My Air Fryer Smells Like Fish? How to get fish smell out of air fryer?

If you love crispy food or want to reduce the consumption of grease, a perfect tool we can confidently recommend you to buy is an air fryer. Hence, you can use them for cooking different foods like fish, cakes, potatoes, pork chops, and fried chicken.

But despite cooking and washing the appliance, you may experience a fishy smell and ask yourself, why does my air fryer smell like fish?” This can happen when you have cooked fish or other fish-free foods. No worry, it’s easy to get rid of fishy smells from your air fryer by washing it before and after use. If you want to learn more to blow away the smells like fish, stick here with us.

Does Fish Make Air Fryer Smell? does cooking fish in air fryer smell?

Gladly, air fryers are versatile kitchen appliances. As we said, eating fish comes with many health benefits frying in air fryer. Nonetheless, it can leave your house with a fishy smell dependent on the method used to cook it. You can cook fish in different ways. One of them is air frying it. But, you might ask yourself, “does fish make the air fryer smell?”

Despite the many pros of eating air-fried fish, one issue arises. A fish can make your air fryer have a fishy smell. Luckily, this should not be a barrier to why you should not eat air-fried fish. Getting rid of the fishy smell from your air fryer is simple and easier.

Why Does My Air Fryer Smell Like Fish?

As the name implies, an air fryer is a type of fryer that uses hot air to cook food. Besides, one does not add fat or oil to the food. The best air fryer cooks food fast because it gets heated from all angles. Hence, little or no oil is required for cooking. But why does your air fryer smell like fish after cooking despite not having cooked fish in it?

If the food you are cooking lacks airflow, the air fryer can cause a fishy odor. Also, it is possible to have too much airflow. The air fryer causes a fishy smell since the hot oil vaporizes the water in the food, causing it to release an unpleasant odor. Therefore, you must monitor the cooking process cautiously to prevent this from happening.

Does It Smell When You Cook Fish In Air Fryer?

The truth is that fish can make your kitchen to stink. But, this is dependent on how you cook it. For example, if you cook it directly on a stovetop, be assured you will have fish smell throughout the house. Therefore, you might wonder, “does it smell when you cook fish in air fryer?”

Cooking fish in an air fryer comes with a lot of benefits. One of them is that it contains the smell to the extent of not permeating through your entire house. Generally, an air fryer work without using grease. Besides, it cooks food by releasing hot air all around it.

During cooking time, everything takes place inside the major chamber. This is because you have to close the appliance throughout the cooking time. Doing this ensures the smell produced by your food is not eliminated outside. Therefore, you can be assured your house will not smell when you cook your fish with the appliance.

How Do I Get the Fish Smell Out of My Ninja Air Fryer? How to get fish smell out of air fryer

You don’t have to worry about how you will get the fishy smell away from your air fryer. It is easy. The best way to do this is by cleaning the entire appliance regularly. If not, clean the air fryer basket after each use. While washing, ensure you remove any food particles or drippings that might have gotten past the basket.

If you have cooked pungent food, worry not because there are many ways you can do away with the heavy smell, including the fishy smell. The most common and simple one is to get lemon juice and vinegar. If you don’t have lemon juice, use vinegar.


  1. Get an air fryer bowl and fill it with one part lemon, one part vinegar, and two parts water.
  2. Place the bowl in your air fryer’s basket and allow it to run at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for three to five minutes.
  3. Allow the air fryer to cool down, and then wipe it with a wet cloth.
  4. Repeat the process until the fishy smell is off

How Do You Clean an Air Fryer After Cooking Fish?

Even though air-fried fish is sweet and beneficial to our bodies, nobody wants to have a fishy smell on their air fryer after cooking fish. Gladly, there are many different easy methods to eliminate the Odor. Here is one of the methods.

What You Need to Clean Air Fryer:

  • Paper towels
  • White distilled water


  1. Cover the inside of your base with a few paper towels soaked in white distilled vinegar.
  2. Allow them to soak for 5-10 minutes until the metal bits have turned black with grease. This means they are ready for cleaning.
  3. Rinse everything with water.
  4. Wipe down each part even the heating element with a dish towel or damp cloth.
  5. Allow the accessories to dry out thoroughly before assembling them.

Can Faulty Electrics Smell Like Fish?

At times, you are not cooking anything in your house, but you experience a fishy smell in your home. The first thing you do is look for the assumptions of bad smells. At this point, you might ask yourself: can faulty electrics smell like fish?

The answer to this is YES! Electrical components and wires in your house walls and outlets come coated with plastic coating and heat-resistant chemicals for insulation. Once the plastic and chemicals heat up considerably, they give off a burning odor with a fishy smell.


From the above, having your air fryer smell like fish, is not a big deal. First, it may arise from the food you are cooking, like fish. Otherwise, it can be due to hot air flowing inside the air fryer.

Therefore, if you are not cooking fish, take your time to monitor your appliance and ensure it is getting enough hot air. But all these do not have to be an issue. Use the above cleaning process if it happens, and you are good to go. Following them keenly will help you get rid of the unpleasant smell completely

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