Top 10 Best Countertop Microwave Trim Kit in 2024

When you move into a new home, you may find yourself short of space. It may even be a challenge to place or add more countertop home appliances. An example is a countertop microwave oven. 

If there is insufficient space to squeeze the oven, you may want to transform the countertop design into an inbuilt model inside your cabinetry. That’s where you will need a trim kit. It holds your microwave in place and also dresses the appliance to improve its looks.

Besides relieving your cramped up kitchen, fixing your microwave in the cabinet with a trim kit prevents cross ventilation. A built-in effect in your cooking space is even more appealing and organized. 

A trim kit will come in handy for you if you want this makeover for your countertop microwave. 

But not all microwave trim kits are efficient. Some will not give you the desired results. Our list below offers the best countertop microwave trim kits;

Top 10 Best Microwave Trim Kits Reviews In 2023

1. Panasonic 27-Inch Trim Kit, Stainless Steel, For Use With 2.2 Cu Ft Microwave Ovens– NN-TK922SS

  • Stainless steel material and color.
  • Great aesthetics
  • Easy to assemble vent
  • Fits well
  • Difficult to install


Panasonic 27″ NN-TK922SS Trim kit is the ideal solution for mounting your countertop microwave in your cabinetry. It transforms all Panasonic 2.2 cubic feet countertop microwave ovens into an in-built model.

The microwave trim kit 27 consists of a frame and an upper/lower/rear duct that attaches and encapsulates your oven in a cabinet cut-out opening stylishly. The Panasonic NN-TK922SS Trim Kit works for NN-SE9**S, NN-SN9**S, and NN-SD9**S Panasonic microwave ovens.

Installation for this trim kit is faster with the user’s manual instruction. Watch out for safety by unplugging the oven before installation; otherwise, you just require basic electrical and mechanical to mount the kit. Be sure to mount the trim kit with only Panasonic microwaves for it to function effectively.

The stainless-steel trim kit is easy to clean, just like your microwave’s surface. The dimensions include 684mm or 27″ (W) 472mm or 18-9/16″ (H) 20mm or ¾” (D) outer size, and 24-5/8″ (W) x 13-7/16″ (H) inner size.

If your cabinet opening is 25-1/2″ x 5/16″, this trim kit will fit perfectly.  

2. Panasonic 27-Inch Trim Kit, Stainless Steel, For Use With 1.2 Cu Ft Microwave Ovens– NN-TK621SS

  • Rust-proof stainless-steel material.
  • Fits most 1.2 Cu. ft. microwaves, including non-Panasonic models.
  • Right aesthetics
  • Easy to install.
  • Brackets’ design does not fit standard cabinetry.


Spacing-saving with this refashion Trim Kit gives your kitchen a sleeky in-built appearance. Panasonic NN-TK621SS microwave trim kit 27″ has its outer dimensions as 0.79″ x 26.93″ x 18.58″ and weighs 8.8 lbs.

On the inner side, the width is 24 5 /8″ while the height is 13 11 /16″. The cabinet opens to width 724mm – 8mm and a height of 442m- 2mm. The kit is also has a minimum of 553mm deep.

This Trim Kit incorporates a trim frame, lower, upper, and a hid duct for holding the oven in a cabinet opening. The kit safely encases the microwave without altering your kitchen’s stylish look. In addition, it allows you to use countertop space.

Panasonic NN-TK922SS Trim Kit is easy to install. With a few DIY or cabinetry professional skills, you will find the instructions easy to apply. This kit does not limit you to one microwave model. 

It is also useful for Panasonic NN-SN67KS, NN-SN68KS, NN-SN67HST, NN-SN686SR, and NN-SN686S Panasonic Microwave Oven models and others like Whirlpool WMC50522AS 2.2 cubic feet. 

3. Ge Jx827sfss 27″ Stainless Steel Deluxe Microwave Trim Kit

  • Durable.
  • Fairly priced.
  • Looks classy.
  • It fits the microwave perfectly.
  • The screws might mess you up.
  • The plastic material makes the kit cheap.


