2 Most Common Crownful Air Fryer Troubleshooting

There are dozens of air fryer brands on the market. But if you own a Crownful air fryer, you have a superior pot whose newest technology surpasses many models. All you are left to do is learn and master its operating modes.

Our Crownful air fryer troubleshooting guide helps you to solve several hitches. You can now turn on the appliance effortlessly. Learn how to fix a screen that won’t respond and many more tricks.

Crownful Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

Some users have reported incidences where their Crownful air fryers won’t turn on. Though there are several causes, sometimes, the air fryer won’t power up because of omitting several steps. But before we look at the steps of turning your air fryer on, we will examine other causes for failure to turn it on;

  • There Is No Power

There is no electrical appliance that will run without power. And so, the first step when you notice your appliance isn’t turning on is to check for power. Determine if your home lost power from the leading supplier or if it is an internal breakdown.

If it is your home’s disconnection, you will need an electrician to resolve it. Be careful when handling a power blackout. If you do not have a power surge guard, unplug sensitive devices from the sockets. That will prevent damages from excess voltage.

  • The Drawer Is Open

Your Crownful air fryer is among the appliances that won’t turn on if the drawer/door is open. That’s not a design flaw but a safety measure against burns and fires. You must close the door tightly to ensure that the air fryer’s start function works.

Find out why the door isn’t latching. You may have overfilled the basket, or the hinges are broken. Rectify the drawer error and close it to turn on your air fryer.

  • Tilted Basket

A misplaced or tilted basket won’t allow the air fryer to operate like the open door. The system registers an error causing your gadget to mute. Open the drawer and inspect the basket. Keep it upright and place it over the support hooks. Press Start to begin cooking. 

  • Damaged Wiring

As we stated earlier, the Crownful air fryer is electrical. It has wires that allow the flow of current from the socket to the different functions. None of the components, including the start button, can work if there is a wiring error. You need personnel to deal with your air fryer’s wiring system.

The only component you can attempt to replace is the external cord. That is if you are sure, it is the cause for your air fryer’s failure to power up. 

  • Dead Controls

The controls drive your appliance. If one of its components fails, your appliance will also die. The control panel is complex to the interior. You need someone with the knowledge to identify the problem. If possible, they can help you replace or advise you to buy a new appliance.

Steps for successively turning your Crownful air fryer on

The first step is to know your air fryer components. Crownful parts depend on your model. Refer to your user manual to familiarize yourself with the various components.

Next, learn the appliance’s user interface. That includes the control panel and the various buttons that operate the machine. The control panel contains an LCD, the Function knob, and the Fan button. 

The function knob holds ten presets;

  • Air fry  
  • Bagel 
  • Bake  
  • Reheat
  • Roast
  • Pizza 
  • Toast
  • Broil
  • Dehydrate
  • Warm

Next to the fan button are the Lamp, Temp/Time, and Menu buttons. It is on the control panel where you will find the Start/Stop knob. One uncomfortable thing I encountered with the interface was learning the button icons. But you will find them easily because they are clear and straightforward. 

Let’s get to the steps.

  • Prepare your ingredients in advance.
  • Power your appliance by plugging it into the outlet.
  • LCD will light up and reflect default mode as the AIRFRY function. Select your function of choice by turning the function knob. Turn and point to any function on the list above (Roast, Reheat, etc.) 
  • Tap the Start/Stop button. Your unit will display its default time and temperature.
  • Adjust the time/temperature as you desire.   
  • Tap the TIME/TEMP button. 
  • Dial the function knob to pick your desired time.
  • Again, tap the TIME/TEMP button to confirm your time. The temperature adjustment mode (+ or-) will show on display.
  • Turn the function knob to adjust your desired temperature.
  • Tap the start/stop button to start cooking.
  • Once the cycle is over, unplug your oven, serve your food, and clean to prevent grime accumulation.

Crownful Air Fryer Stopped Working

Your new Crownful air fryer abruptly stopped working. Before you reach out to your dealer, there are several features you must ensure are in place. Have a look;

  1. Overheating

Overheating in air fryers can cause an automatic shutdown. The temperature heightens and triggers the thermostat to stop working hence the powering off.

