GoWise Air Fryer Basket Stuck (How to Fix)

When your air fryer timer alerts you that your food is ready, you expect to open your kitchen appliance and empty your food.

You may be having a second batch to cook, so you are in a hurry to do things and set up your dinner table. But the most unexpected happened during your cooking time, your GoWise air fryer basket stuck!

What’s next? You are running out of time, plus you don’t want to mess up your oven by pulling the basket out by force. Neither do we advocate for the same. You will damage some parts like the release button and its guard if you do so.

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GoWise Air Fryers 

GoWise air fryer is an efficient brand. According to our research and data from user experience, the cooker has a long-lasting build, thus maximum satisfaction for your air frying recipe.

This device has smart programs, including cake, steak, fish, pizza, fries, chicken, etc. The wide range of degrees up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit adds to the thrill of cooking with this air fryer.

But that’s not to say it is 100% flawless. Like any other top brand, it is still subject to issues like the basket sticking in its compartment. 

The first focus will be to get the basket out of the chamber that holds it. While this is all right, first establish the cause of this hitch so it doesn’t occur again.

Why Is Your Gowise Air Fryer Basket Stuck?

Most air fryers have the same basket release mechanism. So even if you are reading this information but have a different air fryer brand, you will find it very useful. There are three possible causes of your GoWise air fryer basket sticking in its tray;

  • Damaged handle

A damaged handle will not allow you to pull the basket out of the tray. The feature holds the release button, which may have broken down when the handle became loose.

This damage may happen over time or after an accidental fall and is a reason enough for malfunctioning button components. The basket sticks in, so you have to struggle to get it out.

  • Broken release button

Whenever the handle falls off or loosens, it affects the release button. The button may break down even when the handle is intact. However hard you try to press the feature, it will not loosen the basket.

If you notice a broken release button guard (the small plastic that you push forward to expose the release button), the feature is probably also damaged.

  • Stuck release button

A pressed release button will stick and not function as it would. The purpose of this button is to lock and allow the basket out once you press it in. usually, it may malfunction due to accumulated dirt and poor cleaning.

Sticky food spills like soup and fat from the basket can cause the button to stick in its casing. If the button is stuck because of dirt, you could try to press and release it repeatedly to loosen it. When the basket is out, clean up your basket with soapy water and scrub the grime away with a soft brush.

  • Tilted basket

If you tilted your air fryer basket while pushing in, that could cause you pain while trying to remove it. You did insert it wrongly, and if you did not notice the mistake from the word go, you have to crack out how to remove the basket.

Initially, you ought to have placed the basket flat on the tray. That way, it lays flat on its support hook. But now that it has already happened read below and get to know how to fix this problem..

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How To Fix Gowise Air Fryer Basket Stuck Problem

A stuck GoWise air fryer basket can give you trouble while trying to open it. With a few steps here, that should not be the case. Here’s what to do if your GoWise air fryer basket is stuck;

  1. Tilted basket fixing:   

Shove the plastic button guard forwards and pin down the basket’s release button on your air fryer’s handle. Or, jerk the basket’s side towards the handle, and pull out the basket from the pan. That will free the basket from the support hooks.

  • Pressed release button

A pressed release button or support hook can happen when you tilt the basket while shoving it in the compartment. You have to jerk the basket sideways and pull it from the tray.

  •  Fix Broken handle/broken release button 

With a broken GoWise air fryer basket handle, you will find it difficult to remove the basket. You have to fix it with a replacement. But there is food inside that cannot allow an order. You have to be as crafty as possible to get the basket out and do the fixing later.

Hold your GoWise air fryer basket with one hand, push it slightly inwards, and then lift it with the other hand. That will detach the basket from the tray to allow you to replace the handle.  

  • Call customer service

After trying out Steps one to three above, nothing is working. So, what’s next? Dump your gadget in the bin? No way! You got it at a fortune, and you have to try harder. I don’t mean taking a pair of pliers to pull out your GoWise air fryer basket. 

It is as easy as calling the guys who sold the GoWise air fryer to you. The manufacturer can help too. Their consumer contact numbers are usually on the user manual. Reach them out for one-on-one instructions on how to detach your air fryer basket from the tray/pan.

How To Remove Basket From GoWise Air Fryer

It is easy to remove your basket from the GoWise basket style air fryer oven. Hold the handle, push the button guard on the handle using your thumb and gently pull your basket combo out of the air fryer.

The basket will come out with the tray, and to remove the basket, you have to push the button again and lift your basket. It will detach freely from the tray. Wash the air fryer basket with soap or hot water after removing.

Final Words

You don’t have to take your GoWise air fryer back to the manufacturer because of a stuck basket. First, you have to treat the flaw as emergence as there could be food inside that you want out. 

Luckily, the basket and tray will come out as a combo. The combo rarely sticks in the oven, but it’s the basket in the tray if it does. Removing is easy as you need to push in the button guard for the tray to release the basket.

Any further problem should have you calling the customer care department for assistance.