Does Ninja Air Fryer Make Noise? Causes and Troubleshooting

Consider buying a Ninja air fryer this season! That will be the best thought ever! Before considering this brand, you will need to know more about its noise levels. In fact, the noise level depends on the type of Air Fryer.

The Ninja air fryer makes a humming noise, but that won’t wake your baby! This brand has an inbuilt noise reduction system and will hum at low levels. 

Most models do not exceed 60dB. A fact about appliances is that they make noise while running. But excessive noise is a signal for a breakdown. 

Noisy Ninja Air Fryer:

We can justify your fears that a noisy kitchen appliance causes discomfort. So while shopping for a new air fryer, the noise level will be top on the list. Cooking in a peaceful environment is necessary. A roaring air fryer is not worth your consideration. Besides disturbing your peace, it can be a bother to your neighbors.

As we said earlier, Ninja air fryers hum but are relatively quiet. We can compare the buzz with a running vacuum cleaner. The sound is bearable and so not a cause for worry. Besides, the versatility and performance of Ninja air fryers override the noise. 

It will be quiet the first time you operate your Ninja air fryer. But that doesn’t guarantee that the oven will run quietly throughout its service. When the noise level exceeds your expectations or is disturbing, there is a problem. 

Any abrupt noise change in your air fryer is a symptom that all is not well. Learn about different noises that you may encounter in your air frying journey. We have ways of fixing such errors.

Causes Of Noise In Ninja Air Fryers:

There are several causes of a noisy air fryer. While it doesn’t have to be a breakdown, it is mainly broken components and dirt. But we have several others that we will discuss here. 

The first step will be to identify the nature of the noise. Is it a hum, a rattle, or a whistle? Each sound is unique. 

Proper identification of the noise will help to determine what is happening to your gadget. You keep reading here to identify the various sounds, faults (if there are there), and possible solutions.

  1. Broken Components

Your Ninja air fryer comprises many parts. They attach by rivets and screws. Sometimes, the hardware can loosen and fall off. Your air fryer’s internal components, like the fan and roller, can break into pieces. 

When the blades fall apart, they cause a rattling noise. It is very crucial to identify this sound. Hardware and fan blades in the air fryer will rattle when the oven is running.

Shut off the power and open the compartment where the rattling is coming from. It might be at the base of the cooking compartment. 

Pull out the drawer and inspect the inside and floor of your oven. Some screws may have fallen off and found refuge inside the drawer, causing the rattle. If the noise is inside the control panel casing, open it by following your Ninja air fryer’s manual.

Loose bases and bearings can also cause a rattling noise. Inspect the fan’s base and check whether it is intact. The bearings that facilitate rotation can dismantle and get out of place. It will cause rattling. Replace the bottom of the entire fan to get your air fryer quiet. 

  1. Air Frying Mechanism

The air frying mechanism includes a hot element that produces heat to cook food. But this heat cannot circulate without help. And so the manufacturer fixes a fan to gust hot air over your food. The air fryer fan is moderately noisy, just like in other gadgets. It is easy to identify a fan as it makes low noise while rotating. And so, It is rare to find an overly quiet air fryer. 

But it should be too noisy to disrupt you. The noise level should be at most 60dB or an equivalent of a humming vacuum cleaner. Over the 60dB level, that is too noisy and calls for your attention.

Some parts need improvement, or it is not genuine Ninja product. Other components, like the rotisserie and the basket, are quiet unless there is a breakage. And in most cases, a noisy air fryer system means faulty or overheating.

An excessive humming noise should alert you to call your Ninja air fryer dealer or the factory. Explain the type of noise and take note of overheating and other faults that may be present in your gadget.

  1. Overheating

As we mentioned above on the air fryer mechanism, overheating can cause your appliance to hum loudly. The reason is the fan is struggling to operate. It may have broken, but that will cause a rattling sound. 

When your gadget is overheating, that calls the fan to work harder. It overworks to blow in the air to cool your appliance. If you notice a noisy air frying system, check for overheating. 

You cannot overrule defects whenever your air fryer overheats. You must find out why the cause is as soon as possible to prevent burning your food. The right diagnosis will prevent further damage to your appliance.

Here are some reasons for Ninja air fryer overheating;

  • Overuse

Air frying for hours for commercial output will expose your gadget to overheating. That’s a common symptom of overworking on devices. It is overheating whenever you can feel the heat on your oven’s surface. It will take high temperatures to get the insulation plastic material hot. 

If you can feel the heat, it’s time to stop your appliance. Pull it out of the socket. Do not always wait for your air fryer to overheat to stop cooking. 

Use it moderately and not in a commercial kitchen. Larger ovens can help you grill, roast, and saute your dishes. You will achieve more when you use commercial-grade cookers to make dishes for your clients and guests.

  • Excess Fat

How much fat did you add to your dish? Did you follow the recommendations on the menu? Air fryers are substitutes for deep fryers, so you do not need to pour oil over your ingredients. When your turn on your air fryer ready for cooking, the fat will cause a nasty scene. 

