Ninja Foodi DT251 Vs DT201! Which Is The Best?

When you have narrowed your product to a brand, especially a convection toaster oven, you may think the journey is over. But it isn’t! The Ninja Foodi DT251 and Ninja DT201 are dream toaster ovens for any home chef. Both appliances are classy, versatile countertop appliances that offer several cooking programs. Their faucets are similar. However, there are significant differences. 

The Ninja Foodi DT251 has an integrated thermometer, while the DT201 doesn’t. Though these two air fryers are like twins, the DT 201 came earlier in the market (September 2020). It is older than DT251 by a month. Also, the pricing differs from the 201 series, which is a couple of dollars cheaper.

All other similar features include capacity, temperature range, presets, power, controls, and material. To quickly select between the two, look at this comparison chart.  

Ninja Foodi DT251 Vs DT201 Comparison Chart

Key FeaturesNinja Foodi DT251Ninja Foodi DT201
Size17.09″ x 20.22″ x 13.34″17.09″ x 20.22″x 13.34″
ControlsDigital touchDigital touch
Weight 33.75 pounds33.63 pounds
Temperature range90F to 450F90F to 450F
Power  Wattage1800W1800W
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Door styleDropdownDropdown
Customer rating12,80412,804
Date of releaseOctober 2020September 2020
Check latest Price On AmazonOn Amazon

Ninja DT251 Review

Ninja DT251 Foodi 10-in-1 Smart XL Air Fry Oven,...40
  • TRUE SURROUND CONVECTION: Up to 10X the convection power vs. a...
  • 10 VERSATILE FUNCTIONS: Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Whole Roast, Broil,...
  • SMART COOK SYSTEM: Achieve the perfect doneness from rare to well done...
  • QUICK FAMILY MEALS: 90-second oven preheat time and up to 30% faster...
  • EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY: 2-level even cooking, no rotating required—fit...

Top Features

  • Ten cooking programs
  • Smart-cook mechanism
  • Integrated thermometer
  • 15 recipe guides
  • Digital display
  • 12-liter capacity
  • True surround convection
  • Weighs 33.75 lbs

Product Description

Indulge yourself guilt-free with this Ninja DT251 Foodi. It is a family-size bright air fryer oven with ten cooking programs. The oven can toast, bake, toast, roast, broil, bagel, reheat and dehydrate your foods. You can even make a pizza with this digital Ninja Foodi. The irony is that all these features are available on the DT201, but there is one detail that I will show you that’s missing on its competitor: food thermometer.

The DT251 is unique as it takes doubts out of your cooking. Its integrated thermometer measures your food’s internal temperature with precision. The feature is a surety that whatever you feed your loved ones with is safe from harmful microorganisms.

The integrated Foodi smart Thermometer gives you the perfect internal temperature at whichever level you place your food while cooking. So, you will be sure your ribeye, chicken breast, and lamb steak have the correct doneness. 

Another unique feature is true surround convection. The mechanism allows temperature up to 450°F. This heat is ten times more powerful than a traditional convection oven. DT251 has a power wattage of 1800W. Comparatively, your food will cook faster and attain crispier exteriors and juicier interiors.

Ninja DT201 Foodi Review

Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Digital...40
  • TRUE SURROUND CONVECTION: Up to 10X the convection power vs. a...
  • 10-IN-1 VERSATILITY: Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Whole Roast, Broil,...
  • FASTER COOKING: 90-second oven preheat time and up to 30% faster...
  • XL FAMILY-SIZED CAPACITY: 2-level even cooking, no rotating...
  • LESS FAT: Eat all of your air fried favorites guilt-free with up to...

Key Features

  • 12-liter capacity
  • 1800W
  • Ten presets
  • True surround convection heating
  • Weighs 33.63 lbs.
  • Digital display

Product Description

The DT201 is a close contender of the DT251. Its release date is September 2020, almost a month before the DT251 release. In terms of affordability, this air fryer oven is cheaper than the DT251. The reason is that it is an upgrade of the Ninja DT251.

This oven is as unique as its competitor, the DT251. Its contender has all its features, including 10 presets, true surround convection, 1800W, and complimentary accessories. 

However, there is a considerable difference between this air fryer toaster oven and the Ninja DT251. The integrated Foodi thermometer is missing. This absent feature is not good news as you must use other methods or guesswork to determine food’s doneness. 

Other characteristics of the DT201 include a 12-liter cooking capacity that can hold a 12-lb. Turkey and feed up to 10 adults. The unit is lighter (33.63 lbs.) and has a classy digital display that displays settings and other cooking prompts.

What Are The Differences?

The Ninja Foodi DT251 and DT201 are almost identical. But some features can help you to differentiate between the two. 

1.    Foodi Thermometer

The presence of the Ninja Foodi thermometer on the DT251 and its absence in DT201 differentiates these two close relatives. It is a fact that you cannot measure food’s internal temperature without a thermometer. That’s the probable reason why this oven is pricier than its contender. Also, it may have been an afterthought after the DT201 release, thus an upgrade from the model.

The thermometer integration ensures that you get well-cooked food without guessing. That’s especially true for meat, which can give you bad food poisoning if it doesn’t achieve the correct doneness.

Although you pay higher for the DT251, you get a gadget with security for safe food, free from pathogens. Also, the probe helps to avoid overcooking. Once the food attains the correct internal temperature, you will be alerted to stop the appliance and serve your food.

2.    Price

The DT251 is pricier than the DT201. One of the top reasons is the integrated probe, which comes with extra dollars. Although you pay higher for the toaster oven, it is worth the top-up as the thermometer comes with several benefits. As I detailed earlier, it measures the food’s internal temperature precisely and takes guesswork off your cooking.

