5 Most Common Ninja Air Fryer Max Xl Troubleshooting Guide

Ninja air fryers come in several models, the latest being the Max XL. This oven can attain temperatures up to 450 F, a difference of 50 F higher than other series. Another difference is the Ninja air fryer Max XL’s crisper basket is more extensive and holds more food than other models.

The Ninja air fryer MAX XL troubleshooting processes cut across the various models. The operating procedures almost match, but our guide narrows down to this specific model to allow you to cook smoothly.

Ninja Air Fryer Max XL Reset Button

Resetting appliances throws them back to the factory setting. A reset will come in handy when the knobs are not working, the display mutes or your appliance is affected by an update hitch.

You will perform this easy process by pressing the reset button, but the feature isn’t available on your Ninja air fryer Max XL. Not only on this model, but most air fryers have no reset buttons.

To reset this air frying guru, unplug and leave it for about 10 minutes to cool off and then power it back. 


Ninja Air Fryer Max XL Won’t Turn On

A Ninja air fryer Max XL that won’t turn on locks you out of its operation. Without a guide, analyzing the issue is difficult as the equipment’s display shuts off. But we have relief for you; several pointers you can try to fix the issue.

Electric Connectivity

Are you experiencing electricity disconnection in your home? That’s possible if there have been ongoing rains and storms. Power poles and lines that supply power to your area may have suffered breakages, so you need to call your area supplier. One clear indicator of a regional power cut is dark streets and apartments.  


It could be a circuit system issue that is causing the standoff. Don’t always assume it is a local power blackout without inspecting your home’s circuitry. Are the sockets and bulbs working? Check out for a possible junction box tripping, then proceed to the socket. That will tell you if the issue is with the circuitry or if it is a case of a blackout. 


Electric appliances, including your Ninja air fryer XL, have power cords that fit into a wall socket to facilitate power flow into the machine. The design of the cord is either two or three prongs that fit into the wall source.

Power won’t get through if the wires are broken, or the plug head has other defects like loose terminals. Your Ninja air fryer Max XL won’t power up. The plug head has an additional component known as a fuse. The feature checks the voltage in your appliance by ensuring that it is safe.

This fuse doesn’t last like your appliance, and so in some instances, you will have to replace it if it breaks. While inspecting the cord, remember to find out if the fuse is intact and replace it if it’s disconnecting your appliance from power.

Micro Switch

The micro switch ensures your appliance powers on and sets into operation. If it breaks or triggers other functions like an open door, your air fryer won’t turn on. The switch requires an experienced hand as its functionality depends on other features.

A tech will ensure that the switch correctly presses the mini button, allowing continuity in your air fryer. The good news is a micro switch is replaceable.

 Stuck Buttons

The power button facilitates the powering up of your air fryer. Though you press the feature after plugging your appliance and selecting the menu, the knob plays a role in powering your device. A stuck power button will not allow your Ninja air fryer to power up. It could be the interior terminals that are loose or worn out. Tighten those to ensure that the button is working.


Checking whether your air fryer’s basket and door fit perfectly before pressing the power button is crucial. An improperly fitting basket will cause obstruction and not allow the door to close. Be careful not to overload your crisper basket, as this, too, causes blockage and leaves the door with a half closure. 

Loose hinges/broken door parts will also not allow locking. Raised support hooks will also not let the basket sit perfectly in the tray. Inspect these two components of your air fryer and ensure they fit perfectly. That way, it will not be difficult to close the door. Once you close the door, it must click in place and not hang loosely or shake.

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 Failing Controls

Failing controls will exhibit in your appliance not powering up. The motherboard, among other internal components, may be defective. It could also be a wiring hitch that is interfering with the process.

Failing controls require a detailed inspection to determine what’s ailing your Ninja Air fryer. Do not attempt to repair failing controls yourself, as you may not know the exact problem. Call the consumer support desk to resolve the issue or for an exchange.

Standby Mode

An air fryer on standby mode will mimic a turned-off appliance. The mode clocks in any time you leave your appliance plugged in and unused for hours. Your appliance isn’t faulty but saving you on power. Turning on may become irresponsive, but you can press the power button severally to activate the controls.  

Factory Defect

There is no process you can undertake to rectify a factory defect. Take your equipment back to the manufacturer and get the perfect solution. You can call or mail them before shipment and explain the hitch. Be armed with the model number, among other specifications.


Ninja air fryer Max XL allows you to cook more food as it is a large air fryer. The model can attain temperatures up to 450 F, way higher than the regular Ninja air fryers, notwithstanding the many features that come with this machine. With our well-outlined Ninja air fryer Max XL troubleshooting tips, you are set to run your miniature oven tear-free. Good luck.

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