French Door Oven Vs Pull Down| What Is the Difference

Several types of ovens exist in the market today. While they all produce well-baked food, the choice of oven you make can either make or break your baking experience. Something simple as the design of the door can enable you to save some space in your kitchen. Also, you find it easy to open and close it.

Therefore, it is prudent to consider even the most minor features that don’t seem to matter when shopping for an oven. You will get this article to focus on the differences between a French door oven vs pull-down oven and determine which type is better. 

What Is a French Door Oven?

This type of oven contains two identical doors that open from the center outwards. Doors open at the same time and in the same way. To open this oven, you simply need to hold the handles of each door, one in each hand, and pull them out towards you.

One remarkable thing about the French door design oven is that you don’t need to create a lot of space in front of the oven for the doors to open. This is because the two doors are short, and hence, they only sweep a small area to open.

The French door oven is a recent invention that has gained massive popularity among baking enthusiasts. Again, this oven becomes remarkable with its double door feature.

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What Is Pull Down Oven?

This type of oven has a door that you can pull downwards to open. It is also known as a drop-down oven due to the design of the door. Such a door is usually double-glazed to enable you to view your food through the transparent glass as it cooks.

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A Pull down oven makes placing and removing food easier since the door is never in the way. The double-glazed door also enables maximum retention of heat during baking. In other words, opening one door may not necessarily affect the temperature inside the oven since there will be another door closed.

Differences between French Door Oven and Pull-Down Oven

As earlier mentioned, the French door oven significantly differs from the pull-down door oven. Considering it came into existence recently, many people are going after it to see how it works compared to the older models. The truth is that it is way more different, not just in design but also in functionality. Other than just the door designs, these two have other differences discussed below:

Cooking Power Features

The pull-down door oven has two layers that enclose the cooking compartment. This helps retain a lot of heat inside the oven, hastens the cooking process, and saves on energy. With a see-through door, it is also possible to monitor your food as it cooks inside the oven, making your experience more enjoyable.

On the other hand, the French door oven enables the easy opening and closing of the doors, especially when baking food on multiple sheets.

For instance, you can open one door using one hand, pull out a baking sheet using the other hand, and close it. This is easier than opening the door, taking the baking sheet out using both hands, placing it on the counter, and then closing it again.

The fast cooking features help you to save cooking time than the traditional oven.


Ovens come in different sizes, and this also applies to both French door ovens and pull-down ovens. However, it is easier to find a larger size French door oven, considering they have become popular in the market. But think about your kitchen design to select the right oven size.

Also, French door ovens don’t have two layers at the door, which means you will likely have more space inside. Lastly, French door ovens take in more than one baking sheet at a time since they have several baking shelves.


Both French door ovens and pull-down ovens are reliable in their specific ways. It all rely on your definition of reliability when it comes to baking. For example, when using a French door oven, you will be able to bake in large batches, place and remove baking sheets easily, and save space in front of the oven.

On the other hand, a pull-down door oven gives you the freedom to look at your food as it gradually cooks inside the cooking compartment. However, looking at the bigger picture, French door ovens are a bit more reliable considering the ease of use.

Effective Self Clean feature

Modern ovens such as the French door oven have a feature that enables them to self-clean. This makes your work easy as you don’t have to go the traditional way of scrubbing and washing your oven’s inside.

Some pull-down door ovens also have a self-cleaning feature whereby the oven cleans itself using steam.

However, French door ovens have a more advanced self-cleaning feature compared to self-cleaning effectiveness. As such, it can clean better than a pull-down door oven.

Are French Door Ovens Better?

Yes. These door ovens are better than pull-down door ovens in multiple ways. For instance, the door design on French door ovens allows for easy opening and closing without having to create a lot of space in front of the oven.

Additionally, French door ovens have better features that make their functionality top-notch. The French door design is also breath-taking, and it is the perfect and popular choice if you like elegance in your kitchen.

Which One Is Perfect for Your Home?

French door oven vs pull-down oven-which one is perfect? It all depends on your definition of perfect. Both ovens are good if you’re simply looking for a kitchen appliance to perform basic baking tasks.

However, if you want more than just baking, you need to look deeper. In such a case, the French door oven would be more suitable for your home because of the excellent features it has.

Take an example of its beautiful design. A French door model oven has one of the classiest designs ever invented. It can look so good in your kitchen, especially if you couple it with some other interior décor accessories.

Moreover, it comes with smart bake settings like Standard Bake. Price is also in your budget with premium features.

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