This simple and functional microwave trim kit from GE appliances weighs approximately 8.0 lbs with a dimension of 16-½” x 26-⅞” (width and height) dimension. Although it is made of plastic, this trim kit is shockingly robust.  

It fits perfectly to cover up any possible gap between the cabinet and the microwave walls. The coating over the plastic is stainless steel and gives the trim kit a sleeky finishing and durability.

GE JX827SFSS 27″ kit offers an interior frame dimension of 24.3 “W x 11.5 “H and a base pan measuring approximately 24″ (width) x 10.8″ (depth) from the front to back and 1.9” in height.

With GE microwave trim kit 24, you have a compatible kit with GE Profile™ 1.1 Cu. Ft. countertop microwave oven. But if you have any other GE microwaves whose dimensions are 26.875″ and 16.5″ tall, this trim kit will hold and dress up your kitchen appliance perfectly.

Amazingly, this trim does not require highly certified technicians to install. With basic technical knowledge, you can properly install the kit and save money plus your time. The only tools you will require are a screwdriver or a drill to drive in the screws.

4. LG 30″ Built-In Trim Kit In Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

  • Great color.
  • Stylish.
  • Lightweight.
  • The complete package is a plus for easy installation.
  • Installation directions are not clear.


If you want a clean in-built look, fix your microwave with trim kit 30. This kit shapes and seals all the holes left on the edges of the microwave and adds a stylish and modern kitchen design to your kitchen. Its height is 19.1″ while the width is 29.7″. The depth measures 1.1″ while the weight is 13 lbs. 

You will not go wrong with its stainless steel color. The color gives the trim kit a premium finish. In addition, this LG 30-inch microwave trim kit saves a lot of space on your counter.

Unlike many trim kits, this LG microwave trim kit comes with complete ducting, bracketing, templates, and installation hardware. With the simplest basic skills, you will find it easy to install. It is also not heavy and weighs only 2.2 lbs. The kit measures 31.8″ x 21″ x 6″ to fit well on your microwave’s exterior dimensions.

LG 30″ Built-in Trim Kit comes with a mounting unit to be used inside the microwave, complete ducting, bracketing, and installed hardware, as well as templates to complete the look like a built-in microwave

You will be astonished at how your microwave fits perfectly in the already inbuilt cabinet and templates. If you have an LG LMC2075ST, that will match with the kit and save you space. The lit flashes with the exterior of your oven to hide any openings on the edges. 

5. Universal Stainless Steel Over The Range L Shaped Microwave Fill Filler Kit

  • It is a great option to give a built-in look.
  • Works as advertised.
  • The color matches perfectly with most kitchen designs.
  • The kit is highly recommended.
  • It takes a short moment to install.
  • The screws are too small.


The universal trim kit is an L-shaped filler kit that is strong enough to withstand a standard-weight microwave oven. Its material composition is stainless steel, 22-gauge, one of the toughest in the market. 

This trim kit’s dimensions are 3″ × 15.8″ × 10.9″, and it weigh approximately 2.5 lbs.  The manufacturer ensures that its edges seal uneven gaps where the microwave does not flash well with your cabinet. 

In addition, the product matches perfectly with your microwave to give your kitchen an exact built-in look, such as the original built-in designs.

So, if you wish to convert your over-the-counter microwave, this kit will match exquisitely with both the microwave and the cabinet.

With its one-year warranty over the artistry and the material, we expect this trim kit to offer you durability and satisfaction. 

The over-the-range trim kit lets you mount your microwave under the cabinet stylishly and affordably without a major makeover in your kitchen.  

6. Frigidaire Mwtk27kf, 27-Inch, Black/Stainless Microwave Trim Kit 

  • Extra vent kit
  • Easy user instructions
  • Smooth fit.
  • Two colors to choose from (stainless steel and black)
  • The base doesn’t fit well.


Frigidaire Trim kit designs help to improve and keep your kitchen stylish. The MWTK27KF 27″ is a perfect design for over-the-range microwave ovens. The trim kit will ensure that your appliance fits smoothly in the kitchen cabinetry and thus save you on counter space. 

