Do You Need Special Pans for the Air Fryer Oven? Look Amazing

It seems pretty simple to use an air fryer. People think you only pull out the basket and put in your preferred food. The truth is that the air fryer basket can have slots or holes at the bottom. At this point, you may think to yourself, “do you need special pans for the air fryer oven?”

Your cooking determines whether you need special pans for your air fryer oven or not. Some recipes and foods must be cooked in a pan, mainly those with batters or liquids. You can also line your air fryer’s basket with parchment paper or aluminum foil for other foods. Else, you can place your food straight into the basket.

One thing we love about this gorgeous kitchen appliance is that it is versatile. This means you can use it for cooking almost everything from French fries to cupcakes. For instance, you can use the basket directly when cooking French fries. Nonetheless, you cannot make cupcakes without the help of a special pan.

What Size Pan Fits In Air Fryer?

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The pan size can hinder you from using it in an air fryer. Some pans used in a traditional or regular oven might be too large to be used in an air fryer. Otherwise, some do not have the right shape to suit an air fryer.

Because air fryers are available in different shapes, sizes and shapes, there is no specific size of a pan that can fit all. Most of the air fryer baskets are measured by capacity and range from 1.5 quarts-8 quarts. This measurement does not give adequate information concerning the basket’s shape and size.

The problem is further complicated by the different basket shapes available. You will find some that are round, rectangular, square, and oblong according to air fryer model. Most of the biggest pans made for air fryers measure 8–9 inches. But, you can come across some that are as big as 10 inches.

Therefore, you can use a tape measure or put the pan inside the air fryer basket to see what size fits.

What Kind of Pan To Use In An Air Fryer Oven?

Planning to use an air fryer oven for making favorite foods? The first essential thing to do is arrange the requirements. If your recipe recommends or requires a pan, you may want to know the specific kind of pan you want to use in an air fryer oven.

The best type of pan you can use in your air fryer oven are dark baking or sheet pans. They are well known for absorbing more heat. Besides, they promote better crisping and browning. Shiny pans reflect heat off the cookware, which might change your outcomes.

Can You Use Any Pan In An Air Fryer?

The last thing you want to do is buy an oven air fryer, only to ruin it because of ignorance. For this reason, you want to ensure that you follow the proper instructions every time you use this kitchen essential.

When making an air fryer recipe where a pan is needed or recommended, you may wonder if it is okay to use the one you already own or if you have to get the one made explicitly of an air fryer.

You can use any type of pan in your air fryer. But make sure it fits and is ovenproof. Even though you can buy pans for air fryers, it is unnecessary. The best pans for this case are those made of silicone, glass, or metal.

The truth is that air fryers are small traditional ovens. Hence, you can use them for cooking everything you can in an oven. In this case, you can confidently use the same pans in your convection oven and your air fryer.

The average temperature in air fryers is 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. In general, this is the average temperature of an oven for several foods for cooking. If the pan you have can withstand the traditional oven’s heat, it is okay to use it in your air fryer.

What Is the Best Pan To Use In an Air Fryer?

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A lot of air fryer recipes do not give the specific pan kind you can use. This can leave you wondering how you can know that a certain pan is the best for use. The honest answer to this is that it depends on what you are preparing it.

The best pan to use in your air fryer depends on what you are cooking. Also, this can be determined by how wet your food is and the outcomes you look forward to achieving. You will come across some recipes that do not require the use of a pan. For some dishes, you might need a baking dish, grill, pan, bowl, or other specialized pans.

A good example of foods that don’t need the use of pans at all is chicken wings, fish sticks, and fresh meats. You place these items directly into the air fryer basket. Although you can cook fresh meat in the air fryer baking basket, chances are higher that when they are cooking, they will drip fat.

The juices can go through the basket slots and onto the air fryer’s bottom. While this is not dangerous, it might add to your cleanup.

If you are cooking wetter foods with your air fryer, you require a pan that has sides to contain everything. For instance, as you cook air fryer shrimp scampi, you need a round baking pan that resembles the one used when baking a cake.

For the case of bread or cupcakes, you need a special pan with the shape you want your baked goods to take. You are good to go if the pans fit in your air fryer basket.

The most common pans in the market include crisper pans, muffin pans, cupcake pans, racks, grilling pans, pizza pans, and cake pans. It is vital to invest in these pans as they are affordable. Keep in mind that standard oven pans might not fit in an air fryer.

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Can You Put A Tin Pan In Air Fryer?

If you have tin pans in your home, you might also be tempted to use them in your air fryer when you cannot find the required one. Therefore, it is worth knowing, “can you put a tin pan in air fryer?

You can use any ovenproof dish or silicone mold in your air fryer. The tin can be silicone, metal, ceramic, or glass. Otherwise, you can use paper or silicone cupcake cups or mold to help you bake small gratins, muffins, or cupcakes.

Final Thought

What you are cooking in your air fryer determines whether you need special pans for your air fryer or not. For instance, some recipes that are wet or others, like bread and cakes cannot be cooked directly on the air fryer basket. But remember, whatever pan you choose must be ovenproof and fit in your air fryer. Now, you must take your time to get the right pan for your needs.