How To Remove Bosch Microwave Trim Kit? 7 Simple Steps!

Do you want to replace your ancient or faulty Bosch microwave? You have to remove the Trim Kit first. Don’t worry, as we have a simple method of making sure you remove the kit and the appliance without bending, breaking, or bending your unit.

But before you remove your Bosch built-in microwave, be sure to get the right replacement first. Removing the unit in an orderly manner is key as you may require to use the same frame for your new appliance. If you did not alter the design during installation, the process should be flawless.

Have a look at the following steps;

Removing TheBosch Microwave Trim Plate

Step 1

This will be the first step to take to get hold of your Bosch microwave. The plate surrounds your oven, and it is the one that gives you the aesthetic looks that you fancy in your kitchen.

If your microwave comes with spring friction clips, that will be easy for you as you will just grab the top left and right, and left corners of your trim and pull out hard. The force will pull the pegs forward and then out of the spring clips, which look like socket pegs. 

Alternatively, you will require a putty knife, chisel, plywood, and a drill to pull a trim frame out of its position. Slide the knife about 1 inch beneath one side of the frame. Gently twitch the tool until the frame loosens.

Step 2

Grab your chisel and shove the tip into the space created by the putty knife. You have to create a fulcrum for the piece of plywood to go in and lift the frame. 

Step 3

Place the plywood beneath the chisel and then lever it down on the knife to remove the first side of your frame. 

Step 4

If there are nails used to fasten the cabinet, remove them using a pair of pliers and repeat the steps to remove the other pieces of the unit.  

Get off the frame carefully and keep the screws safely for the new installations. Your Bosch trim kit should be intact if you follow the above process carefully.

We would be doing you an injustice if we left out the removal of your Built-In Microwave. You probably intend to remove and replace or repair your Bosch microwave oven. And that is why you needed to remove the trim kit first.

Our next step gives you a way to remove the microwave from its cabinet. You may need a helping hand as most built-in microwaves are quite heavy. Also, if your appliance is not a plugin or, in other words, hardwired, we recommend an expert to stay safe and avoid damages to your appliance.

Step 5

Look out for a plugin outlet or junction box. If it’s a plugin, go ahead with the operation. But for a junction box, then your appliance is hardwired. Look for a tech.

Step 6

Please turn off the power and unplug your machine, ready to remove it from the cabinet.  

Step 7

Gently slide the oven out until you can lift it and place it on your countertop or any other flat surface. Once you have your ancient appliance, you can decide to donate it at Goodwill or send it to an e-waste collection center. 

At A Glance! Requirement Equipment

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It is easy to pluck off your Bosch microwave trim kit. Removing the oven is even easier. Whether you intend to use it for your next installations or not, do the work diligently by following our simple guide. That will prevent damages to your unit, including the cabinetry.

Good luck!

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