You Clearly Don’t Own An Air Fryer?

One of the popular appliances in modern kitchens is an air fryer. But do you know what specifically it is? It is a smaller version of a convection oven that has high heat reaching 400 degrees Fahrenheit and circulates the hot air for even cooking.

Inside this kitchen appliance is a small basket that catches excess grease and oil drippings from the meat. Gladly, this is a multi-functional appliance. You can use it to air fry, make crispy food, bake, and roast. Thus, it is a worth-have appliance.

Despite knowing how important an air fryer is, you will still find people who do not have it in their kitchens. For this reason, “You Clearly Don’t Own An Air Fryer” is a popular meme that has been going around on media platforms, mocking those people without the air fryer.

For more information about this kitchen appliance, keep reading.

You Clearly Don’t Own An Air Fryer Squid Game.

Wondering what a squid game is and how it relates to an air fryer? Worry not; you are on the right way. The truth is that the squid game is a sensation available on Netflix. It is a famous teleplay from Korea and has been the number one show in numerous countries like the U.S.

Like the above, there exist a meme that connects a squid game with an air fryer. You will hear people who recognize squid games and have air fryers mocking those who do not have them by saying, “you clearly don’t have an air fryer squid game.” This, too, is going to push you into having these air fryer appliances.

Is An Air Fryer Worth Owning?

Everybody who has an air fryer talks about how much they love it. Therefore, you may wonder, “Is it worth owning it?” We will try everything possible to give you an unbiased answer by exploring the benefits and drawbacks of air fryers.

Because these kitchen appliances have become famous, it is a genuine question: is an air fryer worth owning? So, let us dive in!

Reasons It Is Worth Owning An Air Fryer

1.    Air Fryer Health Benefits.

Our first opinion is that it is worth owning an air fryer because it can cook your favorite food with less fat. Creating 360-degree convection of heated air around the food can mimic the deep frying consistency with minimal cooking oil. An air fryer is best if you love crisp, healthy cooking on your fries.

2.    Air Fryers Are Efficient And Affordable.

The truth is that you can find an air fryer for under $100. But, those for a single person can even cost under $50. On the other hand, an integrated wall oven that will serve the same experience as an air fryer goes for at least $1500.

Furthermore, air fryers save a lot of energy. Hence, you will save yourself plenty of cash in the long run. The trick point is to buy one with low wattage.

3.    Saves You Time

As the English saying goes, “time is money.” You don’t want anything that will use most of your time in the kitchen. An air fryer is an ultimate kitchen gadget that will save you a lot of cooking time. First,

  • They preheat very fast. The small and the standard-sized Air fryers can take 3 minutes to heat up to 400 degrees. On the other hand, an oven can take more than 10 minutes to preheat. This appliance is a plus because you will not need a microwave.
  • Cooks your food faster. These appliances are smaller and more powerful. For this reason, they can blow hot air into the food well. Hence, allowing them to cook evenly and faster.

4.    Space Saver

Air fryers are smaller than traditional deep fryers, ovens, or toaster ovens. You will find a lot of people referring to them as countertop appliances. A lot of people do not have a big kitchen. Therefore, this is a kitchen gadget worth owning it.

5.    User Friendly

You can, with no trouble, master how to use an air fryer. This is despite being a newbie in the kitchen. They feature pre-set function for cooking different types of food. Furthermore, they might have a manual setting that will allow you to adjust the temperature and time required easily. You don’t have to use oil when cooking with an air fryer. Besides, no need to wait for the appliance to preheat.

6.    Easy To Clean.

After use, you have to clean the air fryer for proper maintenance. It is easy to clean this appliance. Most of the appliance’s accessories are dishwasher safe. Thus, you will only clean the non-stick basket manually.

Why Are Air Fryers Not Worth It?

Can burn easily

As we said, air fryers are powerful machines with relatively low capacity. Thus, they can easily burn your food. These appliances circulate 400 degrees of heat in a small cooking space. So, there is a possibility they can burn your food. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it, the burning risk is minimized.

From the above discussion, air fryers have more benefits than drawbacks. Thus, you can tell it is worth owning an air fryer.

Why is everyone buying an air fryer?

When you visit most traditional and modern kitchens, you will realize almost everyone has an air fryer. Thus, it is worth knowing why everyone is buying it. Here are some of the reasons why it is so.

They are affordable, fast, and use less oil.

Everybody has an air fryer because it is an affordable kitchen appliance. Besides, it does not use much oil like the traditional oven. Also, they heat food fast and evenly. The air fryers work faster than the standard convection oven and are healthier than deep fryers.


So far, you cannot tell you have no idea about air fryers. Besides, we are sure you will make a move and buy one for yourself or your family. After use, you will enjoy the many benefits the appliance comes with.

When you dive in with your friend who doesn’t have the kitchen gadget, you will confidently use the meme “clearly you don’t own an air fryer.” This is after having an experience of how great this appliance is.

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