Cosori Air Fryer Basket Stuck(How to Fix)

Cosori air fryer is one of the latest oven-style cooker innovations. The upstart appliance has its roots in Belgium and has also become a best seller in many commerce stores worldwide. 

You will spot Cosori air fryer models in renowned stores like Amazon, Costco, etc. One of the reasons for this admiration in the wake of COVID19, which pushed people into homemade food when public places closed. For that matter, many have continuously appreciated the cooker as God sent.

If you are a Cosori air fryer user, you can attest that it saves you on cooking time and oil and is also a perfect appliance for cooking healthy meals, especially for people with diabetes. The outcome of air fryer recipes is similar to deep-fried food. Talk of golden crispy mouth-watering food, and you have it from your air fryer basket.

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Cosori Air Fryer Basket

The Cosori air fryer innovation includes a basket that holds the food in the cooker’s compartment. There is also another inner basket that you have to press the release button beneath a plastic guard for it to come out.

While in place, load your ingredients in the inner basket and then push the unit into the compartment while holding the handle. Cooking takes place in an air-tight environment, where the hot waves circulate and bake, broil, dehydrate, or air frying your food.

Rarely will the basket and the cooking compartment give you trouble, but some users have expressed a notable Cosori air fryer basket’s design flaw where the basket clings with the food in the cooking chamber. Others complain of the handle’s screws falling apart.

Releasing the basket for emptying and cleaning up becomes an issue, and that’s why this guide is essential. You, too, may have faced a similar flaw or are likely to encounter a Cosori air fryer basket stuck in the future.

With food in there and fully cooked, some users are left with only one choice; pulling the basket forcefully out of the chamber. I bet that you are already debating if this is the right way to handle your appliance.

Remember that forcing your basket out of the compartment can break its components. 

This air fryer article ensures that such damages do not occur. But first, you need to get hold of why your Cosori air fryer basket is stuck in the cooking chamber.

Why Is Your Cosori Air Fryer Basket Stuck? 

Most Cosori air fryer users experience pop-out rather than a stuck basket. The basket fails to hold in place and comes out shortly after closing. You must check whether the basket is cocked in place with this scenario.

Another cause is overfilling your basket such that your contents touch the roof of the cooking compartment. You will reduce the food and push back the basket in place in such a case.

When a sticky case happens, you cannot remove your food from the basket. As I put it earlier, pulling a stuck button by force may damage your Cosori air fryer basket and leave you counting losses.

An air fryer parts replacement is always an expensive affair, especially for the cooking compartment parts. The worst-case will be if you don’t find the spare parts in stores.

Your air fryer will be monumental in your kitchen. So, we advise that you deal with a stuck air fryer basket with extreme patience and gentleness.  

Here is why your Cosori air fryer basket is not sliding out of the cooking compartment;

  • Pressed release button

The release button allows easy removal of the inner basket from the outer one. If you accidentally push and press it wrongly when inserting the basket, the controller will malfunction. That won’t let your unit come out after you are done cooking.

With the release button being one of the most sensitive parts of the air fryer’s cooking chamber, you may never secure its repairs. It is right under the clear plastic piece that you see on top of the handle but the rim of your basket.

Once you push the plastic with your thumb, you will see the button. Press it to loosen the inner basket. Be sure not to force the air fry basket over the release button.

  • Broken release button

If you for e the basket over the release button, it may be broken, and you will find it difficult to remove the mesh. Your only way out will be to pull the basket over the broken release button gently.

You can try harder, but repairing a broken release button is not one of those easy DIY things you attempt at home. So, please, you must consult the experts. I do not know whether the feature has a replacement or you have to buy the entire handle. But the thing is, you have to try to get one.

Otherwise, your basket will continue to give you trouble. Call Cosori air fryer’s customer service desk and ask about your cooker’s release button.

Before calling, be sure to have the model number and specifications on a note. That way, the repair team will resolve the issue for you promptly. If your Cosori air fryer is still under warranty, the company will likely ask you to ship the product for repairs.

  • Incorrectly inserted basket

A tilted basket while inserting could be a reason enough for your struggle while sliding it out. This Cosori air fryer problem happens whenever you are in a hurry to do things or are not keen enough to check on the right level.

When sliding in the basket, you felt some resistance but insisted on pushing it in. Your Cosori air fryer basket should lie flat in the pan, so the support hook holds it upright.

Now that the basket is stuck, you have to figure out how to come out of the muck. Gently pull one side of the basket to the opposite side and raise it up and out of the pan. That releases your basket from the pan and support hooks. 

How To Fix Cosori Air Fryer Basket Stuck

Your Cosori air fryer basket operates in an air-tight compartment and has a seal that prevents the unit from popping out when cooking your food. Once you are done cooking, next, you expect to pull out your basket with minimal effort. But that’s not the case as the air fryer basket is stuck.

The basket material comes with a warranty, so you have to be careful not to interfere with the parts. With all the above in mind, how do you fix a stuck Cosori air fryer basket safely? 

First, you need to establish why your air fryer basket is stuck. We discussed that upfront. It could be a tilted basket, pressed or damaged release button. 

If you tilted your basket while inserting it into the tray, you might break the parts if you forcefully pull it out. Follow this short procedure to get out of your Cosori air fryer basket;

  • Hold the handle and gently pull one side of the basket to the opposite side.
  • Raise the basket and pull it out of the pan. 
  • You have your basket, and the pan is open, inspect what may have caused your unit to cling.
  • Call the Cosori air fryer’s customer care desk for easy resolution if it is a broken release button.
  • You may have tilted the basket, be careful next time while inserting the basket into the pan. Place it gently, taking care not to tilt the basket or break the release button.
  • A pressed button? Try to lift it in place with your fingers. Refer to your model’s user manual for further instructions if it is stubborn.

How To Remove Basket From Cosori Air Fryer

There are many times that you will require to remove the basket from the Cosori air fryer. One of them is when you are cooking and want to check on the food or conduct a few shakes.

You may not need to switch off your air fryer for the above reason. Leave it running and remove the basket handle with your right hand while supporting the oven with your left hand.

To remove the inner basket, push the plastic button guard-forward using your thumb. You will see the black release button.  

Press the release button and shove it forward. It will allow the inner basket out. 

Still not able to remove your Cosori Air fryer basket? Don’t force things. Our last resolution is to contact the outlet where you bought your unit or the Cosori air fryer’s customer service team and ask for directions.

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Final Words

With this short and precise guide, you now know how to deal with your Cosori air fryer basket stuck. Most probably, you damaged or accidentally pressed down the release button. You could also have tilted the basket while inserting it beneath the tray.

Whichever the case, you ought to be gentle when removing the basket. Remember that it is full of hot food that can burn you severely if the unit twists. Our guides always tell you to call the customer service desk if you cannot figure out what to do.

More so if the user manual is not clear on handling troubleshooting issues. Cosori air fryers have one of the best customer service departments. You can engage them by telephone, email, or chat. Good Luck.