Asides from trimming installation gaps, the trim has ventilation openings that help airflow circulation in the fitting. Any 27-inch Frigidaire over-the-counter microwave design matches faultlessly on this kit. 

Frigidaire’s material is quality plastic, which is available in black and stainless steel. These specific colors move well with a variety of kitchen designs. The kit weighs 12 lbs within 27″ × 18.1″ × 1.2″ dimensions. 

When you buy the kit, you will find a well-illustrated instruction aid for easy installation and a 90 days warranty on the product. In addition, the manufacturer includes a vent kit for the appliance’s cleanliness and safety.

7. Samsung MATK8020TG 30 Black Stainless Built-In Microwave Trim Kit

  • Perfect color and premium look.
  • Easy fitting.
  • Fits Microwave Models MS19M8020BSS
  • Matches with associated microwave
  • Poorly translated users’ manual.


This trim kit looks fabulous in both black stainless and regular stainless colors. When you match it with your microwave, the kit gives your kitchen a stylish blend.

Every step for installing this trim kit is an easy DIY, thus not a big deal. The user instructions are straightforward.

Samsung designs the trim kit specifically for converting over-the-counter Samsung microwaves into an in-built model. It weighs 12.83lbs with 30″ x 20″ x 2″ dimensions. These dimensions integrate well with any Samsung microwave oven that is 1.9 cubic feet. 

Samsung countertop microwave with trim kit 30 models give your appliance a seamless and built-in look by closing and hiding the holes on the edges. 

8. Panasonic NN-TK932SS 30 TRIM KIT

  • Complete package.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Great aesthetics.
  • Durable.
  • Poor instructions.


Stainless Steel Microwave Trim Kit 30 is compatible with 2.2cu ft and suits several Panasonic Microwave Oven models like NN-ST9**S, NN-SE9**S, NN-SD9**S, and NN-SN9**S. The trim kit’s outer dimensions are 30″ x 18-9/16″ x ¾” and will fit perfectly in a cabinet opening measuring 28-1/2″ x 5/16″ x 17-3/8″.

You only need a Measuring tape, a screwdriver/drill, and a pencil to mount your kit. Installation should not require an engineer. Basic knowledge of appliance installation will get your kit in place.

The package comes with the trim frame and the ducts (rear, lower, and upper). The overall function is to attach and enclose the oven in the cabinet opening and leave your kitchen with a better look.

 When you finish the task, you will find the right solution to the space challenge on your kitchen countertop. The microwave trim kit 30 transfigures your Panasonic 2.2 cu ft countertop microwave model into a classy in-built model. For best results, use the trim kit only with Panasonic Microwave Ovens.

9. Frigidaire MWTK30FK Stainless 30′ Microwave Trim Kit

  • Wide compatibility with Frigidaire models.
  • Easy to install.
  • Vents are a plus for air circulation.
  • The trim kit complements the microwave well.
  • Material is plastic and not stainless steel as advertised.


Smoothly transition your countertop microwave into an inbuilt model with this trim kit from Frigidaire. The MWTK30FK is stainless steel and dresses up your microwave to look seamless in the cabinet, wall, or over your oven.

Frigidaire designs the trim kit specifically for Frigidaire microwave models. The models include MWTK27KF, MWTKP27KF, MWTK27KB, MWTK30KF, MWTK30KB, MWTK27KW, and MWTKP30KF. All the above are Frigidaire models.

The kit’s dimensions are 1″ x 18″ x 30″ while the rear panel is 2.5″ x 16.75″ x 26.5″ and weighs 10.89 lbs. Its color is silver, a great match for most kitchens. You will find this trim kit uncomplicated to install.

In addition, if there are installation gaps, the kit will cover them perfectly. In addition, it comes with vents to facilitate air circulation so that your microwave remains clean.  