Your kitchen will be smoking black or white, depending on the kind of oil and liquids that you add to your food. Next, will be overheating due to high temperatures. Burning fat heightens temperature. So, do not air fry fatty oil. Also, keep excess oil off your ingredients. Follow the menu requirements.

  • Electrical Error

A possible cause of overheating in air fryers is an electrical error. That is when the wires need to be corrected. This error requires an electrical expert. The cables might be old, need replacement, or have high voltage.

It could also be the heating element or the faulty thermostat. Note that there are other finer details of your air fryer’s electrical composition. You may not understand those. So leave electrical errors to your electrician. He can help check the issue and address it according to the cause.

  • Clogged Vents

Dust, grease, and soups can clog your air fryer’s breathing mechanism. On most air fryers, the vents come on the sides or at the back of the gadget. They are holes that help exit hot air and allow cool air into the device. 

The air that gets in cools your oven, thus preventing overheating. But that’s hot because the vents are full of dust and dirt. You need to clear them. Pull out the plug to keep the currents off and cool the appliance. 

Once your air fryer has cooled to room temperature, use a soft brush to unclog the vents. The bristles will eliminate the dirt and leave your Ninja air fryer free to breathe. Remove any objects that are causing blockage into and out of your gadget.

  • Keeping Air Fryer Near A Hot Oven/Stove

One rule that safeguards your electrical appliances is keeping them away from hot surfaces. Keep your air fryer away from girls and hot ovens. 

External heat can raise your air fryer’s temperature. The high temperatures can cause fire outbursts. To prevent that, ensure that your countertop surface is free of other hot appliances.

  • Using Your Air Fryer Outdoors

On the Dos and Don’ts list of your air fryer manual, you will find the rule that forbids you from using your air fryer outdoors. Besides frost and rain, the summer sun can heat your air fryer. It will be equivalent to placing it on a hot surface or next to a stove. 

The obvious will be overheating. You will note a noisy fan after running the oven for a while. Follow the instructions that come will your gadget. That will ensure you smooth and enjoyable cooking.

  • Overfilling

Have you taken note of your air fryer’s filling capacity? The basket has got level marks on the side. Filling the appliance to the brim will leave the device struggling to produce more heat to meet the demand. Overheating is bound to happen. The fan works excessively. 

Besides, you may never get the expected outcome with an overfilled pot. The results could be worse; half cooked food or consuming less time than the menu indicates. You can help your air fryer to cook flawlessly by stacking in the right amounts. Cook two or more batches, but remember to use your oven sparingly. And for good purposes!

The primary way to handle an overheating air fryer is to switch off the gadget. After that, you can follow the above processes, including waiting for it to cool. Call an expert if you notice that resolving the error is beyond your means.

  1. Dry Food Residues

Dried food debris such as potato chips and other foods may be causing noise in your Ninja air fryer. While cooling, the chips may fall through the mesh basket or from the rotisserie. The chips and other food crumbs dry and build up in the tray. 

If you last cleaned your air fryer a while ago, you might experience mild rattles. When you set your Ninja air fryer in action, the hot air begins to circulate. That causes the food crumbs and chips to swirl.

These bounce in the pan and air fryer edges, causing irritating noise. Though, not as disturbing as the hardware noise, whose cause is broken components and metallic nuts. Of course, the latter is louder. But you have to clean your air fryer to prevent the disturbing noise.

  1. Break Down And Obsolescence

Major equipment breakdown exhibits itself in many forms. The air fryer will often overheat and get noisy. It doesn’t matter whether you observe the correct levels or clean vents. 

The device might overheat after you connect it to the power. The noise is excessive, plus other functions begin failing. If your oven is old, you have to get another one. Look for our best air fryers list on our website and pick the best. Good luck.

How To Fix the Ninja Air Fryer Noise Problem:

You already know that the Ninja air fryer makes noise, but not an irritating one. The humming is low and usually not beyond 60dB. We compare the 60dB level to your home’s most common machine: a vacuum cleaner. 

A rattling noise is an alert for damage in your oven. It would be best if you acted swiftly. Turn off your gadget and establish the issue before the damage becomes more costly. 

This section sums up your ways of fixing a noisy air fryer:

CauseHow to fix
Air fryer MechanismIf the noise does not increase, that’s your air fryer nature.Buy a quieter brand.
Overheating Air FryerUnplug your pot. Do not expose your air fryer to external heat, such as hot surfaces and sunny outdoors. Let it cool before you resume cooking. Refrain from overusing your pot. Use the machine for its intended purposes and observe capacity. Use less oil and follow the cooking guidelines. Call an expert to resolve electrical faults. Unclog vents to allow cooking and fan functionality.
Broken partsInspect your air fryer. Remove broken parts. Replace damaged components. Tighten loose parts.
Food residuesClean your air fryer
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