6 Temperature Difference Between Air Fryer And Oven| should you know

Maybe you have been using a conventional oven, and now from the pressure out there, you are looking forward to buying an air fryer. At this point, we are sure what comes to your mind is if there are differences between them.

The truth is that even if they are said to serve almost the same purpose, they have a number of differences that include: size, design, temperature, cooking time, price, and many more. Here, we will outline the major temperature difference between an air fryer and an oven. Keep reading!

Even though you can use an oven and air fryer for cooking the same recipe, the temperature you use in both appliances differs in several aspects. They differ in settings, speed, range, control, and automation.

For example, the temperature you use to cook a certain recipe with an air fryer will be less than 25-50 degrees than that of an oven. Also, acquiring the needed temperature in an air fryer takes a shorter time than in an oven. Gladly, you can automate and adjust the temperature of both appliances.

The Major Temperature Difference Between Air Fryer And Ovens

If you are in a position where you are trying to find out the differences between an oven and an air fryer in terms of temperature, this comparison table will help you out. Take a look.

FeatureAir FryerOven
Temperature SettingsLimitedHigh
Temperature Range200-400 degrees Fahrenheit300-550 degrees Fahrenheit
Speed for reaching the desired temperatureFastSlow
Temperature ControlAdjustableAdjustable
Temperature AutomationCan be  automatedCan be automated
Temperature for different recipesLowHigh

Temperature Settings

Come to think of the temperature of these kitchen appliances. It means the temperature that you set. Air fryers generally have a more limited temperature range between 160 degrees and 230 degrees. On the other hand, an oven has a higher temperature setting of between 30 degrees to 250 degrees.

Temperature Range

You can set different temperatures on these countertop appliances. What you set is dependent on what you are cooking. For instance, an air fryer’s temperature range is 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Again, a conventional oven has a temperature range of 300-550 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, you must check the needed temperature of the recipe you are cooking. If you set a lower temperature than necessary, you will end up with undercooked foods. Otherwise, a higher temperature makes your favorite food overcook or burn.

Time to reach the required temperature

Traditional or regular ovens that can be either electric or gas produce heat that disperses into the appliance slowly. Hence, it takes much cooking time for the device to reach the required time. A convection fan is for circulating the heat throughout the cooking cavity.

An air fryer features a compact design. This is why this kitchen gadget reads its cooking temperature faster than an oven. What’s more, the compact design allows air to circulate in the device more evenly.

Temperature Control

An air fryer and oven temperature controls are adjustable. They are made to ensure you can use them for cooking different foods. The truth is that some foods require lower temperatures than others. If the temperature cannot be adjustable, you could only have specific foods you can cook with the appliances.

Temperature Automation

Another amazing thing you will love about the two kitchen gadgets is that their temperatures can be automated. This means their temperature is set based on the food you are cooking. All you have to do is prepare your favorite recipe and put your preferred food on the appliances. The temperature will set itself based on the recipe type.

Temperature for similar recipes

There is a difference in the temperature you use to cook the same recipe in an oven and an air fryer. For instance, let’s say you are cooking a recipe that demands to be cooked at a temperature of 400 degrees in an oven.

When cooking the same recipe in an air fryer, you will set the temperature at 375 degrees to make sure your food does not burn. This is because the air fryer has a compact design where all the heat concentrates.

Do I use the same temperature for the oven and air fryer?

With the understanding that you can use an air fryer for cooking the same food, you can cook using an oven. It is worth knowing if the temperature to use is the same. This will help prevent your food from taking longer to cook than expected.

Also, learning more about the temperature helps prevent your food from burning because of exceeding the recommended cooking temperature on the recipe.

You cannot use the same temperature for cooking food in an air fryer oven. It will be lower. Experts recommend lowering the temperature for cooking in an air fryer by 25-50 degrees the one used in an oven. For example, if the original recipe states you use 425 degrees to cook in an oven, then the maximum temperature you can use to cook in an air fryer is 400 degrees.