10. Whirlpool W10164745 Over-The-Range Microwave Trim Kit, Stainless Steel

  • Easy to install
  • Matches several models
  • Quality trim kit
  • Great aesthetics
  • Misleading dimensions


Most of Whirlpool’s products are Factory Certified accessories. FCA represents quality parts and accessories for different appliances. This trim kit bears FCA certification, meaning that its engineering meets very strict quality specifications.

Whirlpool W10164745 Over-The-Range Microwave Trim Kit comes with two stainless steel trim pieces for sealing the gaps between the oven and the walls or cabinets. All the necessary mounting instructions and hardware ensure that you don’t visit the stores to buy anything. 

Installing this kit creates a sleeky custom look that transforms your countertop microwave into an over-the-range appliance. The packaging comes with brackets that are compatible with standard microwave brands. All you will need to confirm is your model number compatibility. 

The bracket dimensions are 17-1/3-in x 12-in x 2-15/16-in(W, H,D). With basic tools and zeal to follow the installation instructions, you are good to go.

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Best Microwave Trim Kit Buyers Guide

To get the perfect trim kit, you require the right guide, and that is what we will offer you here. You will find the process easy and get your kitchen a complete transformation.

The FAQs answer your most pressing questions regarding microwave trim kits. With the primary considerations, you will also pick the best countertop microwave in the market.

What are the considerations when buying a trim kit for your countertop microwave?

Weigh out these factors before buying a trim kit;

  • Color

The color of a trim kit must match your microwave color and your kitchen design. You are not going to get a silver-colored trim kit for your stainless steel-colored microwave. It will not fit well.

  • Size

Get a trim size that fits well with your microwave so that it covers all the holes in between your appliance and the cabinet walls.  

  • Durability

Stainless steel material for your trim kit lasts longer than plastic designs. It is also rust-proof and does not scratch easily.

  • Model

Some trim kits work for all models as long as the size fits well. Others have a strict design that only fits specific models. It is your responsibility to compare both the trim kit and your microwave models so that you do not end up with a dummy kit in your kitchen.

  • Cost

Some trim kits are highly-priced, while others are fairly-prices. Compare the prices with your budgets but be sure to go for the best trim kit that makes your kitchen look better.


1. Can You Use A Trim Kit With A Countertop Microwave?

Yes, you can use a trim kit with a countertop microwave to mount it into a cabinetry opening. The purpose of a trim kit is to help you achieve that built-in look that you’ve always wanted to have in your kitchen. In addition, the trim kit remodifies the edges by covering any holes to improve the aesthetics.

2. Does a built-in microwave need a trim kit?

If you already have a built-in microwave oven that does not have a trim kit, you may opt to install one. The purpose of a built-in microwave trim kit is to give your inbuilt oven or over-the-counter microwave oven aesthetic looks when you place it in cabinetry.

 In addition, the kit covers holes in the edges between the cabinet walls and the microwave. The kit comes with vents for sufficient air circulation so that your oven remains clean all the time. 

3. Do Over the Range Microwaves have trim kits?

You can use any microwave model without a trim kit by having them on your countertop or an open shelf. If you choose to have your microwave sit in cabinetry and adopt the inbuilt model, you can consider the kit.

A trim kit is a space saver, adds aesthetics, and saves you from extra cleaning and dusting of your microwave. It is your choice to have a trim kit or not, but microwaves have trim kits at your disposal over the range.

4. What size microwave fits in a 27 inch trim kit

A 2.2 cubic feet microwave can fit in a 27-inch trim kit without forcing things. When considering the trim kit, you will see specifications indicating the oven’s capacity that fits in the trim kit.

Be keen also to look at the model or brand that fits perfectly on your microwave. That will save you a hell of a time trying to get customer support for an exchange or refund.

5. Countertop Microwave Vs Built-in Microwave!

The names of these two microwaves are suggestive. A countertop microwave sits on your kitchen countertop or a shelf, while an inbuilt microwave is custom-made to sit in a cabinet cutting.

In most cases, the custom built-in microwaves are an original kitchen design, but you can have your kitchen redesigned to adopt the model. That is if you choose to.

