10 Most common BonsenKitchen Air Fryer Troubleshooting?

BonsenKitchen air fryer is a mixture of simplicity, intuition, and sophistication. The unit delivers healthy and luscious meals on time. You will not need to eat oil-dripping meals as the oven removes deep-fried foods.

All the recipes you have shied away from are now possible to cook. And to smoothly whip your meals, you must learn a few tricks. That’s the purpose of this BonsenKitchen air fryer troubleshooting guide. Learn how to solve the air fryer’s unavoidable hitches efficiently. 

BonsenKitchen Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

If you are experiencing a powering-up hitch, your air fryer may have several malfunctions. But not always. Sometimes it is your way of doing things. That is, you are operating your appliance wrongly. 

Here is what to do to power up your BonsenKitchen air fryer;

  1. Is Your Appliance New? Consult The Manufacturer First!

Before engaging in any inspection and repair of your BonsenKitchen air fryer, there are several queries you will need to answer. If you just received your air fryer from the stores, your equipment is protected by its warranty. Follow the proper turning-on process. You can watch a video to learn the turning-on process but be sure to read and internalize the user manual.

The level of food in the basket should be at the marked indicators or slightly below. Call the manufacturer before engaging your tech for the best recommendations. You may have an appliance that is defective and not safe to operate. Call the consumer care desk for an older device functioning perfectly and suddenly developed a hitch.  

  • Plug Your Air Fryer

It’s one thing to prepare to cook and another to do things right. You possibly forgot to plug your BonsenKitchen air fryer, so the appliance can’t turn on. If the socket is the switching type, tap it to power your machine. 

Also, the plug may be defective. Examine all the components, including the pins and the fuse. One of the pins that fit in the socket holes may miss, or the fuse may have blown off. Replace the fuse; if the pins are broken, you will need a new plug. 

  • Replace A Damaged Socket

The plug is intact in the socket, and you also ensured that the socket’s switch is on. Still, your BonsenKitchen appliance will not power up. The problem could be the socket. The feature’s internal wiring, terminals, and other components have broken down.

A tester will conclude for you if there is continuity or not. To be sure, test additional sockets in your kitchen to determine if there is power flow. If not, you lost the power connection in your home, so you have to call your supplier for reconnection. Your power generator could also be faulty. Call a professional to resolve the puzzle for you. 

  • Inspect Your Appliance’s Wiring

Your appliance has a wiring circuit that allows power to run the various functions. The cord delivers electric volts from the plug into your device through a wiring circuit. The wiring comes in an insulation line that attaches itself to your appliance’s rear bottom.

You may miss a wiring disconnect on the cord because it is usually hidden at the back. If your air fryer isn’t turning on, examine the cable. Check the wires from the plug to the rear of your appliance. Visible cuts indicate a broken line that is allowing power leakage.

Next to inspect is the internal wiring. You must open the top case that holds the control panel and protects the appliance’s bowels. Depending on your model, open the board to access the wiring. This process needs technical know-how of the apparatus. Call a professional if you are unsure, you can undertake the inspection and fix it alone.

The basket-type air fryer models cannot start if you place the tray wrongly. A tilted basket prevents the drawer from closing. Your air fryer won’t turn on, so the cooking program won’t begin. 

Ensure that the basket is not tilted and lies intact in the tray. Place the hooks in place and add the right level of food. An overflow will leave the drawer half closing. 

  • Close The Drawer And Ensure Latching

There are several reasons the drawer won’t close. One of those is a tilted basket. An overflowing basket will also cause blockage. And so are food residues on the sliding plane or the far end of the drawer. Get rid of dirt before storing your appliance.

Ensure that you stack ingredients below the manufacturer’s recommended levels. That way, some chips, and meat chunks do not find their way on the cooking chamber’s floor.

To remove possible obstructions, switch off your BonsenKitchen appliance and pull out the drawer. Sweep the apparatus with a clean cloth awaiting deep cleaning once you are through air frying.  Be at the forefront to observe kitchen hygiene practices by cleaning your air fryer after every use.