3.    Date Of Release

These two toaster ovens share the year of release (2020), but the months and dates are not similar. The DT201 landed in the market on September 20, while the DT251 is an October 13 release, with a slight difference of over a month. Such a difference may signify an immediate toaster oven’s upgrade to have better features, including a food probe.

What Are The Similarities?

From the comparison chart above, it is clear that the DT251 and DT201 are almost similar gadgets, safe for the food probe, price, and date of release into the market. I will expound more on these.  

  • Presets

The cooking presets on these two gadgets are similar. They are ten and signify versatility. The presets on DT251 and 201 include;

  1. Air fry
  2. Bake
  3. Air roast
  4. Broil
  5. Pizza
  6. Dehydrate
  7. Bagel
  8. Reheat
  9. Whole roast
  10. toast


Both air fryer toaster ovens have a rectangular capacity of 12 liters. This size is sufficient to cook a 12-inch pizza. You can even cook two as the gadget has a rack for extra space. A 12-pound turkey also fits well in the cooking chamber, plus you can also make a 2-sheet pan meal for your guests. Small restaurants can also benefit from this toaster oven as it fits large meals for up to 10 people. Remember that the serving capacity depends on your portions.

Shape And Size

These two Ninja Foodi air fryer ovens have a similar shape and size. They measure 17.09 “D x 20.22″ W x 13.34” H (external dimensions) and have an internal holding capacity of 12 liters. Although the units look large, their rectangular shape fits well with countertop spaces and storage cabinets.


These two ovens operate by digital touch control. The system is one of the ninja’s latest innovations in ovens. Their screens are similar to the ones that come with mobile devices and do not have knobs to dial. The operation is effortless as you key in any details by touching the icon on the display. Digital touch devices are easy to operate and precise. However, they require much care and cleaning to avoid damaging the screen.


DT251 and DT 201 have similar weights, 33.75 pounds. Although lifting any of these ovens is quite a task, it is a standard weight for most toaster ovens. 

Power Wattage

Air fryer toaster ovens require higher power than 1500W to cook to perfection. The higher the wattage, the more the heat and the faster the cooking. These two gadgets have an 1800 power wattage, allowing them to cook many menus, even those requiring more heat, like the roasts. In addition, a high-wattage air fryer cooks faster than a low-watt oven.

Temperature Range

The two air fryers come with a temperature range of 90F to 450F. This is a wide range and is also great for cooking different menus. The lowest temperature can dehydrate your veggies, while the highest will air-roast your meat and give you excellent results.

Material And Finish

The two gadgets comprise a stainless-steel body, which does not rust or scratch. With a brushed silver finish, you have a sleek look and an assurance of durability.

Door Style

These two Ninja Foodi DT series come with a dropdown door design. The style is a space saver. In addition, it does not swing open with limited space. The door doesn’t swing open, allowing you to place items on the countertop without door clearance. Also, it is safe and lets you check your food’s cooking progress. Drop down the dropdown, which is easy to access without fear of spills.

The Verdict

Between Ninja Foodi DT251 vs DT201, which is right for you? You can spend your dollars without worrying which toaster oven is ideal. The first step will be to take time to go through the comparison chart. Also, the key features, descriptions, differences, and similarities will guide you through the process.

A crucial observation is that DT251 is an upgraded model for DT201. The extra feature, the Foodi thermometer, on the Ninja foodi DT251 is a plus and gives you a better oven. However, if your budget is lower, you can go for the Ninja foodi DT201, which is a great alternative. But remember, the investment is long-term, so a few extra dollars are worth the effort. 


How big the ninja DT251?

The ninja DT251 is a stainless-steel toaster oven. It has 20.22 inches wide, 17.09 inches deep, and 13.34 inches high. It also has a large capacity (12 liters). It has 10 functions including air frying, Dehydrate, broil, pizza reheat, roast, toast, bagel etc.

what is the max temperature of the ninja foodi DT201?

The maximum temperature of the ninja DT201 is 450°F. The temperature range start from 90°F to 450°F. For control the temperature there  also has a pushbutton and a digital display.

Does the Ninja Foodi DT251 have a rotisserie function?

No, the ninja foodi DT251 does not have a rotisserie function. It is a countertop convection oven . It has 10 preset function like – air fry, Dehydrate, broil,  reheat, pizza,  air roast, whole roast,  toast, bagel, bake etc.

How much bigger is the Ninja Foodi DT251 cooking pot.

The ninja Foodi DT251 cooking pot has a capacity of 12 liters. it’s measures 20.22 inches width, 17.09 inches depth , and 13.34 inches height. The ninja DT201 have an extra large capacity . IT can fit  A 5 lb chicken , a sheet pan of vegetables, Two 12-in pizzas, a 12 lb turkey

 What additional cooking functions does the DT251 offer that the DT201 doesn’t?

The ninja DT251 has nine components including Crumb Tray, (2) Sheet Pans, DT250 Series Owner’s Guide, (2) Wire Racks, Smart XL Air Fry Oven, Roast Tray, 15-Recipe Guide, a Smart Thermometer, Air Fry Basket. But the Ninja DT201 doesn’t a smart thermometer, Smart XL Air Fry Oven.

Does the ninja DT251 have a built-in thermometer?

The ninja DT251 foodi air fry oven has a built in temperature. The smart temperature probe can be set clock to desired internal temperature for your food. The ninja DT251 will automatically shut up it once reached.

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