  • Installation: the built-in microwaves require technicians to install the trim kits and electrical connections, while the countertop is a place-and-plug process. 
  • Space: Countertop microwaves require space on your kitchen work counter area but the inbuilt sit in the cabinets and consume less space.
  • Price: countertop ovens are cheaper compared to custom built-in ones.
  • Portability: inbuilt is more permanent, but the countertops are portable. You can move around with them during vacations and travels.

More Information:

What Are The Differences Between A Built-In Microwave And A Countertop Microwave?

6. What kind of microwave can go in a cabinet?

Built-in microwaves are better in a cabinet than countertop microwaves. But that should not discourage you. It is not a verdict, as you can remodel your kitchen design and have your countertop microwave in a cabinet. That will be more convenient and save on your space.

However, you have to be extra careful how you install the appliance in a cabinet to avoid malfunctioning. The countertop microwave requires extra vents in a cabinet, so you need a trim kit and extra guidance. 

8. Can countertop microwave be used over the range?

Manufacturers design over-the-counter microwaves with vents on the top or sides for air circulation. The overall design makes it tricky to use as an over-the-range model.

Fortunately, you can convert your countertop microwave to an over-the-range microwave with a few modifications, like extra vents. Necessary precautions such as adequate ventilation, strong cabinet holes, and proper wire installation will ensure that your microwave does not get damaged.

But for the vice-versa, it is a no! We do not recommend using over-the-range microwaves as countertop models. Over-the-range microwaves have a special design that restricts them from sitting flat on the counter. The underside is not flat, thus not stable for the countertop.

9. How do you make a countertop microwave look good?

You don’t have to put up with that boring countertop microwave look. You can make it look amazing by playing around with a few tricks;

  • Adopt a drawer for your microwave. 
  • Convert it into a built-in model and dress it with a trim kit.
  • Mount the microwave over the range.
  • Integrate your microwave oven into the kitchen cabinets.

10. Do built-in microwaves come with a trim kit?

When you buy a built-in microwave, finished sides. They also do not come with trim kits, so you have to purchase those separately to improve aesthetics.

There are the higher-priced microwaves that come with a trimmer that spreads to dress the cabinet opening. Others have additional features like pull-out drawers or drop-down doors that give the appliances professional looks and better functions.  

11. What is the best countertop microwave to buy? 

There are many efficient countertop microwave models that you can consider. That is why we may not have a direct answer to the above question.

But you do not have to worry. We can help you make up the perfect decision based on the below criteria; 

1. Counter Space

The space where you will place your countertop microwave determines your choice. Suppose your countertop space is crowded with a bread maker, oven, coffee maker, blender, dishwasher, and other appliances.

You may consider getting a compact microwave that does not allow you space for other appliances.

2. Size

The size of your family will rule out your microwave’s capacity. A small to the medium family requires the same capacity. Going for the largest countertop microwave will be relevant if you have a large family.

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3. Convenience features

Consider the features that can be beneficial for your setup. The yesteryears microwaves are still in the market, but they offer basic features like warming food, and that’s it.

You can consider the ultra-modern microwave that comes loaded with convenience features such as Alexa technology, cooking, and other advanced settings.

4. Cost

Countertop microwave models come at different prices depending on the features. As you consider the cost, put into consideration the features available to get the best countertop microwave.

5. Cleanup

You cannot do away with splatters in your microwave, but how easy is removing the stains? While the exterior is easy to clean, a non-stick interior is even easier as it resists splatters and stains. Do not ignore this feature in your hunt for the best countertop microwave. 

Final Words

Microwave trim kits dress up your transitioned countertop, over the range, and built-in microwaves to look better. The vents allow air to flow better, thus reducing cleaning and dusting time. 

Trim kits reduce fire hazards through ventilation. Regardless of the size of your microwave, we have different sizes and models of trim kits to fit all. The only requirement is for your oven with the trim kits, such as the ones we discussed earlier. 

You will find that the small frame just saved you space, improved ventilation, and brought a new and sophisticated look to your kitchen. Give your countertop microwave oven a makeover with any of our ten microwave trim kits!

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