Air Fryer Noise Comparison Chart| Check Your Air Fryer’s Noise Level

Imagine you sacrifice your hard-earned money to buy an air fryer oven, only to realize this kitchen appliance produces a terrible noise when cooking. It can be disheartening. Especially when you have a baby or reside in an apartment with no soundproof rooms.

It is not a wonder to hear that air fryers produce noise when running. This is because they feature a fan that circulates hot air when cooking food. But note that the noise level they produce depends on the make, model, quality of materials, and assembly. Here, let us look at the different air fryer brands and their noise level in the form of a comparison table.

Different Air Fryer Models Noise Comparison Table

Air Fryer ModelEstimated Decibels (dB)
Ninja Air Fryer66.1
Cuisinart Air Fryer59.8
Kalorik Air Fryer65.4
Black + Decker Purify Air Fryer65.2
Calphalon Precision Air Fryer66.2
Farberware Multi-functional Air Fryer65.2
GoWise USA Air Fryer58.8
Corsori Smart Air Fryer59.9
Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer61.4
Caynel Digital Air Fryer63.4
Philips Air Fryers55-65
Cozyna Air Fryers30
T-Fal Air Fryer55-65
Avalon Bay Air Fryers15

Even though an air fryer toaster oven has an estimated noise they produce, it can be more when the air fryer function is not working as required. The noise comes from the fan. Hence, it is advisable to stop the cooking process by unplugging the appliance once you hear a strange sound. This is likely to mean that there is something loose inside the toaster oven.

Best Quietest Air Fryers From User Reviews

You should not worry if there is something loose in the air fryer. The sound, in this case, differs from the one produced by the appliance’s fan when functioning. Most manufacturers recommend you contact customer support if you hear such sounds.

Fortunately, the strange sound may not stop your air fryer from functioning in the right way. But, the irritation and issues it can cause will push you into reporting the issue to customer support. If not repairing the problem, they can repair the entire unit or replace the parts.

Furthermore, remember that an air fryer can produce a beeping sound meant to signal the user the cooking process is done. Unlike the other sounds, this one is a minor problem.

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