  • Examine The Controls

When examining the wires, it is common sense that your electrician will also have a look at the controls. Remind him to check the mother plate, thermostat, solenoid, fan, motor, and other components.

After fixing the wires and any other faulty parts, he should do an intensive servicing of your air fryer. That includes blowing the dust and other particles and replacing worn-out buttons. Servicing your equipment boosts its performance. You will also resolve other troubleshooting problems such as;

  • Broken fan
  • Blown thermostat
  • Defective solenoid
  • Dead motor, et cetera.
  • How Old Is Your BonsenKitchen Air Fryer?

Obsolescence causes appliances to mute! The wiring, the controls, memory, and the programs become out of date. There is nothing you can do about the multiple failures. Part replacement won’t be viable, so you have to bid on your appliance.

Go to your air fryer buyers guides and pick your machine of choice, including the best BonsenKitchen air fryer. You will discover new models that are easy to operate and offer premium cooking programs. Good luck.  

  • Crashed Appliance

Like your computer or any other appliance, your air fryer’s operating program can crash. If after trying severally to wake your gadget up and it fails, you need to call your dealer or manufacturer.

Be ready with your BonsenKitchen air fryer specifications, including the serial number and model. You probably have a counterfeit air fryer, or the appliance is experiencing a programming error. The dealer will advise you on the next step.

Other BonsenKitchen Air Fryer Troubleshooting Problems Solved

The table below equips you with various troubleshooting tips for your BonsenKitchen air fryer;

Shutting Off

  • Air fryer idle mode shutdowns down the appliance if it stays turned on for moments without starting a program. Press the start/pause button or start all over again. This time, you have to be prepared with all the steps. You can refer to the BonsenKitchen booklet or watch a video on the following steps.
  • The air fryer has an auto shut-off function for safeguarding it from overheating. The auto shut-off turns off to cool down the air fryer. Mostly, your air fryer will overheat due to operating for long hours. Also, if you add extra oil to your ingredients or grime in the cooking chamber, you will experience overheating. Remember that air fryers do not require cups of oil/fat to cook. Spray or lightly brush your food with little oil or as the recipe recommends.
  • The air fryer has an open door that is not attaching correctly. Examine why your air fryer door is not closing appropriately. Excess food, broken door components, or blockage can cause your door to loosen or fail to lock.
  • You erroneously moved the crisper basket after flipping the food. Realign the basket and insert the support hooks so it lays flat on the tray.
  • You lost power, so the air fryer cannot operate. Examine your backup generator for disconnection. You can also ring your leading supplier to connect you back. Many households in the U.S are going green by installing solar power backups. That way, they cannot experience power shortages. Follow suit.

Touchscreen Not Working

  • The operating system error: Reset BonsenKitchen air fryer by unplugging and re-plugging after 10-15 minutes. That requires a reset.
  • Counterfeit product: Buy BonsenKitchen appliances from the manufacturer’s authorized dealers.
  • Low voltage or no power: Ensure sufficient voltage from the socket.
  • Dirty touchpad: Wipe clean the touchpad while ensuring you do not splash water on the appliance.
  • Oily/dirty hands: Operate the touch pad with clean and dry fingers.
  • Loose or defective door: Repair the door or replace it.
  • Worn out display: Replace the screen.

Knobs Not Working

  • Lint accumulation at the base: Conduct an intensive clean-up of your appliance.
  • Broken knob: Replace broken buttons.
  • Loose terminals: Tighten the terminals.
  • Faulty control panel: Examine and replace


BonsenKitchen air fryer troubleshooting is easy. Follow this simple guide and resolve turning-on issues, knobs not working, and many more. If your appliance is still new, you need advice from your dealer or manufacturer. That ensures you do not tamper with your air fryer’s vital functions—ring BonsenKitchen appliances for a detailed guide.