How To Clean Ge Cafe French Door Oven With Microwave?

The GE café French door oven is a spectacular piece of kitchen equipment that brings some class into your kitchen design. Its elegant French door design look makes it the best choice for every cooking enthusiast that loves some classy things.

Its silverish stainless steel finish with some touch of black unleashes the picture-perfect look. This Ge Café appliance also comes with the luxury of a one-handed opening experience for users.

To properly maintain this equipment, you need to know how to clean it. That’s why we have brought you a detailed step-by-step guide on cleaning your GE café French door oven. Check out this clean option.

The easiest way to clean the Ge café French door oven is to wipe it gently using a non-abrasive material soaked in soapy water.

When cleaning it, focus on the three main parts: the control panel, the oven door handle, and the interior window. Also, choose suitable dishwashing detergent that is mild to avoid possibly damaging the stainless-steel finish or glass.

Alternatively, you can clean the glass parts, such as the window, using a glass cleaner, only that you shouldn’t spray the cleaner directly on the appliance.

Instead, spray the glass cleaner with a soft cloth and rub it on the glass window. Follow these steps to clean your Ge café French door oven and gets your oven ready to cook again.


Step By Step Procedure

The Ge café French door oven has an impressive self-cleaning feature. This feature means that you just need to press some controls for this impressive oven to clean itself and remove the grease residue and any other dirt.

You will get the steam clean option for the small number of spills. Even so, the self-clean cycle feature may not be enough to get your whole range sparkling clean.

You will need to clean some parts manually to achieve overall cleanliness. If you have a dirty cafe oven, follow these steps for manual cleaning.

Materials and Requirements

  • Mild dishwashing detergent 
  • Non-abrasive material
  • Glass cleaner
  • Warm water
  • Baking soda
  • Sponge scrubber

Step 1: Activate the self-clean feature

Avoid using commercial detergents or cleaners when using the self-clean feature as they may not work well with the Ge café French door oven. For instance, harsh cleaners may damage the French oven cavity. For safety purposes, stick to the instructions in the user manual.

Also, ensure you open kitchen windows and doors, and turn the ventilation system on to prevent heat accumulation in the kitchen during self-cleaning.

This is because the self-clean feature uses hot water that may dissipate heat in the surrounding. Also, take out all non-resistant heat cookware, including the meat probe and shiny oven racks.

Don’t forget to remove liners such as aluminum foil or silicone mats. Take note that it is safe to leave dark enameled racks in the oven as they can resist high temperatures.

Confirm from the user manual to avoid making costly mistakes if you aren’t sure about the types of racks your kitchen oven has. Turn off the oven light and cover the bulb to prevent any possible damage.

Prepare a cleaning liquid by pouring some mild dishwashing detergent liquid into warm water and soaking a soft material. Use the soapy non-abrasive cloth to scrub the oven’s walls to loosen the stains gently.

All stains loose and unsafe cookware removed, you should now close the oven door and activate the self-cleaning cycle. You can set the cleaning time of your oven anywhere from 3 to 5 hours and avoid opening the door during the whole cycle.

You may notice some smoke and foul odor coming out during the self-cleaning cycle, and that’s why it is necessary to ventilate the kitchen adequately.

Remember, it may take time before the oven cools down once the cleaning cycle is over. Once it cools down, you can now clean the exterior parts manually.


Step 2: Clean the control panel

Soak a dishwashing sponge in warm soapy water and wipe the control panel. Be careful not to damage any of the control knobs. To achieve this, be gentle and avoid wiping this area with a dripping sponge.

Step 3: Clean the oven door handles

Other than the baking trays, the oven door handles are probably the second dirtiest part of the Ge café French door oven. This is because of the frequent touches that it receives. Therefore, give it more attention during cleaning.

Use a soft material soaked in warm soapy water to wipe the handles of your oven. Don’t forget to clean the oven doors. Once all the dirt has come off, puff the oven surface dry using another non-abrasive material.

Another way to clean your oven door handles is to scrub them using a non-abrasive cleaner such as baking soda. You can liquefy baking soda in water and use the solution as your cleaning liquid. Dip a sponge scrubber in it and gently wipe your oven door handles.

Step 4: Clean the glass window

The glass window lets you watch your food as it cooks inside the oven. The oven bulb provides light to enable you to see through the glass. Therefore, the glass window also deserves some cleaning, mainly because you need it clear at all times.

To clean the glass window, take a soft soapy cloth and use it to wipe the glass part gently. While at it, wipe the gasket too but avoid exposing it to a lot of water.

Another way is to spray some glass cleaner on a dishwashing sponge and use it to wipe the entire window. Both methods will loosen the dirt particles and stains that may be present on your oven window. Rinse the window with a clean cloth soaked in plain clean water and puff it dry using a dry cloth.


Final Words

The Ge café French door oven is a piece of crucial and sophisticated kitchen equipment for perfect cooking that can serve you for years if you maintain it well. One perfect way to keep it in good shape is to clean it once in a while.

It is okay to use the self-cleaning feature once in a while, say when the oven’s interior is too stained or producing a foul smell. However, you can frequently wipe the exterior parts and greased parts of the racks and oven window.

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