Gowise usa air fryer cooking times You Can Follow To Save Time

Knowing different foods’ temperatures and cooking times is challenging when first trying a new kitchen appliance. Here is a list of the Gowise USA air fryer cooking times as recommended by the manufacturer.

In your everyday life, you need to remain rushed. So, indeed, you need a time saver option for your cooking. The air fryer, in most cases, can save half of our cooking time from the typical oven or stove. That is why the time-saver Gowise USA air fryer has become so popular now because of its simple, efficient, and crisp-up option for food.

You know that your Gowise USA air fryer cooking times can cook varieties of your favorite delicious and crispy items. Still, if you are unaware of fixing its exact time. In this post, you’ll be amazed to fix the exact cooking time of the Gowise USA air fryer for making your fried foods.

Cooking Times For Different Foods Using The Gowise USA Air Fryer

The cooking times mentioned below are based on the Gowise USA air fryer. Depending on the thickness of food in your air fryer, times may vary. So, pay close attention when cooking and adjust the safe temperature to avoid unwanted surprises.

In the hectic modern lifestyle, an air fryer is a quick solution to eat healthy food and cook faster, using less oil.

Let’s Scroll down the chart to pinpoint the correct cooking time and temperature for the different programs of the Gowise USA air fryer. See how it can reduce your cook time in half when you’ll cook fries, meat and fish, veggies, snacks, and baked goods.

 Gowise Air-Fryer Cooking Times Chart (approximate)

Potatoes and Fries:

Image by pexels from pixabay

For tasty but healthier fried foods, you’ll like this product the most. There is no hassle of deep frying, and You can just create a crispy appetizer or other bites easily using hot air.

The cooking times depend on whether you’re using fresh or frozen fries. Thin-cut or thick-cut also matters in the time duration of cooking.

If you’re rushed, you can cut off a few minutes of the cooking time by using 400F other than 385F. When cooking fries, you can use the Air Fry or Roast settings. Ensure shaking the basket partway for proper cooking.

Food Time(minutes)Temperatures(F)Shake/Flip
Thin Frozen Fries   9-16400 °FShake
Thick Frozen Fries11-20400 °FShake
Homemade Fries16-20400 °FShake
Homemade Potato wedges 18-22360 °FShake
Homemade Potato Cubes12-18360 °FShake
Falafel15360 °FShake
Potato Gratin15-18400 °FShake

Tips: Add 1/2 Tbsp of oil

Meat and Poultry:

Image by Lukas from Pixabay

Preparing instant food and snacks to save cooking time isn’t the only function of Gowise Air fryers. You can even save your cooking time while cooking your main dishes like meat.

Without chicken, you can also cook beef, mutton, and bacon using this product. The cooking times depend on the texture and the thickness of your food.

So you must keep an eye on it, so it doesn’t overcook or undercook. Always maintain the correct temperature and correct time while cooking meat and fish for safe cooking.

Food Time(minutes)Temperatures(F)Shake/Flip
Steak8-12360 °FFlip
Pork Chops10-14360 °FFlip
Hamburger7-14360 °FFlip
Sausage Roll13-15400 °FFlip
Drumsticks18-22360 °FFlip
Chicken Breasts10-15360 °FFlip

Tips: Line with tin foil

Image by Pexels from pixabay

Making snacks will be fun when you have your Gowise Air fryers. Because of its quick access to snacks, it is easy to make lobster cakes, salted pretzels, Green chile Pork Poutine, Chicken Tortilla soup, and nachos. While applying cheese to your snacks, be cautious to ensure it doesn’t fly up into the heating element and melts without burning.

With the dehydrate program in your Gowise air fryer, you can also make Granola Bars:

Spring Rolls8-10400 °FShake
Frozen Chicken Nuggets6-10400 °FShake
Frozen Fish Sticks6-10400 °FShake
Frozen Mozzarella Sticks8-10360 °FShake
Stuffed Vegetables10320 °F

You’ll also love the unique baking feature of Gowise USA air fryers because it is easy to operate.

Having said that, when baking in an air fryer, ensure you use an oven-safe dish and leave it uncovered if there aren’t recipe instructions. Consider finding the container that fits in the basket of your air fryer with enough room for proper circulation.

Food Time(minutes)Temperatures(F)Shake/Flip
Cake20-25320 °F
Quiche20-22360 °F
Muffins15-18400 °F

Considering its time-saver cooking option, you should buy the Gowise Air Fryer. Its 1700W of power, air frying, and convection will give you a fast and powerful result.

Gowise USA air fryer’s large control panel features a one-touch menu screen with eight cooking functions frying, roasting, broiling, dehydrating, grilling, baking, reheating, and keeping warm. So, cooking will be great fun for the users of Gowise USA air fryer cooking times.

Cut your cooking time and make your kitchen a comfortable place where you can cook and relax.

The company Gowise has suggested times and temperatures for various popular foods. However, don’t forget to set the oven-proof cookware if it needs a pan or dish. Cross-check any recipes for further recommendations.

Let’s follow these Gowise USA air fryer cooking times charts and enjoy your favorite air fryer recipes.

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