6 Amazing Air Fryer Baking Pan Substitute| should you know

Do not postpone baking in your air fryer if you are not finding your baking pan. Anything that can be used in an oven can be used as an air fryer baking pan substitute. They include baking sheets, llaneras , aluminium foil, cleaned-out cans, pull-apart cupcake cake, or another pan.

If you are a health enthusiast, make sure you have an air fryer in your kitchen. It is a versatile appliance for air frying, roasting, baking, broiling, reheating, and dehydrating foods. When using it for baking, you must have a baking pan.

But will you stop baking your favourite foods if you realize you cannot find the baking pan? The solution to this is getting an alternative. Stay here with us to learn about air fryer baking pan substitutes and many more.

6 Amazing Air Fryer Baking Pan Alternatives You Can Use: 

You can able to use any ovenproof dish as an alternative. Here are some Air fryer substitutes below to make air fry food. You can use them in your air fryer without any hesitation.

  • Baking sheet

A baking sheet is among the most common and easiest accessories you can use as an air fryer baking pan alternative. Nowadays, you will find a baking sheet in each kitchen. When using it, ensure it is not entirely flat. It would help to raise it at the edges to prevent the batter from spilling out.

It is wise to make several layers when using a baking sheet as an alternative to a baking pan. Otherwise, what you are baking will be thinner and longer than necessary.

  • Llaneras

These are small, oval-shaped versions of aluminum baking pans. The larger ones can be used for larger cakes while the smaller ones for cupcakes. When using the pan make similar preparations when using the air fryer baking pan. For instance, you should grease and line the pan with parchment paper as instructed.

For the smaller llaneras, you can place cupcake liners or cut out parchment paper.

  • Aluminum foil

Which modern kitchen does not have aluminum foil? Most kitchens have aluminum foils in a drawer. Gladly, you can easily use them to make a baking pan. Follow the simple steps below to do that.

Create the border: Aluminum foil is versatile. You can use it to make any border shape. Hence, aluminum foil will do well if you are looking forward to making classic cakes with round stars, ovals, or heart shapes.

Cut out the bottom: After deciding what shape you prefer for your baking, place it on the top of aluminum foil and cut it out. Nonetheless, it is advisable to leave extra room to ensure it connects to the sides.

Add additional layers for durability: Having several layers on the bottom is worth it. It helps prevent your batter from falling out.

Place on top of a baking sheet: Stability is a major concern, even if you have used several layers. Place your DIY aluminum foil pan on top of a baking sheet or anything sturdy and ovenproof.

  • Cleaned out cans

If your recipe involves baking cupcakes but doesn’t have a cupcake pan, it is advisable to search through your recycling bin for some cans or begin saving small cans. Clean out these cans and use them as substitutes for cupcake pans. However, ensure you have enough structure to guarantee the stiffness of the cupcake liners and the cake as it rises in the air fryer.

The best cans for this are the empty ones. Use a can opener to help you cut off the can top in a way it is safe for use as a substitute for a baking pan.

  • Make pull-apart cupcake cake.

If you are keen, chances are high you have seen pull-apart cupcake cakes hit the scene on crafty apps. The truth is that they have become popular in recent days. A lot of people who don’t want to fuss with plates and other utensils use them.

In general, a pull-a-part cake works perfectly for anyone that does not have a cake pan. But, you must have a cupcake pan for it to yield amazing results. To use this, scoop your cake batter into the lined or greased cupcake pan, bake, and then cool.

Afterward, place your cupcakes into the desired shape. Once they are ready to serve, let your guests or family put a cupcake apart from the cake illusion.

  • Use another pan

If you have another type of pan, like a pie dish or Bundt cake pan, you can consider using it. This pan can make your baked goods smaller or bigger than needed.

Can You Use Baking Pans In Air Fryer?

One of the things you need when baking in a conventional oven is a baking pan. But, can you use these pans in air fryers? This is a common question for all newbies. Remember, an air fryer is a great investment. Hence, you do not want it ruined after a short time.

If what you are baking in your air fryer recommends using a baking pan, there is no harm in using it. In fact, it is worth and necessary to have it. But make sure it is a perfect baking pan. This way, what you are baking bakes easily, faster, and evenly.

There are many things you can do to make this appliance last long. One of them is using it in the right way, cleaning it, and storing it in the right way. For this reason, you only want to get accessories that are compatible with it. Take your time to ensure the baking pan you use in your air fryer is well-recommended for that appliance.

Can You Use Regular Baking Pans In Air Fryer?

Like we said, use a baking pan for all the recommended recipes. This way, you are assured of excellent outcomes in your baking. Here, you may want to know if it is okay to use a regular baking pan in the air fryer or if it is a must to get the recommended ones.

Provided the pan has an oven-safe label and fits in the air fryer basket, you can use it in your air fryer. The pan can be made of metal, silicone, ceramic, or glass. The types of pan you should not use in your air fryer are made of plastic, cardboard, Teflon, and wood.

What Is The Best Baking Pan To Use In An Air Fryer?

Even though you can bake in an air fryer, you MUST know that it bakes differently from the traditional oven. But, when it comes to the baking pan, there are not many differences. Gladly, the pan you can use in a conventional oven with respect to the material can also be used in an air fryer.

You can use stoneware, aluminum pans, or higher quality heat-resistant silicone. Nonetheless, before deciding which best baking pan you can use in your air fryer, there are several aspects you can consider. They include the following.

Your air fryer’s size: A perfect baking pan for an air fryer basket can be 6 cup bundt pan, square cake pan, or 5-8 inch round pan.

The air fryer’s depth: While looking for the best baking pan, you must pay attention to the air fryer’s depth. The pan must not be too tall or deep. This is so to ensure it does not hit the top of the appliance or does not touch the heating element.

Get a shallow pan: As an English saying goes, “time is money” you don’t want to spend all your time baking in your air fryer. It is at this point you should get a shallow baking pan. In fact, the shallower a baking pan is, the faster your cake will bake.

Can You Use Any Baking Pan In An Air Fryer?

As we said, an air fryer is an amazing kitchen appliance. In fact, having it in your kitchen deserves a lot of congratulations. This is because it signifies that you have chosen to live healthily.

When using your air fryer for baking, you want to have everything done in the air fryer done right to ensure it is not ruined in the process. Whether or not you can use any baking pan in an air fryer is an essential question to ask yourself to guarantee everything is done right.

Any ovenproof baking pan that fits in the air fryer basket can be used in an air fryer. But remember that what you choose to use should depend on what you are baking. This is because some recipes: for instance, a bread recipe, requires a baking pan that will take the shape of your preferred bread. The baking pan you are looking forward to using should not be made from wood, Teflon, plastic, or cardboard.

From the above, you should not give up any air-fryer recipes with your air fryer if you do not have a baking pan. You can use any baking pan, provided it fits in your air fryer and has an oven-safe label.

Now, take your time to see what is available in your kitchen or house to see what can be used as an alternative when an air fryer baking pan is missing. Good Luck