7 Pros and Cons of French Door Ovens (Benefits)

As the world evolves, experts are also on their toes to keep up with the innovation demands in the consumer market. Among the recent innovations is the French door oven.

This kitchen gadget cooks food by supplying heated air around it. It works pretty much the same way as other ovens, only that its design is somewhat different. Modern features are included in French door ovens.

A French door oven is an oven that contains a pair of doors that enable individual opening and closing, just like the typical French door. The French door is a recent innovation, and cooking enthusiasts have embraced it massively. This article will mention the pros and cons of French door ovens and help you make a purchasing decision. Stay tuned.

Pros of French Door Ovens

As earlier mentioned, the French door only came into existence recently. Even so, the reception among cooking enthusiasts has been tremendous. This equipment has a lot of excellent features that can benefit you. Here is a look at some of the pros of the French door models.

 One-handed Opening

Picture yourself in the kitchen, cooking three meals at a go. Let’s assume you have dough baking in the French door oven and some meat grilling in the same oven.

On the countertop, you have a lot of spices that you’re manually chopping. This means that you have to be on your toes in everything you do, especially if your oven is operating in manual mode.

The good news is that when using a French door-style oven, you don’t need to use both hands to open or close it. One hand is enough to hold the door handle and pull it as the other hand either places or removes food from the oven. This makes work more manageable, especially when you are cooking under pressure.


One remarkable thing about French door ovens is that they look so classy among your kitchen appliances. Most of them come in black and silver-colored stainless steel, which is always an elegant combination with premium features for kitchen or cooking appliances.

These are the two most common colors for home equipment, and people love them. Walled French door ovens are especially classy since they look great and can save on space. If you emphasize the design and physical appearance of the equipment, you can never go wrong with a French door oven. It is what you need to make your kitchen look classier.

Two racks and a baking tray of this oven enhance your cooking space.

Saves on Space

As earlier mentioned, walled French door ovens significantly save on space. However, this quality cuts across all sizes of French door ovens. For instance, countertop French door ovens also save space because the doors are smaller. This means they have a short range of motion and can only sweep a small surface area during opening and closing.

Keeping this in mind, you don’t need to create a lot of space in front of the doors before you can open them. It is an ideal oven for small kitchen spaces as standard household ovens such as those in recreational vehicles.

Easy to Use

The French door oven comes with an operation manual like any other kitchen equipment. Even so, it has become one of the most straightforward kitchen equipment to operate.

By just going through the manual once, you can comfortably handle it and cook your food using the right preset cooking settings. Better still, if you are a veteran oven user, you don’t even need the manual to know what to do. It is effortless to operate, and every control command you need is right there. So, the oven has a precise cooking time and makes your cooking task easy.

Easy to Clean

Using an oven is always an enjoyable experience. The bad news is the oil from food can stick inside the oven and give you a lot of work to clean. Scrubbing the inside of a greased oven is never something you want to do for breakfast. Unfortunately, it would be best to clean your oven provided you intend to use it in the future.

The good thing about the French door oven is its self-cleaning feature. Although not all models will come with this feature, most of the French door ovens on the market can clean themselves. This means that if you want to save yourself some cleaning time, go for a French door oven that has the self-cleaning option.

Healthier Meals

This unique type of oven cooks food by simply circulating hot air around it. Therefore, you don’t really need to use oil when cooking in an oven. If you cook food in a French door oven, you will likely consume healthier fresh food than if you deep-fried it in heated oil. Food with less oil contains fewer calories, and this is exactly what you need to lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Cons of French Door Ovens

So far, you can attest that a French door oven is a piece of must-have kitchen equipment. However, don’t celebrate too fast. This equipment also has some downsides that you have to beware of and understand. Cons of the French door oven include: –

Doors Must Click into Place to Stay Open

Easy as opening the doors of a French door oven is, these doors will come closing again if they don’t click in the right place.

Therefore, ensure that each door clicks nicely into place if you want it to stay open. Alternatively, you can hold the door using your hand, which is obviously more tiresome.

Requires Maintenance

Any kitchen equipment requires careful maintenance. In the case of a French door oven, you need to regularly clean it, inspect it, and ensure that it is working correctly.

Once in a while, you can also request a technician to service it, considering grease and oil from food can find their way into the machine’s internal parts.

Keeping an oven in good condition follows the manufacturer’s recommendations during operation and maintenance. If you want a French door oven that doesn’t need much attention, go for a French door wall oven.

Requires installation

If you are dealing with a walled French door oven, then you will need qualified personnel to install it. This process is fragile, complicated, and expensive. However, a countertop oven does not require installation.

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