To cool down the appliance, you must pull off the plug from the socket and hold on for 10 to 20 minutes. The air fryer’s temperature will go down to room temperature.

Unfortunately, you haven’t resolved the problem. And so, your air fryer is likely to overheat again. You must get to the genesis of the overheating. 

Excess Oil

Air fryer technology involves cooking with little or no oil. So, when you pour oil on your ingredients or cook extra fatty foods, your gadget’s temperature will rise. Your Crownful air fryer will overheat. Overheating can damage your appliance or cause fire outbursts. If a recipe requires oil, use the proper measures to prevent overheating. Never soak your ingredients in oil when air frying. Also, follow the proper process to prevent overheating.


Food residues and fats that find their way onto your cooking compartment base or on the tray overheat during the cooking cycle. In turn, the heat heightens and causes your appliance to overheat. Cleanliness is a crucial practice when handling your home equipment. Your oven is super easy to clean, so wipe it after each use to prevent grime accumulation.

Blocked Breathers

Breathers or vents allow hot air escape and cool air entry into your appliance. Blocking the breathing feature causes overheating. A common practice that blocks your appliance bents is when you crowd many appliances or objects on the countertop. Leave free space to allow your air fryer to breathe. While deep cleaning, brush the vents a little to unclog the oven.

Circuit Error

A circuit error or high voltage can make your equipment overheat. If you suspect this hitch, you must contact your electrician. You can also call your dealer or Crownful air fryer’s consumer desk for recommendations. Never attempt to use an appliance with electrical errors or on a faulty circuit.

Long Cooking Hours

You may have dozens of guests to feed. And so it calls for rapid cooking. Your air fryer design doesn’t allow long cooking hours. It will overheat and abruptly shut off. Relief your air fryer by using your smoker, oven, or microwave.

2. Door Error

Some ovens will continue running with a faulty door but not an air fryer! If your Crownful appliance’s door experiences a door error, it will stop working. That’s its design, and a means to protect you from burns. Or from your kitchen catching fire.

The door latch may be faulty or loose, and so not locking as it should. Pull out the drawer and inspect the door. A broken hinge is possible. Also, it could be that the food you are air frying increased in size and pushed the door open. When baking, keep the pastry at a lower level than the markings. 

3. Tilted Basket  

Your basket can tilt if you don’t fix the support hooks appropriately. If it shifts out of place, your appliance will halt operations until you rectify the situation. When fitting in the basket, ensure it lies flat on the tray, and the hooks hold it in place.

4. Abrupt Power Loss

Losing power affects your appliance. It stops working when the power goes off. You have limited choice, especially if you do not have a power backup. Call your provider for reconnections. 

5. Disconnected Cord/Tripped Socket

If you shifted your appliances on the countertop, check if the plug came out or you lost grip. A disconnect causes your appliance to stop working abruptly. The same happens if your socket trips. Check the switch or move the appliance to an available socket.

6. Dead Plug Fuse

It’s possible that your plug fuse just blew off. It is dead, and so power cannot pass through. You can be sure it’s the fuse if other appliances in your kitchen are functioning. Unplug and open the head by unscrewing. When you access the fuse, you will discover the browning on the little feature. Replace to power up your appliance.

7. Failed Controls

While cooking, a cramp can happen when the controls fail abruptly. After checking all the above features, the surest way to know that your appliance’s controls have failed. Inspect the fuse, cord, power connectivity, overheating, tilted basket, and door error before moving to the controls.

The process is quite involving as you have to call a professional. They will open the control panel case to access the bowels and conduct an intensive test. A further breakdown will require calling the dealer or manufacturer or replacing the unit if it is old.

Final Thoughts

Crownful air fryers perform excellently. They are also durable and come in beautiful designs. Learn your model’s operation procedures from the user manual. In addition, we have the Crownful air fryer troubleshooting guide. The document will help you to resolve common errors unique to this air fryer. Feel free to call the consumer desk or our team for more tips. Good luck!