the difference between trivet and hot pad. Never hesitate to refer to this guide whenever you want information about Trivets and Hot Pads.